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Coming Out of the Bedroom

Author: SpikeMe4Now4200, CN Winters and Susan Carr.
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: The story is ours... the characters aren't. We wanted to have a little fun with 'em... so we're borrowing 'em from Joss... just for a little while.

Willow watched with a smile as Xander and Anya left to go drop off Dawn at Janice's. Hanging out at the beach had been a fun way to spend the day, but she could imagine nothing better than being alone with Tara, and she was finally going to get her wish.

"Hey Baby," she turned towards her girlfriend, who was lying on her stomach on a beach towel, going through her tarot cards, "looks like we're all alone now..."

Tara put down her cards and looked up at Willow, who up until then had been sitting next to her reading a textbook. It was just like Willow to take classes during summer, and to make the most of their day out by studying. However, there was a glint in her eye now, and Tara knew that right now, studying was the last thing on her mind.

She wouldn't really be thinking of messing around at the beach, would she? Tara thought. Willow's sexy grin said otherwise...

"Will," Tara ventured with a smile, "what's on your mind?" She sat up and pressed a quick kiss against her lips. "I'd know that look anywhere."

Willow chuckled; Tara knew her all too well. "Why do you think something's up?" she asked with her most innocent of looks. "Can't a gal just wanna kiss her girlfriend?"

Deciding to play along, Tara lifted her hands to Willow's face and gently caressed her cheekbones with her thumbs. She loved this girl more than she'd ever be able to accurately express in this lifetime, and if Willow was feeling a little frisky...who was she to stand in her way?

Taking a quick glance around, Tara noted that the beach was only mildly populated. There were a few teenagers playing volleyball less than a quarter of a mile away. There was the occasional couple walking along on the sand just near the water as well as a few swimmers, surfers and body-boarders taking advantage of the decent swell of the water.

Willow followed Tara's glance, quickly realizing that they weren't as alone as she'd first thought they were. She'd spent the better half of the day with her head in her book, and had not noticed all the people coming and going.

"People..." Willow sighed, smiling ruefully at Tara.

Tara smiled back and lightly kissed Willow's lips. "Yeah," she whispered, resting her forehead against Willow's. "I guess they're a hazard of being in a public place..."

"I guess so," Willow chuckled, briefly capturing Tara's bottom lip.

"You wanna take this somewhere more private?" Tara moaned as Willow deepened their kiss. "How bout we go for a walk?" Tara suggested, forcing herself to pull away from Willow's lips and tongue. "Find a secluded spot? There's sand dunes over there," she pointed to her left, "and I'm sure no one'll be able to see us..."

Willow looked over to where Tara was pointing, wondering if she was really up to that. As of late, their sexual relationship had become more daring and spontaneous. But was she really ready to make love in a public place? One that didn't afford a modicum of privacy like, say, the dim light of a movie theater?

When Anya and Xander had left with Dawn, she'd merely wanted to hold Tara in her arms, kiss her a little, and tease her senseless. Tara had obviously seen right through that, and had now decided to challenge her. Willow was never one to back away from a challenge.

Those sand dunes were pretty high, and they did offer privacy from the crowd. And she'd be doing it for the good of their relationship. Keep it fresh and new and exciting...

Tara watched Willow's face with bemusement, noticing the multitude of expressions appearing on it. She could tell the girl was playing the pros and cons of her suggestion over and over, and possibly doing her best to convince herself to go along with it.

To be honest, Tara herself wasn't sure if it really was such a good idea. Why had she suggested it in the first place? She wanted to see how far Willow was willing to go. Their recent forays into public displays of affection had given Tara a taste for exhibitionism. But what made it even more exciting was that by taking the risk of getting caught, it showed how much they loved and desired one another.

Tara loved Willow; the need to express that love became so urgent at times, that the pair couldn't wait to be alone. Tara knew the intense attraction she had for Willow wasn't one sided and that appealed to Tara. She loved the idea of Willow wanting her so badly that she didn't care who saw them. After all, that's how she herself felt.

"Okay," Willow finally made up her mind. "Let's go."

