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Catching Sunflowers in Bloom

Author: MissKittys Ball O Yarn
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: We all know the drill... but I guess it must be said. I don't own anything even remotely related to Willow and Tara nor do I plan to get anything that resembles monetary gain for such creative musing. The great and powerful Joss owns all and I am not but an unimportant bug to be crushed (now that that's been said...)

Willow wiped her brow again. Even the rolled down window and 55 miles an hour wasn't enough to provide adequate ventilation. Actually it didn't do much more than blow the hot air from outside around the inside of the truck at 55 miles an hour. Willow leaned forward once more, to tackle the problem of the radio. She could hack into anything the government could throw at her with nothing more than a moderately expensive laptop computer, but she couldn't for the life of her figure out how to get this blasted radio to play something other than Chopin with a side of static. Willow was about to give up completely when she felt Tara's hand covering hers on the knob of the radio. Tara's fingers were Incredibly dry and soft, not at all like her own which she was sure could hydrate a cactus in the desert.

"Here." Tara said. Without taking her eyes away from the road, she wrapped her fingers around the knob and presicely turned it seven dials to the right concluding with a semi-hard slap to the top of the dashboard.

Willow was amazed when Chopin was replaced with the soft sounds of classic rock. It drifted from the speakers, bringing with it a satisfying sense of relief. Willow leaned back against the seat and closed her eyes. The music drifted around them, cutting into the heaviness of the afternoon. Realizing something, Willow opened her eyes and turned her head to face Tara quizzically.

"If you don't like that one... 5 more to the right and a tap under the ashtray will get you a slightly staticy country station. " Tara said through a lopsided smile.

"Why didn't you tell me all this 45 minutes ago?" Willow accused cutely.

"Because you looked like you were having fun trying to figure it out. " Tara smiled but didn't glance in Willow's direction. "I-I liked w-watching you in concentration... I had n-never seen you l-look like that before." She confessed. What she meant was, that they had missed so much time together... missed the little things about each-other and that Tara had enjoyed watching the way Willow's body looked when she leaned forward... and the way her brow crinkled when she'd been unable to find a station. Tara wasn't sure if Willow understood what she was trying to say. Willow was silent next to her and Tara began to worry that she had said it all wrong. She glanced away from the road long enough to look at Willow. The redhead was leaning back against the seat, regarding her with the sexiest smile Tara had ever seen. That look, telling Tara that everything she'd said had been taken in the rightest way possible. Blushing, Tara ducked her head before refocusing on the road in front of her. They were lucky that this was a rural road; had they been in town, someone's mailbox would've found a tragic demise by now.

They drove for another hour, consumed in conversation only sporadically, mostly when Willow decided to inquire as to where Tara was taking them. The blonde seemed to be dodging every one of Willow's attempts to get the information out of her. Giving up, Willow rested her head against Tara's shoulder, her hand moving to cover the blonde's hand, where it sat on the gear-shift. Their fingers interlacing over the rounded ball under Tara's hand, they sat side by side enjoying each-other's nearness.

Tara slowed the truck as she turned off the main road and onto a side road that would take them to their destination. They looked at each-other for a long moment. Tara was the one to break the shared gaze as she opened the door and got out of the truck.

Willow followed her lead. Opening her own door, she too got out of the truck. She noticed a wooden tool-shed sitting a few yards away to the right of where they stood. It looked abandoned. The door hung off the hinges and there were no tools inside. The metal roof reflected the sun, causing a blinding glare that lit up the afternoon sky. Willow shielded her eyes against the flickering brightness. Tilting her face toward the clouds she could see a hawk circling lazily overhead; It's wings dipped as it glided in circles high above them.

"I still don't know what the surprise is... cause... if it's a shed... I already have one of those..." Willow teased. She'd been trying to get Tara to tell her where they were going, since they left. Every now and then she had asked, but Tara had remained silent on the subject. Now that they were here... wherever here was she became even more curious as to where they were going.

"Patience is a virtue." Was the only response Tara offered; which wasn't an answer in it's own right, but more of a wisdomish word found tucked away inside fortune cookies.

Tara smiled at Willow's incredibly adorable pout. "Alright... one hint..." She grinned then, as Willow perked up. "Think Blue." Sure, it was a little bit on the general side, but she didn't want to give too much away.

Willow's brow furrowed but it was obvious that Tara would give no further hint. Even though Willow knew, that if she pushed further the blonde would tell her everything. It wasn't really a secret Tara held, but a wonderful surprise. Willow bit her tongue to keep from speaking further, after-all... anything this beautiful woman next to her wanted to do was a OK in her book. Willow stretched her arm across the distance separating them, taking Tara's hand she gently looped her fingers through the blonde's in a silent show of trust.

