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Computers, Conferences and Kisses

Author: Spellbound
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and its characters are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Caught up in her daydream, Tara hadn't noticed Vince getting into the lift with her. He stood and watched as her eyes focused on a memory in the distance, she shifted a little and leant back against the wall, her face flushing a warm red. "Holy shit!" he exclaimed, making Tara jump. Has her eyes focused on the deliverer of the expletive, Vince beamed at her; "You did it in a lift!!" he whooped, "Very none stereo type!" he sounded impressed although Tara had neither verbally confirmed or denied his statement, she hadn't needed to, her face and body had told him more than he really needed to know.

As the lift pinged its arrival on the top floor, Tara stepped out. Looking down the corridor first to her left, then in front of her, she smiled; "Meet you at the other corner?" she asked, Vince nodded and turned to begin the thankless task. "Tara?" he called back as she started towards the first door. She turned, a questioning look meeting his soft features. "It's good to see you really smiling!" he said, his tone genuine and full of love for his friend. Tara grinned, "Yeah, it is." She said as she reached out and knocked on the first of many doors.

Down in the foyer, Willow had seen Tara disappearing into the lift and had grinned before being accosted into a small office. "Ms. Rosenberg." David had begun, his tie was loose and his forehead coated in sweat, the crash had obviously been harder on him than she had predicted. She guided him to his chair and patted his arm, "Mr. Moore" she said, taking off her long suit jacket, revealing a fitted black shirt that clung to her small but beautiful breasts. "I understand your anger and appreciate the inconvenience but we will have you up and running by the end of the day." She told him, trying to sound certain.

In truth, she didn't want the hotel up and running, she wanted to have to be here for a long time, stealing looks at Tara whenever she wanted. Her mind wandered back to the start of the party, she had seen Tara even before she'd stepped into the room, the blonde had been returning from the bathroom as Willow had entered and the slight sway in her hips, the way her trousers had hugged her curvaceous bottom had sent fireworks rushing through Willows body.

"You really think so?" David asked, breaking into her daydream, "I'm sure of it." Willow said, not sure if she was talking to herself or the sweaty man in front of her.

She picked up her briefcase and laid it on the desk, "Let me show you what we propose." She said, drawing some papers from the leather case and laying them out for him to see.

Vince and Tara had found surprisingly little hostility as they knocked on doors, greeting the guests with a smile and apology before getting their dinner orders and getting gone. As they headed down to the third floor, the lift juddered slightly before continuing on. "Good job these are so old they don't run off the computer system." Vince said shuddering slightly at the thought of all those stairs. Tara laughed as the doors slid open into another identical corridor and the pair stepped out to repeat the process. "Race ya!" Tara said with a final grin as she jogged off to the first door. Vince laughed and ran to the door on his right.

The first day he had started at the hotel, he had been drawn to Tara, she was quiet but had a fire that he couldn't name, although he wouldn't class her as depressed, she rarely smiled, not a real smile that danced in her eyes and lit up her face. Not the smile she had been wearing for most of that morning.

As the pair finished collecting orders on the final floor, Willow was wrapping up her meeting with David, the poor man looked even more stunned and confused than she had ever seen anyone. Despite trying hard to avoid any jargon, sometimes it was required and she had tried to use words that wouldn't bamboozle the poor man further. "Right." He said, trying to sound like he'd understood her proposal. He shook the young woman's hand firmly before she packed up her papers and collected her jacket.

Willow smiled to herself as she stepped out of the office into the foyer. At the same time, the lift doors slid open and Tara and Vince stepped out. The women's eyes locked instantly and for the brief second, time and space around them stopped and they were lost in the depth of the other. Tara smiled, a lop sided smile that oozed sexuality and made Willow dizzy. Vince nudged the blonde, "She's hot!!" he said, his time spent with Willow the night before had been limited and he hadn't really noticed how stunningly attractive she really was. "Hotter than you could imagine." Tara whispered, her skin tingling as she imagined Willow fingers caressing her torso. She gestured to a small corridor immediately to her right and Willow nodded.

Tara vanished off down the corridor as Willow excused herself and crossed the foyer. Vince beamed at her knowingly as she reached him and she tipped him a wink.

The corridor now in front of her was devoid of anyone, there were doors on both sides of the passage and Willow sighed, no sign of Tara. As she proceeded to walk down the corridor she tried to make as much noise as possible, figuring that Tara was lying in wait in one of the rooms. Passing 4 doors on each side, she reached a junction. "Shit!" she exclaimed and in response heard a giggle, a faint giggle but a sound all the same. Pricking her ears up, Willow listened hard. "Wiiilloow!" the voice called from what seemed like miles away. Willow spun in the direction of the voice, her body sparking with passion she walked silently down the corridor to her left.

Tara listened intently for any sign of Willow's approach but her giggles were making it hard to hear anything else. She felt like a swoony school girl who had skived off her studies to meet her sweetheart. Clamping her hand over her mouth she struggled to regain her self composure, taking a few deep breaths she leant forward on the soft towels in the store room and peered through the port hole in the door. Still no sign of Willow.

Unbeknown to Tara, Willow had followed her giggles and had ducked the glass in the door and was waiting. She knew that when she didn't appear, Tara would venture out to find her and so, she waited.

In the store room, Tara sighed, "Come on Willow." She whispered as she looked through the glass again. Still seeing no sign of the red head, she pulled the door open and turned to her right, behind her, Willow stood up and wrapped her arms around Tara's waist. "Waiting for someone?" she purred as she dragged the startled woman back into the store room.

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