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Changing Worlds

Author: Justified
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimers: I don't own any BTVS characters...(but if I did, season six and onwards would have undergone some serious reconstructions. )
Note: Italics are thoughts

Tea? I don't think it's going to help this problem very much... Willow bit her bottom lip as she once again glanced around the room. From what she had overheard before, this was Tara's bedroom and she was in her bed. Setting aside her panic at having gone back in time, Willow contemplated getting up and offering to sleep on the floor. After all, she didn't want to take away Tara's own bed from her, regardless of what year they were in. It was simple manners and besides, Tara had been so nice to her, she felt like she wanted to return the favour. Just as she had swung her legs around to get out, Tara returned to the room. "Where are you going? Are you leaving?" Her voice was almost panicked. "Uh... I just thought that maybe you know, seeing as this is your bed, you might like to sleep in it... I could sleep on the floor?" Willow stumbled through her sentence, suddenly a little nervous around this stranger. Tara smiled and walked over to the bed, placing the small clay teacup on a rickety wooden chair along the way. She then gently shifted Willow's legs back onto the mattress. "Don't mind that. I shall be perfectly comfortable on the ground, I have done it many a times before when we have had guests." Tara went to retrieve the tea and sat down beside Willow. She handed the cup to her guest and watched as she took a small sip. "But...I don't think that I'd be a very good person if I let you do that. I mean, there's being a guest and then there are just bad manners." Willow said half laughing. She smiled her most convincing smile and made puppy dog eyes. "Isn't there anything we can do so that neither of us have to sleep on the floor?" Tara had a look on her face that was in between smirking and thinking. Her eyes drifted around the room until suddenly an idea hit her. "Well, I suppose if you are being so insistent we could share the bed?" Tara asked slowly and with slight apprehension. Willow smiled broadly. "That depends. Do you sleep talk or kick or hit coz you know once I was having a sleep over with Buffy and she- ... never mind." She shook her head at her own babbling. Tara quirked an eyebrow at her and grinned slyly. "Is that a yes?"

"Yes. That's a yes. I mean, if it's ok with you? Because I want you to be ok and if me taking up your bed is not ok then... that's not ok. Ok?" Something about this girl had put Willow into full babble mode. She glanced up at her trying to work out how much of an idiot she has just made of herself but in return saw only a bemused smile. "I would be honoured to share my bed with you." Tara looked at her intently and Willow blushed at the blonde's soft words. "Oh." She replied absently. "Just one question though..." Tara asked slowly. "Sure, anything." Willow smiled at her host giddily. "You have yet to tell me your name." Tara gazed sheepishly at the young red head and watched closely as Willow dramatically put her face in her hands. "I'm so sorry. It's Willow."

Tara smiled shyly and extended her hand. "Very pleased to meet you Willow." There was a prolonged silence after their polite exchange. Willow's skin still tingled from where her hand had touched the blonde's. She absently looked down at the teacup in her hands and then slowly extended it towards Tara. The girl placed the small cup back on the wooden chair and returned to Willow's side. "Well, um, maybe we should be getting to bed then. What time is it anyway?" Willow glanced around, naively searching for a clock. Tara stood up and walked over to the window. She slowly drew back the thick curtain and peered into the night. "It is close to midnight I believe." Tara assumed quietly. Willow stared at her. "How can you tell?" Tara smiled as she returned to the bed. "The height of the moon in the sky. How else would you tell the time?" Willow opened her mouth to answer but thought better of it. The whole concept of watches and clocks might be a little too much for Tara to handle. Instead she nodded and replied "Yeah. Of course."

Tara's expression turned to a questioning gaze before she spoke. "Would you mind closing your eyes for a time Willow? I-I need to dress for bed if we are to sleep now..." Willow's cheeks suddenly became flushed as she realized what Tara was asking. The thought of this girl changing in the same room as her made her nervous to say the least. Willow had only recognised her preference for girls over boys a few years ago and in a way she was still getting used to the fact. She hadn't really liked anyone in particular before; she just knew that she found girls much more interesting and Willow could tell that there was something about this beautiful blonde that she found very interesting. "S-sure." She closed her eyes and used all of the will power she possessed not to peak at the sounds of rustling clothes coming from across the room. She soon used her hands to cover her face, just in case.

After a few seconds though, the urge became too much. Sneakily Willow peered between her fingers, guilt racking her mind. What if she got caught? Tara had her back to Willow and through her fingers she could see that the girl had completely stripped down. She heard Tara's footsteps as she walked to a chair at the side of the room to pull on her nightgown. Willow's heart jumped as she realised that Tara wasn't going to be wearing anything underneath. She gathered that the Twenty First century underwear she was so familiar to, obviously hadn't been invented yet. Oh goddess.

Willow hurriedly re-covered her eyes as Tara turned toward the bed to make her way back. Her breathing was fast and shallow, getting quicker as Tara got closer. Soon they would be lying next to each other, nothing but material separating their bodies. Willow had never felt so passionate about someone she just met. There were entirely new thoughts racing through her mind and she felt completely overwhelmed with the unexpected reaction she was having to this dreamy blonde. Finally Tara reached the bed and slowly climbed in beside her.

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