Tara met Willow's gaze and returned her smile. She was thrilled. "You sure?" She had to ask, not wanting Willow to regret anything.

"I'm game if you are." Willow grinned.

Tara leaned in and briefly kissed Willow's lips. "You're on."

With that, the two girls grabbed the beach towels they'd been sitting on, and placed them into Willow's beach bag, along with Tara's tarot cards and Willow's text book.

Willow turned to Tara as she placed the strap of the bag around her shoulder. "We gotta find somewhere private..."

Tara smiled in reassurance and linked her hand with Willow's. "Sure," she laced their fingers together as they began to walk. "You think I wanna get caught?"

Willow chuckled in response. "I wouldn't put it past you," she quipped. "You've been real vixen-y lately..."

"I seem to remember you giving as good as you get..."

Willow's grin widened and she squeezed Tara's hand affectionately. "It's been fun, hasn't it?"

"Yeah," Tara agreed as they neared the sand dune area. "I like that you want me..."

"I always want you, you know that?" Willow replied with a quirk of her eyebrow.

"I mean," Tara chuckled, "Like now, you want me here, even if we could get caught. Because, I want you Will, all the time, and sometimes I don't even care if anyone sees us and I...I like that you feel the same way."

Willow stopped walking and turned to face Tara. "That's what this whole LBD thing has been about...?"

"What do you mean?"

"I wasn't showing you enough," Willow smiled ruefully. "Not like at the beginning..."

Tara grinned in response. She was pleased Willow was following her mind set.

"It was like we couldn't get enough," Willow continued. "I wanted you all the time. Everywhere, anywhere, and I didn't care if we got caught or..." she trailed off as she remembered something.

"What?" Tara smiled, noticing Willow's grin.

"Remember that time at school? You were late meeting me after class, and everyone had left the room and we started kissing and...and the next thing I know-."

"Your professor comes back to grab his books just as you were pulling your jeans back up," Tara chuckled at the memory. Those were good times.

"I guess neither of us were thinking about getting caught back then," Willow observed.

"Yeah," Tara agreed. "And I wish we could go back to that...still feel like that..."

"Tara," Willow's tone turned serious. "I still do feel like that. I don't want you to think I don't. I haven't changed how much I need you or want you or love you ."

"I know that," Tara smiled softly. "But the urgency is gone ."

Willow interrupted Tara with a forceful kiss to her lips. She wrapped her hands around the girl's neck and waist and thrust her tongue deep into her mouth.

"The urgency is still here," Willow breathed out a second later.

"I guess you're right," Tara took a deep breath as she recovered from her girlfriend's brief kiss. "Even after a couple of years, your lips still have the power to take my breath away..."

"Good to know," Willow chuckled. She looked deep into Tara's eyes, noting the unmistakable heat within them. It was time to do something about their needs.

"Let's find a good place..."

"How bout over there?" Tara suggested, pointing a few yards ahead. The area was like a mini cliff, with the sand dune dipping steeply down into a little enclave.

Willow nodded her agreement, and the two girls headed down to the enclave. A minute later, they'd spread out their beach towels and were now sitting cross-legged facing one another.

"So..." Willow ventured, suddenly feeling like a nervous schoolgirl.

Tara smiled warmly. "C'mere," she motioned for Willow to move closer, lightly tapping her own thighs.

Willow returned Tara's smile and scooted over towards her girlfriend. She then turned around and allowed Tara to wrap her arms and legs around her body.

"How's that?" Tara whispered into her ear, pressing a soft kiss against her cheek.

"Tara-snuggles are the best," Willow smiled.

"How bout Tara-kisses?" she asked, pressing another kiss against her cheek, and then one against her neck.

"Mmmm," Willow shivered as Tara pressed her tongue against her pulse point.

"Mmm," Tara agreed, running her tongue in a slow circle, "Willow-skin..."

Willow shivered again and sighed. "Oh gods Tara, you always know ."

"Yeah," Tara agreed. She lightly bit Willow's flesh before pulling away. "I didn't always though..."

"What do you mean?" Willow craned her neck to meet Tara's gaze. "Didn't know what?"

