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Coming Out of the Bedroom

Author: SpikeMe4Now4200, CN Winters and Susan Carr.
Rating: NC-17.
Disclaimer: The story is ours... the characters aren't. We wanted to have a little fun with 'em... so we're borrowing 'em from Joss... just for a little while.

Willow sat down at a terminal at the university library. She'd been putting off starting her report on 'Communication in the 21st Century' and tonight she planned to do some major research. First, she thought she'd check on-line to see if she could find references before hitting the rows of books.

She picked a nice, quiet computer in the back of the library and booted up, placing her book bag beside her and bringing out her notebook. Already connected to the Internet, she logged into her public email account and found a message from her mother:

Your father and I will be traveling to London in the next week. We should be home by the end of the month but we'll call when we get back to the States. Be sure to bring Tara by. We'll have dinner and bring Bunny too, if you want.
Love, Mom

After deleting the message she signed onto the instant messenger program and entered her screen name ScarletWitch and the password taralover. She looked at her list of names but not a single one was highlighted as being on-line:

L.A contacts:

Friends and Family:

Lady Gaia
Diana_ Artemis

Home front:

Willow paused for a moment as she looked at the last name. She forgot it was in there. It had been well over a month since she had signed in. Should she delete it? It was useless to keep it there. But a part of her just wasn't ready. The more she thought about it, the more she knew it was time. She took a deep sigh, highlighted the name and hit the delete key before she could change her mind.

Trying to focus on her schoolwork, Willow went back to her book bag to get out two pens. One blue ink. One red ink. When she looked back up at the computer she saw a flashing message.

MISS_KITTY: So...What are you wearing? ~wiggle eyebrows~

Willow grinned as she saw the message from Tara on the screen. This was just what she needed right now - a reminder of how good her life still was in spite of all the recent sadness.

ScarletWitch: Hey you! What are you doing on-line? I thought you had Internet aversion.
MISS_KITTY: Just visiting some of the sites that Anya gave me. She made money, money, money according to her. And we could always use money. Dawn's school photos are coming up soon so I thought I would check it out...Where are you?
ScarletWitch: Library - thought I'd start work on that report I've been putting off.
MISS_KITTY: Baby, summer classes just started two weeks ago.
ScarletWitch: Yeah but I wanted to get a jump on it so I hopped on line to do a little research and here you are.
MISS_KITTY: Oh yeah? Sure you weren't looking for your secret cyber sex girlfriend?
ScarletWitch: Tara!
MISS_KITTY: ~Laughing~ Well, I can never know what you're up to.
ScarletWitch: I'm a one woman witch. You know that. Oh and Sweetie, use LOL for when you laugh.
ScarletWitch: Means Laughing Out Loud.
MISS_KITTY: Oh, okay. Well, I wanted to tell you, if we have time we're going shopping for toys. We don't have any besides 'Old Reliable' and I'm feeling very deprived.
ScarletWitch: Toy shopping huh?
MISS_KITTY: Yeah. Got any ideas?
ScarletWitch: Well....LOL
MISS_KITTY: Well what?
ScarletWitch: jelly doesn't give off as much of a vibe
ScarletWitch: it's like the rubber cushions the blow
ScarletWitch: guess I just like it a bit rougher
ScarletWitch: :)
MISS_KITTY: I know you do.
ScarletWitch: Nah, really...I'm just plain old vanilla girl
MISS_KITTY: Baby I know you're not plain vanilla.
MISS_KITTY: So where are you 'exactly' Will?
ScarletWitch: told you - the library
MISS_KITTY: Are you alone? I want to play.
ScarletWitch: ~gulp~ Play?
MISS_KITTY: LOL - yeah. Do you want to play with me?

Willow looked around and saw someone wandering through the stacks and also noticed that the librarian was nearby looking at a book. There were also a few people in front of her, but otherwise the place was deserted.

