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Coming Out of the Bedroom

Author: SpikeMe4Now4200, CN Winters and Susan Carr.
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: The story is ours... the characters aren't. We wanted to have a little fun with 'em... so we're borrowing 'em from Joss... just for a little while.

Willow rushed through the front door and threw her book bag on the foyer table, racing up the stairs.

"Hey!" she said, rushing into the bedroom, stripping off her top.

"Hey, Sweetie," Tara said. Willow was pleased to see that Tara wasn't ready yet. The blonde had obviously showered, but was still in her robe. It lessened her guilt for being late.

Willow sat on the edge of the bed to strip off her shoes and socks. "Dawnie ready yet?"

"Think so," Tara answered, pulling her brush through her damp hair. "She's helping the 'bot get changed."

"Oh?" Willow said, pausing in her stripping. "I forgot tonight's her debut. I should..."

Tara intercepted Willow before she could rush from the room. She could instantly feel Willow's energy change from harried to panicked. "Will, she's as ready as she's gonna get. You said as much this morning."

"I know, but..."

"Sweetie," Tara said gently. "Go shower. We have to drop Dawn off at Janice's before we go to Xander's. I'll lay out your clothes for you, okay?"

Willow took a deep breath, nodded and headed into the bathroom.

Tara looked at the closed door of the bathroom as she heard the shower start and then a muffled curse as something fell into the tub. She sighed as she bent down to plug in the blow dryer.

Things had been so much better between them lately, but Tara was afraid that Willow would start to fall back into old habits, especially if patrol did not go well tonight with the Buffybot. Willow had been working on her for weeks now and they had all decided that they could not wait any longer to put her to use. Giles felt that the demonic activity was beginning to increase and if the Slayer did not put in an appearance it would only get worse and make it much harder on the Scoobies.

Tara knew there was nothing she could do about that, but there was something she could do about Willow's state of mind...and Willow's state of mind was crucial to her safety while on patrol. Moving around the bedroom, she gathered clothes for Willow and placed them on the bed. Smiling to herself, she placed a couple of additional items on the bed and then began to dress. When she was done, Tara poked her head into the steamy bathroom. "Everything's laid out for you, Willow. Get dressed and I'll go check on Dawn and 'bot."

"Okay," Willow called through the shower curtain.

Tara knocked on Dawn's half open door. "Everyone decent?"

"Yeah!" Dawn called. "At least I am. Don't know about this one."

Tara moved into the room and inspected the robot. "She looks okay to me."

"Thank you for the compliment!" Buffybot said. "Spike always says I look good enough to eat. Do you think I look good enough to eat, Tara?"

"See what I mean?" Dawn giggled. She was sitting on her bed and hugging her pillow.

Tara sighed. "Will's working on it. She'll get her fixed soon...I hope." Tara then turned to the bot. "I think you look very nice tonight," she complimented.

"I think it's kinda cute the things she says," Dawn said.

"Some of us don't," Tara said, trying to be stern. "We'll be ready in a few minutes and will join you downstairs. Okay?"

Tara headed back to the bedroom. She was happy to see that Willow's hair was dry, but she was still wrapped up in the towel.

"Sweetie?" she asked with a knowing smirk. "Aren't you ready yet? The girls are waiting on us."

"Tara?" Willow asked looking at the bed. "What's this?"

"What I picked out for you to wear," she said moving to the dresser mirror to check her hair. "You don't like?"

"The clothes, yeah. Jeans, tee-shirt, boots, a jacket, heh...classic look, sensible for patrol, but...Tara?" Willow held up a red leather harness. "This is not your standard patrol equipment, ya know."

Tara quirked her eyebrow up in the mirror as she looked at Willow's reflection. "No, not usually, but tonight it is."

"Tara!" Willow said, shocked. "I can't wear this on patrol! It''s..."


"It''s..." Willow couldn't bring herself to say it.

"A strap-on harness?" Tara came to her rescue.

"Right!" Willow breathed out. "A-and...a-and..."

