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When Blue Meets Green

Author: Glendaofoz
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17.
Disclaimer: I do not own Willow and Tara or the rest of the BtVS gang that may appear in this story. Everything else comes from my imagination and from my own personal life experiences.

The following morning, Tara got up before Willow did so she decided to order them some room service before they had to head over to the hospital. Very quietly, trying not to wake up the beauty that was still sleeping next to her, Tara got up out of the bed. Pulling the covers up over Willow's shoulders, but not before she planted a kiss on the redheads shoulder. Tara then walked over to the table and started to look through the menu for what looked good.

"Mmmm, pancakes could good to me." Tara said to herself as looked over at Willow to make sure she was still sleeping. Willow was so sound asleep that Tara could have set off a bomb next to her and she wouldn't even move an inch. Tara picked up the phone and dialed the room service number.

"Room service. May I help you?" The young man said who answered the phone.

"Yes this is room 243 and I would like to place an order please." Tara said as she placed the phone against her shoulder and looked through the menu.

"Sure, just go ahead whenever you are ready."

"I will take two orders of pancakes, some bacon crisp, 2 large orange juices and two large coffees."

"Can I get anything else for you ma'am?"

"No I think that will be all." Tara said as she took one last look at the menu. "Wait... let me also get some whipped cream and strawberries please."

"Ok. That will be 2 pancakes, whipped cream, strawberries, crisp bacon, 2 large orange juices and coffees."


"That will be about 20 minutes."

"Thank you." Tara said as she hung up the phone, placed the menu on the table and made her way back over to the sleeping form in the bed.

Tara very carefully pulled back the covers and got back in bed right next to Willow. With the change in movement, Willow just moved her body over and placed her head on Tara chest without even opening her eyes or making a sound.

'My lovely Willow. How did I ever get so lucky to be able to have you in my life.' Tara thought to herself as she started to stroke the hair that was covering the face of the redhead. Back in the comfort of her lovers arms, Tara drifted off to sleep. That sleep was broken by a knock on the door. Tara, again very quietly, got out of bed making sure not to wake Willow, grabbed her robe from the chair and headed over to answer the door.

"Just put it on the table please." Tara said as she walked over to her pants pocket and grabbed the $5 bill to give to the young man as a tip.

"You ladies have a great breakfast now." The man said as he looked over at the sleeping redhead and then back at Tara.

"Don't worry, we will." Tara said with a small laugh and then the man left.

Tara walked over to the bed and started to slowly pull back the covers to expose the redhead's shoulder. Tara placed a kiss on that shoulder and then continued to pull back the covers stopping when they were just past the middle of her back. As Tara placed kisses on her back a slight moan came from Willow. Tara didn't stop her kissing attack on Willow. She continued to pull the covers down until they were down at her butt. The moaning from Willow became loader as Tara started to place kisses from her mid back down to the top of her butt. Finally, Willow began to make movements. She started to squirm a little as Tara's kisses moved downward and onto the cheeks of her butt. Tara stopped the kisses as Willow rolled over onto her back.

"Good morning baby." Willow said as she got on her back and looked up into the blue eyes of her lover.

"Good morning to you too. I thought that you were never going to wake up." Tara said as she started to frown a little.

"I didn't want you to stop what you were doing so I thought that if I just laid still, you would continue."

"So does that mean that you want me to stop now?"

"Oh my god no." Willow said as she grabbed the back of Tara's head and pulled her down into a kiss.

"Glad to hear it but I thought that maybe you would like some breakfast before we headed over to the hospital to check on your dad." Tara said as she tried to get to her feet but was pulled back down by Willow.

"You mean to tell me that you are going to get me all hot and then tell me that it is time to get up and have breakfast?"

"I am sorry baby but I know that you said yesterday that you wanted to be over there first thing in the morning." Tara said trying to make sure that Willow wasn't really upset with her.

"I am just kidding baby. I do want to be over there early." Willow said as she gave Tara a kiss. "So what is for breakfast?"

