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Summer Camp

Author: Katie aka Luv4WillTara
Rating: NC-17
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Author's notes: Thoughts in italics.

After breakfast, everyone went to the council circle to hear the rules and be split up into four teams. Willow was sad to find out that Tara was not on her team, but the fact that Buffy was, made it a little better. They all walked out to the baseball diamonds where the council members decided which teams would face who. It was decided that team 1 (Buffy and Willow's team) would face off against team 4 (Tara and Faith's team). Team 1 was up to bat first, and team 4 took their positions on the field. Tara took first base and Faith stepped on the pitcher's mound, claiming that position. First up to bat from team 1 was Anya Jenkins. Faith pitched the ball and Anya swung, missing it by half a centimeter.

"Oh you are so going down," Faith said as she caught the ball that was thrown back to her by the back catcher. The back catcher signaled that he wanted her to throw a fast ball, which she did, sending the ball zooming over the home plate, and giving Anya her second strike. The back catcher threw back the ball, and signaled for a curve ball. Faith sucked at throwing curve balls, but she did as she was told. She threw the ball, and instead of throwing a curve ball, she accidentally ended up throwing a very slow lob ball, which Anya hit with ease. She sent the ball flying just passed second base. She ran as fast as she could and made it to first base before the second baseman could throw the ball to Tara. Anya stood on first base and immediately started checking out Tara.

"So, Tara. You still single? You know ‘cuz if you are, we can go back to my cabin and have lots of orgasms and such. And you know, even if you're not single, we can still go back to my cabin and have lots of orgasms! You should bring Faith along and we can all go back to my cabin and have lots of.."

"No," Tara said with an incredibly annoyed look on her face. "I've already told you many times that I do not w-want to go back and have org.. have sex with you, s-so just drop it Anya."

Willow sat in the dug out and watched as Anya flirted with Tara. She couldn't help but feel incredibly jealous. She couldn't stand the fact that somebody else was hitting on her Tara. My Tara? Since when is she my Tara? Tara is Tara's Tara, not my Tara! She's not even gay. I mean she totally turned down Anya who is a fairly good looking girl, and she hasn't checked out a single girl since we got here. So, not my Tara. Tara's Tara!

Buffy saw the change in emotions on Willow's face. She wondered what she was thinking about. Suddenly, Tarriq popped into her mind and she decided that that is what Willow was probably thinking about.

"So, Willow. Which one here is Tarriq?" Buffy asked while looking around the baseball diamond.

"Who? OH, Tarriq. Uhh, yeah. He's not on either of these teams. He's probably on one of the other ones," Willow lied. She felt bad for lying to her best friend, but she just wasn't ready to tell her the truth yet. She didn't think that Buffy would really understand. Willow watched as Faith threw the ball to a boy with Blondish brown hair. He hit the ball, sending it to the first base area. Tara watched as the ball came at her. She held up her mitt and caught the ball. She then touched the first base, which caused Anya to be out for she did not get back to first base in time.

"YEAH, GO TARA! NICE CATCH. WOOHOO," Willow got up and yelled with excitement. She looked around at her teammates who were looking pretty annoyed with her.

"What are you doing, Will? You are cheering for the wrong team. Maybe you don't understand baseball, but when they get the members from our team out, it is a bad thing," Buffy said with a confused look on her face. Willow sat back down in embarrassment. She looked up at Tara, who was blushing and looking down at her shoes.

They watched as two of their teammates made it home. Now a girl named Amy was up at bat. Faith threw a fast ball which Amy swung for and missed.

"STRIKE ONE," the umpire yelled as the back catcher threw the ball back to Faith. She threw another fast ball which flew over the corner of the plate.

"STRIKE TWO" the ump called out. Faith caught the ball and saw that the back catcher was signaling for a curve ball. Faith sighed as she threw the ball. She was extremely pleased to see that the ball made a perfect curve, causing Amy to miss the ball completely.

"STRIKE THREE, YOU'RE OUT," the ump called out as he flung his thumb over his shoulder in emphasis.

"ALRIGHT FAITH! WOOHOO, NICE THROW," Buffy yelled with just as much enthusiasm that Willow had when Tara caught the ball. All of her teammates were looking at her with a ‘why the hell do all of our teammates keep cheering for the wrong team' sort of look on their face.

"So uh Buffy. Maybe you don't understand baseball, but when they get the members from our team out, it is a bad thing," Willow said in a mocking tone. Buffy looked over to Faith who gave her a smile and a wink before turning back and giving Tara a high five. Buffy smiled and shrugged to Willow.

The game ended 9 to 7 for team 1. After the lunch break, team 1 and team 3 played for 1st place. Team 1 ended up loosing by three points.

