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Club Crimson

Author: JkMack
Rating: NC-17
Copyright: Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy created the Buffy universe, not I. The story idea and all the other stuff I did make up though.
WARNING: S&M-Gore, rough sex. Be prepared.

Much to Willow's surprise it didn't take long to get to the main strip. Buffy carefully and accurately made her way though the traffic and found a close parking spot. Considering the streets were filled with stumbling bodies, loud shouts and overall mix of laughter, Willow was captivated but her surroundings and found herself quite excited to be apart of it all.

"Are you ready Will?" Buffy smiled grabbing Willow's hand lovingly.

Willow took a deep breath and nodded, placing her hand on the door handle. "Lets do it."

The girls pushed past the car and walked down the sidewalk towards the crowd Willow had observed earlier. The low thump became louder and louder as the two approached the entrance of the club.

The line seemed to stretch on for a mile in front of the large wooden doors. Over the wood frame of those doors held an electric light bright red. Club Crimson. Willow held her breath and looked on. The doors held huge griffin faces, mouths wide spilling a red liquid into stone bowls beneath. White lights flickered from the cracks below and the music drifting out into the crowds.

Buffy walked past the endless line right up to a giant of a man guarding the door. He wore a tight black suit that seemed to keep the tattoos climbing up his neck in. His neck bulged in his shirt and made the blonde buzz on his head look appealing. He lowered his gaze down at the two girls with his icy blue eyes and gave a small grunt in his throat.

"Buffy Summers." Buffy said sweetly.

Out of nowhere the man pulled out a clip board and thumbed though the pages. He gave a tiny nod towards the door and placed his hands together. "Your party is already in."

"Thanks!" Buffy smiled. Two more larger men reached for the metal door handles and yanked them open for the girls.

Willow caught sight of one of them. He held his hand to the tiny white ear-piece and lowered his head to hear. He nodded and captured Willow's gaze, he winked at her as the massive doors closed behind them.

If the doors had any affect on the tiny redhead the inside was like shock treatment. The strobe lights where the first to catch Willow. If it hadn't of been for Buffy she surely would have fell flat on her face. The music stole her eardrums from any safe haven they had. Willow forced her eyes to focus and accept the insolences of what she was seeing.

As if the room had expanded with her eyes she saw everything. First the dance floor was bigger than the building had let on. Dark silhouettes of bodies mauled each other and danced wildly with the music enthralling Willow.

"Hey Will, check out the ceiling!" Buffy screamed next to her.

If she could have made any sound Willow wasn't sure what it would have been. But the cages that hung from the stone made her mouth gape. In each one held a dancing figure, some men some women. Each one of them in some form of leather straps or bounds. They swayed seductively with each beat, grinding their bodies on the bars in front of them.

Willow couldn't breathe, every ounce of thought process had escaped her. The women pressed their breasts hard making red marks down their pale skin. The men doing the same, dancing as if no one was even watching.

But Willow was watching. Little did she know that she herself was being watched. A lone figure stared out of the tinted windows above the floor. Watched the petite redhead with interest and curiosity. What had stumbled into the web of Club Crimson? What would this newcomer bring?

"Over here Will!" Buffy tugged pulling Willow away from her new found fantasies.

A round table accompanied by red velvet couches and a gang of red faced men was what Buffy had attested to.

"Hey Miss Summers! Have a drink with us." A well cut man shouted.

"Don't mind if I do!" Buffy laughed slamming an available beer then reaching for another. Willow stayed standing while her best friend squeezed herself in-between two of the guys.

"Go ahead sit down sweetie." A woman's voice came from behind her. It was so loud in the place she was surprised she heard her at all.

Willow turned to see a tall slender brunette, dressed in almost the same outfits as the ones in the cages. If it hadn't of been so dark Willow would have guessed she tanned just by her smell. She held a tray with a few more beers and one half glass filled with (just like everything else) a deep crimson. The waitress passed the beers around to the reaching hands then stopped at the final item left on her tray. She carefully picked up the glass and handed it carefully towards Willow.

Her hands shaking slightly Willow accepted the drink and looked at it curiously.

As if reading her mind the woman gave a genuine smile. "House special. You drink free all night and," she paused looking around the dance floor, "anything else you might want."

Willow gave a tiny smile as the woman left. She looked down at the drink and brought it up to her nose. It smelled like roses and Hawaiian punch, slowly she brought the liquid to her lips and sipped. The first sip was enough for Willow to tip her head back and down the sweet nectar. It was like nothing she had ever tasted in her life and as she devoured the last drop she licked whatever she could find left. There was a small distinctive taste as well. Kind of like an iron taste, a salty taste, almost like blood. Willow laughed off the thought and searched around for the waitress again.

