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Coming Out of the Bedroom

Author: SpikeMe4Now4200, CN Winters and Susan Carr.
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: The story is ours... the characters aren't. We wanted to have a little fun with 'em... so we're borrowing 'em from Joss... just for a little while.

The man behind the counter had a friendly smile for Willow and Tara as they walked into the adult bookstore but he looked like he'd tear anyone's heart out in an instant if you crossed him. He had bulky tattooed arms, various face piercings and was as bald as the day he was born. The t-shirt he wore said 'Question Authority'.

Willow gave him a shy smile and followed Tara deeper into the bookstore, trying to keep up. There were a couple of men hanging out by the video racks looking at the titles but otherwise the place was empty.

"Do you do this often?" Willow whispered to her lover.

"Every Wednesday," Tara told her straight face as she pointed to a sign over the register. "It's ladies night." Willow was momentarily taken aback and Tara couldn't hold her chuckle long. "No silly. When I called, the clerk told me."

Willow sighed. "Don't scare me like that."

Tara kept her giggle quiet. "Scare you? Why?"

"I don't know. I just don't like the thought of you coming here alone. That's all."

"Why?" Tara asked again.

"It's just so...."

"Naughty," Tara whispered in her lover's ear. The blonde let her tongue flick the end of Willow's earlobe. "Hmm...I like when you wiggle," she added, moving the earlobe back and forth yet again.

Willow was soaking up Tara's attention when a voice distracted her.

"Can I help you ladies?"

Both women physically jumped at the sound of the intrusion and Willow quickly turned to meet the foreign voice. A young man dressed in a polo shirt and Dockers stood to their left.

"No," Willow said quickly. "We're just looking."

"Well actually," Tara contradicted, "we're looking for a few items." She smiled as Willow shot her a 'What the hell are you doing?' expression.

"Well we've got lots of items," he told her. "Depends on what you had in mind - books, videos, toys," he said with a mischievous grin.

"Toys," Tara answered feeling a blush come over her cheeks.

"Okay," he answered casually. "Follow me." Tara followed his lead and pulled Willow along by the hand. "Something tells me you're first timers here."

Tara opened her mouth but couldn't for a response for him.

"That's okay," he said quickly. "Didn't mean to put you on the spot. Just thought I'd tell you a little about the store," he added as they continued to walk to a wall filled with goodies. "We've got a full line of various items from leading manufactures. Most items are made of plastic, rubber, jelly or silicone. I hear that silicone is the best. It absorbs body heat making it feel warm and vibrations travel through it easily, giving lots of stimulation. Only drawback is you can't use silicone lubrications - water based lubes work best. Since most lubes are water based it's not really a concern - just an FYI thing for ya."

Tara nodded, listening intently while Willow eyes never rested, taking in the entire store around her.

"What's the difference? I mean, how can I tell what's what?" Tara asked.

"Well," the clerk said opening up a display case and picking up two different dildos. "It's usually marked on the package but you can tell by feeling them too. See? This one is rubber. There's flexibility but compare it with the silicone," he added as he handed it over. "The silicone is still firm but the shape is more 'realistic' I guess you could say."

Tara harrumphed. "You're asking the wrong girl. Willow, Hon?" she said handing them both over. "Which is more natural?"

Willow was trying to ignore the conversation so Tara's words didn't register until after she had both of them in her hands.

"You know. I'm a bit out of practice in this area," the redhead quipped. "This one," she said shaking the one in her right hand.

"Hm, silicone it is," Tara said handing them back to the clerk.

"There's other sizes too," he added, pointing to the wall. "If you need we have harnesses, vibrators - pretty much anything you might be looking for." Another couple walked in and the clerk gave them a nod as they passed. "My name's Ryan by the way. Take your time to look around and I'll come back to see if you've got any other questions."

"Thank you Ryan," Tara nodded.

Once he departed to greet the new couple, Willow began to giggle nervously. "I can't believe you did that."

"What did I do?" Tara asked sincerely.

Willow rambled a bit, not sure where to start. "Everything," she finally sputtered out. "Where're the toys? Does this feel real?" she added mimicking Tara.

"You're the better judge than I am," Tara countered.

"Well, yeah...maybe...okay I am but still..."

"I'm sorry Sweetie. I didn't mean to embarrass you. We came here looking for something but we're not sure what exactly. I didn't think it would hurt to ask is all."

