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Computers, Conferences and Kisses

Author: Spellbound
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and its characters are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Tara slid into the cab, Willow right behind her. As soon as the door was closed Willows lips met Tara's in a powerful, fiery yet passionate kiss, her tongue forcing its way into the aroused blonde's mouth and joining her own in a seductive dance. Willow's hands clawed down Tara's back, eliciting low growls that vibrated her tongue and made Willow kiss her harder.

The startled driver cleared his throat, turning in his seat to witness the impending act of carnal lust that was threatening to explode in the back seat. Willow pulled back slightly, "2436 Whedon drive" she told him, her breath shallow and heavy with passion.

The driver nodded, finding it hard to turn away as the blonde's hands raked through the silken red hair of her lover, pulling the other woman back to her hungry lips. Eventually he turned and shifted in his seat, putting the car in gear and driving slowly into the night. Tara's mind rushed, the hormones and endorphins flooding her system as Willow fought to slide her hand under her apron. Tara pushed her back against the door, biting on her bottom lips as she ran her hands up the beautifully sculpted thigh of the ravishing red head. Willow groaned and the cab driver, who was by now watching the show in his rear view mirror, swerved violently. "Fuck sakes!" Tara growled as Willow bit her lip, drawing blood.

She pulled back from Willow and snarled at the cabbie, "Watch where you're driving!" she barked at him, slamming herself back into her seat, reluctantly accepting that she would have to wait if she wanted Willow. Willow leant in, wiping Tara's bottom lips gently. "Sorry." She purred as she wiped the blood onto a tissue. "For what?" Tara looked perplexed, in the passion of the moment, she hadn't realised that her lips was bleeding. Willow guided the blondes fingers to her lip and as Tara found the blood there, she licked her finger suggestively, drawing more guttural moans from the redhead.

As the cab turned into Willow's street, the red head fixed Tara with an undeniable gaze of pure animal lust. She had never seen such a look, let alone one that was directed at her, Tara swallowed hard, her clit throbbing uncontrollably as natural juices flooded her panties. Willow threw the door open before the cab had come to complete halt and practically dragged Tara from the back seat. As Tara fell into her, Willow backed up, her back colliding with the wall of her apartment building as Tara kissed her hard, her hands sliding under the tight white shirt and unclasping her bra. Willow moaned, pushing her hips into those of the blonde.

Tara found the already erect nipples of her lover with ease and her fingers glided gently over each one before she pinched the hard nubs roughly causing Willow to growl deep in her throat and thrust her hips into Tara's, her skirt riding up to reveal black lacy panties. As Tara kissed and nibbled her neck, her hand slapped Willow's firm ass before caressing the burning flesh lovingly then awarding the groans with another firm slap. As Willow pulled roughly on her hair, Tara's hand slid between the other woman's legs, finding the lacy panties warm and wet under her fingers.

From behind them a deep and clearly excited man interrupted their passion, "Damn! That shit is hot!!!" he exclaimed as the women turned to see the cab driver waiting for payment. "Think you've seen enough!" Willow panted in his direction as she grabbed Tara's hand and lead her into the building.

They couldn't help but giggle as they entered the foyer, Willow pushing the button for the lift, her eyes focused on Tara's in the large mirror that ran the length of the wall. Tara's arms wrapped around her waist as they waited for the lift, their eyes remained locked in the glass as Tara licked, sucked and bit Willow delicate earlobe, her hands returning to hard nubs under the woman's shirt. Willow pushed her ass back into Tara's groin, something in the pocket of the apron pressing hard onto Tara's engorged clit and making her moan and bite the vulnerable flesh of the exposed neck before her. Willows hands snaked around to Tara's full ass, pulling her in tighter as she ground her hips into the moaning woman.

The lift arrived and as soon as they had entered, Willow turned the tables, pressing Tara against the cool glass and ripping her apron from her waist. She no longer had time or patience for things like knots and bows. Tara moaned as Willow enveloped her lips in another fiery kiss, her hand pressing firmly against the tender area between Tara's legs, her other hand shooting out and pressing the button for the penthouse.

