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Catching Sunflowers in Bloom

Author: MissKittys Ball O Yarn
Rating: PG-13
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Disclaimer: We all know the drill... but I guess it must be said. I don't own anything even remotely related to Willow and Tara nor do I plan to get anything that resembles monetary gain for such creative musing. The great and powerful Joss owns all and I am not but an unimportant bug to be crushed (now that that's been said...)

Tara lay awake, listening to the sound of the birds as they chirped and sang outside the window. She felt the sun on the top of her head... This warm stimulant reminded her of Willow's warm body, which, she gradually began to realize was missing from next to her. Thoughts of Willow floated into her mind like the rising sun. She couldn't remember having had a night of better rest then she'd had last night. Sleeping with someone you were in love with was so much better than sleeping alone. Tara only wished she'd been old enough three years ago to have fully appreciated having Willow in her bed at that time...

She smiled to herself, enjoying the beginning of the bright new day. The world seemed new and more alive than it had in ages, and though she was curious to know where the redhead had disappeared to this morning she wasn't worried. Tara had no doubt that Willow hadn't gone far. She could feel Willow near by, and it made Tara smile. For now she'd wait patiently for her friend to reappear.

Tara could already tell that it was going to be a hazy day. The sun streaming in through the window was bright and blaring, it brightened the blackness behind her closed eyelids and warmed the material of the blankets covering her body. It wasn't too hot yet though, she could still lay quite comfortably underneath them.

She resisted the urge to urge to open her eyes, she didn't want to disrupt the delicate balance of the morning. She stretched languidly, her body arching against the warm sheets. She could feel every muscle in her body grow taunt then relax. Tara suppressed a yawn. She shifted and let out a soft sigh.

Tara could hear the distant sound of the lawn mower and knew that Donny must be up. If she tried, she knew she could pinpoint his exact location. Tara tuned into the sound of the mower, it was naught but a soft purr through the air. From this constant buzz, she was able to tell that Donny was near the back edge of the property. Tara guessed by the sound that he'd decided to tackle the south side of the field this morning.

Tara silently thanked her older brother for taking the initiative to mow the law himself this morning, because it left her and Willow with the whole day free to spend together.

Tara went through the mental checklist in her mind, making sure there wasn't some job that she was blocking from her mind. There wasn't however, so she could feel free to relax completly.

But all that early morning brain activity had alreay started thoughts of Willow to creep back into her mind like a clinging honeysuckle vine. The question of the redhead's location twisted it's way back into the forefront of her mind.

The blonde didn't have to wait long for Willow to reappear though, soon after she began to wonder in earnest she heard the sound of soft footsteps moving across the floor boards underneath the loft. The squeaking of the wood acted as a tracking device, allowing Tara to follow Willow's movements. Tara kept her eyes closed, and tried to keep the smile that was threatening to show itself from her lips for a moment longer. The wood of the ladder creaked and Tara knew that Willow was only seconds away. She waited, her heart beat speeding up suddenly. She held her breath and pretended to be asleep.

Willow climbed the ladder. Reaching the platform, she pulled herself up. She Slipped out of her clothes, all but the tee-shirt she'd slept in, and crawled back under the covers next to her sleeping beauty. Tara didn't stir. Willow turned on her side, facing the blonde. Lifting herself up on her elbow, she studied Tara's sleeping form.

Some time in the night Tara had managed to lose the pants she'd been wearing when they'd fallen asleep yesterday afternoon which was wonderful but was countered by the fact that she'd gained a tee-shirt in the process.

Wanting to reach out and stoke the blonde's face, but not feeling bold enough to do so,Willow laid back onto the mattress and closed her eyes. No sooner had she closed them when the vision of Tara standing before her half-naked unfolded in her mind. Willow let out a soft breath and shifted under the covers. Her right leg touched the creamy, smooth skin of Tara's bare leg. Willow took in a sharp breath at the sensation, she wondered how she had managed to go so long without this feeling. Willow took a deep breath before opening her eyes again. She turned onto her right side to face Tara and to her surprise was greeted with warm blue eyes.

"I thought you were asleep..." Willow spoke softly

"I was. But I woke up." Tara replied, a sultry smile playing across her lips.

"Just in time too..." Willow said.

Tara regarded her curiously for a moment before speaking her inquiry. "In time for what?" She asked innocently.

"This..." Willow said. Struck with the boldness that only comes after great anxiety, she leaned forward. Willow pressed her lips to Tara's. They were warm and dry and wonderful. After a long moment Willow pulled back. She sensed that if she tarried too long, it was more than possible that she would get lost in the deliciously intoxicating texture of them. Willow could already feel her breathing becoming labored. It amazed her how immersing Tara's presence was.