"And a dildo?" Tara supplied.

"Exactly!" Willow dropped the harness back to the bed, relieved to have cleared things up, however Tara was just getting started. The blonde walked over to the bed, picked up the harness and moved closer to Willow.

"Will...Sweetie," she said, leaning closer to her lover. "I want you to wear it."

"'s a toy, Tara!" Willow protested despite the fact she could feel her body break out into a sweat at Tara's proximity.

"Tonight, it's not," she answer. "Well, maybe later...but not for patrol. Just wear it, okay?" Tara captured Willow's bottom lip and sucked it, applying constant pressure until the redhead moaned at the sensation.

"How?" Willow gasped, finally pulling away. "I can't walk around with it inside...Tara!"

"Like this," Tara took the harness and inserted the appliance upside down through the hole. "Just tuck this part between your legs and let the front rest against your jeans. They're baggy enough so you won't be too uncomfortable. It'll feel snug, but it'll look realistic. Just don't tuck your shirt in," Tara added with a smirk.

"Okay, that's the how, but...why?" Willow asked

Tara smiled. "You're a smart girl, Will. I'm sure you'll figure it out. Right now, just do it for me, okay?" Pushing the harness into Willow's hands, she continued, "Hurry up now...Anya and Xander are waiting for us and Giles and Spike will be alone in the cemetery if we're late. We don't want them in danger, you know."

"Oh gods," Willow mumbled to herself as Tara left the room.

Tara smiled to herself when Willow walked out the front door and climbed into the passenger seat of the Jeep. She could tell by Willow's gait that the redhead was a bit uncomfortable. Willow simply gave her a sour look and shifted a little in her seat as she buckled her seatbelt while Tara started the car.

After dropping Dawn off at her friend's, the three of them headed to Xander's apartment listening to the bot go on about how she hoped Spike would be there tonight. Tara parked the car while Willow called up on the intercom to let them know they arrived. Within a few minutes the Scoobies were heading for the nearest cemetery on foot, weapons and spell components hidden underneath jackets and in pockets. Tara glanced slyly at Willow, noticing that the closer they got to the cemetery, the more Willow's stance seemed to relax.

Willow caught Tara's smirk from the corner of her eye. Vixen, Willow thought, feeling the clench of the harness with every step she took. You are so gonna get it later, she projected.

Gods, I hope so, Tara thought back at Willow, her expression a study of innocence. After all, can't let you have all the fun.

Willow felt the shaft of the double headed dildo that was pressed tightly against her slit shift a bit as the images Tara projected at her caused the moisture which bubbled from within to lubricate it.

"You okay, Will?" Xander asked. "You're walking kinda funny. You got a stone in your boot or something?"

"Uh...yeah," she answered. "Something like that."

"Well, do something about that, will ya?" he said. "Cause we're here."

"Oh look," the Buffybot squealed. "It's Spike! Hi Spike. I missed you!"

The blonde vampire snarled at Willow as the gang joined him and Giles waiting for them near a new grave. "I told you to fix that crap, Red."

"Hey!" Willow protested, taking an aggressive stance. "It's an incredibly complex machine a-and there's thousands of lines of code to modify. That Warren guy was twisted, but he's a technological genius."

"Would someone please tell me why I even bother with you bloody Scoobies if you're not even going to do your part?" Spike yelled as he thrust his face close to Willow's.

"Not doing my part?" Willow sputtered. She leaned forward as she rested her fists on her hips. "Why you useless neutered waste of space! How dare you?"

"That's it!" Spike drew back. "I don't care if my head explodes. You've got this coming."

Giles intercepted Spike's fist before it could swing toward Willow. "Now, now children," he chided. "This is not the time or place. We have evil undead to defeat."

"And I think I'll start with this one, " Willow fumed, raising her stake.

"Sweetie," Tara chided. "Mr. Giles meant other vampires and not our allies. Okay?"