"What you wanted," Tara replied with a soft smile. "Remember the first time I kissed you?"

Willow smiled at the memory. "Yeah, we'd spent a few hours practicing our spells and talking and ."

"And you looked at me with those adoring eyes of yours," Tara interjected. "You were talking about something. I can't for the life of me remember what, because I was so busy trying not to look at your lips..."

Willow chuckled and settled her head back to rest against Tara's shoulder, closing her eyes as she remembered the evening.

"I remember," she said softly. "I could see your eyes watching my mouth, and I was so confused..."

"You didn't know I was gay," Tara pressed a soft kiss against Willow's cheek. "And I knew you probably didn't feel the same for me...but I couldn't resist."

"You took me completely off guard," Willow recalled. "I mean, I never fell for a girl but I could feel this connection between us, and a part of me knew it was more than just friendship, but...."

"But I kissed you anyway," Tara smiled.

"Yeah, and man was I surprised."

"No more than me," Tara replied. "It was like your lips were calling for me, and I couldn't think clearly anymore and all I wanted to do was kiss you. And so, when you finally stopped talking, I took a deep breath, gathered all my courage, and ."

"And the next thing I know, I'm in heaven," Willow chuckled. "All I could think of was how soft your lips were."

"I guess that's why I eventually got enough courage to deepen the kiss," Tara pondered. "I was kissing the most enchanting beauty I'd ever met, and even though she wasn't kissing me back, she wasn't pulling away either..."

"Until I felt your tongue against mine that is," Willow interjected. "I think that's when I freaked."

"Well I don't know if I'd say 'freaked'. I mean you..." Tara paused as she thought back to that night. "Okay, yeah, you freaked a little."

"Are you kidding? I wanted to get up and run as far away as possible."

Tara pulled back and arched an eyebrow at her lover. "You don't say?"

An apologetic look washed over Willow's face. "That was then Baby. I didn't get it immediately. But when I looked into your eyes and saw the tears, saw how upset you were..."

"You reached for me and just held me," Tara finished. "I was so scared I'd ruined things with you, but being in your arms made it better."

"I did a lot of thinking that night," Willow recalled. "And I finally admitted what had been happening between us."

"I couldn't believe it when you told me the next day," Tara revealed. "I figured once you left my room, you'd probably wanna keep away from me for a while."

"I couldn't keep away from the one person who made me feel alive..."

"Oh Will," Tara tightened her arms around Willow and lovingly nuzzled her neck. "When you said that to me, it was like a spiritual deliverance. I'd finally found someone."

"You cried too," Willow smiled. "And that was the first time I kissed you."

Tara reached forward as Willow turned so that their lips could meet. "But not the last..."

"Mmm," Willow mumbled against Tara's lips, "definitely not the last..."

Anya came tearing along the beach, frantic. She'd noticed her coin purse was missing when they'd stopped to get some ice cream on the way to the car. She couldn't just leave her money all by itself. Who knows what could happen to her precious coins by the time Willow and Tara got back home.

Seeing as Dawn was so impatient to get to Janice's, she'd told Xander to just drop her off and then come back for her. She'd have Willow and Tara to keep her company until then. And her money would be all safe and secure back in her possession.

Anya came to a halt when she reached the area where they'd all been sitting. She looked around, but Willow and Tara were nowhere to be seen. Where the hell are they? she thought to herself. They've gone off and taken my money with them. They're probably spending it right now...

Or maybe they've just packed up and are heading home, a more rational voice spoke to her. In fact, since they're on foot, you might even be able to catch up with them...

Anya liked this second voice better, and decided to go in search of the two witches. She looked down at the sand and noticed two sets of footprints fairly close together. She began to follow them, hoping they might lead her to Willow and Tara

After a minute, Anya paused in her tracks. She heard what sounded like chatter and laughter. Willow and Tara's voices to be precise. But where were they coming from? She looked around, but couldn't see them anywhere. That is, until she took a few more steps forward, and noticed the sand sloping downwards. She followed the footprints downwards, noting how the giggles seemed to be getting louder.