The blonde didn't let her get far though, Tara lifted herself up, following Willow's lips as they drew away, only to reclaim them in a deeper, more intimate kiss. Willow's eyes closed immediately, as if she had no control over them at all. She leaned into Tara allowing the blonde to claim her lips inside the scorching kiss. She felt Tara's hands come up to cup her face as the fingers of her hand stroked gently across the skin of Willow's cheek. Willow felt a shudder escape from somewhere deep inside of her. And she pushed herself in closer to Tara's warmth.

Willow could feel the sun beaming through the window, glowing warmly on her back, heating the skin just underneath the tee-shirt she wore. Willow wasn't completely sure at the moment, if it was the the sun that warmed her though, or the wonderful feeling of having Tara so near to her, doing things they had only ever just dreamed of for so long. Willow let out a breath as Tara's hand move down the length of her side to land lightly on the bare skin of her stomach. The palm of Tara's hand on Willow's sensitive skin served to bring the redhead gently back into reality. Grounded for the moment inside this new sensation, she opened her eyes to found herself, once again, looking into the deep blue pools of Tara's eyes. She was sure they mirrored her own. Willow could see her reflection inside the cobalt blue depths. She wondered if Tara could see herself in Willow's eyes as well.

Tara knew that they should go slow and not rush into anything, but try telling her fingers that as they made a happy home on the bare skin of Willow's stomach. She felt the heated texture reacting to her touch, quivering under the fingers that rested so lightly on that flat, silky surface. The slight contact was causing a Hedy tingling sensation, to play across the nerve endings at the very tips of her fingers. It was almost hard for her to comprehend that she could have that effect on this beautiful woman next to her. Looking into Willow's eyes, Tara tried to convey emotion that she knew words could never express. Tara felt her heart beat slow again, into a more normal rhythm. Her fingers continued to play in circular movements along the bare skin. Tara could feel her fingers dragging gently across the smooth surface, causing the tingling sensations that had been constant and even in its voltage before this moment to spike incredibly into a whirring buzz that coursed through her delicate fingers. Tara thought to ask Willow if she was feeling the same sensations but she couldn't bring herself to speak the words and risk disturbing whatever magic was at play between them. She bit her bottom lip as she tried to keep her fingers from traveling any further down the skin of Willow's tummy. Tara wondered how she was ever going to manage to go slow where this woman next to her was concerned.

Tara knew that she loved Willow whole-heartedly. They had such a bond... they had always had such a bond. Willow was her best friend. She thought back to the day she'd first met Willow. That had been one of the best days of her life up until this point, but this moment was vying to take over that spot with increasing speed. Tara shook herself out of the memory, focusing once again on the woman next to her.

They were smiling at each-other, neither really knowing what to say. It didn't matter though, they'd spent the last three years relying on words, now they were simply content being inside this shared intimacy.

They took turns in the bathroom at Tara's father's house. Though there had been a look in the beginning, when deciding who should go first. They stood there clutching their respective changes of clothes in their arms, communicating without words. It would've been so easy to go together into the bathroom and give into that quiet plea for more contact that was channeled between them like a swift moving current.

They both knew what that look had meant, but the longer they had stood there in silence, regarding each-other in paralyzed uncertainty, the more it became apparent that now was not the right time. Maybe they weren't ready for that, or maybe they were, but were too afraid to let it happen. In any event, they showered one after the other, separated by the wooden bathroom door.

Willow stood outside next to the old truck. She examined the vehicle. The color had been light blue at one time, she was sure, but had either faded over the years or, in other places, the paint had been chipped, revealing the steely gray color of the metal underneath. Willow could see the heat radiating off the metal hood like a field of radiation, it wafted up through the air in waves. The heat was killing, in its intensity. Blazingly hot...even hotter than Willow remembered it being the last time she'd been here. It wasn't even noon but she was sure that it was over one hundred degrees outside. She wiped the sweat from her forehead with her hand.

Willow was waiting for Tara to come out of the house. The blonde had disappeared inside ten minutes ago and had yet to reappear. She thought about going in search of her, but the heat of the day was causing her muscles to shun even that much physical activity. For now, she'd wait, but if her blonde didn't make an appearance in the next fifteen minutes then she'd go looking... even if just to get away from the heat. She didn't think the house had an air-conditioner, but she knew it would be at least a couple degrees cooler. Willow looked up as the squeaking of the screen door pierced the stillness of the afternoon. She couldn't help the smile that emerged at the sight of Tara. She wondered if the blonde would always illicit such a response form her. She suspected she would.

Willow wore a pair of tight jean shorts and a light blue tank-top shirt, but still the heat was almost too much. Having put on sunscreen, the smell of it drifted up to fill the warm space around her. It wasn't unpleasant, it reminded her of being at the beach. Though, she wouldn't trade any day spent with Tara for a day at the beach.

Tara was beautiful, Like Willow, she too wore shorts, but instead of a tank top, the blonde had on a semi-tight fitting Tee-shirt, her long blonde hair pulled back with a rubber band. Tara had in her hand, a jug of water. she loaded the water into the back of the truck, alone with a navy blue backpack.

