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Summer Camp

Author: Katie aka Luv4WillTara
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: All characters belong to Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy Inc. and ME.
Author's notes: Thoughts in italics.

Willow and Tara got back to their cabin later that night soaking wet. They both got dressed in their pj's, and walked over to the bunk bed. Tara stood beside her bed rubbing her arms for warmth.

"Oh my god Tara, you're shaking," Willow said as she rushed over to Tara and unconsciously started to rub her arms.

"J-just a little c-cold. You know, all th-that rain probably w-wasn't the best thing for me," Tara replied, incredibly aware that Willow was touching her.

"Oh Tara, this is all my fault. You were all protecting me from the rain because I was a big scared-y cat, and now you're all cold. Oh my god, what if you get hypothermia? What if you protecting me in the rain caused you to get hypothermia and die? I can't have that! I'd never be able to live with myself! That's it missy, you're getting into bed, and getting under the covers! And you are taking my extra set of blankets because I will not let you die!" Willow responded all wide-eyed and scared.

"W-willow, I don't think that my protecting you f-from the rain did anything. I w-would have still been standing in the r.." Tara was cut off by Willow pushing her into the bed. She climbed up to the top bunk, retrieved her extra blanket and wrapped it around Tara. She continued rubbing her arms, trying her best to warm Tara up.

"There, how does that feel?" Willow asked with a look of concern in her eye. This girl is so special.

"Uh, w-warm. I f-feel warm," Tara replied, totally forgetting about the cold. Everything she had was focused one the woman kneeling above her. Willow lowered her head and pressed her lips against Tara's forehead.

"Goodnight Tara, I hope you feel better tomorrow," Willow said, trying to calm her nerves down at the same time.

"Yeah goodnight Willow, sweet dreams."

"I just don't know though. I mean, Willow's not gay. She use to have a boyfriend. A serious one! Oh, and she liked that guy at the camp, told me so herself!" Buffy said as she walked into cabin 9.

"Oh come on B, you saw them together. They were totally into each other. They were holding hands in the rain, Tara's hand above Willow's head, my guess to protect her or something. I didn't really get that! But the rain being all romantic, and them with the looking into each other's eyes. I'm telling ya, there is no way they are not digging each other!" Faith replied as she jumped onto the bottom bunk.

"First of all Faith, you fought so hard for that top bunk, so go lie on it or something. Second of all, I think they were just caught in the moment! I don't think they actually like each other… that way. Plus, Willow likes some guy from camp. She can't be gay if she likes a guy. And I'm like her bestest friend in the whole world. She'd tell me if she was gay! We tell each other everything!"

"Right. Who is this camp guy? Have you ever seen him? I mean, what's his last name? She probably just made him up to hide her feelings. Oh and about the you telling each other everything, I don't see you tell her you're gay, B!" Faith replied as she hopped off of the bottom bunk and started to put on her shoes.

"What? I am not gay! What made you think I was gay?" Buffy said as nervously started to pace the room.

"Ok B, first of all chill. Second of all, I have gone to this summer camp for the last 4 years just to hang out with Tara. Do you know what I end up doing all summer? I scan women, and I try to figure out which ones are gay. Trust me B, I've gotten pretty good at it. Now you were a tough one to rate, but now it's clear that you are obviously gay." Faith replied as she tied up the laces.

"But why? Why do you think that? I mean, I know myself, and I am not gay! I mean I don't have a problem with gay people, I'm just not one of them!"

"Alright, well you've got mega muscle, meaning you probably play a lot of sports, or at least do a lot of physically challenging workout stuff, you wear sneakers all the time, and are always wearing pants, not that that necessarily means anything, plus you've checked me out at least 8 times since we got back to the cabin. So yeah, I'd like to continue this conversation, but unfortunately I have to go. I'll catch ya later B," Faith winked at Buffy before heading out the door towards the woods again.

Where the hell does she keep going? She has gone out to those woods every night since we've been here. Maybe I should follow her! No, that's totally being stalkery, and invading of her privacy! Awe screw it! Buffy thought as she got her shoes on and followed after Faith. She walked down a path through the woods until she finally spotted Faith. She was sitting on a rock that looked out on the lake.

"So this is where you go every night," Buffy said causing Faith to jump. She walked over and sat down beside Faith.

"Buffy, geeze. You nearly gave me a heart attack! What are you doing out here?" Faith replied.

"I decided to go for a stroll. So, what's up with this place? I mean, why do you come here every night?" Buffy asked as she slid closer to Faith.

"Haha well, you're gonna laugh at me B," Faith replied.

"No, I promise that I won't laugh. Scouts honor, even though I was never a scout! Uh, camp mates honor?"

"Ok, well. The fireflies come out this time of night. It's beautiful watching them fly over the lake. I know I don't really look it, but I'm a big romantic. And if you tell anyone that, I'll drown you in the lake." Faith and Buffy sat there a while just watching the fireflies over the lake.

"Wow, you're right. It is beautiful!" Buffy said as she turned to face Faith. Faith looked at Buffy and they slowly began to lean into each other. They stopped with their lips only centimeters away. After what seemed like forever, Faith finally closed the gap between them. They slowly began to move their lips as Faith brought her hand up to Buffy's cheek. The kiss was slow and romantic. After a minute or two, Faith pulled back and gave Buffy the smile that she loved. They turned back and continued to watch the fireflies over the lake as Buffy slid her hand into Faith's.

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