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Computers, Conferences and Kisses

Author: Spellbound
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and its characters are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Willow was sat at the head of the impossibly long table, her sleek legs crossed at the ankle beneath the shining wood. To her left sat the heads of the software department, to her right, the men responsible for installing and configuring the programmes. Both sides were arguing over the reason for a huge crash that had wiped out the systems for three major hotels and the local school. Willow remained oblivious to their childish debate, despite showering earlier that morning, she could still smell Tara on her.

All the men in the room turned to look at the woman who was sucking a finger thoughtfully... and a little seductively. "Ms. Rosenberg?" one of the men asked. Willow shook her head, "What? Oh erm." She realised she had no idea what the question was. "What do you want us to do?" The men all looked to her to solve this dilemma and all she could think about was the ravishing blonde who she had run out on. "What hotels have been affected?" she asked, the men rustled through their papers before one of them pulled out a list. "The Gellar, Benson Plaza and oh, The Noxon." The youngest man told her.

Willows attention snapped back to the conversation, "Right." She said, her authoritive tone startling each man. "You fix whatever issues you have here." She said, indicating the heads of software. "You go out and upgrade and configure the systems at the school and the hotels." The men exchanged sly and knowing smiles.

They had all been witness to her outrageous flirting the night before and knew exactly why Willow was so keen to galvanise them into action. "I will personally oversee everything!" she finished and the smiles on the faces of the men grew. "Right on it, Ms. Rosenberg." They all said in unison as they collected their papers and left the room, leaving Willow to reminisce over her recent sexploits.

Tara crashed into her apartment, had showered and changed in record time and as she was pulling back to door, the phone rang. She stood, contemplating whether or not to answer it. 'It could be Willow' she thought and rushed to the phone. "Hello?" she asked breathlessly into the receiver. "Hey Tara." Vince's voice answered her and her heart sank just a little. "You better get in quick, the computers have crashed and all hell is breaking loose." He told her, she sighed.

"Just what I don't need. I'm on my way." She told him sadly before hanging up the handset and sliding back the metal door of her apartment. In a previous incarnation, the building had been a warehouse that the owner had converted into apartments, the metal doors were left as an 'original feature' Tara hated them, they made the building cold and creepy, plus they were a bitch to open when you were drunk.

As she arrived at the hotel, staff were rushing everywhere, the manager was glaring at the head of housekeeping and there were customers yelling and shouting at anyone who looked like they could work there. Vince stuck his head out of the kitchen and grabbed Tara's arm, dragging her into the hot room before anyone had a chance to spot her. "Where were you last night?" he asked her, adopting his best 'angry parent' tone.

"Uh? I was at home." Tara replied, trying her hardest to look innocent. "No you weren't. I called when I got in and you didn't answer." Tara opened her mouth to make an excuse, it was none of Vince's business where she was, especially as she knew he would be crude and expect details. "And don't tell me you were in the shower because I called you 7 times!!" he waggled his eyebrows as she blushed a deep scarlet.

The door to the kitchen burst open and the head chef entered, a look of pure fury on his face and muttering expletives under his breath. "Guys." He said as he saw Tara and Vince huddled in the corner. "You guys could save my life." They both smiled weakly, Thomas had worked in the hotel for less than a year but everyone had learnt not to argue with him, especially if he found you in his kitchen. "Can you do a room run and find out what everyone had ordered for lunch, the fucking computer died before the print outs were done." The end of the sentence was snarled out and willingly they agreed to do this hideous task. "I don't know why they insisted on having the entire hotel rely on computers anyway." Vince said with a sigh.

"Coz they're all fucking stupid!" Thomas answered as he thrust menus in their direction. "You'll have to go room to room, the phones crashed, Jay thinks the computer meltdown affected those too." He told them.

Tara and Vince snuck out the back of the kitchen and through the main dining room. Since many of the guests were still yelling at David, the manager they figured there was no point starting a room run until the customers were actually in their rooms. Vince slapped Tara's ass with the menus, "So, you little tramp" he said with a laugh, "You caught up with the red head, didn't you!?" Tara's grin and blushes confirmed his suspicion and he howled with delight. "C'mon then, all the sordid details!!" he begged, bouncing around her like a puppy. "A lady doesn't kiss and tell." She told him primly.

Vince scoffed, "Bet you weren't no lady last night!" he laughed as Tara feigned mock insult. Before their playful banter had a chance to spill into fact, David appeared in the doorway. "When you two have finished, you better start finding out what people want for dinner!" he said, it was clear that he was tired and pissed off. Tara offered him a weak smile and, despite the stress he smiled back.

In the foyer, the screaming had calmed down as many of the guests had either left for their days outings or simply returned to their rooms. A large white van pulled up outside and three men emerged, climbing the steps they announced they were her to fix the computers. Tara smiled as she passed them, 'now, if all repair people were as hot as Willow, I'd consider a change in career.' She thought as she stepped into the lift and flushed at the memory of the last elevator trip she had taken.

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