Everyone went back to their cabins where they were allowed to just hang out for the rest of the night on account of a rain storm. Willow and Tara sat in cabin 6 and watched the rain through the cabin window.

"I love the rain. It's s-so romantic and lovely. I w-wish it would rain all the time," Tara said as she looked out the window in awe.

"To tell you the truth, I'm kind of afraid of the rain. I'm always afraid that I'm going to get struck by lightening, or a big tornado is going to come and pick up our house and tear it into little pieces," Willow replied with a frightful look on her face. She looked at Tara and blushed. She felt stupid that she was afraid of such stupid things.

"Don't w-worry. I'll protect you from the big bad s-storm," Tara said with a playful look on her face.

"See, now you're making fun of me. You think I'm all pathetic because I'm afraid of nature," Willow replied as she grabbed a pillow and threw it at Tara. Tara smiled as she threw it back at Willow. They each grabbed a pillow and started to hit the other with it. Willow could feel that Tara was winning, so she lunged at Tara, knocking them both off of the bed, and resulting with Willow falling on top of Tara. They started to giggle, but the giggles subsided once their eyes met. They lay there for a couple of minutes just staring into each other's eyes. Willow tucked a piece of hair behind Tara's ear before she realized what she was doing.

What are you doing Willow? You are probably freaking the poor girl out. Get up. Get the hell off of her before you scare her off and ruin the friendship forever.

"Oh god, I'm so sorry Tara. It was an accident. I didn't mean to fall on you, it just kinda happened," Willow said as she got off of Tara.

Oh no. She's freaking out. She's all uncomfortable that she was lying on top of me. She feels all awkward and is probably against any girl on girl touching of any kind. Hurry, say something to reassure her.

"Hey W-willow. No w-worries. It was an accident and I kn-now that you weren't trying to f-fall on me or anything. L-let's just forget about the whole g-girl lying on t-top of girl, touchy m-moment, ok?" Tara hoped that that was enough to reassure Willow that there were no moments of any type of gayness involved. It kind of hurt her to think that Willow could possibly be homophobic.

Oh no, she mentioned that she wanted to forget the whole girl lying on top of girl thing. That pretty much confirms the whole homophobic thing. But no, I really liked this one. Why does this always happen to me?

"OK, good. So, it never happened. Good stuff." Willow said with disappointment. Willow and Tara stood there for 5 minutes in complete silence. They finally decided to just go to bed. They turned out the lights and crawled into their bunks.

Buffy and Faith were sitting in cabin 9, on Buffy's bottom bunk, talking about the game.

"So, what was up with you cheering for me when I got that girl out?" Faith asked Buffy while finding a more comfortable position on the bed.

"I don't know. I guess I was just excited. It was a really good throw and all," Buffy explained, hoping that Faith would just leave it at that.

"I gotta say, B. No offense or nothing, but you throw like a girl," she replied with a grin on her face. She just loved pushing Buffy's buttons.

"Well, I am a girl. And you're not very nice," Buffy said while sporting her pouty face. She was just about to say something else in her defense when she thought of something.

"You're not just making fun of me so I'll do my pouty face, are you?" Buffy asked with a questioning, yet knowing look on her face. Faith crawled across the bed until her face was just inches from Buffy's.

"Well, you know me B. I just love that sexy, pouty face!" Faith got off of the bed and headed to the door, just like she had the night before.

"Where are you going? It's pouring rain," Buffy asked, a little disappointed that Faith was no longer on the bed with her.

"Well it just so happens that I love the rain. And if I told you where I was going B, well then I'd have to.. well you know the rest," Faith replied while opening the door and exiting the cabin. Buffy got off of the bed and looked out the window. She watched as Faith walked across the camp ground and into the forest.

"God that girl is sexy," Buffy said as she crawled into her bed and fell asleep.

Willow and Tara lay in their separate beds, listening to the rain. Willow was finally almost asleep when I huge bolt of lightening struck the ground next to the cabin. Now there was no way that Willow would be able to sleep. Willow rolled over and poked her head over the bars.

"Uh, Tara? Would it be alright if I sleep with you? I mean, not sleep with you, but sleep in your bed with you. I'm uh, I'm kind of afraid of the storm," Willow said with a little bit of embarrassment.

"Oh, o-of course you can, W-will," Tara said as she rolled over and allowed Willow to climb into her bed. They both lay there, stiff as a board, both afraid that they would touch the other. Willow finally broke down and wrapped an arm around Tara's waist. Tara pushed over a bit, and Willow put her head on her shoulder. They both just lay there, smiling to themselves, thinking how good it felt to be holding the other.

"G-goodnight Willow," Tara said as she snuggled with Willow.

"Sweet dreams Tara."

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