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Summer Camp

Author: Katie aka Luv4WillTara
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy Inc. and ME.
Author's notes: Thoughts in italics.

Willow woke up the next morning with a huge smile on her face. Tara's my girlfriend she thought as she moved to get off the bed. She placed her feet on the floor and stood up.

"Awe shooty," Willow winced as she fell back on the bed. She looked down at her feet which were still all cut up from her Tara-finding mission. Tara's my girlfriend she thought again with a big smile while looking around the room. Speaking of whom, where is Tara?

"Tara," Willow called as she poked her head up to see if she was on the top bunk. Oh my god, where is she? Did I scare her off? What if she realized that it was a big mistake; that she doesn't really like me that way? What if she was just being polite because it would have been too awkward to reject me to my face, and has now taken off to avoid the awkwardness!?! Willow's thoughts were interrupted by the opening of the cabin door.

"Willow, you're up!" Tara said as she walked through the door carrying a tray of something.

"I-I didn't want to wake you," she said as she kicked off her shoes and walked over to the bed.

"Where did you go?" Willow asked with relief. She was ecstatic that Tara didn't leave because she didn't want to be with her.

"It w-was breakfast time, and I knew that you couldn't really walk, so I w-went and got you your breakfast," Tara replied as she set the tray down on the dresser beside the bed.

"I thought that they didn't let you take food outside of the dining hall!" Oh my god, she brought me my breakfast. That is so cute Willow thought with a smile.

"They don't! I had to be sneaky," Tara said with a smirk. Willow looked up and smiled at Tara. She grabbed her hand a pulled her onto the bed.

"Thank you for the breakfast Tara," Willow said as she leaned over and kissed Tara on the lips.

"You're welcome. You didn't really miss anything at breakfast. They s-served cereal and fruit salad, and Buffy and Faith were kind of all over each other, s-so the conversation wasn't very good. I wasn't really sure what you l-liked, but you look like a fruit loops type of girl, so I brought fruit loops and fruit salad. I put the milk in a separate bowl so the fruit loops didn't get all soggy before you got a chance to eat them," Tara said as she handed Willow the tray.

"I love fruit loops, but I was never allowed to eat them because my parents said that there was too much sugar in them," Willow replied as she set the tray on her lap and poured the milk into the cereal bowl. She grabbed the utensil beside the bowl and scooped up some fruit loops. She watched as all of the milk escaped from in between the prongs of the utensil.

"Well, this is interesting. I've never tried to eat cereal with a fork before," Willow said with amusement.

"W-what? Oh no, I m-must have grabbed a f-fork instead of a s-spoon. I'm s-sorry. And here I thought I was being all r-romantic by bringing you breakfast in bed," Tara said with disappointment.

"No, Tara, it doesn't matter. This is actually the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me. And plus, eating cereal with a fork can be fun! It's like a game or something," Willow said with a reassuring smile. She placed her free hand on top of Tara's as she attempted to eat her cereal with a fork. Tara looked down and smiled at Willow's hand on top of hers. She laced their fingers together as she looked up to see the look of determination on Willow's face as she tried to keep the milk and cereal on the fork.

"After breakfast, I'm going t-to ask the nurse to come l-look at your feet," Tara said with a smile as Willow unsuccessfully tried to eat a forkful of fruit loops.

"Yeah, that would probably be good. I keep getting out of bed forgetting that my feet are sore, and then they get all stingy from the pressure of my feet on the ground!" Willow looked down at her feet and wiggled her toes. "But at least they are feeling better than they did yesterday," Willow added.

"Well that's good. Maybe if they're f-feeling well enough by tomorrow, we could go see Buffy and Faith," Tara replied.

"Yeah, that would be fun," Willow said as she stabbed a grape with her fork. As she brought the grape up to her mouth, a thought popped into her head.

"Hey, you said you saw Buffy and Faith this morning! Did you tell them about us?" Willow asked with enthusiasm.

"Um, not yet sweetie. They were kind of, um, too busy with each other. Plus, I th-thought it would be nice if we told them together," Tara replied as she played with Willow's fingers.

"Oh. I thought that they would have at least asked. Especially after the whole thing that happened yesterday!" Willow said as the events from the day before played over in her head.

"Well, sometimes when you are really into someone, the w-world around you kind of disappears." Tara looked over at Willow who was smiling down into her almost empty bowl of fruit loops. Willow looked up at Tara and her smile brightened.

"I know the feeling," Willow said as she squeezed Tara's hand. Tara smiled as she slowly leaned over and joined their lips together. She felt Willow tuck her hair behind her ear and smiled again as she began to deepen the kiss. They began to rhythmically open and close their mouths when they were interrupted by a knock on the door. Both girls jumped back, causing Willow to drop the tray and spill milk and fruit all over Tara's bed.

"Oh my god Tara, I'm so sorry," Willow said as she tried to clean up the spilled breakfast.

"N-no Willow, it's ok. But w-were not allowed to have food outside th-the dining hall, s-so we'll have to hide it," Tara said as she grabbed the tray and bowls and pushed them under the bed. She grabbed a towel and threw it over the spilled milk before running to answer the door.

"M-mr. Giles," Tara said as she looked back to the bed to make sure the evidence was well hidden.

"Tara, hello. I have come here to ask why both you and Willow did not show up to the council circle this morning. You both know that you must be there at 8:30 sharp every morning," Giles said as he took off his glasses and wiped them on his shirt.

"I'm s-sorry Mr. Giles. Willow hurt her feet yesterday and can't really get out of bed. I w-was just going to go get the nurse," Tara replied, feeling guilty for letting her camp councilor down. Giles looked over to Willow who smiled and waved.

