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Computers, Conferences and Kisses

Author: Spellbound
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and its characters are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Willow walked backwards, pulling Tara towards her as she kissed the soft lips of the blonde gently, her ass came to a halt on a huge pile of towels and Tara pushed her backwards, lifting her so she could lay back comfortably.

Tara's surprise at being captured had rapidly melted into arousal, her lips following the line of Willow's jaw she kissed and nibbled her way down across the pulsating jugular of the red head. To her relief she found Willow's shirt to have poppers instead of buttons and she pulled each one open slowly, kissing the flesh that was exposed with each release. Willow moaned softly, her hands gliding through Tara's long, silky hair.

"I've been thinking about you." Tara purred as she stroked Willow's taut stomach lightly before kissing Willow softly, her tongue finding Willow's eagerly and caressing it. As Willow returned the kiss, she found her own tongue caught gently between the teeth of the blonde, her tongue flicking its tip and inciting a flood of arousal between her legs. She had been on the verge of asking Tara exactly what she had been thinking but this, well, this made it crystal clear.

She moaned low in her throat as Tara continued to tease and flick the tip of her tongue, before allowing Willow to kiss her once again. Tara's fingers traced a slow line across her smooth flank her touch burning into the red head in the best possible way.

Expertly, Tara reached round, unclasping Willow's bra with one hand, her lips pulling away from Willow's as she kissed down her neck once again, Willow's head fell back as her soft lips slowly explored her collarbone and breasts. Finding a nipple, already erect, Tara smiled. She flicked it quickly with her tongue and Willow, who had been expecting a sensuous touch, jumped. Slowly, Tara licked around the swollen bud, the moans and heavy breathing coming from the woman at her mercy, urging her on. As Tara took the painfully hard nipple in her mouth, sucking greedily she vaguely heard voices in the corridor.

"I have to get some towels." Someone yelled. "They weren't done this morning and Mr. Moore is having kittens!" Vince, who had been loitering unashamedly in the area of the towel store, sprinted towards the voice, as he turned the corner he breathed a sigh of relief to see Mandy, a woman with whom he had spent many interesting nights. "Hey sexy." He said, turning on the charm. "Let me do that towel thing for you. Why don't you sneak off for a break?" She grinned and kissed him softly on the cheek. "Thanks Vince, I'll make it up to you." She promised, thankful for the chance to go for a smoke.

Back in the closet, both women remained blissfully ignorant of their close call. Tara had continued lavishing the nipples of her lover with attention, her hand stroking lightly between Willow's legs.

Willow moaned, a little louder than the circumstances allowed. "Tara?!" Willow growled passionately. Tara realised that it was the first time she had used her name and the sound made the wetness between her own legs increase. "Mm-um?" she moaned, her lips vibrating over the nipple currently within her mouth. Whatever Willow had meant to say was lost under the sensation, electricity shooting from the point and through her entire body. Tara struggled with the buttons and clasped of Willow's trousers, they were unwilling to allow her access and she growled fiercely with frustration. The sound snapping Willow's hands to the top of the uncooperative garment and releasing the catch with shaking hands.

Tara caught Willow's shaking hand with her own and held it place, an idea striking her. "Show me!" she whispered softly as she guided Willow's own hand to her ever increasing wetness. Lacing her fingers within Willow's, Tara slid their hands into the wet panties, drawing gasps and moans from the woman laid before her. As they worked their fingers gently over Willow's clit, Tara kissed her passionately, the fire within her burning her lips. Willow hand gripped Tara's tightly as she caressed her own throbbing clit, Tara's fingers extending to slide gently into her, their hands moving in a perfectly choreographed dance of passion.

As Willow flicked and tapped her clit, Tara's fingers moved delicately within her, finding depths she hadn't thought possible, her eyes rolled back into her head and her heart pounded in her chest, so hard she was sure that it would burst clear from her chest. She tried to call Tara's name, her ability to form words lost as the biggest orgasm of her life ripped through her body, her muscles contracting at a painfully rapid rate, sweat coating her as a second orgasm followed the first, causing her to scream out before Tara's lips caught it in a soft and tender kiss.

In the corridor, Willow's scream caught Vince's attention and he turned, his jaw flapping like a fish out of water. "Wow, she's good!" he said eventually, clearly proud and impressed with his friend's performance. The sight of David Moore storming down the corridor towards him wiped the grin quickly from his face. "Have you collected the orders for dinner?" he snapped, his foul mood having returned. Vince nodded and smiled, trying to defuse the mans temper. "I have to get the bloody towels since housekeeping have left their minds in their aprons and Mandy hasn't bothered." He pushed past Vince and immediately headed for the store room where Willow and Tara were sharing a post-coital kiss as Willow came down from her orgasmic high.

"I was just on my way to do it." Vince yelled after David, chasing the older man down and grabbing his arm as he reached out for the door. Tara saw the shadow and head of her boss appear in the porthole, she leapt on top of Willow and rolled the still panting woman on the floor as David turned and peered suspiciously through the glass. "Why are you trying to stop me going in there?" he asked, eying Vince. "I'm not, I offered to do the towels, Mandy looked fried so I told her I'd do it and I'm going to." He said, opening the door and stepping into the dark room. David turned and left the younger man to the job he seemed eager to do.

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