Willow grinned. "No, it's not you. It's me. I'm just, I don't know, repressed or something." She took a deep breath and squared her shoulders. "But from here on out I'm uninhibited girl so let's shop. Okay?"

"Are you sure?" Tara asked.

Willow leaned in and kissed Tara softly on the lips. "Totally. So...see anything you like?" she added.

Tara gave Willow a wicked grin and picked up one of the items and read the back of the box to her. "The Nexus is a double ended dildo that really works. Silicone's firm texture provides firm penetration for both partners and the ingenious arc of the dildo ensures the most comfortable positioning possible." Tara paused in her reading and flipped the box back over to look at the picture again. "Now I could imagine lots of positions with you and this Baby," she added before continuing with the description. "This toy works best with a harness for vigorous vaginal penetration, but clever customers discovered button fly jeans will accommodate the Nexus quite securely." Tara paused a moment and looked down at her clothing. "Damn, I had to wear a skirt today."

Willow giggled again but lifted her shirt slightly showing Tara her button fly jeans.

"Ooooh, guess we know who wears the pants in this family," Tara muttered, continuing to look over the selections. Spotting something, she exclaimed, "Willow!"

"What, honey?" Willow asked.

"No, not you," Tara said. "Willow!"

Tara showed her lover another package and Willow blushed furiously when she read the name of the toy. "Oh my god!" she exclaimed.

"Hmmm, let's see what it says," Tara chuckled, enjoying Willow's embarrassment. "The Willow's sleek design, modest proportions, and pronounced curve make it a good choice for G-spot and anal play. Slim but not small, the Willow can be used for solo play or with a harness."

Willow's mouth just hung open as she stared at the box. "Yep, that's my Willow," Tara teased. "Slim...not small...and she always manages to hit the spot."

Willow playfully slapped her arm before reaching for an item on the shelf that caught her eye. "Get a load of this: The Foxy Vibe. This feisty little vixen is actually a sleeve for the bullet vibrator (or similar small vibrator). Nestle the fox's ears or face against your clit for a delightful buzz." As Willow finished she couldn't hold back her chuckle.

"Oh look," Tara pointed. "They've got a bunny too. Isn't that cute?"

"Yeah looks like I found Anya's birthday present," Willow quipped.

"You're so bad," Tara chuckled.

"No seriously," Willow answered, although Tara could tell she was still joking. "If we can mix sex with bunnies it might get her over her fear."

"Either that or she'd never have sex again and then Xander would be just impossible to live with at that point," Tara added with a sexy smirk. "Besides, after what we saw at the beach the other day, I don't think they need any 'marital aids'. Anya seemed quite able to compromise with anything close at hand."

"Too true - better scratch that idea." Willow reached over finding another item. "The French Kiss: Enjoy the teasing vibrations of a tongue with this popular sleeve for the bullet vibrator. Powerful vibrations combined with the French Kiss' smooth surface make this an equally appealing toy for clitoral, vaginal or anal play."

"I'm noticing a pattern here," Tara said with a smile.

"A pattern?"

"Yeah. You go for the vibes," Tara nodded.

"Absolutely. I love Old Reliable. Now you know nothing compares to Tara tongue, but on those mornings when you get up for early classes - this French Kiss or the Sexy Fox or whatever it was called - they could keep me company."

Tara laughed out loud and quickly hushed herself. "Sold then. But you gotta make a choice - the tongue or the fox? We can't afford both."

"Decisions, decisions," Willow answered placing a finger on her temple. "Mmmm, let's go with the fox. She's cute. And those ears...oh yeah Baby," she said with a chuckle. "What about you? Find anything you like?"

"I kinda like this one so far," Tara answered, indicating the Nexus.

"What? Not the Willow?" Willow laughed.

"Nah, I've already got my Willow," Tara said and then moved in close and pressed her body against Willow's. "And we can share the Nexus at the same time. I'd love to strap on a harness, slide one end into my dripping cunt and ride you, Baby,," she whispered in Willow's ear. "Put you down on all fours and fuck you until you beg me to let you come."

Immediately Willow felt a pool collect at the apex of her legs upon hearing Tara's words but before she could even start to offer a reply another voice interrupted them.

"So how are you ladies doing?"

This Ryan guy must be related to Anya somehow, Willow quipped silently as they both turned around again, trying to control the erratic breathing Tara's sexy words caused in her.