Tara came around the truck, slipping between Willow and the outer door, she brought her hand up to the silver handle. She ignored the burning sensation on the palm of her hand perpetrated by the hot metal of the handle. Tara, feeling suddenly very butch, ducked her head shyly as she pulled the door open for Willow.

Willow climbed into the truck, she was Glad that the seat covers were not solely made of vinyl but had cloth in the center and up along the back of the seat. They vinyl part was restricted to the edges of the seat and were thoroughly burning the underside of Willow's thighs. She put her hand on the knob and cranked the window down a few inches. But as they were not yet moving, this did very little to alleviate the incredible heat inside the cab of the truck. A combination of heat and the smell of cut grass assaulted her senses bringing her back to that day she and Tara had sat in the sunflowers. That day seemed like it happened a lifetime ago but It was amazing how the smell wafting through the air could bring back memories so clearly that she could almost feel Tara's head on her shoulder. She also remembered the feeling of not knowing what to do mixed with the deeper knowledge of knowing exactly what to do.

Willow looked in the side-view mirror in time to see Tara coming around to the drivers side of the truck. As she climbed into the driver's side of the truck, they shared a long glance. It didn't last long though as Tara was soon pushing the key into the ignition. The truck started up with what sounded to willow like an old man coughing. She worried for a minute that they might not make it out of the driveway. Willow was about to suggest that they take her car when the engine, it's phlegm properly cleared started to roll down the gravel road. Willow fastened her seatbelt. She could hear the rocks crunching under the tires as they made their way slowly down the driveway.

Then by chance as she glanced over her shoulder to see what the flutter of movement she'd seen out of the corner of her eye had been Willow happened to see a dog moving toward them at a quick run. She knew immediately who the late comer must be. "Kerri," Willow spoke the word softly to herself.

Hearing her dog's name, Tara stopped the truck to allow the lab time to catch up. "D-do you mind if she comes with us?" Tara asked softly.

"I don't mind at all..." Willow said, smiling at the blonde.

They both got out of the tuck and were greeted by a very excited dog. Kerri looked huge. Willow guessed by her size that she must weigh over 100 pounds. She didn't have to ponder this thought for long though as the dog, catching sight of Willow lopped over, crashing into the redhead's small frame. Willow had to fight to remain standing as Kerri, in her excitement, began to lick Willow's face enthusiastically.

"Kerri down!" Tara said, seeing Willow's distress.

The dog hesitantly did as she was told, but Willow was sure she could still see the glint in her brown eyes that told of secret plans... jumping plans that Willow was sure she was going to implement at a later time. Willow exhaled a deep breath, and Tara was there next to her instantly. Tara put her hands on the redhead's shoulders. "Are you alright sweetie?" She asked, looking stunning in the mid morning sun. Willow could feel the concern pouring from Tara's hands as they brushed across Willow's heated skin, It rushed between them like waves of heat.

"I'm okay..." Willow said, inhaling Tara's nearness. If this was the end result, Kerri was welcome to jump up on her anytime she wished. Willow smiled goofily, assuring Tara of her fineness.

"Are you sure?" Tara said coyly, lifting an eyebrow at the red head.

Playing along, Willow pretended to pout. "Well... My finger does hurt a little..." She said, trying to look innocent even though she was sure she was giving an impression of a seductive tease.

Tara took Willow's hand, and lifted the mentioned finger to her lips. She kissed the appendage gently.

Willow smiled cheekily. "And... here..." Willow said, lifting her other hand.

Tara took the other hand. Turning it over she brought the palm of the redhead's hand to her lips, letting it linger there for a moment, before bringing it down. "Anything else hurt?" Tara asked sweetly.

"Well... Kerri did bump my lips when she jumped up on me... I think they're bruised..." Willow spoke the words slowly, sure that she was pushing her luck. But as she became aware of Tara moving forward she knew that her luck was just beginning.

Tara took a stop closer, their lips centimeters apart. Willow licked her lips subconsciously, Waiting for Tara to close the distance between them. It was her move, and Willow was going to let her make it.

Tara's lips came against Willow's softly. She kissed the corner of the redhead's mouth, before pressing her lips firmly against the center of Willow's lips. She felt the redhead's lips part slightly under the slight pressure and Tara had to fight with everything inside her not to push her tongue inside Willow's waiting mouth. She could taste the need between them, but realized that the middle of the driveway wasn't the best place to start something they couldn't finish. Pulling back, Tara let out the breath she'd been holding in.

Then, needing to put a cushion of distance between them lest she burst into flames right there on the road, Tara went around to the back of the truck. Unlatching the bed, she lifted it down, and motioned for Kerri to jump in.

The dog, who had been sitting there the whole time with a curious look in her big brown eyes jumped up into the back of the truck. She stood at attention, her tongue flopping out of her mouth. She panted, as if waiting for them to get back into the vehicle.

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