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Summer Camp

Author: Katie aka Luv4WillTara
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy Inc. and ME.
Author's notes: Thoughts in italics.

Ugh, why did I leave? Tara thought as a giant Frisbee flew by her face. She never really understood the rules of Ultimate Frisbee, so she just ran in whatever direction her teammates were running instead. She looked over and watched as Faith pulled Buffy under the bleachers. Why do I always have to follow the rules? I mean Faith and Buffy aren't following the rules! Why can't it be me pulling Willow under the bleachers? Tara's thoughts were cut short by a Frisbee flying into the back of her head.

"OW, jeeze!" Tara cried out as she reached back and rubbed the back of her head.

"Nice catch Maclay!" said an all too familiar voice. Tara groaned as she turned around to see Anya standing behind her. "You're not very good at this game! If you want, I can give you private lessons! You know, just you and me; one on one!" Anya said while winking at Tara.

"I'll pass," Tara replied as she walked off to the side of the field. She sat down on one of the coach's benches and pretended to tie her shoes. God Tara, how could you just leave? I mean, here's this girl who you are crazy about, and who actually asked YOU out, and when she asks you to stay with her, you leave because the councilor wants you to! Girls like her do not ask out girls like you everyday! Go back! Go back and stay with her! Who cares what the councilors think? What are they going to do, kick you out?

"Yeah, I'm going back," Tara said to no one in particular as she got up off of the bench and headed for her cabin.

"Where do you think you are going Ms. Maclay?" Giles said just before Tara reached the path back to the cabins.

"M-Mr. Giles, h-hi. I w-was just going to go s-see how Willow was doing," Tara replied as she turned around to face him.

"That's very nice of you, but the nurse has already taken care of her, and I'm sure she is fine. There is no need for you to go see her at the moment!" Giles exclaimed as he took off his glasses and wiped them with his 'Camp Councilor' hat.

"I know, but I thought sh-she might be getting l-lonely; having to stay in the cabin all by herself all day! And what is sh-sh going to do about lunch? " Tara asked, starting to worry about her girlfriend.

"It has been arranged for the nurse to bring her some food and refreshments during the lunch hour, but for now I'm sure she will be fine!'" Giles replied. Tara nodded as she began to walk back to the field.

"Oh Tara, one more thing. The nurse found the empty food tray under your bed, and since Ms. Rosenberg is unable to properly walk at the moment, I am assuming that it was you who brought it to her!" Giles said to Tara with a stern look on his face.

"Y-y-yes," Tara replied, looking down at the circles she was drawing in the sand with her feet. She couldn't bring herself to look him in the eye.

"Since the first day I met you I have never known you to break a rule. Although I am sure that you were trying to help Ms. Rosenberg, taking food outside of the dining hall is prohibited at this camp... and now you are trying to skip the daily activities to go and visit with Ms. Rosenberg. I'm sure you two have become close friends, but it is no excuse start breaking the rules!"

"I'm s-s-sorry M-Mr. Giles," Tara replied, feeling truly bad about disappointing Giles. Giles sighed as he saw Tara begin to go back into her shell.

"Look, Tara the only reason I'm telling you this is because I care about you! I know that many of the other camp councilors are very stern on the rules, and I don't want to see you getting into trouble! Please, promise me right now that you will stop breaking the rules!"

"I p-promise," Tara said as she slowly looked up at Giles. Giles smiled at Tara who smiled back.

"Very good. Now I want you to return to that... ridiculous game!" Giles said, scoffing as a Frisbee flew by. Tara nodded and turned around to head back to the field. Come on Tara, what got into you? You know better than to sneak off during the day! Tara thought as she walked onto the grass. But Willow!! You want to be with her, not here playing Frisbee! I mean, how amazing is it that she's your girlfriend? It is so perfect! Tara smiled as she semi-skipped across the field. A little too perfect. It is weird to think that someone like Willow could be with someone like me. I mean, it kind of feels like a Cordelia thing! She was WAY too perfect to be with someone like me, but I convinced myself otherwise when she kissed me. Willow is 20 times more perfect than Cordelia, so just think of how much more it will hurt if it turns out Willow is doing the same thing. Tara, be careful! You will fall apart if Willow is only using you. Tara joined up with the rest of the Frisbee players and was surprised when a giant Frisbee flew at her and hit her in the chest. She brought her arms up and grabbed the Frisbee before it had a chance to fall. She took three steps forward and threw the Frisbee in a random direction; no longer sure of which teammates were hers. She watched as the Frisbee flew over and hit Anya in the face.