Unnoticed to the two women engrossed in their sexual adventure, a security camera buzzed and hummed as it focused closer on the occupants of the lift.

In the security room, two men sat watching the show unveil itself before their eyes. "Is that Ms Rosenberg?" one asked, peering closer at the screen. "Who cares!" his friend replied and the woman in the short skirt dropped to her knees, taking the trousers of the woman in front of her with her. "Holy shit!" both men exclaimed as the woman on her knees snarled up at the display above the door.

Willow rose to her feet and Tara tried pushing her back down, just the warm breath on her swollen clit had sent the first tremors of climax through her and no she was standing up!? Willow gestured to the now open doors. "This is where we get off." She purred, the sound turning Tara's knees to jelly and stoking the fire in her stomach.

Willow took the soft hand of her lover and lead her into a pale but warm corridor, at the end of which stood two huge mahogany doors. Almost running, Willow swiped a plastic key card through a device on one of the huge doors and it popped open immediately. Their passions all consuming, the women fell into the large room, hands ripping at clothes, limbs entwined in a deep and carnal dance.

Willow pulled at Tara's tie, assuming that it was a clip-on she was momentarily surprised to find that it remained in place. "Lights." She growled into the darkness. The room was illuminated suddenly causing both women to squint at the harshness. Kissing and pulling Tara towards the large cream leather couch located in a sunken seated area, Willows mind searched for the command that would reduce the brightness in the room, her mind was full of Tara, the soft silky skin, her hypnotic smell and stunningly deep eyes drowned out the need for romantic lighting. As Tara fell, albeit gracefully, over the arm of the couch, Willow followed landing a little firmer than she'd wanted on the voluptuous woman. "Hangover!" she barked as she landed. Tara giggled, she had heard many words called out in moments of passion, but 'hangover' was a new one for her. The lights dimmed to a more suitable level and she understood.

Her giggles were swiftly turned into moans as Willows hand dove into her soaked panties and found her clit, painfully engorged and throbbing. Tara dug her nails through the thin material of Willows shirt causing the red head to groan and slide her fingers lower. Tara's hips bucked in response, desperate for this woman to be filling her, her hands slid further down Willows body finding her ass she pulled up the skirt that encased the firm flesh and squeezed hard as Willow expertly slid two fingers deep into her.

Tara moaned and writhed under the lithe and skilled woman on top of her, her hands finding Willows ass and parting the cheeks to stroke the puckered hole as Willow thrust deeper and hard into her, urgency taking the lead over any sensuousness.

Tara's breath was shallow, sweat ran a fine line between her shoulder blades and dampened her shirt as she growled and pushed Willow backwards, pouncing on top of the woman, she ripped the shirt open, buttons pinging off of the mirror on the wall to her right. She greedily took each hard nipple into her mouth as she caressed the firm, pert breasts before her. Kissing down her body, Willow moaned as Tara's tie tickled the path her lips had taken only seconds before. "Going down in flames." Tara thought as she found Willow wet and throbbing for her. As she sucked the sweet, wet clit that screamed for attention, she felt Willow buck and moan before stiffening and pushing her head further into the wet mound before her. Sliding her tongue deep into Willow, Tara felt the muscles contract around it as Willow came hard, coating her tongue and lips in sweet juice. "What a way to burn!" Tara grinned and she licked and sucked Willow into a second screaming climax.

Suddenly she felt a pressure pulling at her neck and realised that Willow was dragging her back up by her tie. As she crawled to the hungry lips of the woman who had, only moments earlier, filled her mouth with her passion she growled, her own unfulfilled climax desperate to escape her. Willow kissed her deeply, tasting herself in the mouth of the blonde. She guided Tara up to sit astride her and her fingers began work at a frantic pace, thrusting deep into Tara as she rode the hand of the vivacious red head. He own climax rocketed through her body, soaking Willows hand and leaving her shaking in Willows arms.

Both women spent from their frantic adventures, they collapsed back into the couch and slept soundly.

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