"Yeah, you should listen to your bird, Red. Not only pretty she is, but smart. Hey Blondie, how about you ditch the witch here and come home with me tonight? I'm sure I can show you a thing or two she never has." Spike stuck his thumb in the waistband of his belt and allowed the rest of his fingers to dangle towards his crotch.

This time, both Xander and Giles had to restrain Willow from launching herself at the taunting vampire.

"Uh, guys..." Anya began, pointing behind the group. "We might wanna think about fighting the nasty gang of vampires instead of each other."

"Bloody hell!" Giles murmured.

Approaching them were a half dozen vampires. Willow recognized the leader. He had arrived in Sunnydale not long after things with Glory started to heat up and Buffy had been too distracted to make the effort of taking him down. As a result, he had managed to set up shop in town and was well on his way to becoming a big headache for the Scooby gang.

"Well...Franco!" Spike said, turning toward the leader. "Out for a stroll with your blokes, I see."

"Just came to get what's mine," Franco replied, nodding his head towards the new grave. As if on cue, a dirty hand thrust itself out of the loose soil and a newly risen vampire began to crawl his way out.

"One of yours, eh mate?" Spike asked watching the fledging emerge. "Well, sorry to break it to you lad, but this bleedin' heart lot's not gonna let you keep 'im. Deal with the disappointment."

"Say!" Buffybot said cheerily to Franco. "You're a vampire, I'll have to slay you now."

"That so?" Franco sneered.

"Yes," the robot replied. "But first...Knock Knock!"

Franco blinked. "Who's there?"


Franco looked at the rest of the Scoobies to see if anyone was laughing. Willow winced. She'd meant to delete the joke file, but had been distracted. "Vampire who?" Franco finally asked.

"Vampire State Building!" Buffybot perked and planted her stylishly booted foot in his chest, launching him back and knocking over three of his minions.

"Get them!" Franco growled as he picked himself up.

The Buffybot was one step ahead of them. "What did one lesbian vampire say to the other?" she asked with a grin, ducking out of the way as the three minions stood up and lunged for her. "I'll see you next month," she qualified, grinning perkily as she blocked and parried their attacks.

Meanwhile, the other lackeys rushed towards the Scoobies with patented snarls and growls. The newest member also joined the pack, eager for a piece of the action.

Spike made a move towards the fledging, deciding to teach the upstart a lesson in respecting his elders. He led with a hard right to the vamp's kisser, and chuckled as the newborn retaliated with a sloppy left.

"You're gonna have to do a lot better than that mate," Spike growled, blocking the punch and connecting his boot to the vamp's chest.

The fledging fell to the ground with a thump, his eyes widening as the blonde changed into one of them. With a snarl, he jumped up furiously and lunged for Spike.

"Someone," Spike smirked as he easily blocked the first punch, "should've warned you 'bout the real big bad 'round 'ere," he continued, blocking two more punches before using a roundhouse kick to send the vamp flying a couple of yards down. Ironically, he landed flat on his own newly vacated grave.

Willow, who was standing nearby and had just sent flying a lackey of her own, reached down with her stake and finished the job Spike had started.

"Hey!" Spike protested as the minion she'd projected tackled him to the ground. "That," he growled, wrestling with the vamp, "was my kill." He pounded the lackey's face, emphasizing each word with his fists. "Do a fella out on 'is own kill. It just ain't right. Bloody Witch, got no sense of decency. I'll show 'er. Kill 'er vamp, see how she likes that, ay?"

Willow smirked as Spike finally dusted the vamp beneath him in frustration. "Didn't see your name on it," she taunted, using her energy to fend off an approaching lackey. The vamp landed against Spike's back, just as he was picking himself off the ground. "Maybe this one's more to your liking," she chuckled.

Spike fumed as his face met the ground. With an angry snarl, he surged up and used the back of his head to knock out the vamp behind him. "Arrrrggghhh," Spike growled, turning around to finish the vamp off

Willow had already reached his side however. "Guess not," she mocked as the vamp turned to dust at her own hand. "Witch two, Vamp one."

