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Changing Worlds

Author: Justified
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimers: I don't own any BTVS characters...(but if I did, season six and onwards would have undergone some serious reconstructions. )
Note: Italics are thoughts

As Tara shifted around, trying to make herself comfortable in the hay, she quickly became aware of a change in Willow's mood. She could feel how rigid the girl's body was, almost as if she was afraid to touch her even slightly. For a second she wondered what was the matter with her guest before realizing that Willow was still fully clothed. "Are you uncomfortable?" Tara asked gently, looking pointedly down at the redhead's body through the covers.

Willow was a little shocked at Tara's question, thinking that it referred to how distantly and obviously she was positioned away from the blonde's body- all crumpled up on the very edge of the wooden, hay-filled bed. Willow was afraid that if she was touching Tara, the girl might notice how attracted she was to her. A foolish theory yes, but one that seemed perfectly logical to Willow at the time.

Upon detecting Tara's obvious gaze, she caught on to the real meaning of the question.

"Oh, ah, you mean because I'm all dressed. With the jeans a-and the shirt a-and... yeah." Willow smiled sheepishly and she babbled.

"Would you like some more appropriate sleeping clothes?" Tara asked, quickly throwing back the covers and swivelling out of the bed before Willow had a chance to reply. Within seconds she was back with another nightgown and handed it to her guest.

Willow looked at the clothing in her hands with wide eyes, the thought of wearing such a thin nightgown, just like Tara's, made her feel a little vulnerable. Their bodies would be separated by even less material. She smiled and not wanting to offend the girl, nodded that she would change.

Tara got back into the bed just as Willow climbed out. She walked over to the other side of the room and took a deep breath. She turned around to see that Tara was covering her eyes, just like she had before. Willow hoped that the blonde wasn't as mischievous as she was. After another thirty seconds of mental preparation, Willow began removing her clothes. Unlike Tara, she left both her bra and underwear on underneath the nightgown though.

Willow walked back over to the medieval style bed, the notion that she was actually living in the past finally hitting her for the first time. Home was so far away, so long away. How was she going to get home? Where was home? Concepts that were unfamiliar and surprising to Willow came rushing into her mind, whizzing around and making her headache even worse. And what surprised the red head even more is that as she looked down at Tara it didn't even seem to unsettle her at all. What was at home now anyway? An empty house filled with boxes of old memories? Tara smiled and pulled her hands away from her face. What was unsettling though, was her growing attraction to the girl laying in the bed before her. "Is that better?" She asked gently. "Much." Willow grinned, trying not to appear as nervous as she felt. Climbing back under the covers and resuming her position on the edge of the bed Tara put her hand up to Willows face. "How does your head feel?" She again began to caress Willows forehead. "Did the tea help?" Willow closed her eyes. She felt light-headed and dizzy, although neither of these things had anything to do with her hitting her head. Tara's tender touch was making her feel all tingly. The room began to spin and as the blonde's caress moved down along her cheek, Willow's stomach lurched with nerves. "I, uhm, yeah, it's much better." She finally managed to let out. Tara pulled her hand away then and smiled wide. "That's good. You should really get some sleep now. I'm sure you'll be even better in the morning." Willow frowned slightly at the loss of contact, wishing she hadn't spoken and opened her eyes. "Ok. G-goodnight Tara." She said moving to face the other direction. "Goodnight Willow." She felt the hay move as the blonde also turned to face the opposite way.

Although she was supposed to be sleeping, Willow felt wide-awake. Her thoughts buzzed with questions but surprisingly none of them had to do with the fact that she was trapped in the past. Instead, they were all to do with the mysterious blonde girl that she was so hopelessly drawn to. Willow had never felt this attracted to anyone in her life, especially someone she'd just met, girl or no. She was scared that Tara might some how figure out her true feelings and that would just be a disaster. Or not... would Tara even understand? When did 'gay' become a term that meant something other than happy? It was hard enough to explain being gay in the Twenty First Century, let alone the Thirteenth. Typical that I've got the hots for a girl who is probably not only straight, but might even have me burned at the stake for thinking this way.

Willow shook her head. Regardless of how much she liked Tara, she was going to have to put a stop to this lustful thinking. There was no way that the blonde would understand, let alone feel the same. At this, the redhead closed her eyes, hoping that in the morning she might have forgotten all about her little crush. Maybe even wake up in her own bed, surrounded by ugly brown boxes marked 'Willow' realizing that this whole thing had just been a weird dream.

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