"Actually I found something," Tara told him. "But I'm not certain about a harness," she answered as she handed him a box.

"Good choice," he told her as he looked at it. "One of our most popular. Step down here and I'll show you what works well with this one."

As Tara and Ryan began to move a few feet away, Willow walked behind them. From out of nowhere, the redhead felt someone crashing against her and she turned to steady herself and the human projectile. The noise made Ryan and Tara turn.

Willow found her hands on the naked hips of longhaired brunette, dressed in a blue string bikini that matched her eyes perfectly. They were both now stable but Willow realized her hands still rested on the stranger and she quickly shot away. "Sorry," she apologized. "You okay? I didn't mean -."

"Anytime," the young woman answered with a smirk before starting to walk away.

Her eyes didn't leave Willow alone even after she began her departure, now taking her time as she walked. And as if hypnotized Willow didn't look away either. When Willow felt another set of blue eyes boring into her she quickly turned to face Ryan and Tara.

"She almost fell," Willow explained. "I was just...and she..." Deciding to give up explaining she turned to Ryan. "So how 'bout that harness?"

"Yeah she's cute," he sympathized with Willow. "Haven't met anyone that can take their eyes off of her. She's one of the favorite shows in the back."

"Shows?" Tara asked. "Like quarter peep shows?" She asked looking over at the woman who was now talking to the register clerk.

"Yeah, put the money in. She dances. Men drool - well mostly men," he added in afterthought with a grin.

Tara turned back to Willow with a wicked smile. "She is beautiful isn't she?"

"Well you know beautiful is a big word and yes she's aesthetically pleasing, that can't be argued but to say that she's beautiful...well you know she's - look are you gonna stop me at any point here?"

Tara just grinned. "Be honest."

"Okay she's beautiful."

"Thank you," Tara smirked.

Willow could see the wheels turning in Tara's mind before she turned back to Ryan. "So that's the one you recommend?" she asked, noting the harness he held.

"Yeah. It's available in two colors," he told her. "Black or red."

Tara looked at Willow as she spoke. "Definitely red," she answered.

"Red it is," he replied. "Anything else you ladies need?"

"Umm, I'm not sure but can you take these to the counter while we look around," Tara asked motioning to the items in her hand.

"Certainly," he said taking them from her. "Let me know if you need anything else."

"Thanks Ryan," Tara answered. They watched him walk away and Tara turned to Willow. "It's okay, you know."


"That you find other women attractive," Tara explained. "I'm not offended or insecure. In fact it's normal to be attracted to other people now and then."

Willow gave a guilty grin as the beautiful stranger walked back to where she came from, making sure to check Willow out again as she passed.

"I got busted, didn't I?" Willow asked her lover.

"There's nothing to get busted for," Tara said sincerely. "Now if I came home early one afternoon and found her between your naked legs...yeah, I'd have issues," she chuckled.

"I wouldn't do that Tara," Willow said firmly. "I know what that feels like and...I'd never do that."

"I know you wouldn't Sweetie. All I'm saying is fantasy is healthy. And I don't always have to be the one in your fantasy as long as I'm the only one in your bed. Also it's a bit of a rush having that stripper look you over. She liked what's mine," Tara grinned.

Willow gave a smile. "And I am you know."

Tara smiled knowing exactly what Willow meant and where she was going with their banter. "What?" Tara asked softly.

Willow picked up Tara's hand and kissed her knuckles. "Yours."

"Always?" Tara asked.


Willow watched as a wicked, sexy smirk came to Tara's face.

"Wanna prove it?" the blonde asked.

"What did you have in mind?"

Tara didn't answer. She looked over Willow's shoulder.

"Ryan," she called out, waving him over. When he was next to them Tara asked softly. "Blue bikini, which room is hers back there?"

Ryan gave them a knowing grin. "Lucky 7," he told them.

"Thanks," Tara smirked, pulling Willow away by the hand.

They took a few moments to allow their eyes to adjust to the change in light as they pushed through the curtain leading to the back of the store. Eight doors sat on either side of the dimly lit hallway and Tara spotted room seven. She crept inside pulling Willow along with her.

"What are you up to?" Willow asked.

Tara simply led her lover to a high-back bench, which sat inside the compact room. A curtained window sat in front of the bench and a money slot hung on the wall off to the right.

