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When Blue Meets Green

Author: Glendaofoz
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17.
Disclaimer: I do not own Willow and Tara or the rest of the BtVS gang that may appear in this story. Everything else comes from my imagination and from my own personal life experiences.

After Willow and Tara dropped her dad off at Giles, Willow tried to think about where Kelly would bring her mom. She thought about the places that the two of them used to hang out and one place came to mind.

"Tara, I know where they are."

"Really, where?"

"The one place that Kelly and I always went when we wanted to sneak out and be together. When we first started dating, we would meet at the old abandoned store off of highway 101. When we were kids, it was a liquor store, but about 10 years ago, it had a fire and never opened again. Kelly and I used to go there to get away from everything."

"What makes you think that she would take your mom there?" Tara asked.

"Cause she knows that I would think of it and come after her. If I go after her, so do you."

"So what is the plan?"

"First, you are going to stay with dad so..." Willow was interrupted by Tara.

"What do you mean stay with your dad? I am not going to let you go after her all by yourself."

"Tara, she wants you to come with me so that she can use you to get to me." Willow said as she grabbed Tara's hand and lifted it to her mouth. "I told you before, nothing that she will ever do will get between you and I. I love you Tara and I am going to get this taken care of once and for all." Willow said as she gave Tara a kiss on her hand and then reached over her to open the door. "Just take care of my dad in case Kelly does find out where you guys are. Maybe if you cast a protection spell you guys should be ok."

"Are you sure you will be alright Willow?"

"Tara, I promise. I will be back before you know it." Willow said as she gave Tara a kiss and then took off to find Kelly.

Before she went to get Kelly, Willow made a pit stop at the Magic Box to get a few supplies in case Kelly was more powerful than she thought. Once she had what she needed, then she headed to get her mom.

Meanwhile, back at Giles. Tara got all the herbs and stuff together so that she could do the protection spell. She headed outside, and started to sprinkle the powder around the house.

"Granta, Vanta, Bravas, Herbravadas." Tara said as a light surrounded the house. Tara then knew that they were safe from Kelly at least for a little while. She went back into the house and got together a few more herbs and oils to create a potion just in case she was stronger than Tara thought.

Once Willow got to where she thought Kelly was, she reached in the back seat to get the bag to get everything ready for Kelly. Just as Willow was almost ready, she was rushed a little by a bolt of lightening coming from the building and hitting the ground in front of the car. She now knew that it was in fact Kelly and they were exactly where she suspected.

Willow jumped out of the car and ran into the building to find mer mom was tied up, with her hands above her head attached to a hook from the ceiling.

"Kelly!" Willow yelled as she raised her hands up. "What the hell are you trying to prove?"

"That you are not the only person that grew up to be a witch."

"And you wanna do that by taking my mom and tying her up? What is that going to prove other than the fact that you are a vindictive bitch?"

"You will never understand."

"What is there to understand? We are not together and I have moved on with my life. Why can't you do the same thing?"

"Cause you were my life. You meant everything to me and when you left, it was like a part of me was missing."

"Am I supposed to care about that? You hurt me Kelly and you will never know how much it took for me to leave." Willow said as she slowly made her way closer to her mom, trying not to let Kelly see what she was doing.

"Willow, I just wasn't ready for what was happening back then."

"But you are now?"


"So what you are saying is that you want me to leave the woman that I love and go back to you just because you say that after all these years you are ready to come out of the closet and admit that you are gay and in love with me?" Willow said as she put her hands together behind her back.


"Kelly!" Willow created a fire ball behind her back. She put the fire ball in her hand and then threw it at Kelly, hitting her in the middle of the chest.

Willow then went over to her mom and untied her. "Mom, go outside to the car and wait for me. If I am not out there in 5 minutes, give over to Giles house and wait there for me." Willow said as her mom ran outside and out to the car.

A few seconds later, Kelly got up from the ground and look straight at Willow. "I take that as a no."

"Wow, you are smarter than I thought but still not smart enough to know when you are fighting a battle that you can not win."

"What makes you think that I can not win?"

"Cause I have something that you don't have and never had."

"What are you talking about Willow?"

"Kelly, when you started all of this, you did this out of revenge but you never took into account the fact that you don't know me anymore."

"What do you mean I don't know you? I have known you most of my life"

"You knew me a long time ago before I came upon my powers. Kelly, I am the most powerful witch of this time and that was given to my by the gods. You are nothing more than a wanna be witch who thinks that she can take on the world because she can cast some spells on people. Kelly, you are nothing and you will never hurt me or anyone that I love ever again.." Willow said as she raised her hands above her head. "

"Saminingo!" When Willow said that, all the energy that Kelly once had was taken and was put into Willow. Kelly fell to her knees and just looked at Willow as if she had lost everything. "You should know that I could have killed you if I wanted to but I didn't."

"But why?"

"Because then I would be no better than you. What I did was worse. You will now spend the rest of your life like everyone else. You have no more powers and therefore can no longer hurt anyone ever again."

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