"Wow this is so amazing Tara..." Willow stood in awe at the sight before her. A hidden lake amid the trees surrounded by lush green grass. It was like an oasis, In all it's splendor. The greenness of it was amazing. The three miles they'd hiked to get here was well worth it.

"You like...?"

"I love..." Willow confirmed. It was all very beautiful. But as stunning as the view was, it still couldn't hold a candle to Tara back-lit by the sun, her hair, streaks of shimmering corn-silk.

"I thought it would be a nice day for a... um... swim..." Tara said innocently, enjoying the display of emotions dancing across Willow's face. Excitement... confusion... perplexity... then finally understanding...

"Oh!..." Willow blushed. She had taken in Tara's words at lightening speed, but the processing had been a bit slow on the uptake.

"You want?" Tara asked, though she was sure of the answer.

"Indeed." And Willow did... want.

They undressed slowly, separated by an expanse of five feet. It could have been less and still felt like they were distanced by the grand canyon. Willow couldn't help watching as Tara slowly lifted the shirt she wore over her head. She gulped as the blonde then reached around, unsnapping her bra. Tara looked up then and caught her gaze. They held it for a moment as Willow slipped followed suit. Slipping the tank top over her own head, she let the garment fall to the grass under her feet. Willow then brought her fingers to the metal button clasped at the front of her cut-offs, her eyes meeting Tara's once more. Her mind was unusually silent as she undid the snap. Willow slipped her hands under the waist-band of her shorts, slipping them smoothly down her legs.

Tara held her breath as she fell witness to Willow's beauty unfolding before her, inch by glorious inch. Tara was barely able to pull her eyes away long enough to proceed with her own state of undress. Feeling Willow's eyes on her, Tara looked down shyly causing her blonde hair to fall across the front of her body, in such a way that just covered her breasts from Willow's view. Finding courage Tara lifted her eyes. The look she expressed was not that of hesitation but that of finality.

Willow watched as the final remnants of Tara's covering was pushed slowly down her body. She swallowed hard, the desire she felt, she was certain, showed in her eyes. Willow held Tara's gaze as she unclasped the hook at the front of her own bra. Slipping the straps down her arms she let that material too, drop to the ever greatening pile of safety at her feet. Willow brought her hands to the delicate lace panties she wore, she looked down at the ground unable to keep her eyes focused on anything other than the blades of grass at her feet.

Tara felt the tension mounting and the growing need to be close to Willow ignite like kindling in a fire.

Willow was surprised at the smoothness in which Tara crossed the distance. She had scarcely felt Tara move before she was there, covering the hands that were about to open her completely. Willow lifted her eyes up to Tara's. Something burned there that willow had never seen before.

Tara gently brought Willow's hands to her rest against her hips as Tara slipped her own slim fingers under the lace of Willow's panties. Never loosing the connection linking them, Tara slipped the material over Willows bottom and finally down the red head's legs. She smoothed her hands down Willow's legs as she pushed the material down. Willow stepped out and Tara made the slow journey back up the length of Willow's body. Taking Willow's hand she led the red-head to the water's edge.

Willow could feel Tara's body against her in the water. Tara wrapped her arms around Willow's neck as they brought their lips together in a kiss. The air around the small lake felt cool in comparison to the heat they'd experienced beyond the trees. And the water was incredibly refreshing. But the best part was what they were wearing, or more appropriately... what they weren't wearing. Clothes to be specific. Yes, nudity in all it's simplicity. It was natures bathing suit after-all... and who was she to argue with nature?

"I've got you... " Tara whispered. Her words as feather light against Willow's ears as the breeze that danced gingerly through the trees.

Willow's arms tightened the smallest amount around Tara's neck. She felt the beads of water resting on her skin grow warm, eventually disappearing as the sun quickly began the task of drying their bodies. Tara's fingers were playing lazy circles against the small of Willow's back, and that was proving enough to drive Willow into the chasm of flames that threatened to consume her skin. Even the heated rays of the sun scorching the ground around them held no competition with the heat emanating from their contact. "Don't let go..." Was the only thing Willow could say. And she felt lightening under her skin as she heard Tara's whispered answer.

"I promise." It was a promise too. One Tara meant with all her heart. She held willow closer against her sun-warmed skin. There was a delicious aroma of honeysuckle floating through the air... mixed with something more... Something primal that occupied the id, leaving the ego in charge of everything else. Tara didn't try to put into words what that soft, glowingly sweet scent was doing to her. she just knew that this was home...this was the rightest things in her world... holding Willow like this. Feeling her so giving and trusting in her arms struck a chord deep inside Tara's soul. She felt tears welling up behind her eyes, but she pushed them back. Left unshed, they accepted their banishment. Tara felt stinging sensation behind her eyes and swallowed hard to keep her emotions at bay. She didn't want to disrupt this magical moment.