Tara fished a couple of quarters out of her skirt pocket. "We're gonna get a show for free," she told her cryptically. "Or at least cheap," she added in after thought.


Tara simply grinned. "Just watch."

The blonde put the money inside the slot and the curtain opened. Immediately upon seeing Willow sitting there, the stripper gave a genuine smile. Tara gave a chuckle and took a seat next to Willow.

"Told you she liked you," the blonde said smugly.

As the stripper began to stalk toward the window, Willow suddenly felt more uncomfortable. She could feel Tara nuzzling into her neck as the woman watched them from behind the protective glass.


"Shhh, just relax Baby. Let yourself go. You're safe here with me. Honest."

Willow closed her eyes for a moment, concentrating on the feeling of Tara kissing and nibbling her flesh. When she opened them again she found the stripper was topless and her breath caught in her throat.

Tara looked through the window to see what startled Willow and she gave a light chuckle. "You certainly are a breast woman," Tara quipped. Willow gave a guilty grin and Tara pushed it aside. "She is beautiful isn't she?"

All Willow could do is nod.

"And she wants you, Willow. She wishes she could be me right now," Tara said just above a whisper as she unbuttoned Willow's shirt slowly. "She wishes her fingers could feel your flesh and hear these sighs. But she can't and it's aching deep inside her, straining to come out."

Tara pulled the fabric from Willow's shoulders letting it pool around the redhead so she sat only clad in the lace bra she wore. Willow's breath grew more erratic as Tara continued to let her fingers dance slowly across her skin and the words penetrate her mind and spirit.

The stripper had slowed her movements to the point that she simply swayed back and forth as she watched the two through the window. Tara smiled at the stripper, knowing they had her full attention. She mouthed toward the window, "Wanna see?" as she nodded to Willow and played with Willow's bra strap.

Unable to be heard, the stripper nodded. Willow shot Tara an uncertain expression. "Come on Baby," Tara coached. "I wanna show her how hot you are. I wanna show her what's mine and mine alone."

Tara sealed the statement with a slow yet passionate kiss and Willow found herself helpless to protest as her she felt the bra slipping from her body. Immediately, Tara's lips and teeth took possession of Willow's nipple. The stripper watched helplessly as Willow's head fell back against the bench, her eyes closed and her back arching moving her breasts closer to Tara's hungry mouth.

Not long after a bell chimed and the curtain closed. The noise distracted them and they pulled away briefly.

"Time's up," Willow managed to squeak out.

"Think so?" Tara asked knowingly.

At that moment the curtain was pushed aside and they both ended up grinning to find the very aroused stripper now watching them. Tara moved to her feet and stood face to face with the stripper on the other side. "Dance," she ordered silently with a smirk.

The stripper smiled in response and began to bump and grind to the music - her hand's moving up to massage her own voluptuous breasts. Satisfied, Tara turned around and knelt between Willow's legs taking off her shoes. "Stand up Baby," she told her softly.

Willow look apprehensive at her lover before looking back through the window. Soon she couldn't take her eyes off the stripper and what she was doing. During the distraction Tara reached up and unbuttoned Willow's fly.

Before the redhead knew it her jeans were puddled at her ankles. "Tara?" Willow said again with a slight fear in her voice.

Tara sensed the reluctance but she also felt the desire that Willow had as well. The redhead was torn. She knew that Willow wanted to be uninhibited girl as she said earlier and she was determined to make that happen.

Tara reached up and cupped Willow's sex. The redhead was practically dripping and Tara's felt her mouth water in response. She planned to give Willow a heart felt speech about desire but instinctively her mouth had other plans. She rose up and began to suck at Willow's panties, tasting her woman's passion through them.

"Oh God Willow," Tara said pulling back. "You taste so good Baby."

Willow reached down and ran her hand over the back of Tara's head. She heard a noise directly in front of her and looked up. The stripper was now naked and had one hand buried in her crotch and the other one flat against the window trying to support herself.

"I think you broke our stripper," Willow managed with a shallow breath and a half giggle.

Tara turned back to see the stripper massaging her own clit even faster now.

"She's not broke," Tara told her lover. "Not yet...but Gods! Look at her, Will. Pure lust. Pure carnal energy. She wants it so bad. She's sexy as hell but you know what?" Tara looked up and Willow shook her head. "She'd never be as sexy as you - never. So come on Baby," Tara prodded. "Show her how sexy you are. Show her how carnal you are. I've seen it Will and I love it."