When she reached the edge of the embankment, she stopped. The sand formed a mini little cliff leading to a semi-secluded enclave hidden behind a mound of sand. Why were Willow and Tara here? Why had they relocated to this hide-away?

Her curiosity guiding her, Anya leaned over and saw Willow in Tara's arms. The two of them were giggling in between kisses, whispering something to one another. It was obvious they wanted to be alone. Most likely to give each other some lovely orgasms. As if they haven't been getting enough of those lately. Why hadn't Xander thought of giving her an orgasm at the beach today? Why did the two witches always get to have all the fun?

Well, since Xander was gonna be gone for at least a quarter of an hour, she might as well stay and enjoy the show. After all, she'd always wondered what the two of them did together, and now would be the perfect opportunity to satisfy her curiosity. Besides, they'd never know she was there. What was the harm in watching...?

With that, Anya lowered herself down onto her stomach and rested her chin on her hands. She figured a prostate position would be best if she wanted to watch and not be seen.

"Mmm," Willow moaned as Tara's tongue moved to taste her neck and then her earlobe. Even after two years, Tara still had power over her. She could feel herself aching for her more with every second, and when Tara's lips moved back to hers she just melted.

"Hey Will," Tara pulled away after a moment. "Since we're traveling down memory lane today, you remember our first time...?"

"Oh gods," Willow sighed. She turned around so that she was facing Tara, and wrapped her legs around the girl's waist and rested her forehead against Tara's. "How could I forget...?"

"I was sooo nervous," Tara smiled.

"You didn't seem nervous," Willow replied. "As I recall, you seemed to be taking all the initiative. After all, you had done it before..."

"But it was my first time," Tara kissed Willow's lips gently, "with someone I loved and wanted as much as you," she finished off as she pulled away.

Willow smiled warmly and captured Tara's bottom lip. She expertly ran her tongue over it for a moment, before gently sucking on it. When she felt Tara's body lean in towards hers, and her legs tighten around her waist, she broke away.

"Are you saying you didn't know what you were doing?" Willow inquired with a grin. "Because, from where I was standing, you did a pretty good job of showing me the ropes..."

"Well," Tara emphasized with a brief kiss against Willow's lips, "as I recall, you weren't exactly a virgin either..."

Willow chuckled and wrapped her arms around Tara's neck and pulled her in for a warm hug. "I'd never been with a girl though."

"Mmm," Tara moved her lips against Willow's neck as she spoke. "Yeah, I remember how nervous you you wanted me to guide you. It was incredible. I think it's why my own nerves lessened. I wanted it to be perfect for you..."

"And it was," Willow turned her head and captured Tara's lips, shivering at the contact.

As Willow deepened the kiss, Tara moved her hands to the base of the girl's t-shirt. "That night," she pulled away so as to meet Willow's gaze, "when we were kissing, I moved my hands to your shirt just like this."

"Yeah," Willow agreed. "And then you looked me in the eye and asked me in a really soft voice if I'd mind you taking it off. You looked so vulnerable when you asked me, that I just couldn't say no."

"So," Tara grinned cheekily. "Would you mind ...?"

Willow chuckled, realizing Tara's intentions. If the girl wanted to play memory lane, then she was all for it.

"Take it off," she whispered.

With a smile, Tara tentatively began to lift up Willow's shirt, easily slipping it off her body. "This is when I just stared at you," she sighed, mimicking the action. "You looked so beautiful in that cotton bra."

Willow smiled and snuggled a bit closer. "I was afraid you'd think I was too small or not beautiful enough. But the look in your eye...gods Tara, it was like you wanted to devour me a-and just the look you gave me got me soaked."

"Yeah, well, " Tara chuckled, "the eating part came later..."

Willow giggled and leaned in to kiss Tara's lips. She felt Tara's hands reach for her back, and move up towards the strap of her bikini top. This was just what she'd done during their first time...

"Can I?" Tara pulled away and looked questioningly into Willow's eyes.

Willow smiled and repeated the words she'd said to her two years before but with much more confidence. "Yeah... I want you to see me."

Without hesitation, Tara's fingers deftly untied the straps and then moved to Willow's shoulders. She kept her gaze locked with Willow's as she slowly worked the shoulder straps down, dragging out the moment.