"What did you do to your feet Ms. Rosenberg?" Giles asked as he walked over to the bed. Willow pushed the blankets over the towel covering the spilled milk while trying to look as innocent as possible.

"I ran into the forest without wearing any shoes," Willow replied as Giles knelt down to examine her feet.

"Why on earth would you run into a forest without shoes on?" Giles asked with a look of confusion on his face.

"I was… kind of in a hurry to find someone, and I forgot to put on my shoes out of panic that they would get away without me being able to speak to them," Willow replied. She looked over to Tara who was looking down at her shoes. She knew that Tara was obviously still feeling bad about the day before, and she tried to get Tara's attention to let her know that she shouldn't be feeling bad about it. While in the middle of trying to get Tara's attention through hand-waving, Giles looked up to see Willow's hand gestures. Confused, Giles turned back to look at Tara until something caught his attention.

"Do you smell fruit?" Giles asked as he looked around the room, sniffing the air occasionally. Willow looked wide-eyed over to Tara, who was beginning to panic as she tried to think up a story.

"It's my gum!" Willow blurted as Giles turned back to face her. Tara looked over to Willow, and again started to panic when she noticed that Willow wasn't chewing any gum.

"But you're not chewing any gum Ms. Rosenberg," replied Giles, obviously noticing the same thing.

"I, uh, swallowed it. When you first came in! I was shocked when I heard the knock at the door, and I accidentally swallowed my gum!" Willow replied, hoping that Giles would just leave it at that.

"You shouldn't swallow your gum Ms. Rosenberg; it isn't good for your spleen," Giles said as he got up and headed for the door. Willow and Tara looked at each other and shared a look of relief.

"I'll have the nurse come by and look at your feet! Tara, you however will have to join us with the daily activities. I can not just let you two stay here unsupervised! I do hope you feel better Ms. Rosenberg!" Giles said as he opened the door and left the cabin.

"Well that w-was close," Tara said as she walked over and sat down beside Willow on the bed. She picked Willow's hand up off the bed and placed it in her own.

"It really was! It sucks that you can't stay here and keep me company though," Willow said, smiling when she felt Tara's hand squeeze her own.

"W-well, I can stay until the nurse gets here," Tara replied. She brought Willow's hand up to her mouth and kissed each individual finger.

"Don't you think it's weird?" Willow asked while staring off into space. Tara could tell that she was deep in her thoughts.

"Don't I think what's weird?" Tara replied, somewhat confused by Willow's statement.

"Well, it's just that before I came to camp, I didn't know anyone who was gay! Then I get here, and I find out that both you and Faith are gay, that Anya girl is obviously into some women, Buffy, the boy-crazy girl who I've known pretty much my whole life ends up being into Faith, and me, the girl who I should know the most about, turns out to be gay and into you! I mean, ok, I've never really been into boys! My only relationship with a guy lasted 3 weeks, and we were all awkward around each other, so I'm not superly surprised that I'm into women! Buffy, on the other hand, has never shown an interest in girls, and has been in so many relationships with guys that I've lost count! I don't know, it just feels like we are in some kind of story, and the writer is turning everyone gay!" Willow finished and looked over to Tara who was thinking about Willow said.

"You can't turn people gay Willow! And wh-who knows. Maybe Buffy's bisexual, and didn't r-realize it until now! I mean, I wasn't sure that I was gay until I met Faith!" Tara replied. She looked at Willow who was looking back at her with a shocked expression on her face. Tara thought about what she said before her cheeks went red with embarrassment.

"N-n-no, I m-mean Faith w-was openly gay a-and that m-made me realize that it w-wasn't such a bad thing! I n-never did… a-anything with F-Faith!" Tara tried to explain to Willow, feeling stupid about her earlier comment and about her stutter. Willow sighed with relief. Thank god, how could I ever compare to someone like Faith? Willow's thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door.

"That's going to be the nurse, and my cue to leave," Tara said as she went to get up off the bed. Willow grabbed her hand and pulled her back onto the bed.

"If you don't answer the door, then she will go away, and you can stay here with me," Willow said as she leaned over and kissed Tara's lips.

"Mmm, Willow, I would love to stay with you, but whether I open that door or not, Giles expects me to participate in the activities today!" Tara replied as she recaptured Willow's lips.

"But now that I'm actually able to kiss you, I don't want to stop," Willow replied, not taking her lips off of her girlfriend's. The second knock on the door caused Tara to jump back slightly.

"I'm coming," Tara yelled as she went to get off of the bed for the second time.

"Awe, Tara. Now I have to stay in this cabin all by myself all day!" Willow said with a pout on her face. Tara leaned down and quickly kissed her girlfriend on the lips.

"I'm sorry sweety, but you have to get your feet looked at!" Tara said apologetically as she went to open the door. She turned the knob and pulled the cabin door open to reveal a woman wearing blue jeans, and a green t-shirt.

"Um, a-are you the nurse?" Tara asked, expecting that the nurse would be wearing the usual green slacks; she was kind of thrown off by the girl's attire.

"That I am! Mr. Giles said that someone in cabin 6 cut their feet up pretty badly, so I am here to take a look at them. Do you mind if I just go wash up?" The woman said as she walked in and set her things down by the bed.

"No, that's fine. I have to go now anyways," Tara said as the girl nodded and headed into the bathroom. Tara ran over and pressed her lips against Willow's.

"I'll see you later Willow," Tara said as she smiled a half smile and turned to walk out the door. Tara shut the cabin door behind her as Willow sat on the bed smiling to herself. That girl is so amazing! Willow kept smiling even when the nurse came in to examine her feet. So unbelievably amazing!

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