"Oh yeah?" Spike snarled, moving towards Xander and Giles. He grabbed the collar of the vamp they were fending off and threw him to the ground. Before the vamp knew what had hit him, he was clutching at the stake in his chest as he rapidly disintegrated.

"Two all," Spike met Willow's gaze challengingly.

With that, he picked up his stake and moved to help Tara and Anya, who were doing their best to fend off a couple of Franco's minions. Tara had used a spell to blind them, but that didn't stop the random physical attacks.

Willow also rushed towards her girlfriend's side. However, she was pre-empted when a vamp crash landed against her, courtesy of the Buffybot. By the time she'd staked him, Spike had already taken care of the two blinded vamps.

"You okay Sweetie?" Willow finally reached Tara's side and squeezed her hand.

"Yeah," Tara smiled.

"Four - three," Spike gloated.

Willow glared at him, but found herself hard pressed to be too angry. She was enjoying their competition. Looking around, she noted that there were still three minions left. Xander and Giles were doing their best to keep them at bay, while the Buffybot was dealing with Franco himself.

Spike followed her gaze. "Reckon you're still in it?" he asked with a smirk.

"Only one way to find out," Willow grinned back.

With that, the pair rushed into action. Spike was the faster of the two and was first to tackle a vamp. However, Willow's quick thinking allowed her to cast a spell which paralyzed the other two, leaving them prime for staking.

"Five all," Willow directed at Spike as she made her last kill.

"Winner gets Franco," Spike shot back as he finished his own vamp.

"Too late," Xander interjected. "I think the Buffybot's got ya beat," he pointed behind them.

They turned to where Xander was pointing, just in time to see Franco meet Mr. Pointy.

Spike and Willow turned to face each other somewhat disappointedly. They'd been looking forward to settling the score.

Spike shrugged after a moment. "Next time Red..." he ventured lightly.

Willow grinned. "Count on it."

Spike looked at Willow for a moment before flashing her a grin. He always enjoyed a good pissing contest.

"Well, I'm off to wet the ole whistle," he turned around, deciding he'd had enough pseudo-male bonding for one night. "Later," he strode off towards the bronze with a wave of his hand.

"Knock knock jokes aside, great job with the 'bot, Will," Xander said as they neared his apartment.

"Yes Sweetie," Tara smiled.

"Thanks," Willow blushed.

"I think this calls for a celebration. What do you gals say? You up for it?" Xander said as he waved his hands.

Willow glanced at Tara and licked her lips. "Uh, I don't..."

"Sure!" Tara said brightly. She knew why Willow hesitated. Willow's actions tonight - even that stupid prick waving contest with Spike - had them both extremely turned on. And Willow had preformed admirably, so well that Tara was proud of her lover and couldn't wait to reward her, but she wanted to prolong things just a little bit longer.

"Great!" Xander said. "Anya and I need to make a beer run. You guys relax and we'll be back soon." Xander tossed Willow a set of keys and the redhead caught them one-handed.

Once upstairs in Xander's apartment, Willow threw off her jacket and then disappeared in the bathroom while Tara put the kettle on to boil for tea. The Buffybot continued to chatter mindlessly about a variety of subjects. Tara, always polite, just agreed with whatever the 'bot was saying.

"Tara? Can you help me with something?" Willow called from the bedroom.

"I'll be back, Buffy," Tara told the robot. "You just sit on the sofa and watch some television, okay?"

"Okay, Tara!" she answered and sat stiffly on the couch by the window.

Tara entered the bedroom and asked worriedly, "Willow? You okay? That last vamp didn't hurt you, did it?"

"No," a voice growled in her ear and Tara felt herself pushed against the bedroom door, slamming it shut.

Willow pressed her body roughly into Tara's, her lips descending upon the blonde's in a frenzy of passion. Tara felt her nipples harden to painful points as Willow's ground against them, her thin silk shirt stimulating them even more. She raised her hands and grabbed Willow's hair, pulling her closer as she felt their heightened teasing of the evening come to a head.

