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Computers, Conferences and Kisses

Author: Spellbound
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: The Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and its characters are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Tara walked the bar rapidly, her heart racing a little more than she had realised. She smiled at the young men she recognised from outside the hotel earlier. "What can I get you?" she asked as she reached them. They had evidently had a lot to drink and had reached the stage of being drunk where they were invincible and, more annoyingly, irresistible, at least in their minds. The least drunk guy placed their order and as she turned, one of them called out; "I'd like an order of that ass, baby!!" he howled as his friends erupted into laughter.

Tara fixed their drinks and rolled her eyes, noticing that Vince had glared down the bar at the guys and was making an effort to keep an eye on them. She placed three bottles of beer in front of them and smiled weakly, she knew her job meant that she would often be leered at by drunken men but that didn't mean she had to like it. "This ass is far too much for you to handle!" she whispered to the guy who had made the earlier comment and blushed deeply as his friends took about jibing and teasing him.

"Better bust some tables." Vince called down to her as he expertly jugged orders and bottles, drawing whoops and cheers from the women seated at the bar. "On it." She called, grabbing a tray and lifting the hatch in one movement. The crowd were wild, everyone dancing, singing and generally having a great time. As Tara moved through the mass of bodies, collecting glasses and bottles, she found herself scanning the crowd for the red head, unable to find her she focused on the task at hand.

When she was unable to carry any more and after receiving various proposals, of marriage, the best sex of her life and one rather odd offer to wrap her in saran wrap (cling film to us Brits, sorry, I'm running on American) and peanut butter, she headed back to the bar. Filling the glass washer promptly, she heard a female's voice call her from the very far end of the bar. "Right with you." She said, looking up she saw the red head nod and smile.

Tara threw the remaining glasses into the machine and slammed the door. As she make her way to the end of the bar she was wolf whistled and heard many lewd comments as she passed her new group of admirers. "What can I do you for?" she asked, her cheeks flushing as the words left her mouth. The red head locked eyes with her, smiled and raised a carefully sculpted eyebrow. "Well," she purred, "I always fancied 'Sex on the Beach', could you do that?" Tara stood back, her mouth agape much to the delight of the woman sat in front of her. "You? I? Sorry?" she babbled. The red head laughed a laugh that was a little on the dirty side. "The cocktail!" she said and Tara felt her face turn beet red. "Oh, yeah of course!" she said, trying to laugh off the images of the sun beating down over the firm body of the woman in front of her as the sea lapped against their naked, entwined bodies. "Your wish is my command." She added instantly kicking herself mentally as she turned to the spirits behind her. 'Fucks sake Tar,' she scolded herself, 'You're flirting like a slut!' the reasonable and sexual part of her brain reminded her; 'She started it, she didn't have to ask for that'

As Tara smiled at the thought it dawned on her that she had no clue how to make the cocktail requested and she flustered slightly before Vince shimmied over. "Lucky bitch." He told her, "What's she want?" he asked, hoping that the next time she appeared at the bar, he'd be in with her drink before she had to ask. "Sex on the beach?!" Tara replied, hoping that Vince knew how to make it. He smiled, "And she wants it from you? Damn, am I ever outta luck!" Regarding his bar mate, he added; "1 vodka, 3/4each Chambord and peach schnapps, splash it in pineapple, orange and cranberry juices. Oh and Tara?" Tara turned to look at the young man "Have fun!" he added with a mischievous grin and a wink.

Tara laughed as she scoured the shelves for the spirits needed. Surprisingly, she found them all and a cocktail shaker, her gaze returning to the red head who was watching her intently. Trying to do her best impression of the movie; 'Cocktail', Tara managed to flip ice into the metal container and as she measured out the spirits, she found herself grinning. Spinning the shaker on one hand she prayed that it wouldn't burst apart and her prays were answered, the drink staying put until she popped the top and poured the liquid into a waiting glass. With a cheeky grin, she handed the drink to the woman who was licking her lips in front of her before heading off to serve a large group of leering guys.

Their orders were pretty simple and as she prepared their drinks, she felt hot eyes burning into her back as the red head studied her body and undressed her mentally.

She shivered a little under her gaze and felt the dampness growing between her legs as she served yet more alcohol fuelled men.

Across the room, the large cinema screen had been pulled down for the karaoke, making it easier for everyone in the room to appreciate the lyrics and videos, although thankfully, no one seemed to be interested in singing, their thoughts concentrated more on their alcohol intake and finding someone to get laid with.

Tara returned from busting tables and found herself being called back down to the red head at the end of the bar. "Hey." Tara said her voice a little more seductive than she felt comfortable with. The woman extended her hand, "I'm Willow." She said, taking Tara's hand in her own. Tara shook the warm hand politely, her knees shaking and the dampness between her thighs growing. "Tara" she replied. Willows eyes once again locked onto her own and Tara found herself lost in the emerald oceans before her. Willow stood slightly and leaned into the bar, possibly to make herself heard or maybe for another reason, her lips now inches from Tara's ear, "What's in a 'Screaming Orgasm?" she asked and Tara swallowed hard. 'You and me baby.' Her mind screamed at her but she remained in control of her mouth, mentally thanking the lecherous man who had ordered one only two days previously.

"Erm, kahlua, Irish cream, amaretto and vodka." Tara replied, leaning in closer the woman who had now placed her hand on Tara's forearm and was stroking it softly. "How about a 'Comfortable Screw'?" Willow purred into her ear, her breath shallow. Tara bit back a moan and fought to remember the ingredients. This was a game that would help her reach many a climax once she got home. It had been a while since a beautiful woman had asked her for a comfortable screw and her clit burned at the prospect. "I'll have to look that one up." She said apologetically.

Willow giggled, "Been a while, uh?" she asked, and Tara found herself nodding. "Let's see what we can do about that." Willow responded, her voice barely audible leaving Tara to wonder if she'd actually said the words or her mind had made them up.

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