At that moment the stripper was lost in Willow's eyes - all she could focus on was Tara.

She stepped out of the jeans and pulled Tara to her feet. With one swift pull Tara's skirt was on the floor and she now positioned Tara to sit on the bench. With cat like grace Willow slinked between Tara's legs putting a hand on each hip as she slid Tara's panties away from her body until she was naked from the waist down.

"Oh God, Will," Tara sighed. "Do it Baby."

"Are you ready?" Willow asked. "Do you really want me?"

Tara didn't reply vocally. She grabbed the back of Willow's head and raised her hips leading the woman to her sex.

Willow dove in and threw Tara's legs over her shoulders. Closing her eyes, Willow licked and sucked at Tara's moist center unable to hide her moans of delight.

Tara looked up and saw the stripper watching them, one hand still at her center working away while the other now rested at a breasts squeezing her nipple to a tight peak. Never taking her eyes off the stripper, Tara quickly unbuttoned her blouse and freed her breast from her bra, bringing it up to her mouth. She matched Willow's sucking rhythm until her entire body was humming.

Tara looked down to find her Goddess worshiping her. The stripper continued to look on, ready to erupt at any moment, the desire making her eyelids heavy.

"Oh Gods Will," Tara sighed, running her fingers through Willow's growing hair, the ends delighting her inner thighs. "You feel so good Baby. So hot. Gods Will show her what your tongue is doing to me. Let her see it. Let her see what she can't have Baby."

Without a word Willow spread Tara's legs apart taking them off her shoulder. She shifted slightly doing exactly what Tara wanted. She let her tongue snake out and play with Tara's clit as her fingers lifted the hood just slightly. Willow's ears were soon filled with the sound of both Tara and the stripper moaning.

Tara chuckled in delight and desire.

"Did you hear that Will? Hear how hot you're making her?"

Willow didn't reply she only moaned into Tara's mons as she continued her task.

"Gods Will, now she really wants you. She wants you so bad Baby. She wants to feel this - your tongue licking at her, loving her. But she can't and she knows it and...and..." Tara was finding it difficult to speak. She was approaching the pinnacle fast. "You're mine Willow. All mine. Always mine...Oh fuck!"

Tara gripped the back of Willow's head to still her as the orgasm shot through her body. Even as the quakes shook her body, Tara pulled Willow up to sit in her lap with Willow facing the window.

The stripper's fingers were now plunged deep inside herself and she was pumping away, her hips keeping time with her hand.

"Look at her Willow," Tara whispered from behind the redhead as her hands snaked around her lover. One hand immediately went to Willow's breast while the second began to massage Willow's clit. "She's fucking herself as she's thinking about you. The two of you taking each other - hard and fast."

"She can't have me." Willow didn't need any more tempting at this point and she grabbed Tara's wrist and shoved Tara's fingers inside of her.

"Oh Gods," Willow said closing her eyes, feeling two of Tara's fingers inside her and her breath against her back. "Fuck me Baby."

"You want her to watch you come, don't you Will? Be honest."

"Make me come, Baby. Show her how I like it."

Tara felt a new wetness surge through both of them and she added another finger inside her lover and then another still. Willow continued to buck against Tara.

"More," Willow told her.

"More?" Tara asked, a bit in disbelief. "Kinda out of fingers here, Will," Tara replied hoping not to break the mood but suddenly a thought occurred to her. "Stand up Sweetie."

Willow bucked a few more times not ready to give up the fingers inside of her just yet. But soon she did and Tara motioned her to lie down, back flat against the bench.

"You want more Baby? I'll give you more. You want a good fucking don't you?" Tara asked as she shoved all four fingers easily inside her lover. Willow was so wet and open for her and Tara could feel her heart soar. "God Will you're so wet, so ready."

"Do it, Tara," her lover moaned, writhing on the bench against her hand.

Carefully Tara slid deeper inside, including her thumb. When that wasn't enough for Willow, the redhead grabbed Tara's wrist and forced the hand up as she bore down. Tara couldn't believe what she was seeing or what she was feeling. Time seemed to stand still as she worked her way into her lover. She could feel Willow's muscles relaxing and expanding, ballooning open until it was if both of their souls became one with the universe and Tara felt as if she was on the edge of infinity. She looked down at her lover and saw she was inside Willow, totally, fully. And the sensation of it put her on the verge of orgasm again.