Willow, lay on her side, cradled against Tara's body. She could feel the shift in atmosphere. Willow looked deeply into Tara's eyes, taking a long moment to fully appreciate the beauty she saw behind those deeply blue orbs. There was a wetness there, just beyond visible. Willow's fingers flexed and of their own volition they gently touched the delicate skin just under Tara's eye. Willow traced an invisible track down the blonde's cheek with the tip of her finger.

They said nothing, silence was a blanket that sheltered them. Inside their wordless cocoon they were safe to express feelings no words could ever do justice to.

Tara drew in a breath as she felt Willow's finger slip slickly down her cheek as if they were tracing the path of unshed tears. Had Willow seen them reflected? She knew then that it was an impossibility to keep anything hidden from this woman next to her. But once again, choosing actions over words Tara bridged the short distance between them. Cupping Willow's face against the palm of her hand, Tara leaned in, taking willow's lips without hesitation. She put everything inside her into that kiss. She felt Willow take it all in, as a moan was the only outward show that she had indeed received.

Willow could feel herself growing drunk on Tara's taste as their lips moved together as one. She accepted what Tara was offering. they were so connected. It was as if they were one person. Willow couldn't tell where she ended and Tara began.

Lost in each-other, Tara slid away from willow's lips. Without even a moment of lost connection she kept contact with Willow's skin as she kissed her way down The red-head's neck. Stopping momentarily just below her jawline to suck at that delicate spot before moving on.

Willow didn't have time to feel the loss of Tara's lips as they were immediately given back. She felt a deep heat flushing her skin seep into her blood like liquid Mercury. The warmth traveled down her body to concentrate its energy between her legs. Willow felt the rush of warm wetness coating her most intimately but she was too safe in Tara's arms to blush about it. Willow turned slightly so that they were completely facing each other.

Tara gently sucked on the pulse-point below her lips. She wanted to smooth her hands down the length of Willow's body, but held herself in check. There was plenty of time for further exploration and right now she was in no hurry to neglect any part of Willow's beautiful body. She could smell the natural scent of Willow's skin tinged with the smell of the sunscreen Willow had put on this morning. Tara slowly kissed the length of Willow's neck until she reached the red-head's collarbone. She placed a delicate kiss there then moved even further down. Pulled as if by some invisible force she needed something more... and by the way Willow's chest was heaving against her she knew that Willow was in the very same state of need.

Without thinking Willow rolled onto her back, taking Tara with her until the blonde was resting gently on top of her. Willow gasped as the full length of Tara's naked body shifted against her own. There was a delicious friction created by this position as Willow soon found out. Shifting her leg underneath Tara she found the most exquisite ways to make the blonde gasp. Such power they had over each-other. Willow gazed lovingly into Tara's eyes momentarily before lifting her lips to place a row of tiny kisses along Tara's jawline.

Tara's nipples were pebble hard against the soft flesh of Willow's small breasts. They lightly grazed Willow's skin as the blonde lifted her upper body slightly off of Willow.

Willow moaned under the friction this movement created at the apex of her thighs. She licked her lips subconsciously, aching to pull one of those delicious looking nipples into her mouth. She wanted to suck them hard and deep... she wanted to take Tara... there... and she wasn't exactly sure where there was... but she was sure that she wanted to take that journey with Tara and only Tara. She was the one... Willow knew this on the deepest level imaginable. She knew that Tara was the woman she would spend the rest of her life with. How could she not? It was that simple... which amazed Willow beyond belief, because as she'd found out, life was rarely that simple. But this was. "Tara... I love you... so much it hurts." The words were out then, gloriously out. And though they had said I love you before this moment, Willow's words seemed to carry a weight that caused Tara to still all movement.

Was this it? Was this the way it was meant to be? Tara asked herself silently. As if in answer the abandoned tears returned, this time they refused to be cast aside. They had a purpose and intended to carry this purpose out. Tara felt the first warm drops spill from her eyes, they dripped heavily, barely stopping long enough to wet the skin of her cheek, before falling from her chin.

Willow instinctively knew what to do, her hands came up to cradle Tara's face as she brought Tara's forehead to rest against her own. Willow was bathed in tears as she whispered "I love you" over and over again. She stroked behind Tara's ears in an attempt to soothe her love. Tara's "I love you's" joined with Willow's until the sound was almost a chant. The most beautiful sound on earth or in the heavens.

