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Changing Worlds

Author: Justified
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimers: I don't own any BTVS characters...(but if I did, season six and onwards would have undergone some serious reconstructions. )
Note: Italics are thoughts

Willow awoke to the sound of people talking. After the haziness of sleep passed, she could make out the voices of an older man and a teenage girl. They seemed to be discussing her. "It is obvious that she is not from this land." She heard the man say firmly. "Yes. Her clothing is very strange indeed... but that aside, I think she might need our help." The younger girl replied. "A bed for the night I can provide but anything else will be your responsibility. I cannot waste my time caring for a stranger. There is work to be done in the fields. For now I have placed her in your room, tonight you will have to sleep on the floor." The older man had become slightly annoyed and Willow heard his footsteps as he moved away.

Until now, Willow had kept her eyes shut, the thought of opening them not really occurring to her, but upon the ending of the stranger's conversation, her eyelids flickered open. She immediately noticed the fire that was roaring from across the room. It was radiating heat and the red flames, even in the confusion of her situation, were comforting. Then Willow began to take note of the rest of her surroundings. The small room she was in was made entirely out of timber, excluding the fireplace, which was a dark grey stone. There was a feeble looking wooden chair in one corner and apart from the hay-filled bed that she was currently lying in, it was the only other piece of furniture there. Willow moved to sit up then, wanting to take a better look at this strange room but was interrupted by the sound of another set of footsteps. Unlike before though, this time, they were heading towards her. Willow instinctively shifted back down into the covers of the bed and shut her eyes. A few seconds later, she heard the door creak open.

Whoever had entered the room carefully closed the door and moved over to her bed. She could feel their movements without actually seeing what was going on. Soon Willow felt the mystery person sit down beside her on the bed. She was a little surprised when they began to touch her forehead, probably feeling for a temperature. The hand then moved slowly downwards across her left cheek and to the side of her neck. It was a loving, gentle motion, like something a mother would bestow upon her sick child. Then the contact was gone but the weight beside her remained still. Willow frowned slightly and let her eyes gradually open.

"Oh, you're awake." A girl about her age with honey blonde hair sat beside Willow. She was wearing an untidy light brown dress, typical of a Middle Ages peasant. It had a corset shaped bodice and fell freely at the hips. The girl had bunched her sleeves up, most probably due to the day's heat. Willow moved her gaze back up to the girl's face. "Where am I?" She managed to croak out before seeing a look of concern cross over the other girl's blue eyes. "Oh, well, I - we, found you lying out in the paddock. My father brought you inside and put you in my bed. I'm Tara. I told him that you should stay for the night... Just in case you were tired or unwell." She hesitated.

"Oh..." Willow lifted a hand to her face and tried to soothe away sudden headache. It was then that she remembered the mirror. "I know this might be a silly question but would you mind telling me where this is?" The girl looked at her with a quizzical smile. "The land of our King Arthur, England." Willow sighed with relief and relaxed back into her pillow. Hold on a minute... She sprung back up. "Did you say Arthur?" Huh, I thought his name was Charles...But he's still a prince anyway... Wait a minute... "What year is it?" Tara raised her left eyebrow and replied "1406." With a tone that implied the fact as being the most obvious thing on earth. "What!?" Willow's eyes went wide with horror and she began to squirm around frantically, searching the room for something to do. Tara placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, trying to calm her down. "What are you doing? What about the date has you panicking so?" Willow looked at her, the reality of her situation slowly sinking in. Back in time...back-in-time...I've gone back-in-time to the middle ages...oh boy. She took another look around the room. No power points, no light switches and definitely no T.V. This was, for sure, not a Twenty First century bedroom. Willow then turned her attention back to the girl, Tara. She was watching her patiently with a half smile. "I... must have hit my head when I fell." Willow rubbed her head dramatically. "Oh dear." Tara leant down and once again loving began to caress Willow's forehead. "I should get you some tea." She stood up and swiftly exited the room, leaving Willow alone to ponder her thoughts.

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