"OW, what the hell?" Anya yelled as she looked around to find the culprit. Tara smiled as she innocently walked in the other direction. At least the day wasn't a total waste.

Faith ran under the bleachers dragging Buffy behind her. The moment they were out of sight, Faith pushed Buffy up against a post and joined their lips together. Buffy, wasting no time, snuck her tongue into Faith's mouth. Faith met Buffy's tongue with her own, and briefly massaged it before pushing both of their tongues back into Buffy's mouth. I love it when 'take charge' Faith takes charge Buffy thought as she moaned into Faith's mouth. Faith chose that moment to slide her hand down and rest it just under the base of Buffy's shirt. Buffy pulled Faith closer to her as she began to nibble on Faith's bottom lip. It was Faith's turn to moan as she ever-so-slowly began to slide her hand up Buffy shirt.

"OW, jeeze!" someone yelled, causing Buffy and Faith to break the kiss. They looked out between the seats of the bleachers to see Tara standing out on the field rubbing her head and looking annoyed. Faith watched as Anya walked up to Tara with a smug look on her face.

"Nice catch Maclay," Faith heard Anya say. Noticing the predatory look on Anya's face, Faith decided that she should go interfere. Just as she was getting up to leave, she felt a hand wrap around her upper arm and pull her back.

"Where do you think you're going?" Buffy said as she pulled Faith's face towards her own. She pressed her lips against Faith's, who leaned into the kiss for a moment before pulling back.

"I have to go to Tara's rescue," Faith replied as she got up to leave again. Buffy, not letting go of Faith's arm, got up with her.

"What do you mean? She's fine Faith! And I want you to stay here with me," Buffy stated, doing her best to do the pout that Faith thought was sexy. Faith looked out towards the field where Tara and Anya were standing.

" know, just you and me; one on one," Faith heard Anya say. After seeing Anya's wink, Faith decided that she definitely had to step in. She walked to the edge of the bleachers before being pulled back again.

"B, I have to go help Tara! You don't understand how Anya can get," Faith said, doing her best to not get frustrated with her girlfriend who still wasn't letting go of her arm.

"But if you leave now, then you won't be able to come back under the bleachers without risk of being caught!" Buffy replied. Faith looked back out towards Tara and Anya, and was surprised to see Tara standing her ground!

"I'll pass" she heard Tara say before she left to go sit on one of the benches and tie her shoes. Wow, I've never seen anyone shut Anya up so fast!

"See, she's fine. Now, where were we?" Buffy said with a triumphant look. Faith shook her head in frustration. Although she was thrilled that she could stay back and make out with her girlfriend, she was annoyed with the fact that Buffy wouldn't let her go help her friend.

"What's wrong?" Buffy asked, a little disappointed that Faith hadn't pounced on her the moment the situation was resolved.

"Look, B. Although I'm into the fact that you wanted me to stay back and finish where we left off, you have to let me do my thing! If I need to go and rescue T from Whorey the Mega Slut, you gotta let me go!" Faith looked over to Buffy who obviously felt stupid for being so clingy. Buffy's face went into a pout, causing Faith to smile internally. She's doin' the pout thing again. Let's see how much I can get outta her!

"It's all good B. You just gotta remember to not always be so attached to me," Faith said, trying hard not to smile as Buffy's pout deepened.

"Actually, maybe we should set up some kinda schedule to act all couply," Faith congratulated herself as Buffy's face went into full pout mode! Ok, I think that's enough!

"Now that's sexy," Faith said as Buffy looked at her in confusion. Before Buffy could make total sense of the situation, Faith pulled Buffy's face towards her and pressed their lips together. Buffy pulled back and looked at Faith in confusion.

"You jerk," Buffy said as she finally understood what Faith was doing. She smiled and shook her head as Faith dug her face into Buffy's neck.

"You are a complete jerk, you know that?" Faith pulled back with a big grin on her face.

"Come on B, you know that I can't resist a good sexy, pouty face! Plus, I saw you try to get your way by using that pout, so maybe I shouldn't be the one being called a jerk!" Faith replied as she rested her hands on Buffy's hips.

"Well, you actually made me believe that I would only be your girlfriend on the days a schedule said so," Buffy said as Faith smiled as brought Buffy closer to her.

"Well, I'll just have to make it up to you I guess!" Faith said as she captured Buffy's bottom lip and began to nibble on it. Buffy pulled back and smiled at Faith.

"Mmm, you should have to repay me for things more often," Buffy said as she backed up against a post, and pulled Faith against her.

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