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Catching Sunflowers in Bloom

Author: MissKittys Ball O Yarn
Rating: PG-13
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Disclaimer: We all know the drill... but I guess it must be said. I don't own anything even remotely related to Willow and Tara nor do I plan to get anything that resembles monetary gain for such creative musing. The great and powerful Joss owns all and I am not but an unimportant bug to be crushed (now that that's been said...)

Tara could feel her hands start to tremble as she brought them up to tangle in Willow's semi-short hair. Some part of her still needed help convincing herself that Willow was really there and that this wasn't some elaborate dream. Her fingers rubbed strands of silky hair between them. This tactile sensation seemed to ground her for a moment and she was able to focus a little better. Tara smiled. She knew this woman so well, and it was almost inconceivable to her that Willow could have kept such an important secret from her. Willow wasn't exactly the best at keeping secrets.

Willow caressed Tara's cheek with the tip of her finger. "Did I? ...surprise you...?" She asked softly, bringing her gaze up so she could look into Tara's eyes. For the first time in three years she was looking into the face of the woman she loved. She felt her heartbeat speed up and all she could think about was bringing her lips to Tara's. Only by the Goddess was she able to control this impulse.

"In the best way." Tara said. Her lips were dry. She licked her bottom lip moistening it, as a fluid rush of memories swept over her. She felt pulled by gravity, drawn forward by some outside force that was making it impossible for her not to lean in the few inches needed to bring their lips together.

Willow closed her eyes as Tara leaned forward. This was it. Willow was nervous. She knew she loved Tara... but would it be the same as it had been. Would they still feel the same together? Would this very real moment actually live up to the last three years of fantasy? Part of her wasn't ready to find out. Willow turned her face at the last minute and Tara's lips, just missing their destination landed softly on her cheek. Willow's skin felt warmed under Tara's lips. She pulled back a little to look into blue eyes.

Tara knew at the last moment that Willow would turn away. But by that time she could no more stop herself from breathing as she could pull away from Willow's gravity. Instead, she let her lips come to rest on the softness of Willow's cheek. Tara pulled back and waited for Willow to look at her directly. It didn't take long for willow to meet her gaze. Tara could see the hint of uncertainty in those green orbs. She brought her fingers lightly over the tender skin of Willow's cheek...she caressed the spot her lips had abandoned only seconds before. Tara released the red-head, her hands going down to rest at the sides of her body. She didn't really know what she was feeling at that moment, but she did know that she didn't want to push Willow into anything she wasn't ready for.

Willow saw the play of emotion on Tara's face, but how did she explain her anxieties to the blonde? Willow reached for Tara's hand. Entwining her fingers with Tara's, she drew her fingers across the back of Tara's hand in soft circles... she could feel the emotion she'd been holding in for so long begin to come to the surface. The tears stung the back of her eyes and she could feel so many of them, unshed, glistening, threatening to flow. Willow's throat tightened, she couldn't even speak. Tara had her then, wrapping her inside a tight embrace just as she had done so long ago. Willow wrapped her arms around the back of Tara's neck and pressed her face into the soft skin of the blonde's shoulder.

Tara reacted immediately. Her heart knew Willow so well and she knew what the redhead needed at that moment. Tara tightened her hold around Willow's waist, drawing the redhead even tighter against her.

"I love you..." The words were out then and Willow didn't even try to stop them. She buried her face deeper into the skin of Tara's sweet smelling neck.

Tara felt the words murmured against her neck. She let the air she'd been holding in, explode from her lungs in a ragged breath. Tara pulled back just enough to look into Willow's eyes. They were a shimmering green underneath the liquid of Willow's tears... Tara traced the path of one tear down a freckled cheek with the pad of her fingertip. Willow was looking at her with the most vulnerable expression. "I love you Willow..." As Tara spoke the words she brought her lips swiftly against Willow's mouth.

Willow melted against Tara. Her hands traveled from around the blonde's neck, down her arms and eventually encircled Tara's waist. Willow leaned in, needing more of Tara's mouth. Her heart sped up as she felt the blonde's tongue enter her mouth. Suddenly, time became a beautiful melting of lips, tongues and textures. Tara tasted sweet and she felt warm, and her body was there... actually there. She could feel Tara pressed against her. Willow's fingers tightened around Tara's waist.