"My heart was racing," Tara revealed. "I wanted to heighten the anticipation. I wanted to see you so badly my hands were shaking. I still couldn't believe you were letting me ."

"There was no way I'd refuse," Willow explained. "The moment I felt your hands against my back, I knew what I wanted."

"Even now, every time I look at you," Tara let the bikini top fall to the ground, without taking her eyes away from Willow's, "you still amaze me with how beautiful you are."

Despite herself, Willow blushed. It had been a long time since she'd felt the need to blush. But going down memory lane, seeing Tara look at her so heatedly, it felt like she was reliving their first time. And boy did she do a lot of blushing that night. So did Tara for that matter...

"You amaze me too, Tara," Willow said with a smile. "You're so beautiful, and I don't think I'm ever gonna get tired of looking at your body."

Like Willow, Tara felt herself blush. She too was being transported back to their first night. She could remember the atmosphere and the emotions, almost as if it had happened yesterday, and not over two years ago.

"Oh Will..."

"You remember what I said to you then?" Willow asked softly. Off Tara's nod she continued. "I said you could look at me if you wanted. You'd taken my bra off, but your eyes wouldn't leave mine." Willow paused then, realizing that just like that night, Tara had yet to look at her breasts. I guess I'm gonna have to repeat my invitation...?

"Tara," Willow smiled invitingly, "it's okay to look at me. I want you too..."

With a warm smile, Tara slowly dragged her eyes from Willow's and lowered them towards her chest. In her opinion, Willow had the most perfect breasts. They were ample enough to fit in the palm of her hands. They had the most adorable pinkish nipples. And most importantly, they belonged to Willow.

As she rested her gaze on the now familiar cleavage of her girlfriend, Tara couldn't help but remember how she felt that fateful night. Viewing them for the first time had been such an emotional experience for her, and she'd been unable to take her eyes off them.

"Beautiful," Tara sighed. "You're so beautiful..."

Once again, Willow blushed at the compliment. She loved the way Tara looked at her and made her feel like she was the most beautiful person in the world. No one had ever made her feel quite so special or so beautiful as Tara. Not even Oz.

"Tara," she said huskily, "can you...?"

Tara forced herself to drag her gaze from Willow's breasts and look deep into her eyes. Despite the time frame, she had just as much trouble pulling away as she'd had that first night. At first, she hadn't realized what Willow had meant, because the girl had trailed off before she could finish the request. However, as Willow moved her gaze down to her breasts, she'd quickly caught on. Willow wanted her to strip.

Tara smiled to herself as she remembered how nervous she'd been. She'd always felt shy about her body, but it wasn't shyness holding her back that night. It was the desire to be perfect for the woman she loved. She didn't want to disappoint Willow. The girl deserved only the best.

Despite her reservations, she'd instantly complied. She'd never been able to refuse Willow anything. So, just like that night, Tara locked her eyes with Willow's and dragged her t-shirt roughly up and over her head.

Unlike Willow, she wasn't wearing a bathing suit, so all she had on was her practical cotton bra. She suddenly wished she'd thought to wear something sexier to the beach today. However, Willow's smile and instant look of desire, made her realize it didn't really matter what she was wearing.

All Willow cared about at this moment was the sight of her half-exposed cleavage. Willow had the same look in her eyes as she'd had the first time she'd seen them. And that very same look is what had prompted her to reach behind herself and unsnap her bra that night. It had given her all the confidence she'd needed.

Willow felt the wetness building between her legs as she watched Tara slowly, and agonizingly strip off her own bra. The girl sure knew how to tease. What with first lowering one strap, and then another. All the while holding the bra close to her chest with her free hand. That's what Tara had done that night as well. And when she'd finally had both straps off, she'd moved her hands to cup her breasts and then met her gaze.

Tara smiled sexily, knowing exactly what effect her strip tease was having on Willow. So, without further ado, she widened her grin and removed her hands, letting the bra fall effortlessly to the sand.