"I got us some pancakes, bacon, whipped cream, strawberries, OJ and coffee."

"Sounds perfect." Willow said as she and Tara got up off the bed and headed over to the tray to eat.

Once they had their breakfast, got in the shower and were ready, they headed over to the hospital. They parked the car and walked into the hospital and to Willow's dad's room. Willow's mom was sitting on a chair right next to the bed and there was a nurse taking her dad's vitals.

"Hi mom." Willow said as she walked into the room holding Tara's hand.

"Willow." Her mom said as she got up from the chair as started to walk over to Willow as if to warn her of something. But before she could say anything, the nurse had turned around and Willow noticed who it was. It was Kelly.

Willow didn't know what to say. She just stood there with her mouth open staring at Kelly as if she had seen a ghost. Tara squeezed her hand trying to snapper her out of whatever she was in but Willow didn't budge.

"Are you ok?" Tara whispered into Willow's ear and Willow just shock her head no.

"Willow!" Kelly said as she started to walk over to Willow but was stopped by Willow's hand raising and telling her to stop.

"No Kelly don't." Willow said as she looked over at Tara and saw a very confused woman.

"What is going on here Willow?" Tara asked as she let go of Willow's hand and took a step away from her.

"Tara this is Kelly." Willow explained but still Tara looked confused. "My ex Kelly."

"Ohhh." Tara said as she started to get a little upset at the fact that this woman was here first of all and second of all that she was in the room with Willow's family. "What is she doing here?"

"I am a nurse at this hospital and I am taking care of Mr. Rosenburg this morning." Kelly said as she walked back over to the bed and started to write some stuff in his chart.

"No, you have got to be kidding me. This has got to be some kind of cruel joke that is being played on me cause like I told you before, you need to stay away from me and my family."

"Willow, I am only doing my job. I am not here for any other reason but to make sure that your dad is taken care of."

"Well can't someone else do that?"

"Yes they can but that isn't the point. I am a nurse and I am not going to stop being one simply because it is uncomfortable for you." Kelly said as she walked right between Willow and Tara to walk out the door.

"You can not do this." Willow said as she ran out after Kelly.

"Do what exactly Willow?"

"Weasel yourself back into my life."

"I am not trying to do that. I had no idea that your parents were even here until last night and I tried to get my rotation changed but I couldn't."

"Just stay the hell away from me ok Kelly!" Willow said as she turned back around and walked back into the room where an upset Tara was just standing there looking at the door.

Willow walked up to Tara and tried to grab her hand but Tara pulled hers away. "Tara please you have to let me explain."

"Yes please cause I am very confused as to how it is that Kelly ends up here and how it is that you talked to her recently when you told me that you haven't talked to her for years."

"Tara is isn't what you think." Willow started to explain as she grabbed Tara's hand and lead her out into the hallway. "Last night I received a phone call from Kelly."

"What? Why didn't you tell me?"

"I didn't have a chance to tell you and I only talked to her for about 2 minutes. She started talking to me about the past and I just didn't want to have anything to do with it so I hung up on her."

"Willow I am not sure what to think about all this." Tara said as she started to cry.

"Baby don't cry and please don't worry cause I don't want anything to do with her. I love you and only you." Willow said as she pulled Tara into a hug. "Don't ever doubt that I love you."

"I don't but..."

"But nothing. I love you with everything that I am and nothing that Kelly does with ever change that. Her and I are in the past and she will never be able to get back into my life ever again. So don't worry. Once my dad is out of this place, I will never have to see her or think about her again."

"I am sorry." Tara said as she dropped her head let her blond locks cover her face.

"For what?" Willow said as she pushed the hair back behind her ear, placed her hand under her chin and lifted her head up.

"For overreacting without knowing exactly what was going on."

"You have nothing to be sorry for Tara believe me. I actually like seeing this side of you. It is very sexy!" Willow said as they both laughed and then Willow gave Tara a kiss.

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