"Oh Gods Will. You feel so warm," Tara said as she began to twist her wrist, filling her lover. She watched as Willow's fingers began to rub against the base of her hand as she rubbed her own clit.

"Oh fuck Tara," Willow sighed. "I'm gonna come Baby. I'm gonna come."

"That's it. Clinch me Baby. Let me feel it."

Willow began to grunt and moan unintelligibly and Tara had to admit she was in total awe as she watched her lover dancing on her fist, taking her all in. She expected to have a little fun this afternoon but nothing like this. This far exceeded any expectations she had.

"Oh Will. You certainly are my little Vixen. Goddess, I love you," Tara replied using her free hand to stroke the length of Willow's body from her shoulders to her thighs. That was enough to push Willow over the edge.

"Taaaraaa!" Willow cried out.

The blonde could feel the contractions gripping her hand and it was one of the sweetest sensations she'd ever felt in her life. She felt herself joining Willow in her ecstasy. She felt totally connected to Willow and all they could feel was each other. As Tara removed her hand slowly from her lover she laid over her and kissed her lips again for the first time since their seduction began.

Seduction, Tara thought. Oh shit! The stripper!

Having totally forgotten the other woman, Tara looked over and found that she must have come at some point. No longer was she touching herself. She now stood with both hands on the window and a huge smile on her face. She mouthed the words 'You two' and shook her head, not quite believing what had just happened. Then the stripper gave a wave and closed the curtain on her own, finally giving the two a bit of privacy.

"Are you okay?" Tara asked.

"I don't think I can stand just yet," Willow admitted with a slight chuckle.

"No Sweetie," Tara replied. "I mean up here," she said with a little tap to Willow's temple. "That was a lot more than I expected."

"What did you expect?" Willow asked.

"Well I thought I'd get you hot and horny and take you home but...I ended up taking you here."

"Who took who exactly?" Willow questioned with a smirk.

"Good point," Tara replied before starting to giggle. "I think there was mutual 'takage'." Willow sighed and closed her eyes and Tara continued. "But really Will...Are you okay?"

"Tara, I just had the most intense orgasm of my life. I couldn't BE better right now," she smiled, still unable to open her eyes.

"I just meant with the stripper and all."

Willow opened her eyes and moved to her elbows. "Are you freaked?"

"No," Tara answered quickly. "Not at all I just...I want to be sure you're not. That's all."

"I'm not and you know why?" Willow asked rhetorically with a grin. "Because it wasn't about her. It was all about you, about us - does that make sense?"

"Perfect sense," Tara grinned. "Come on, Baby...let's go pay for our stuff and go home."

As the lovers helped each other dress, Tara couldn't help but smile as it seemed they couldn't stop touching each other. Just being near Willow warmed her soul. Things were getting better between them. Most nights Willow was falling asleep earlier instead of wandering around the house during the early hours of the morning - Tara suspected Willow was unconsciously waiting for Buffy to come home from a late patrol - and her own nightmares of the hell Glory had sent her to were occurring with less frequency. Things were far from perfect, but Tara hoped they would continue to improve.

At the counter, Tara pulled out her bankcard to pay for their purchases. As they waited for the clerk to finish with the transaction, Ryan broke away from another customer and hurried over to them.

"Enjoy the show, ladies?" he asked with gentle smile on his face.

"Uh," Willow stammered. "Uh."

"It was great," Tara smiled. "Very...stimulating."

"I'll bet," Ryan said. "Enjoy your purchases and come again soon." The salesman started to turn away, but then stopped. "Oh...and this is for you," he said handing Willow a folded slip of paper.

Willow's brow wrinkled in confusion as she opened the note and read what was inside. Tara took the bag from the clerk and asked, "What is it, Sweetie?"

"A phone number," Willow blushed.

"Ryan's?" Tara asked, taking Willow's hand in her free one and leading them to the door.

"," Willow said. "Lucky 7's."

"Ohhhhh!" Tara laughed and pulled an embarrassed Willow out into the warm summer night. She grabbed the note from Willow's hand, crumpled it up and dropped it into an ashtray. "She's shit outta luck, Baby," Tara smirked as they walked down the street. "You're all mine!"

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