"Oh wow," Willow sighed as her eyes finally feasted on the magnificence that was Tara's cleavage. "Oh wow," she repeated. "You're even more beautiful than the first time I saw you. I think seeing you that night, so open, so exposed...turned me into a breast gal for life..."

"Yeah," Tara chuckled. "I seem to remember your slack-jawed ogling. It made me feel...gods, you make me feel"

"Special?" Willow finished up, moving her gaze back up to meet Tara's. Tara bashfully turned away but Willow's fingertips captured Tara's chin gently, making their eyes meet again. "You are special Tara. I love you so much and I never wanna let you go."

Tara pursed her lips as if she might cry at the admission. She felt her heart race, and she leaned over and pressed her lips against Willow's with a light moan. She wrapped her arms around the girl's naked back and crushed their breasts together as their tongues met. She trembled at the intimate contact, and gently lowered Willow to the blanket below. All the while, she continued to run her tongue around the inside of her mouth.

The same thing had happened during their first night together. Well, aside from Willow's declaration of love. That night, Willow had merely looked at her and told her that she cared for her and wanted her more than anything else in the world. The utter emotion in Willow's eyes was what had choked her up that night. But today was different. Today, Tara knew she had Willow's love and not just a growing attraction. They had a surrogate daughter and a life they were building together and not just a college romance.

As Tara lay on the beach caressing her lover she thought back to that first night. The moment their breasts had met and she'd felt Willow's hardened nipples against her own, her whole body had started to tremble. That's when she'd lowered Willow to the bed and had begun to move her upper body, purposefully causing friction between their nipples.

Willow moaned as Tara repeated the action. The girl was straddling her thigh and moving her breasts up and down. The growing wetness between her legs started to multiply, and the intensity of her ache for release was getting more urgent by the second.

"I'm scared," she moaned against Tara's lips. The admission of fright halted Tara's movements. She tried to sit back but Willow continued to hold her in place, trying to let her know it wasn't Tara herself that she feared. "I wanna make you happy, but...but I've never with a girl before..."

Tara couldn't help but shiver at Willow's words and affectionately she kissed the redhead. She pulled away from the kiss and looked down at her girlfriend. She felt so much love and desire for the girl. And the idea that Willow wanted to make her happy, caused her heart to swell with emotion.

Their bodies continued to move of their own accord, causing their breasts to become ever more sensitive. "I wanna make you happy too," Tara began huskily. "So...just do what I do..."

With that, she moved her hands to Willow's pants and began to unbutton them.

Willow smiled and leaned up a little to recapture Tara's lips. So, when Tara had reached for her pants, she'd copied her. She moaned into their kiss and tentatively moved her own hands to the waistband of Tara's pants. When Tara had pulled away from their kiss and worked her pants down her thighs and off her legs, she'd reciprocated, leaving them both dressed only in their panties.

It had been a nerve-wracking moment for both of them, and they'd lifted themselves off the bed and simultaneously lowered their own panties down and off. Their gazes had remained locked together. This had been a moment...a first...which they'd wanted to share simultaneously.

So, just like that night, the two girls were now completely naked and staring deeply into one another's eyes. Slowly and steadily they allowed their gazes to travel down and finally come to rest on one another's sex.

"I almost fainted," Willow recalled. "Looking at you openly. It was like I could see your entire soul or something. I could barely move..."

Tara nodded her head and smiled. "Me too. I could see your aura the first moment I laid eyes on you in that Wicca group but standing there, in front of me, totally was like seeing your essence and I couldn't wait to taste you and touch you. But I was worried too..."


Tara nodded. "I thought you might not like what you saw..."

Willow grinned warmly and cupped Tara's cheeks with her hand. "You were so beautiful. Patient. Giving...You always are."

"Well," Tara smiled. "I could see how nervous you were. So," she grasped Willow's hands as she settled down on the beach towel, "I guided you to the bed and just held you."

Willow shivered at the memory and allowed Tara to guide her to lie on her side. "I couldn't stop shaking," Willow recalled with a slight chuckle. "I was so excited and scared a-and nervous."

"So I pulled you towards me," Tara continued, doing just that. She leaned her forehead against Willow's and intertwined their legs together.

