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Summer Camp

Author: Katie aka Luv4WillTara
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy Inc. and ME.
Author's notes: Thoughts in italics.

Willow woke up that morning to the sound of the rain tapping against the windows. She tried to sit up, but something was holding her down. She looked down at her stomach and saw an arm wrapped around it. Willow held up both her arms, and then looked at the one on her stomach, then back up to her arms. What in the frilly heck is going on? Did I grow an extra arm over night? She turned over and saw Tara lying next to her, fast asleep. Suddenly she remembered the events from the night before, and how her cowardness had lead to her cuddling up to Tara for protection. I should get scared more often!

Willow had tried to move herself off of the bed without waking Tara up. She tried to slip out from under Tara’s cuddly arms, but the sudden movement caused Tara to tighten her grip around Willow’s waist and rested her head on her shoulder. Her own movements had caused Tara to open her eyes and look up at Willow. She smiled a sort of half smile which must have been contagious because Willow smiled back. Willow reached down and tucked a loose hair behind Tara’s ear. She once again stopped when she realized what she was doing. She quickly got up off the bed and began one of her many nervous babbles.

"Oh man Tara, I am so sorry. I always do that, why do I always do that? I mean we’re all sleepy and enjoying the cuddlyness of the sleepyness, and then I do that thing that they do in the movies right before they kiss the person. You know with the whole hair tucking thing? They always kiss after one person tucks the other person’s hair behind their ears, well not always. I mean sometimes people are just annoyed when they are talking to someone and they have hair on their face, so the other person tucks it behind their ear, but most of the time they kiss. And I don’t want you to think I was hitting on you, b-because I wasn’t. I just noticed you had a hair on your face, so I tucked it behind your ear. I don’t want you to feel all uncomfortable around me, thinking I’m all with the trying to kiss you and stuff, because I wasn’t! I was just trying to be helpful with the making you more comfortable with the lack of hair on your face, but instead I made you all uncomfortable with the trying to kiss you thing. NO, not the TRYING to kiss you thing, the you THINKING I was trying to kiss you thing. Because I wasn’t. Uh, trying to kiss you that is!"

Willow finally managed to stop talking. She looked up at Tara who had an extremely confused look on her face. Is she confused because she still thinks that I tried to kiss her, or is she trying to figure out what the frilly heck I said?!?

"Uh Willow, settle down. I wasn’t uncomfortable, and I know that you w-weren’t trying to k-kiss me. I think that…" Tara was interrupted be a knock at the door. She walked over and opened the door to find a drenched Giles, cleaning his classes with the same red handkerchief that he kept in his chest pocket.

Willow walked over to her dresser and got out her clothes for the day while Tara and Giles talked. Willow was worried that she was badly screwing up her and Tara’s friendship. Even if Tara didn’t care about the fact that Willow tried to kiss her, she was sure that Tara was getting annoyed with the constant freak out babbles. She so wanted this friendship to work. She turned and watched as Tara closed the door.

"Th-that was Mr. Giles our camp counselor. He was just letting us know that the majority of the activities for the day will be cancelled on account of the storm, but there w-will be a meeting later today," Tara said with a smile.

"That’s cool. So uh, what do you want to do? Unless you’re planning on doing something with someone else," Willow replied, hoping that Tara was free to do whatever.

"Uh, no. I am officially free to do whatever. I mean, I should probably go see Faith sometime today, but other than that, I’m free. Do you m-maybe want to uh go take a walk in the rain?" Tara asked even though she knew that Willow was kind of afraid of this kind of weather. Tara just loved the rain; preferred it over the sun 100% except when it was the extremely cold, miserable type of rain. Then she kind of preferred the sun.

"Uuuuh, sure. Why not. Let’s go walk in the uh r-rain," Willow replied. She didn’t really want to go out in such nasty weather, but if it meant more Tara time, she’d do anything.

The two girls got on their shoes and walked out of cabin six and into the rain. The moment they stepped outside, they became drenched. They walked down the pathway and across the camp grounds. Thunder roared above them, causing Willow to jump. She cringed at the sight of lightening up ahead and decided that maybe it wasn’t a good idea to come along. Tara saw the look of fear on Willow’s face, and deciding to be bold, slipped her hand into Willow’s.

"I-it’s ok W-willow. You don’t have to be s-scared. I got you!" Willow looked down at Tara’s hand in hers. It just fit so perfectly. She looked back up at Tara and smiled. They continued to walk down the camp grounds, hand in hand, not really focusing on anything but the person beside them.

Buffy awoke the next morning with her arm slung around Faith. What the? Urgh, Faith must have come back and fallen asleep in my bed. Why doesn’t she just give me the top bunk, and then we wouldn’t have this problem? Not that I’m really complaining though! Buffy thought, making no effort to move her arm. Faith turned in her sleep and wrapped her arms around Buffy, causing Buffy to smile. Faith opened her eyes and wondered where the hell she was, and who the hell she was holding on to. She looked up and met Buffy’s eyes.

"Oh hey B," Faith said while untangling herself from Buffy. "Yeah I kind of came home late, and was too tired to climb into my own bed, so I just kinda pushed you into the corner and stole yours."

"Oh, where were you? Why did you get back so late? Were you out visiting a special friend?" Buffy asked, trying not to sound too jealous or obvious.

"I already said that if I told you, I would have to kill you," Faith said while sitting up on the bed. She grinned her ‘sexy grin’ at Buffy.

"Haha, like you could. I would definitely like to see you try," Buffy teased. Faith smiled before jumping on Buffy, straddling her hips and pinning her arms down over her head.

"Well, it definitely looks like I could!" Faith looked down at Buffy who looked a little surprised. Faith leaned down until her face was only half an inch from Buffy’s. Their lips were about to meet when suddenly there was a knock at the door. Faith jumped at the sound and hit her head on the bottom of the top bunk.

"Mother Fucker," Faith yelled as she clutched her head in pain. She walked to the cabin door and opened it. She looked at a completely drenched Willow and Tara.

"What the eff you guys. Ah, T. I should have figured that you’d be out in the rain. Come on in you crazy girl," Faith said while stepping out of the way so Tara and Willow could walk into the cabin.

"Uh w-what was with the mega swear we heard outside the cabin? We’re not interrupting a-anything are we?" Tara asked, looking from Faith to the blonde girl on the bed.

"Buffy? I didn’t know this was your cabin. What a small world," Willow said while giving her best friend a hug. Tara looked away. She was confused because every time she touched Willow, Willow would freak out. Maybe she’s not homophobic; maybe she just doesn’t like me. Tara thought as she looked down at her feet, allowing her hair to fall down in front of her face.

"Buffy, this is my roommate Tara. Tara, this is my best friend Buffy." Willow watched as the two shook hands. "And I’m guessing that you are Faith," Willow said while shaking her hand. Willow looked at Faith. She noticed that she was not very tall, had brown hair, wore lots of black, and had a kind of cool way of speaking. She was like the female version of the guy that Buffy described. The one that she liked from camp.

Willow, Tara, Buffy and Faith sat in cabin 9, talking about life. Willow and Tara were stealing glances at each other while the other wasn’t looking. Faith totally would have noticed if Buffy and she weren’t doing the exact same thing. After about an hour and half, Willow and Tara told Buffy and Faith that they should get back and get changed into something dry before lunch. They gave their friends hugs, and walked out the door of cabin 9. The moment that Willow and Tara stepped into the rain, they grabbed each other’s hands, intertwining their digits, and began the walk back to cabin 6. They walked back in silence, enjoying the rain, and each other’s company.

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