At the same moment the spark of desire was reignited. Tara's cheeks still wet with tears slid across Willow's as their lips met in a passionate kiss. There was no turning away from this moment. This was it. They understood each-other on a level that was beyond comprehension they were connected by a force that guided them now as it had guided them years ago.

One look was all it took to push Tara over the edge. She could no longer hold back as the thought of Taking Willow completely obscured everything else. Tara lowered her face to Willow's chest, still keeping eye contact with her love, But not until the gaze was broken as Willow closed her eyes did Tara brushed her lips against the outside of Willows right breast. She nuzzled first one breast then the other. Tara hesitated only a moment before wrapping her lips around Willow's nipple. She felt it harden in her mouth instantly and could barely hold back a moan. She loosened her lips around Willow's nipple while her tongue licked at the stiffened bud. Willow bucked underneath her and Tara once again wrapped her lips securely around that delicious peak and sucked deeply.

Willow's hips lifted, her body instinctively seeking something that would ease the growing ache between her legs. Tara was doing the most amazing things and it was driving Willow down a specific road at increasing speeds.

Tara let Willow's nipple slip from her mouth. It glistened in the sun still wet from Tara's mouth. Rolling partially off of Willow Tara buried her face in the moist skin of the red-head's neck. Her hand made its way to rest flat against the skin of Willow's stomach.

Willow thought she would shatter right there into a million, billion pieces when she felt Tara's fingers trailing down the heated skin of her stomach. She didn't however. Somehow the shattering stopped right at the edge of the, as of yet, unnamed cliff. She knew what was about to happen and the knowledge was so simple in it's complexity and familiar in its newness... if that was possible. She felt her stomach muscles tense . She turned her face to nuzzle the side of Tara's cheek that was nearest her lips. Her love's other cheek was buried in the sweat soaked skin of Willow's neck.

Tara's hand continued it's journey while she kept her body pressed tightly to Willow's. Half-on half-off the redhead, her fingers flexed momentarily as the first touch of soft, downy curls came under her fingertips. Tara played there for a moment, lightly stroking Willow's mound, until she felt the red-head lift her hips in search of Tara's hand. She hesitated only because she wanted to savor this moment for as long as she could... she wanted to make sure that every sound, every touch, every breath was committed to long term memory and that was a slow process...

Willow couldn't take it anymore, the feel of Tara's hand so close to her there was going to be enough to bring on the shatter. She was nearly panting now with the effort it took to hold back the mounting climax. "Take me baby..." It was spoken breathlessly into Tara's ear and Willow felt the blonde stiffen against of her once more.

That was it. Tara slipped her fingers inside Willows swollen folds. She moaned as she discovered how wet Willow was for her. Tara found Willow's engorged clit immediately. Play time was over. Willow was arching up underneath her, as Tara's middle finger slid steadily against that swollen nub.

They were panting against each-other now, Tara needed to give this to willow just as much as Willow needed to receive it. They were together in this and the rest of the world faded around them. No more chirping birds, no more soft textured grass beneath them and no more blue sky flecked with wisps of white.

Willow felt the delicious tension building and as she locked into Tara's heated blue eyes she knew that she couldn't go without her. Willow ran her hand up the inside of Tara's thigh, she could feel a slick wetness as she neared her destination. Tara's essence coating her fingers even before she entered her lover. Willow felt Tara's legs fall open in complete trust. Willow's heart swelled with the deepest love she'd ever known. It was possessive and protective in it's brilliance. Finding Tara's center instantly, she slipped two fingers gently inside. She felt the muscles of Tara's inner-walls grasping her fingers, drawing her deeper into the warm wetness that was her Tara. Willow found Tara's clit with her thumb. She matched Tara's rhythm as her thumb glided across Tara's slick flesh. They would go together. Willow concentrated on holding her climax back until she felt Tara was right there with her... until she felt Tara shudder in her arms. Then all it took was one stroke of Tara's wonderful finger and Willow was there, too breathing hard and fast.

They clung to each-other bathing together in murmured words of love while the soft delicate scent that was utterly and undeniably feminine in nature settled around them, unmoved in the stillness of the air. Their heartbeats settled and their breathing became slower. No longer clinging, they held each-other in the most intimate embrace either one of them had ever experienced.

They made it back to the truck just as the first summer rain began to find it's groove. They were soaked as they climbed into the cab. Kerri, who'd fallen asleep in the back of the truck perked her ears at the sound of the doors closing. Tara wondered how the dog had gotten back before them, but then again, she hadn't really been paying attention to Kerri's whereabouts as she'd been thoroughly and wonderfully distracted for the better part of the afternoon. Tara brought Willow's fingers up to her lips, she kissed them before inserting the keys into the ignition.

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