ScarletWitch: well yeah...I always wanna play with you, Baby.
ScarletWitch: lol
MISS_KITTY: Awww... It warms my cockles. LOL
ScarletWitch: just the cockles huh?
MISS_KITTY: Well, yeah.
ScarletWitch: i'll have to try harder
MISS_KITTY: You can do harder. You do hard really good Baby. were saying you were vanilla girl?
MISS_KITTY: I quote: ScarletWitch: Nah, really...I'm just plain old vanilla girl
ScarletWitch: Well I might be open to a little experimentation you know.
MISS_KITTY: I'd love to find out.
ScarletWitch: I bet you would...could be worth your while
ScarletWitch: you love being teased
MISS_KITTY: I do. I also loved to be pampered.
ScarletWitch: but how would you know pampered if you never know teased?
MISS_KITTY: The pampering usually comes after the teasing.
ScarletWitch: I know how to pamper too
MISS_KITTY: What do you like to do?
ScarletWitch: hmm...depends on my mood...
ScarletWitch: there isn't much I won't do for you Baby.
MISS_KITTY: Isn't much I don't like done...grin.
ScarletWitch: my favorite would have to be 69...tasting and being tasted at the same time is incredible
MISS_KITTY: Ummm, that's nice. I like that too. I like the "after" part, too. I love kissing you after you've gone down on me.
MISS_KITTY: Licking all of myself off of your face.

Willow released a ragged sigh as she read the words and tried her damnedest to concentrate on typing. She gave a quick glance around the room wondering if anyone else might be watching her before she began typing again. She felt a bit naughty. Dirty. And she liked it.

ScarletWitch: What about right now? Do you taste good?

Tara reached between her legs, dragging her fingertips through her moist slit before sucking on them. She paused a moment to return to the keyboard.

MISS_KITTY: Yes I do and I've never had any complaints.
ScarletWitch: I bet you do...I bet you're real wet too.
MISS_KITTY: Oh yeah. Too wet sometimes...grin.
MISS_KITTY: All gushy like.
ScarletWitch: mmm...just more to drink
MISS_KITTY: You're driving me nuts, you realize that?
ScarletWitch: lol
ScarletWitch: you're driving me a little crazy too...I must confess the chair is gonna be wet if I can ever stand up
MISS_KITTY: Good...cause I wanna drive you crazy.
ScarletWitch: ...I admit I'm having fun.
ScarletWitch: I can feel my pulse through my entire body right now.
MISS_KITTY: Well, I'm feeling it in a particular spot, I can tell you that!
ScarletWitch: lol
ScarletWitch: that's good...I feel that spot too
ScarletWitch: I feel lots of things at the moment
MISS_KITTY: Oh yeah? Like what sort of things?
ScarletWitch: my breathing getting shallow wondering what you'll say next, my mouth getting dry while my panties get more soaked.
MISS_KITTY: Funny how the wetness in the mouth seems to move south. I think that's why I love to kiss...stimulate more wetness in the mouth...share the wealth. I love to kiss. And I'm a damn good kisser.
ScarletWitch: Hell yeah Baby. Those full lips...Oh Gods...I can say for certain if you went down on me your mouth wouldn't stay dry
ScarletWitch: I'd even leave the boots on if you like
MISS_KITTY: LOL!!! Oh yeah!
ScarletWitch: that rough leather against your back while your tongue dances inside me...I'm soft...I'm really soft
MISS_KITTY: I bet you taste so good right now. Did you shave this morning? Trim?
ScarletWitch:'d get a good view of my smooth pussy
MISS_KITTY: So, nice and smooth. Nothing in my way as I lick every inch of you, tasting you, drinking you in.
ScarletWitch: oh fuck I'm so wet right now
ScarletWitch: i'm throbbing

The throbbing was getting too intense and with another quick glance around, Willow's fingers unzipped her fly and her hand found its way inside to offer some relief. She began a steady rhythm of slow circular motions as she continued to read.

MISS_KITTY: In that case, then I'd have to make my way to your clit and suck it in, using my lips to enfold it entirely as I tease the tip with my tongue, just lightly brushing it with my teeth...gotta have that hint of danger you know. I'm sure it'll make you that much more wet to know I can be dangerous when I want to.

It was too much. Tara needed Old Reliable and she moved from the bed to the dresser. Locking the door she went back to the computer to see if Willow had responded. With a simple turn at the base the vibrator began to hum. Soon the sweet sensation pulsated against her clit.

ScarletWitch: mmm...I'd love to throw my thighs over your shoulders and let you suck and lick...would you bite my thighs, rub your hair against them? Would you tease me with your fingers just a little?

Willow's clit continued to throb and she pushed harder against her panties, aching for release. She knew Tara would be pleased to know she'd worked her into such a state. She reached beyond the material to the pool of wetness that had collected inside. She tasted her fingers and imaged it came from Tara's lips and she willed herself back to the keyboard.