"Mmm," Willow sighed. "We stayed like this for so long, and then you finally began to press kisses against my cheeks and my lips and my neck. Oh gods Tara, when you moved me to lie down on my back and began pressing your lips all over my chest and my breasts...gods, I was sooo wet."

"I remember," Tara gently pushed Willow down on the towel. Without another word, she lowered her lips to Willow's left nipple and began to gently suckle on it.

Willow shuddered, but didn't say a word. She could feel the heat increasing between her legs as Tara's mouth and tongue moved slowly from breast to breast and then tentatively down her chest towards her stomach. And just like their first time, when Tara reached the top of her mound, Willow gently pulled her head up and turned the tables.

She wanted her turn to taste Tara's body. After all, Tara had said to follow her lead, and that's just what she'd done...what she was doing now.

"Mmm," Tara moaned as Willow flickered her tongue inside her navel.

So, as Willow's lips proceeded further south and neared her sex, she'd gently guided her back up. She wanted their first time to be mutual.

"Kiss me," she appealed, guiding Willow on her side.

Willow eagerly complied and moaned when she felt Tara's hand reach between their bodies.

"I wanna touch you," Tara whispered, "and I want you to touch me too...please..."

Willow instantly complied and followed Tara's movement.

She'd trembled with anticipation and nervousness that night when she'd felt Tara's hand tentatively pressed against her mound. The girl had merely touched her gently, and had waited for her to return the favor. It had taken her a few moment to gather up enough courage to touch Tara, but when she finally did, she'd almost come then and there.

Their lips had met then, and they'd closed their eyes as their fingers gently guided one another's lips open, their extreme wetness making it very easy. Willow had waited for Tara's lead, and when the girl had finally pressed a finger against her clit, she'd reciprocated. She'd allowed Tara to guide her entirely.

So, when Tara rubbed her clit softly, she rubbed Tara's softly. When the girl increased pressure, she quickly followed suit. And when she felt first one and then two of Tara's fingers enter her completely, she too entered Tara's body. She'd followed Tara's rhythm, just like she was following Tara's rhythm right now behind the dune.

As Tara continued to thrust into her, Willow could feel herself rapidly nearing release. However, she wanted to bring Tara along with her, and from the moans escaping from Tara's lips, she could tell she was doing a pretty good job of it.

When Tara suddenly pressed into a particularly sensitive spot, Willow's eyes flew open and she let out an extra loud moan. "Oh gods, Tara..."

This spurred Tara on and she increased her tempo. However, as Willow's eyes had flown open, she'd caught an unmistakable glimpse of two sets eyes. Through her desire clouded mind she somehow managed to make out the faces as Xander and Anya's.

Oh my gods, she projected silently to Tara, Anya and Xander are watching...

What? Tara replied, her own mind feeling just as clouded. You want me to stop? she silently asked yet continued with her movements - grateful that Willow hadn't stopped hers yet either. She was so close...

It took about three seconds before Willow came to an inevitable conclusion. She and Tara were making love, and regardless of who saw them, the experience was still purely between them. She wasn't about to stop just because her modesty was threatened.

Don't stop, she pleaded, I'm so close...

Me too, Tara projected, me too...

"Anya!" Xander exclaimed, startling the ex-demon. "What are you doing here? Did you find your money? Where's Willow and Tara...?"

Xander trailed off as he moved his gaze to where Anya was looking. What he saw down there caused his eyes to practically bug out of his head. Two beautiful, naked women were lying side by side kissing and touching one another. Instantly, he felt himself harden.

However, on closer inspection, he realized that the two women were none other than Willow and Tara.

"Get down," Anya advised, patting the sand next to her, "they'll see you."

"We shouldn't really be watching," Xander reprimanded, even though he continued to stare.

"They're almost done," Anya insisted. "I can tell by the sounds they're making," she added as she pointed toward them.

His eyes still locked on the display before him, Xander reluctantly moved to lie down next to Anya. "This is wrong..."

"Uh huh," Anya agreed absent-mindedly, her own gaze locked on the show below. She had to hand it to the two lesbians. They sure knew how to have a good time without a penis.

