Computers, Conferences and Kisses

Author: Spellbound
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Willow is the managing director of a revamped computer company and Tara is an aspiring artist working a bar in a hotel to pay the bills while she tries to 'make it big'
Disclaimer: The Buffy the Vampire Slayer series and its characters are the property of Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

'Another busy night' Tara thought to herself as the crowd flowed through the door. She had been working the bar at the Noxon Hotel for the past 2 years. Her real passion was art and she had moved to California to try and 'make it' as an artist, so far she had sold one picture, hardly the thing dreams are made of.

Tonight was the Christmas party of a local company, well, they had started of locally and after a few alterations in the management had spanned the nation. They sold computer components and offered training and installation of the latest technologies, or so Tara believed. Her computer knowledge spanned as far as writing emails and just about managing to surf the net without too many hassles.

She rolled her eyes as the first handful of people entered the room, the men in their 40's were your typical nerds who never grew out of the stereotype. They looked so out of place in the plush hotel bar that she couldn't help but smile.

Two of the men sauntered over to the bar and sat heavily on the stools. "Two cokes please." The older of the two men said, fixing Tara in his sights. "Coming right up." She replied and flashed him a smile as she fixed his drinks.

As the rest of the party entered, her co-worker for the evening, a tall, handsome man called Vince arrived. "Late as usual." She said as he ducked behind the bar.

Vince was the kind of guy who'd be late to his own funeral, but you could never be mad at him for long. He had the rugged good looks worthy of any actor and his charm and charismatic nature had bedded many a woman.... Except Tara. He had been trying to seduce his way into her pants since he started but she remained immune to his flirting.

"Hey, you love me really!" he said trying to look hurt as he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her fondly on the cheek. Shrugging him off, she indicated to a group of men who were waiting at the end of the bar. "Go. Serve!" she told him, playfully flicking him in the ass with a towel as he turned. "I'm going for my break."

Leaving him to it, Tara grabbed a bottle of water and lifted the hatch, stepping into the rapidly filling room. She slid, undetected out the front doors and sat on the front steps of the hotel, the warm Californian evening relaxing her.

She sighed deeply as another car pulled up to hotel and a large group of men, this time younger than the rest emerged. "So, is the MD coming or is she too good to party with the lower beings?" she heard one of them ask as the climbed the steps of the ancient building. "Yeah, that bitch is coming!" the youngest member growled in response. The three men fell back from the main group as their conversation continued. "You're just pissed 'coz she makes you work!" he was told by one of the men, "Yeah, that and she wouldn't sleep with him." The two men laughed at their friend jovially as he pretended to be insulted. "She's a dyke anyway!" he said indignantly. As they entered the main building, Tara laughed. "Oldest excuse in the world." She muttered under her breath.

With her break almost over, she headed back inside and ducked into the bathroom which she found, to her surprise to be empty. "Dunno why I'm surprised really." She said out loud as she closed the stall door behind her. "It's all geeky computer guys out there!" she smiled as she pushed the lock over the door.

The flush of a toilet indicated that she wasn't alone as she'd thought and a smooth and rather sexy voice said; "Not all geeky guys." The voice told her before the door banged closed, it's owner disappearing into the hotel.

Tara felt her face flush as she straightened her uniform and exited the stall, washing her hands and checking her appearance. The crisp white shirt, black tie, black trousers and long apron weren't the best uniform in the world, but it was a long way from being the worst. With her hands washed and hair tied back she returned to the main bar.

Vince had managed to draw quite a crowd, 4 women were crowded around him, watching him perform yet another 'magic' trick. Tara shook her head and smiled, it never ceased to amazed her how he could find the most attractive women at ever single event the hotel had thrown. 'Oh well, it's always the barman who gets the girls.' Tara told herself, 'No one said anything about the barmaid though' she thought, a hint of disappointment touching her eyes.

The evening progressed and turned out better than Tara had first anticipated. By 9.30 the place was jumping, a karaoke had set up in the corner and in between some interesting dancing, people had gotten up on stage and sung, ok not well, but they'd done it nonetheless. "Who knew geeks could be fun?" Tara laughed as a small man with coke bottle glasses grabbed the mic and proceeded to sing 'Barbie Girl'. Vince had joined her laughter when his voice caught in his throat and he stared, open mouthed at the door way. Tara followed his bulging eyes and found herself stood agape. A tall, stunning woman had entered, dressed in a pinstripe suit, the skirt of which was cut higher than one would expect with a spit that revealed her taut and slender thigh to perfection. Her white shirt was unbuttoned just enough so that if she bent over, her small but delicious looking cleavage would be on show for anyone who cared to look, topped with long, red hair Tara was convinced that this was the most beautiful woman on the entire planet.

Trying to shake herself back to reality before Vince noticed her staring, she punched him gently in the arm. "She's way out of your league mate." She told him as she turned back to the bar, "Unfortunately, way out of mine too." She whispered sadly as another band of geeks headed onto the stage to attempt another song.

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