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Summer Camp

Author: Katie aka Luv4WillTara
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy Inc. and ME.
Author's notes: Thoughts in italics.

Lunchtime was fairly uneventful. Everyone was soaked and therefore quite uncomfortable while eating lunch. After lunch, everyone was split up into groups, and sent to do various indoor activities that were obviously planned last minute. Willow was happy to hear them say that cabins 1-5 would be a group, 6-10 would be a group, and etc. This meant that she got both Tara and Buffy in her group. They all met up in one of the halls where they were told that they would be doing arts and crafts.

"Arts and crafts? I thought we stopped doing this in kindergarten," Buffy said with a pout as she gathered up some art supplies and sat at the table. Faith looked over at Buffy and smiled when she saw the pout on her face. Buffy looked back at Faith and noticed she was smiling at her. This caused her to smile as well. Not wanting the others to notice, Buffy quickly turned away.

"So, Willow. Have you seen any more of that guy you like?" Buffy said while gluing different colorful things together. Tara looked up at Willow then down at her shoes. It was confirmed, Willow was straight and interested in some boy.

"W-what? Oh, ah no. I uh, I haven't seen him around and stuff. It doesn't matter, I'm uh, I'm not interested in bo.. uh in that boy anymore," Willow said. She was now looking down at her shoes as well. Wouldn't it be nice if I could just tell them that I'm not interested in any boys? I just don't think that they'll understand, and I don't want Tara to act weird around me.

"Oh, well that's too bad. Hey, Faith could you pass me those sparkly things?" Buffy said while gluing some fuzzy pink things onto the top of her art project. She was really getting into this. Faith held out the sparkles and Buffy took them, causing her to fingers to touch Faith's. She let them linger there a second before pulling away and adding some sparkles to her art.

Faith looked over to her best friend and noticed that she was still looking down at her shoes. She really felt bad for Tara. She knew that she liked Willow, and things rarely worked out for Tara. Faith grabbed the scissors and started to snip off pieces of the paper she held in her hand. She wasn't really into the whole gluing colorful things together kind of art, she was more into the sketching things type of art. So, she sat there, cutting the paper into little pieces.

"What's with this table? How come I'm the only one making art, or whatever this thing is? Come on, it's actually kind of fun. Here, we'll see which cabin makes the better art, cabin 6 or 9. Willow, you and Tara use those supplies to make something cool, Faith and I will start a new project, winner gets... what does the winner get?" Buffy said with enthusiasm. She loved competition.

"Um, ok. So it's you and me Tara? Alright, I'll take you up on that challenge," Willow said, feeling a little better now that the attention wasn't focused on her. She saw that Faith didn't look too into it.

"Come on Faith, it'll be sorta fun. If we lose, we'll stand out in the rain for 10 minutes. Everyone knows how much I hate the rain. That's a big punishment," Willow tried to persuade Faith. Faith thought for a minute. If I lose, me and B have to stand in the rain for ten minutes, which isn't a big deal seeing as I like the rain. Plus, Buffy in a wet t-shirt. If I win, Red and T have to stand in the rain, which is a bigger deal 'cuz Red hates the rain. Ooh, so she would need Tara to comfort her.

"Ok B, let's do this. Losers have to stand out in the rain for 10 minutes with their art project. You're going down T!"

Everyone started to create their project. Willow and Tara gathered up some colorful paper and started gluing Popsicle sticks together. They kept glancing at each other while the other was busy with the project. Buffy and Faith sat there, not knowing what to do.

"What the hell are we gonna make B?" Faith asked while looking around the table. She grabbed the scissors and started cutting various shaped out of paper. Buffy started to giggle as she tried to join in on making the project. They just started gluing random things together. Buffy started putting glue in random spots, and then poured glitter all over their attempt of a project. Faith looked at her and raised her eyebrow questioningly.

"What? Everything needs sparkles. They make things pretty," Buffy tried to reassure her. Faith looked over at Willow and Tara who were also just kind of gluing things together. She noticed how they kept glancing at each other, and how the other would blush every time one accidentally touched the other person.

Look at that. Red might actually be interested in T. Maybe things will work out for her after all! Faith thought while gluing a few more colorful things here and there.

After another five minutes had passed, and the attempts at art projects were done, Buffy went off and got some girl who could tell them which one she liked more.

"What are they?" The girl with brown hair and a name tag with the name Kate on it asked.

"Um, w-well. W-we're not exactly s-sure on that. Th-there art," Tara said with a nervous smile.

"Right, well neither of them are very good. But if I have to choose, I'll pick that one because it has sparkles on it," Kate said while pointing at Buffy and Faith's art.

"Yay, I told you the sparkles would make it pretty," Buffy said while practically leaping at Faith and hugging her in celebration. She turned around to walk back to her seat, but Faith wrapped her arms around her waist and pulled her onto her lap. Now that she had her there, she wasn't going to let her leave.

"I wouldn't call it pretty but yeah," Kate replied while she looked at Willow from top to bottom. "Bye," she gave her a smile as she walked away.

"Wow Red, she totally just checked you out," Faith said while letting go of Buffy's waist. She smiled when Buffy didn't get up to leave.

"Haha, what? No she didn't. I'm sure it was more of a ‘haha look at her; all geeky and stuff' type a look. Or maybe she was actually checking out Tara, but her eyes are all weird so it looked like she was checking me out. I mean Tara's more check outable than I am." The moment the words left her mouth she wished they hadn't. She looked over at Tara who was looking down at her feet. Oh great, color me obvious. Why don't you just tell her she's a hotty to her face you stupid dope? Now she's all uncomfortable. Good going Willow.

"Uh, yeah. Well we should be going. We have to pay our bet debt before dinner and stuff so we better go do that now. Are you coming Tara?" Willow said, trying to avoid everyone's eyes.

"W-what? Oh, uh yeah. L-let's go," Tara smiled as she grabbed the art and headed out into the rain.

The rain was cold and very uncomfortable. Willow and Tara stood silently in the rain, avoiding each other's eyes. Suddenly thunder roared and lightening struck, causing Willow to jump into Tara. Tara grabbed Willow's hand again and held the other one above Willow's head.

"What are you doing?" Willow said, more focused on the fact that Tara was only inches away from her than she was on the thunder and lightening.

"I'm protecting you from the storm," Tara replied, keeping her hand above Willow's head. Willow smiled at Tara, who smiled back.

"Oh they are sooo digging eachother," Faith said as she watched the two from the window.

"Who? Willow and Tara? No way man, Willow's straight," she replied as she walked over next to Faith and looked at Willow and Tara through the window. "Yeah ok. They are totally digging each other."

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