ScarletWitch: you know what I'm doing right now? this moment?
ScarletWitch: tasting my soaked fingers...I taste really good
MISS_KITTY: Gods I wish computers had smell capabilities. I really want to smell you right now.
ScarletWitch: I smell as good as I taste
ScarletWitch: and I'd let you drink all of me
ScarletWitch: every last drop and after I came I'd let you drink some more
MISS_KITTY: Can I fuck you too? Cause I'd really like to.

Typing with one hand while her other worked the vibrator against her clit was becoming difficult but Tara was sure that Willow wouldn't mind the delay in response. Besides she was certain that Willow's own hands were busy too. And the thought excited her even more.

ScarletWitch: with what? Your tongue? Your fingers? A dildo perhaps? What do you want to put inside my dripping cunt.
ScarletWitch: What would you use to ride me until I howled? Tell me Tara.
MISS_KITTY: Oh god, I can't believe I'm doing this. LOL... Oh Baby, my fingers. I want to feel you ride me. Can you take me, Will?
ScarletWitch: remember I like hard
ScarletWitch: I could take you...wherever you wanna go?
MISS_KITTY: All the way, baby...grin.
ScarletWitch: all the way huh?
ScarletWitch: could I put you on all fours?
ScarletWitch: would you let my fingers ride deep and high inside you, over and over teasing that hot, soaked clit
ScarletWitch: would you let me reach around and pinch those nips until they were rock hard?
MISS_KITTY: They've been hard for a while now.
MISS_KITTY: You're such a turn on.
ScarletWitch: poor baby
ScarletWitch: maybe you need me to kiss 'em and make 'em better
ScarletWitch: would you like that?
MISS_KITTY: Oh yeah. I'd love to feel that hot mouth on them.
ScarletWitch: you'd let my lips and teeth pull them to even high points
ScarletWitch: you'd let my hand slip down and grind against your pussy until you screamed
MISS_KITTY: And I'd be screaming your name.
ScarletWitch: of course I wouldn't let you have all the fun I'd be sure your leg got good and drenched while I ride your thigh.
ScarletWitch: and it would be drenched
ScarletWitch: you'd be slick and hot, covered in my wetness.
ScarletWitch: I'd lead your hands down to my ass so you could control me if you wanted. Do you want to control me?
ScarletWitch: do you wanna grab me by my hair and lead me around your body? I'd be all yours to play with
MISS_KITTY: Oh yeah. I'd wanna control you. But you'd love it, wouldn't you?
ScarletWitch: oh fuck yeah I would
ScarletWitch: before...I had to make sure no one could see me rubbing my clit
ScarletWitch: but right I don't care. I just want you to make me come.
MISS_KITTY: Taming you would be like taming a wild animal. You're an animal in bed.
MISS_KITTY: Wild, and passionate.
ScarletWitch: scratches on your back baby
MISS_KITTY: Oh yeah.
MISS_KITTY: Them's the best kind.
MISS_KITTY: Scratch me until I bleed. I can take it, especially as you come again and again.
ScarletWitch: what are you doing right now? are you touching yourself too?
ScarletWitch: I don't wanna come alone.
MISS_KITTY: Oh yeah. My clit's so hard it's hurting.
ScarletWitch: rub it, rub it fast and hard
ScarletWitch: feel it, close your eyes for just a moment and feel my hands on you
MISS_KITTY: oh god yes
ScarletWitch: god I'm so wet I can hear it on my fingers
MISS_KITTY: squishy
ScarletWitch: yeah...but I'm imagining our bodies slapping together
ScarletWitch: your tongue lapping or fingers pumping
ScarletWitch: should I put my fingers inside me?
ScarletWitch: should I fuck myself and imagine it's you
ScarletWitch: how would you do it?
ScarletWitch: tell me
ScarletWitch: show me

Tara could feel Willow's desire pouring through the telephone line. The image of good girl, studious Willow getting herself off in the university library was too much. She laid back on the bed keeping her face toward the screen as Willow typed at her. With her inner muscles clenched tightly around the pulsing vibrator, she rubbed her fingers furiously against her throbbing clit, faster and faster until she thought her heart was going to explode in ecstasy. She could imagine her beautiful Willow sitting in the library... one hand moving rapidly inside her tight jeans, her face as red as her hair from excitement and embarrassment, but not caring that anyone might see or hear or even smell her arousal. That was her Willow; lust and love and total devotion and Tara's soul soared with happiness.

"Oh God Willlll," she cried out as her orgasm ripped through her. Even as her body continued to convulse she went back to her keyboard in the hopes of bringing Willow the same satisfaction she'd just felt.