Without waiting long the waitress had already set another drink in front of the redhead's face.

"Wow! Who's paying for your friend's drinks!? That's the River Red, that shit is like fifty bucks a drink!" One of the guys shouted over the table.

Buffy looked at her friend then shrugged, "maybe a secret admirer..." The rest of Buffy's words were drowned out by the music. Willow lazily lolled her head to the side looking out towards the strobe lights. She felt amazing, her body just like the liquor she was drinking, strange but great feelings coursing though her body.

Without even knowing what had possessed her, Willow found herself in the midst of the thick crowd, moving her body erratically to the beat. She felt amazing moving and swaying, she didn't care that there were unfamiliar hands roaming up and down her body. She didn't even notice the long slender fingers interlacing with hers. Her body was pulled aside, weaving in and out of the madness.

It got quiet all of a sudden and the tiny click of a door. Willow was gently ushered into a soft seat.


Willow sobered up real fast and started at the beautiful sight in front of her. It was the woman from the market, or was it? Willow rubbed her temples and looked again.

"I see you remember me?" The blonde smiled warmly.

"Uh yeah," Willow groaned.

"And I see you liked the drinks." The woman laughed.

Smiling down at the floor Willow blushed slightly. "I'm not much of a drinker."

"No, I didn't think you were. What's your name, love?"

"Willow," she nearly shouted at the question, the girl wanted to know her name! "What's yours?"

"I have many names, some I only give to others." The woman sighed moving around the black marble desk Willow had overlooked and sat on the edge.

The liquor still having its affect on the redhead she wrinkled her brow. "I can deal with just about any name you can give me now."

The blonde smiled to herself, what a catch indeed. So pure, so innocent, so untouched. Feeling she could trust the girl she allowed the newcomer to know her real name.

"My name is Tara. But I warn you Willow that name doesn't leave my office. Everyone in the club knows me as Mistress or ma'am. You may though, in the confides here call me my real name."

"Tara, it's so beautiful." The words had left her lips before she could even stop them.

"Thank you." Tara smiled, hiding the tiny blush creeping to her cheeks. Surprising her as well, it had been a long time since something so uncorrupted had been in her presences.

Catching up to her the previous statement Willow asked "your office?"

"Yes, I own Club Crimson. Perhaps I should have not given you so many River Reds before our meeting." Tara laughed.

"No! No!" Willow waved it off trying to stand up, but slipping back into her seat. "It's fine, it's just my first time here, well out... ever." She must sound like such a dork to this goddess before her.

"Honesty is the best way to be, especially with me Willow." Tara moved to stand in front of her new found prey.

The smell of her was amazing it nearly toppled Willow from where she sat. She looked so outstanding, so captivating that the only thing she wanted to do was reach out and touch the untouchable.

As if reading her mind the blonde whispered. "It's okay to desire what you've never had."

Willow looked up at her, into those pool of sapphire eyes and begged for the courage to reach out and brush her fingers against the exposed thigh in front of her. Lifting her hand she moved it out, within inches of the skin but hesitated.

Tara watched enthralled begging secretly for that tiny hand to squelch the burning need inside of her. Ever since she laid eyes on the redhead she had wanted her. The wetness growing and her breathing becoming deeper she had to help, she couldn't stand the hesitation.

The moment her hand closed over Willow's the shock of desire pierced the two girls like no other. Willow had never felt so elated in all her life, and all the girl was doing was guiding her hand up that smooth, slender thigh.

"Oh dear Gods," Tara moaned, sliding the hand higher, up under her skirt.

Willow nearly jumped out of her skin at the shrill sound of the phone. Before she knew it her erotic experience was gone and the blonde had already picked up the phone, nodding and mumbling her variance.

"Willow I'm afraid your friends are getting ready to leave. I fear you must go now." Tara smiled sadly.

But Willow would have gladly forgotten all of the people she's ever met in her life just to spend another moment in this room with Tara.

Willow stood up and started to move towards the door.

"Willow, wait." Tara scrambled around her desk, reaching for a pen she scribbled on a piece of paper. "My personal number, call me anytime. I'd like to see you again."

Willow held the paper in her hands then looked up at the beauty, "I'm not gay."

Tara laughed full heartedly and wrapped her hands around the shaking redheads. "Don't be so sure."

With no more said the door was shut and Willow walked carefully down the winding stairs. I'm not gay? Why the hell would you say something like that? Her thoughts burned her brain all the way home and all the way being carried to her bed. Does it matter if you're gay or not? Apparently not?

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