Anya turned around to face her boyfriend then. Thinking of penis's always reminded her of Xander. And she suddenly got an idea.

"Your penis," she told him. "I want it inside me right now."

Xander sputtered in surprise and turned to face his girlfriend. He was used to such directives from her. But now? On the beach? Where anyone could see them?


"It's good enough for the lesbians," she told him matter of factly.

Xander moved to protest, but thought better of it. He knew that look. And besides, after the brief show he'd just seen, he was more than ready to give her what she wanted. Taking a quick look around, he was satisfied that they were pretty much alone.

"Mmm," Tara sighed as her breathing steadily returned to normal. "That was incredible."

"Mmm," Willow agreed. "Amazing..."

"Even with an audience?" Tara smirked.

Willow smiled, "you're the only one I had eyes for. When I wanna make love to my girl, I don't care if the whole world sees. It's always just about us anyway..."

"I'm glad you finally realized it," Tara grinned. "I wonder where Anya and Xander went?"

Willow cocked her head as if listening to something. "Did you hear that?" she asked.

Tara listened for a moment. "A seagull?"

"No!" Willow said, a wicked grin on her face. "Or yeah...a seagull named Anya. Come on!" Willow grabbed her clothes and hurriedly began to dress.

"What?" Tara said, absently following Willow's lead in donning her clothing.

"Shhh," Willow said, taking Tara's hand when she finally pulled her shirt over her head. "Let's go."

Willow led them over the crest of the hill and to the next dune and giggled when Willow dropped to the ground as if she were a soldier storming a beachhead. She dropped to the sand next to her lover.

"What -?" Tara began, but Willow cut her off by pressing her hand against her lips.

Willow crawled and wiggled her way forward until she reached the top of the dune and peeked her head over the top. She looked back at Tara and made a beckoning gesture for Tara to follow. Feeling extremely silly, Tara did so, noting the way the fine particles of sand made their way into her bra. Oh this so better be worth it, she thought to herself. Then again, the mutual after-beach shower is always fun. I'll just make sure it's Willow's turn to clean the drain.

Finally reaching Willow, she lifted her head up and looked over the side, the sight below causing her eyes to widen in shock.

"Willow!" she whispered softly enough so the copulating couple below couldn't hear her.

What? Willow projected silently. They watched us! It's only fair.

Anya's high-pitched seagull moan washed over the dune again and Tara couldn't help herself as she scooted closer and joined Willow in watching the scene playing out below them.

Oh boy, she thought to Willow. Now we really do deserve the perverts of the year award.

Willow's body shook in silent laugher. Don't worry, Sweetie, she thought back. Anya's got that title sewn up for the next hundred years. See that?

Tara looked and her eyes widened even more and she felt like her whole body was blushing. Oh my goddess! Tara silently exclaimed.

Gotta admit, looks like Anya's got a few hidden talents, Willow thought as she looked over at her lover with a smirk.

Willow! she admonished before shaking her head and moving back down the dune. Come on we gotta go home before Dawnie gets back.

Okay, just a minute, Willow replied silently before looking back at Xander and Anya who were now basking in their afterglow. Hey guys, she called down to them. Thanks for the show. We'll catch you at home.

"Oh for Pete's Sake Willow," Anya remarked out loud, starting to search for her clothes.

"We agreed," Xander warned as he looked around, unsure were the voice came from, "No more brain melding."

You two do enough melding on your own I see, Willow teased.

Hearing the noise in their heads, both lovers frantically tried to cover themselves. Xander finally spotted Willow smiling from the dune above them and watched her give a brief wave before disappearing out of sight.

"Your best friend is a pervert Xander," Anya told him once they were alone. "Spying on us while we're enjoying orgasms."

"Yeah," Xander said sarcastically and quite pointedly. "People who watch are real sickos huh?"

At first the comment went over Anya's head. "Absolutely! You think they'd give us some privacy and...Oh...just forget it," she mumbled before turning bright red.

"Forgotten," he chuckled as he pulled her face closer in both hands, giving her a kiss.

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