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When Blue Meets Green

Author: Glendaofoz
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17.
Disclaimer: I do not own Willow and Tara or the rest of the BtVS gang that may appear in this story. Everything else comes from my imagination and from my own personal life experiences.

Then next day, Willow and Tara went back to the hospital to see her dad before they headed back to Sunnydale. When they got there, her dad was gone. The bed was re-made and the name was off the door. They made their was over to the nurses desk to see what was going on.

"Excuse me, I was wondering if you could tell me what happened to my dad? He was here just last night. Rosenberg." Willow said as she approached the desk and saw a nurse sitting there.

"Your father was release this morning." The nurse said.

"Ok thank you " Willow looked to Tara and had a relieved look on her face. "I can't believe that mom didn't call us to let us know what happened." Willow said as she reached in her pocket for her cellphone.

"Hello?" Mrs. Rosenberg said into the phone.



"Yeah. Tara and I are at the hospital but you nor dad are here."

"Yeah sorry about that. Your dad got sent home this morning and we totally forgot to call you. They said that as long as he took his medication and got a lot of rest that he could go home today. He was more than ready to go home."

"Well we are glad to hear that he is doing good. Is there anything that you need from the store cause we can stop by there on the way to the house."

"Yeah your dad could really use a really good cup of coffee." Willow's mom said as she started to laugh.

"Will do mom. We should be there is a little bit." Willow said as she hung up the phone and they headed back out to the car.

They stopped and got his coffee and then headed over to see how Willow's dad was doing. When they got there, the two witches got a very strange feeling inside them. It was as if some evil force was surrounding Willow's parents house. Willow and Tara just looked at each other and shrugged it off for now. They got out of the car and started to walk up to the door when Willow got chills down her back.

"Tara, something is wrong here."

"What do you mean honey?" Tara asked as they both stopped on the top step in front of the door.

"I just have a feeling like something isn't right here. I can't explain it other than something is wrong...very very wrong."

"Well, let's go in and see how your parents are before we start to over react. It might be nothing."

"Ok but I think that is it something." Willow said as they knocked on the door.

Before anyone could come to the door, the door flew open and they we flung off the porch and onto the grass. They both looked at each other and knew that something was very wrong here. They got up and ran into the house trying to find Willow's parents.

"Mom...Dad...where are you?" Willow said but no one answered. Willow called it out again as they mad their was around the house. Still no one answered. As they got to up the stairs and into the back bedroom, they could see a figure standing over Willow's dad. They couldn't tell who it was but this figure was over him holding some sort of knife or dagger. If out of instinct, the two witches both raised their hands and started to chant a spell to repel the evil force.

"Graza, Matha, Zothra, Ca." They said together. Before the figure could do anything, it was thrown off Willow's dad and out of the window.

Willow and Tara ran over to him. "Dad are you alright? Where is mom?" Willow asked.

"I am fine." Mr. Rosenberg said as he tried to get up out of the bed.

"Just relax dad. Where is mom?"

"I don't know. She was right here trying to get my pills out for me to take when all of a sudden this figure came out of no where and threw me down on the bed and then your mom disappeared." Mr. Rosenberg said.

"Did you see who or what it was dad?"

"No. It all happened so fast that I didn't see who it was. But I did hear it say that they wouldn't let her get away with it. That they were going to make them pay for what they had done to them...if that makes any sense to you."

Willow and Tara looked at each other, then at her dad.

"I think I know who it was dad. Are you going to be ok here are do you want us to bring you somewhere where you will be safe?"

"Safe? Is everything ok Willow? Why would I need to be safe? What is going on Willow?"

"Dad...I don't know for sure but we have an idea of who is behind this. I just want to make sure that who ever it is won't come back to get you before I can get mom. I will take you somewhere until we can get this straightened out. Let's go." Willow said as she took her dad out to the car and they made their way over to Giles' house.

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