"Oh gods, Tara!" Willow whispered hoarsely, her mouth moving to bite and suck at her lover's neck. Tara threw her head back to give Willow more access to her neck.

"You've been driving me crazy all night. Every time I moved, I could feel this damn cock pressing into my clit. If I wasn't so wet because of you I'd be sore for a week," Willow said, pulling back and looking deep into Tara's blue eyes.

"That's how I wanted you, Willow," Tara said, a smirk gracing her lips. "All wet and ready for me."

Willow reached for Tara's blouse but the blonde grabbed her wrists.

"Here? In X-Xander's room?" she asked.

"Right here," came the firm reply from the redhead.


"Right now."

The look in Willow's eye and the tone in her voice told Tara that Willow would have her way so it was useless to offer arguments. Not that she would because the more she thought about it the more she felt her body tingling at the naughty notion. All she did was smirk a reply that set Willow even more on fire.

Willow quickly unbuttoned Tara's blouse and unclipped her front closing bar, pushing both garments off her shoulders and down Tara's arms. She leaned her head forward and took one of Tara's hard nipples in her mouth, licking and sucking and bringing the tender flesh to an even harder point. With her other hand, she worked Tara's other breast, kneading and squeezing until the blonde felt her knees grow weak.

"Oh, Willow, the things you do to me," she moaned, feeling the wetness gathering between her legs.

"It's what you do to me," Willow said, releasing her nipple with a pop.

"You were so with the butch tonight, Willow," she said playfully and Willow grinned as in a flash Tara turned them both around until Willow was pressed against the door. "I was so proud of you. First for wearing the harness like I asked and then for performing so well on patrol. I was so worried about you tonight. If you hadn't been so focused on other things you could have been killed and I couldn't stand that."

"I'll never leave you, Baby," Willow whispered and caught Tara's lips again with her own, thrusting her tongue deep and meeting Tara's.

As Tara slid her body sensuously against Willow's, she was delighted to discover that Willow had readjusted the dildo in the harness so it was facing the right direction. Tara pressed her hips harder into Willow's, causing the redhead to gasp as the head of the opposite end ground deeper inside her.

"Oh, yes!" Willow cried.

"Does that feel good, Baby?" Tara asked, as she continued moving her hips against Willow's. Her breathing quickened at the feel of the hard silicone through her thin skirt.

"You know it does," Willow said huskily, looking at her beautiful lover. "Don't stop."

Tara nipped at Willow's lower lip, catching it between her teeth and pulling at it until Willow whimpered. "I haven't even begun with you yet, Will," she whispered, letting go of Willow's lip. Tara reached down and grabbed Willow's thin hips, pulling her even closer. "Does that feel good?" she asked. "Can you feel it pressing into your beautiful cunt? Is it becoming a part of you?"

"Yes!" Willow said, throwing her head back in pleasure.

"Don't come just yet," Tara ordered and slid her right hand around to Willow's ass and into her back pocket, pulling out a foil-wrapped package. "I have a surprise for you."

Willow tried to focus her eyes on what Tara was holding. "Wha...?" she asked through her haze.

"Cherry favorite," Tara smirked and fell to her knees.

Willow looked down and watched as Tara's hands moved slowly to unbuckle her belt, each move calculated and sensual. Tara's smirk never left her face even though she would occasionally glance demurely up at Willow. Pulling aside the ends of the belt, one of Tara's hands next moved to Willow's boots, unlacing first one and then the other. Her eyes left Willow's face as she removed the boots, tossing them casually aside. With a quick movement, she pulled Willow's socks off, giving a little tickle with her fingernail along the bottom of Willow's dainty feet.

Returning to Willow's waist, Tara unbuttoned the jeans and then slowly pulled the zipper down. She smiled as she saw the realistic head of the dildo poking out of Willow's boxer shorts. She glanced up again at Willow and was amused to see Willow blushing.

"Willow," she began. "You're beautiful, my love."