Tara traced her fingers down the front of Willow's throat. The red-head's skin, felt like warm silk beneath her touch. Tara's fingers came to rest gently on the red-head's collar bone. She felt waves of heat radiating from Willow's skin.

They pulled back at the same time, each breathing heavily against the other's body. They brought their foreheads against each other in an attempt to keep the contact close and intimate as they each regained their ability to breathe normally.

The sound of raindrops began outside. Clouds were forming high in the sky, dimming the bright light of late afternoon. The barn door was still open and the sweet smell of summer rain filled the space around them. Tara pulled Willow closer as thunder sounded in the distance.

"I'm so exhausted..." Willow breathed out heavily. The drive was finally starting to take it's toll on her body. She felt as if her knees were going to give out from under her. If it wasn't for the support of Tara's arms they might have done just that. She leaned heavily into Tara's body.

"Come on..." Tara whispered softly into Willow's ear.

The feel of Tara's breath on the delicate skin of her ear caused a shiver to travel through Willow's body. She took Tara's hand as the blonde led her across the room.

Willow looked at the tall ladder in front of her, she wasn't sure she had enough strength to make the climb, but Tara was already directing her up first. Willow took the rungs one at a time with Tara right behind her.

Using the last of her strength, Willow pulled herself up onto the wooden floor of the loft. She stood, turned around and held her hand out to Tara. She felt the blonde take hold of her hand as willow helped her up. Her eyes scanned the space. Tara had described it so many times in letters and Willow had always had to close her eyes and try to picture Tara laying on her bed... or sitting on the wooden floor or stand at the small framed window across the room. But now, she was there, and she could see everything as it had been this whole time.

"I could..." Tara motioned to the floor next to the bed. She was trying to say that she could put some blankets there and sleep on the floor next to the bed. But Willow was looking at her and Tara found it impossible to get the rest of the words out.

"I want you with me... okay?"

"Oh yes..." Tara breathed out. She was glad that Willow's words had left no room for argument.

"I left my clothes in the car..." Willow said. She couldn't imagine going outside to get them just yet. Willow was too incredibly tired to even attempt such a task.

Tara bit her bottom lip, before going the short distance to the dresser. Opening the second drawer down, she pulled out a blue cotton T-shirt. looking at Willow's small frame Tara knew she didn't have any bottoms that would fit the red head. She held the T-shirt out, their fingers connected for a split second as willow reached for the shirt.

"Thank you..." Willow said taking the material in her hand.

"I could go out and get your stuff... out of the car..." Tara offered.

"This is fine..." Willow said holding up the shirt. "Thanks..." Willow smiled, trying to let Tara know, through that small gesture that everything was alright.

Tara felt her stomach jump at the sight of the smile Willow was giving her. Tara placed the palms of her hands flat onto her own stomach in an attempt to calm the bats inside. She turned to face the wall when Willow started to peel herself out of the clothes she wore. Tara turned her head to the side, but denied her eyes the sight of Willow's nearly naked body. She could feel the prickle of electricity between them in that small space as Willow undressed behind her. Her lips went dry and she licked them subconsciously.

Willow stared at Tara's backside while she unbuttoned her shirt. Some part of her wished that Tara would turn around at that moment. She wanted the blonde to see her half dressed but Willow lacked the boldness at that moment to voice this thought. Instead, she pealed away the layers of clothing in silence. She slipped the shirt off of her shoulders then twisted her arms around her back to release the clasp of her bra. Slipping the straps down her arms, her bra slipped away. Willow felt the cool air of the loft caress her newly exposed skin. Willow watched as Tara's head turned to the side. She prayed that Tara would turn around, but the blonde didn't, so Willow continued with her task. She ran her fingers over the snap on her jeans. Releasing it, she shucked them off. They slid down her legs to puddle around her feet on the floor. Willow ran her fingers along the cloth of the T-shirt Tara had given her. At last, she picked it up and slipped it over her head. The material felt cool against her skin. The shirt came to rest just above her knees. Tara must have sensed that she was finished because the blonde chose that moment to turn around. She could see Tara was blushing. The blonde was looking at her intently and Willow could feel a blush sweep across her own cheeks as well.

