Club Crimson

Author: JkMack
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy created the Buffy universe, not I. The story idea and all the other stuff I did make up though.
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Summary: Willow works as a sheltered computer programmer, when her best friend decides its time to break her out of her shell is when Willow starts living. Meeting a beautiful woman in the most awkward of places Willow's life will be flipped upside down when she gets lost in the dungeons of Club Crimson.

WARNING: S&M-Gore, rough sex. Be prepared.

Willow tapped at her computer screen angrily and pushed her streaming, red hair back from her face. She cursed softly and began to write down the long codes now rapidly, flashing in front of her face.

"I swear to all that is holy every time I want to get out of work early the files decide they want grow legs and become real codes."

"Having a bit of trouble today Will?" Buffy (Willow's best friend) chirped up over the cubicle. She smiled broadly at her small friend's frustration. Willow was so cute when she was upset, she had always been like that and to this day Buffy still couldn't help but bring out the last bit of blush she could.

"No, no trouble Buffy. Just the usual." Trying to play it off Willow went back to typing coolly. "Did the boss let you off early already?"

Buffy smiled even wider and moved to sit at the open seat which rarely ever saw any other butt but Buffy's. "It only took me six coffee's and three bend-over's today, I'm getting pretty good huh?"

Willow snorted and kept typing. "Buffy you're his secretary, you're not supposed to be his daily dose of a functions check."

"Will maybe the real definition got lost in translation because my main job is to look damn cute, and you know, I get paid damn good to do the thing I love most."

"What's that, flex your ass?" Willow joked poking Buffy's exposed thigh.

"No!" Buffy teased swatting her away, "well wait, yeah I guess you're right."

"Ah-ha! Got it!" Willow announced proudly waving her friend off. "See Buffy, sometimes you are handy."

Buffy looked at her a bit confused but shrugged. "Whatever you say Will. So what do you have planned tonight? Going out? Staying in, calling some cute boy to come satisfy your every desire?"

Willow sighed and rolled her eyes dramatically at her friend. "Oh yeah, you know me all about the long, lasting love making with the overly-handsome prince."

"You really need to get out more, but hey if you get bored call me." Buffy smiled warmly, if only she could get her best friend occupied enough so she just didn't go home and to work every day. It really was starting to worry Buffy how much of a homebody Willow was becoming. Buffy herself was at the clubs and parties every chance she got, just having a good time, meeting new people. While Willow would go back to her neat apartment, curl up and watch a sad love movie until she cried herself to sleep.

"Alright Buffy, I'll see you tomorrow."

With that Buffy got up, hugged her best friend tight and moved off to collect her things to go.

Willow leaned back in her chair, stretching slightly then she pushed up and proudly left her workstation. Let some computer try and stop the one and only Willow Rosenberg.

The tiny redhead held her coat to her body as she approached the side market. She was going to make herself a wonderful dinner tonight and needed a few more things before she could accomplish that task.

She had picked up, vegetable oil, flour and she needed vinegar. She held the two items in the crook of her arm and moved with such purpose to the back of the store towards the other ingredient.

Her mind flurried with other things she reached up and grabbed the clear container pulling it to her with such haste she hadn't realized the item wasn't coming to rest with the other contents. She pulled harder but the bottle was pulled back again.

Lifting her eyes she looked right at the cause of problem. A young woman, maybe twenty-two or so, long, golden blonde hair fell past her shoulders over the black jacket. The sapphire eyes captured the green and held the amusement and confusion of the offender. Her plush lips curled into a coy smile as her fingers brushed up against the tiny pale ones.

"Oh, oh I'm sorry!" Willow burst out totally captivated by the outstanding beauty in front of her. She still held the vinegar as well as the blonde did. "Is, is this the last one?"

The woman chuckled and looked up and down the isle. "Hard to believe but it does look that way."

Willow blushed and let go of the bottle shyly. "Well if you need it more than me."

"Well that all depends." The woman smiled. "Let's compare the usage."

Willow couldn't help but laugh slightly. "Okay, I was going to use the vinegar for dinner. How about you?"

The blonde looked down slightly at her hands then back up at the redhead. She held a small smile at the corner of her lips. "Dinner with a sweetheart or alone?"

Willow looked at her a bit confused. Why did it matter if she was eating alone or not?

The woman laughed quietly and held the bottle close to her chest. "I think I win this one." And with that she turned and walked towards the front of the market.

She couldn't help it, the redhead stood there and gawked at the woman. How could she be so rude? How could she not even ask if the dinner mattered to her? Well of course it was a dinner for one, and by herself that meant but that wasn't the point. Lastly, how could she be so beautiful. Willow had never seen someone so beautiful in all her life. Wait a minute! She was a girl Rosenberg! Get a grip on yourself.

Mustering up her anger she pushed it aside and went to pay for her less than lacking items. The cold didn't so much nip her as her bitterness. Living on the east coast wasn't as bad as you could imagine. The winters were long and harsh, but it all passed quickly for Willow. She hadn't had a boyfriend in over two years. Oz had left a real impact on her abilities to relationship and there wasn't a day she didn't think about what it would feel like to be loved again.

When she got home, Willow wasn't really hungry. So she took a shower and crawled into bed a bit more early than usual. She hugged one of her pillows close and snuggled her head into the softness. Before long the city noises died out and there lay, all curled up in her dreams a tiny broken soul, begging to be woken.

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