Tara pulled Willow's pants down and then the boxer shorts. Willow lifted her legs as Tara removed them off completely. She slid her hands up Willow's naked legs, enjoying their silky feel and then the contrast as she reached the leather of the harness. She loved the way the tight straps accented Willow's ass cheeks. Tara lifted up the tail of Willow's shirt, exposing the black and white mottled strap-on.

Tara slid one hand along the length of the dildo, and then grasped it in a loose fist, marveling at the warmth built up in it from Willow's body. Running her hand up and down she could feel it slide through Willow's slickness, moving easily.

"Oh, Willow," she breathed, beginning to add pressure to the dildo, causing it to shift inside Willow. With her other hand she grabbed the foil package and tore it open with her teeth. She placed the end of the condom on the head of the dildo and, leaning forward, she slowly used her mouth to roll it down the shaft.

"Oh gods, Tara!" Willow exclaimed, her eyes wide at the sight of her lover taking the dildo into her mouth. "Where did you learn to do that?"

Tara released the dildo and licked her lips before her mouth quirked into a smile. "I have a good imagination, Sweetie."

Willow groaned again as Tara once again moved in, this time running her tongue around the head. She watched as Tara continued to move her tongue around, sliding it forward until her nose was buried in Willow's crotch and then pulling back and licking along the bottom of the shaft. Willow couldn't believe how erotic just the sight of Tara's actions was.

When Tara slid her lips over the head of the cock and pressed down, Willow could not contain the exclamation from her lips. The opposite end of the dildo also pressed forward, the curved head pushing against Willow's sweet spot causing the redhead's body to shudder with pleasure. She grabbed the back of Tara's head and wound her fingers through Tara's silken hair as the blonde began to bob back and forth along the shaft of the cock, pulling it deeper and deeper into her throat until she took in nearly all of the six inches.

"Oh Baby!" Willow said, feeling her orgasm begin to build deep inside her as the base pounded against her clit. Willow closed her eyes for a moment, unable to halt the rushing sensation, but then wanting to see her lover, she forced her eyes to open, and watched as Tara sucked her cock. That look was enough to push her over the edge and every cell in her body exploded in a blaze of screaming light.

Moments, minutes, hours later - Willow never knew for sure - she once again opened her eyes and looked down at Tara. The blonde was sitting back on her heels, a satisfied smirk on her face. Willow dropped to her knees and pulled Tara in for a deep kiss, tasting the faint echo of cherry on Tara's tongue.

"Turn around," Willow ordered gruffly.

"What?" Tara asked with a glint in her eye.

"Turn around," Willow repeated, and when Tara complied she pushed gently on Tara's back. "Now bend over."

Tara let out a small noise halfway between a moan and a squeal as she did as Willow asked. Willow pushed Tara's long skirt up and over her hips revealing her glorious white ass.

"I knew you weren't wearing any underwear, Tara," Willow said, running her hands over Tara's bare buttocks. "I could smell you. I could smell your need for me."

Willow reached forward and ran her fingers along Tara's wet slit. "Oh yeah, that's it, Baby," she said, relishing the feel. "You want me, Tara?"

"Gods yes, Willow," Tara answered, pushing back into Willow's probing hand.

"Tell me, Tara," Willow said. "Tell me what you want."

"I want you, Willow," she moaned.

"What do you want me to do, Tara?"

"Oh gods! Fuck me, Willow! Fuck me now!" Tara begged and screamed as Willow removed her hand and with a quick thrust, buried the entire length of the dildo deep inside her.

Willow grunted as she felt her end of the dildo push deeper into her and as she slid nearly all the way out of Tara, the shift brought a new flood of wetness to her and she groaned in pleasure. Thrusting forward again, she nearly cried aloud as she felt the base pound almost painfully into her swollen clit.

"Yes, Willow! That's it. Fuck me, Baby!" Tara cried.

Willow grabbed Tara's bucking hips and pulled her hard against herself as she felt the vibrations of Tara's contracting cunt through the firm silicone. She continued to thrust in and out, again and again, loving the feel of their bodies interconnected and enjoying the sounds Tara was making.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Tara cried as her body began its orgasm, the sound filling the room and beyond. "Oh! WILLLLLLLLLLLOW!!!!"