Tara didn't mean to stare. But the sight of Willow standing there dressed in nothing but a blue T-shirt made Tara's breath catch in her lungs. Willow was absolutely beautiful. Tara had the image of what it would feel like to run her hand up Willow's creamy thigh. She blushed then and averted her eyes. Tara opened the drawer again and pulled out another pair of pajamas. Without waiting for Willow to turn around Tara reached down and gripped the hem of the shirt she wore and pulled it up and over her head. She could see the hungry look that formed instantly in willow's eyes. The knowledge that she had this much effect of the red-head was intoxicating. Tara reached around her back and felt the clasp of her bra between her fingers. She made eye contact with Willow as she released the clasp and let the material slide off her shoulders, down her arms and to the floor. There she was standing exposed in front of Willow... She could feel her cheeks begin to burn again.

Willow's heart slowed into a low pounding as Tara pulled her shirt off. Then her heart stopped beating all together when Tara unfastened her bra and let it fall to the floor. Willow felt desire pool inside the depths of her and she didn't dare look away even though she knew that she must look to Tara like she was about to devour the blonde right there. Which was likely if Tara remained in such a condition. Willow's eyes raked across the skin of Tara's chest. She could feel her mouth water as her eyes focused momentarily on the sight of Tara's more than ample breasts. <whoa eyes... eyes in new places!> Willow tried to chastise herself for going too quickly, but the way Tara was watching her expression caused a chain reaction that even Willow could not have foreseen even in the seconds before it happened.

Willow crossed the distance between them. Bringing her hands up to cup Tara's face, she took the blonde's lips with so much force that they nearly crashed to the floor. Tara had her hands in Willow's hair, she pulled back gently and took claim to the red-head's pulse-point. Tara sucked gently before biting down lightly. She felt Willow draw in a sharp breath. And then the red-heads lips were on hers again.

Willow closed her eyes. This was heaven. She could feel Tara's breasts pressing against her and it was driving her crazy. She could feel her blood heating to a dangerous level. Tara pulled back and was regarding her through downcast lashes. "I'm sorry... I don't know what..." Tara didn't let her finish as she was already guiding her down onto the bed behind them.

Willow scooted back against one of the pillows. She arched up to meet Tara's body with her own as the blonde slid on top of her. The connection was delicious and the parts of Willow's body that she didn't know existed before this moment, began to come to life. She could feel a tension deep inside her body like a string and it was being pulled tighter and tighter with each pulsing moment.

Tara felt Willow push her body up off the bed with a motion that caused their bodies to come together in the most intimate contact. She could hardly believe this was happening. She could hardly believe the desire she felt so strong within her for this woman underneath her. It was a force all it's own and Tara could feel it sweeping her out to sea. The way Willow was looking at her made her throb with a need so strong that it was threatening to overtake them both in it's power.

Willow lifted her head to meet Tara's lips. Her hands came around the blonde's waist as she pulled Tara down fully on top of her. Willow's chest flushed with need under the cover of the blue T-shirt she still wore. She could feel Tara's palm on the bare skin of her stomach and the material of the shirt being pushed up. Tara's hands were incredibly hot and it felt as if they were burning Willow's skin in the most pleasant way. Tara's palm was an inch from her breast when she felt the blonde tense above her. Willow moaned and turned her cheek to press against the pillow under her head. She prayed that Tara would continue the path she'd started along the bare skin just below Willow's breast.

Tara didn't journey further though, instead Tara leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on Willow's lips. "W-we don't have to rush this sweetie..." Tara said. Her hand tingled on Willow's bare skin. She could almost feel the swell of Willow's breast brushing against the tips of her fingers, but she held back. Tara withdrew her hand, reluctantly from under Willow's shirt.

Willow whimpered when Tara slid off the top of her. She missed the contact of Tara's body but she understood what the blonde was trying to say. They had lots of time to explore each-other. There was no need to rush into anything.. "No rushing..." Willow confirmed. She smiled cutely before asking, "Tara?"


"Would snuggling be considered rushing things?" Willow let a small yawn escape her lips.

"Snuggling should be fine..." Tara said, opening her arms Willow scooted into her embrace. They wrapped their arms around each other.

