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Computers, Conferences and Kisses

Author: Spellbound
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and its characters are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Stepping back, Tara took a deep breath. Vince who had been watching the encounter with much interest pointed to a shelf just in front of the blonde. She looked down and saw, to her delight, a cocktail book, claiming to contain the recipes of every cocktail known to man. She bent down and fetched the book, as she stood, Willow laughed. "Hey, a girl has to make sure she's getting it right." She said, kicking herself once again for not coming up with something better. "A comfortable Screw" she said, looking into Willows eyes and silencing her giggles. "Vodka, southern comfort and eugh, orange juice." Willows nose wrinkled. "Orange juice? Yuk, not with that. What is it without orange juice?" she asked. Tara's eyes scanned the page and a smile teased her lips, "Well," she said seductively, "Add some sloe gin and it becomes a slow comfortable screw." Tara didn't bother to hide the arousal in her voice and it caused Willow to shift on her stool, a wickedly sexy smile causing Tara's clit to scream out for attention and make her knees weak. "My favourite kind." Willow purred back.

The thudding on the microphone snapped the pair back into reality and neither one had noticed exactly how close to kissing they had become, their lips barely an inch apart. "Good evening ladies and gentleman." A man who Tara aged at approximately 40 had taken to the stage and was obviously going to be making some announcements. Willow turned to regard this man and she smiled, she liked him he worked hard and had been the first to congratulate her when she brought out the company and turned it around. Tara, accepting that Willows attention was now elsewhere, turned to prepare the next sexually charged cocktail, earning herself a congratulatory grin from Vince who recognised the drink she was mixing.

"I'd like to thank you all for coming." The large man on stage continued. "The success of this year as been hard come by and I know you've all worked hard to bring us where we are today." A few of the crowd heckled him and made lewd comments, some of them laughing raucously before settling down to listen to what he had to say. "But we all know that none of this would have been possible without the vision and determination of our new MD." Despite a few boo's from some people, the crowd turned in unison on Willows direction, "Raise your glasses if you will, to Ms Willow Rosenberg!" the man finished, his glass held aloft. "Willow Rosenberg!" the crowd repeated and toasted their boss before clapping and cheering.

Willow's cheeks burned a deep crimson at the attention and she smile, nodding her thanks to her colleagues.

Before they had the opportunity to drag her on stage for a speech, the dj/karaoke host burst in and Robert Palmers 'Addicted To Love' thudded around the room.

Vince and Tara looked at each other, they had seen 'Cocktail' many times and had often performed their own rendition whenever the song was played in the bar. Both grinned as Vince threw Tara a shaker. "Lets do it!" he said and she nodded, dancing gracefully to fill the container with ice.

The drinkers sat at the bar cheered when they realised what was in store and Tara approached Willow, raising her eyebrows questioning and dancing to the music Willow smile a predatory smile, knowing that this was for her. "Slow comfortable screw." She stated, licking her lips. "Slow comfortable screw." Tara repeated to Vince and the crowd cooed their approval, as they stared down the bar to Willow who remained oblivious to them, her eyes captivated by the dancing blonde behind the bar.

The drink took forever as Tara and Vince danced and sang their way through its preparation, giving Tom Cruise a run for his money they had the crowd singing along with the track and cheering. As Tara poured the drink into a tall glass full of crushed ice and served it to Willow, complete with stirrer and pink umbrella, the people gathered around the bar took to their feet in the first standing ovation their routine had ever received.

Tara and Vince took their bows and Tara ran down to Willow, dragging her as best she could to her feet and making her take a bow with her.

As the evening drew to a close, Vince called 'last orders' on the party. Unlike many bars in the area, the hotel could only serve until 1am and even that was late in comparison. Tara took the opportunity to slip out to the bathroom, she splashed her face and ran her wrists under the cold water, trying desperately to cool herself down.

Back in the bar, Willows head was spinning, she never usually drank but the sight of Tara had turned her on and she'd decided to opt for a new way of finding out if she had any chance with the gorgeous blonde. 'What better way than X-rated cocktails' her mind had told her. The reaction she got was better than she could have hoped and she was almost sure that this woman was interested. Searching her mind for something filthy, she remembered the perfect cocktail, not in the least bit dirty but it summed up exactly what she wanted. As Tara returned to the bar, her arms full of glasses, Willow beamed at her.

Vince nodded and took the glasses, loading them into the washer next to where Tara was now standing. "What's gonna finish your evening off perfectly?" she asked Willow, a hungry look meeting the fiery passion of the emerald eyes. "I'm glad you put it that way." Willow purred, "I want a 'warm blonde'!" Tara grinned, her underwear dampening further and her already engorged clit threatening to trigger her own screaming orgasm in the middle of the bar.

Vince stepped in for which Tara was almost thankful, she wasn't sure she wouldn't just leap the bar and fuck Willow in the middle of the dance floor. "That's my speciality." He said, to Willow whose eyes never left Tara who was panting noticeably behind him. Willow beckoned him closer as he expertly layered the two spirits in a shot glass. "What's hers?" she asked gesturing towards Tara. Vince turned and regarded his friend, her arousal and hunger for the woman in front of him written clearly on her face. He gave Tara a conspirital wink, "Her speciality" he said, his voice laced with promise, "Is the red headed slut." He slid the shot glass into Willows hand and watched as Tara's mouth dropped open and the red head growled low in her throat as the passion burned in her eyes.

Tara was lost, time and place vanished and she felt trapped within her own embarrassment. 'How could he?' she asked herself. Around her the laughter subsided as people made their way out of the hotel and into the warm summer night, by the time Tara's eyes had refocused and she had regained control of her limbs, Willow had gone. Her eyes scanned the room and, with the exception of a few passed out partiers it was empty. "Fuck it!" she exclaimed loudly. Vince just laughed and Tara ended up joining him. "So, how long you been eating pussy then?" he asked bluntly.

"You have no tact at all do you?!" Tara said as the quickly cleared the bar and tidied and washed glasses. "Don't dodge the subject!" he told her, trying to sound stern. "No wonder you wouldn't sleep with me." He laughed, it was the laugh of a man so cock sure of himself and his sexual prowess that it made Tara, and most other women want to throttle him. She stalked over to him and pushed him back against the wall, her lips inches from his own. "I'm too much for you baby!" she whispered in his ear, rubbing her hands slowly down his torso, as she got to within millimetres of his groin she pulled back with a giggle as he gulped furiously. "See!" she laughed, "I'll see you tomorrow!" Tara picked up her bag and with one final flash of a smile, vanished out the door leaving Vince to deal with the hard truth of her claim.

In the foyer a cool breeze ruffled her hair and Tara inhaled deeply. "What a night!" she sighed as she stepped into the moonlight. A soft hand caressed the small of her back and instantly she knew who it belonged to, urgent kisses consumed her neck and a passion filled voice caressed her ears, "Wanna do your speciality?" Willow growled seductively in her ear as she guided her down the stone steps and into a waiting cab.

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