Willow thrust one more time and felt her insides once again pull together as every nerve ending responded to Tara's scream. Tara collapsed onto the rug and she followed, both their bodies shuddering with passion. Willow covered Tara's back and held on as another shaking climax passed through her and into Tara.

"Oh gods, oh gods," Tara chanted softly, her face pressed into the rug, her breath coming in hitches and fits.

"Tara," Willow whispered, trying to catch her breath. "Tara, you okay?"

"Oh gods," Tara said again and took such a deep breath that Willow could feel herself lift. "Yeah, I think so."

"I'm too heavy," she said beginning to shift.

"No!" Tara said, reaching a hand back to hold Willow in place. "Don't move just yet. You feel so good."

"So do you, Baby," she said, hugging her arms tighter around the blonde.

Tara chuckled. "Do you think Xander and Anya are back yet?"

"Oh no!" Willow said, leaning up on her arms and looking around, remembering where they were. "We just did it in Xander's bedroom!"

Tara chuckled, turning her head. Willow slowly rolled off of Tara's body and collapsed on her back.

"Okay," Willow began, joining in Tara's laughter, "I know there's some kind of Freudian meaning behind me fucking my girlfriend in my old crush's bedroom, but right now I just don't care."

Willow turned on her side and propped her head on her hand. "And where did you learn how to do that, missy?" she asked. "I thought you told me you never took any side trips to the 'other part of town'?"

"Oh come on, Will," she said, smiling at her lover as if she were the cat that ate the cream. "Did you need an instruction manual the first time you did it?"

"Well, no," she admitted.

"Then it really doesn't take a genius to figure it out, does it?"

Willow laughed, "I guess not."

They both looked up as they heard a noise from the living room.

"We are so busted," Tara said.

"Again!" Willow laughed. "Come on, let's get cleaned up and then go face the music."

Xander handed Willow an ice-cold beer and sat next to her on the couch. Tara and Anya were busy fussing around in the kitchen. Willow had offered to help, but the two had shooed her out saying the kitchen was too small for three.

"So, Willow," Xander began and Willow cocked an eyebrow at him as she took a sip from the bottle. "What's going on?"

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"I mean, why are you and Tara all 9½ Weeks all of a sudden?"

"What?" she defended. "I can't be with my girlfriend? You think only you and Anya have that right?"

"That's not what I mean, Will," he said. "I just never thought you and Tara could ever be so bold. I mean I know you and well, Tara always seemed so shy."

"Ever hear that cliché about the quiet ones?" she chuckled.

"You guys have gone beyond that, I think." Xander paused. "And you know, Will, I can't help but wonder..."

"What?" she asked.

"If maybe all the sexcapades have something to do with Buffy?"

"Buffy?" she exclaimed. "What are you talking about?" she added lowering her voice so the others in the kitchen couldn't hear her.

"Like maybe you're not dealing as well as you should?" he said. "As if all this wild and spontaneous sex is just a way to replace your grief?"

Willow was silent for a moment, torn between wanting to rage out of the apartment or simply break down and cry.

"I love Tara. And what's going on recently has nothing to do with Buffy being... gone."

"She's not gone Will," Xander told her. "She's dead. She's not in L.A visiting family or lying on a beach in Bermuda. She's dead. And she's not coming back."

"I know that," Willow said, her voice rising just a bit again.

"Then why can't you even say it?"

Willow released a deep sigh.

"Xander," she began. "I'm okay. Really. Tara and I are just trying to add a little spontaneity to our relationship. It's all fun. It's all good. I'm sorry we used your bedroom though. That was rude of us."

"Oh hey no!" Xander was quick to reassure along with adding a playful grin. "Believe me, you guys probably didn't do anything I haven't imagined you doing a thousand times."

A small smile quirked Willow's lips as she watched Tara enter the room carrying a plate of food. "Oh, I think you'd be surprised, Xan."

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