"Good... cause I don't think I could sleep without you..." Willow placed a small kiss at the corner of Tara's mouth.

"Me either..." Tara said closing her eyes.

Donny woke up as the first beams of sun shone through the window of his bedroom. He had lots of things to get done today, and he hoped to get started before the heat of the afternoon really started to kick in.

Donny began to go mentally through the list of chores he had to do this morning as he got up and pulled his jeans on. He looked out his bedroom window. Mowing the back 40 would be number one on the list for this morning. The tractor hadn't worked in two years so he'd have do it with the hand mower. That wouldn't be very much fun... and if he waited too long he'd find himself sweating to death in 100 degree heat. Donny groaned as he slipped into his worn Eagles shirt.

It was just after 6:30 in the morning when he made it to the kitchen.

he looked out the kitchen window and was greeted with the surprise sight of a strange red car in the driveway. It was a newer model Honda. He tired to think who, in these parts would have a city car like that one... but no one came to mind. He couldn't see old man Judd driving down the road in something like that...then it hit him "Well... I'll be..." he said to himself. Donny hoped he was right about the owner of the vehicle, because he knew a certain blonde that was probably in heaven about right now.

Donny flipped the switch on the radio that was sitting on the kitchen counter and immediately the sounds of classic rock filled the kitchen. he placed two pieces of wheat bread into the toaster next to the radio and soon the smell of toasting bread began to fill the air.

Willow awoke to the sound of a dog barking outside somewhere. Willow blinked awake. She looked over at Tara asleep next to her. The light from the window, next to the bed allowed light to shine into the loft. Tara looked so beautiful bathed in sunlight.

Willow thought about her dad then, and held back a groan. She'd forgotten all about calling him last night, what with the sleeping. Willow reached over the bed, down to the floor where her jeans were laying in a crumpled pile. She grabbed the pants by the pocket and fished around inside for her cell phone. The first pocket's contents were disappointing..lint and a nickle didn't seem to hold the same excitement they once had it seemed. Willow tried the other pocket. Success! it was there.

Willow felt the smooth surface of the phone under her fingers, grasping it, she pulled it out and flipped it open. She ran her thumb over the small buttons on the number pad. Willow pushed the talk button but nothing happened. She pushed it again and this time the cell phone blinked to life for an instant, but only to let the battery light inform her of the inadequacy of it's wattage.

Willow looked once again at the sleeping blonde. She surmised that she could be back in less then five minutes. Plenty of time to call her dad from the house and be back in bed before Tara even knew she'd gone. Willow didn't like the idea of missing the sight of Tara waking up in the morning, but the need to make the call was urgent in her mind. Her dad had let her come all this way, the least she could do was call him, so that he wouldn't be sitting at home worried about her.

Willow made her decision. She kissed the blonde's forehead in an attempt to let the sleeping girl know that she would be right back. Willow slipped out of bed, put her clothes on and started down the ladder.

Donny finished the last bit of orange juice from his glass. he turned at the sound of the screen door being pulled open.

"Oh... I'm sorry... My phone... kinda died..." Willow said, holding the little cell phone up as proof. Donny had a weird expression on his face. "I should have knocked..." Willow smiled apologetically.

"No it's quite alright... Wow... it's been a long time. How're things?" Donny asked. He was trying to make conversation, but he could tell that Willow was focused on using the phone and getting back to the barn. He pointed to the phone attached to the wall next to the entryway into the living room.

Willow smiled thankfully. "Right." She nodded toward the phone.

"Um... I'd better..." Donny pointed toward the front door. He excused himself as Willow began to dial the phone. He was sure that he'd been grinning like an idiot the whole time, but if she'd noticed he hadn't been able to tell. He couldn't help being happy about the situation though... Things had been so bad for Tara for a long time, it was going to be nice to see her happy. "Kerri!..." Donny called. He smiled at the lab as she came running toward him. He could tell by the way her eyes were darting around that she was up for an adventure. "You and I are going to mow the south 40 this morning." Donny said this in a cheerful voice, this excited Kerri further and she began to jump up on him. Kerri put her front paws on his chest and he patted her head. "Come on girl... there's lots of things to do today."

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