MISS_KITTY: I'd start out by rubbing my hand along the length of your cunt. Getting it all wet and lubricated.. Then as I moved it down I'd slip my middle finger inside you. Feeling your tight muscles clench around it.
MISS_KITTY: Then I'd add a second finger...moving it in and out. Can you feel that? Is it good?
ScarletWitch: is it good? It's wonderful
ScarletWitch: my god you've got me spread eagle right now with my fingers playing with my clit in the library. Oh Gods Tara
MISS_KITTY: Lucky fingers.
MISS_KITTY: I wish those were my fingers.
ScarletWitch: me too
ScarletWitch: I'd rub my pussy all over your face
ScarletWitch: you'd be soaked
ScarletWitch: god i'm so fucking wet
MISS_KITTY: I am too. Haven't been this wet since the restaurant.
MISS_KITTY: Ready for another finger? Can you take three? Can you take more?
ScarletWitch: give me four
ScarletWitch: do it fast
ScarletWitch: make me feel it
MISS_KITTY: Oh yeah. Four fingers. Fast and hard. I've got long fingers Will and they want you. I want you.
ScarletWitch: oh god I'm so close to coming
ScarletWitch: you've got my legs spread wide open just waiting for you
MISS_KITTY: I wanna hear you scream my name too when you come.
MISS_KITTY: Shout it loud for me Will.
MISS_KITTY: You feel so good.
ScarletWitch: a little more

Willow could feel how tense her body was and how close to the edge. She was done typing now, her fingers had a new mission. She had to release herself and the thought of announcing Tara's name out loud as she came only heightened her arousal.

MISS_KITTY: So wet and open.
MISS_KITTY: I knew you could take me. I knew you'd be this ready for me.
MISS_KITTY: Can you feel it? Can you feel me pumping inside you? Pounding you harder and harder?
MISS_KITTY: My body covering yours. Both of us hot and slick.
MISS_KITTY: Sweat and pussy juice mixing together.
MISS_KITTY: It don't get better than this. This is life. This is living. This is what fucking is all about! You're gonna scream in that quiet room Will. And I'm gonna make you scream again when you get home.
ScarletWitch: oh fuck
MISS_KITTY: Oh yeah.
MISS_KITTY: Come for me Baby
MISS_KITTY: I want to drink you up.
MISS_KITTY: I want you to come in my mouth. I want to feel your hot juices all over my face.

Willow stopped for a brief moment. She had to let Tara know how hot she had her. She wanted to send her over the edge if she hadn't already.

ScarletWitch: god I want you to fuck me Tara.
MISS_KITTY: Oh yeah. I am fucking you. Hard and harder still.

Willow knew what really made Tara hot on most nights and her soaked fingers went back to the keyboard.

ScarletWitch: oh god I wanna lay you down and straddle your face and just ride you
MISS_KITTY: Oh baby, that'd be heaven.
MISS_KITTY: I'd love to feel your hard thighs on both sides of my face.
MISS_KITTY: Feel the muscles clench as you tongue moving in and out of you.
MISS_KITTY: I'd grab your ass and move you, faster and faster.
MISS_KITTY: And I'd love every second of it.

Willow closed her eyes. She couldn't look anymore. In fact, she didn't have to. She felt herself start to tumble over the pinnacle as her pussy convulsed with spasms. She fought for air and found a light sheen of perspiration covered her body. As she came Willow could feel her juice soaking through her panties all the way through the seat of her jeans. She knew that her lover would take great delight in discovering how truly wet she got her.

"Gods Tara!"

Every head in the library turned to the noise and Willow tried to look as casual as possible.

"Sorry," she apologized. She realized she might have turned red if not for the fact all the blood in her face was someplace else now. "On-line... Argument," she tried to explain. When everyone went back to their tasks, Willow quickly zipped her pants trying not to be noticed.

ScarletWitch: you did it
ScarletWitch: lol
ScarletWitch: you made me come
ScarletWitch: and I yelled your name just like you wanted.
MISS_KITTY: You had me with the bodies slapping part.
ScarletWitch: lol
ScarletWitch: you're not faking it, are you?
ScarletWitch: lol
ScarletWitch: you really did too?
MISS_KITTY: I never fake it.
ScarletWitch: neither do I
MISS_KITTY: Did they hear you in the library?
ScarletWitch: Are you kidding? I think they heard me in Stevenson Hall.
ScarletWitch: lol...well that was
MISS_KITTY: Need a cigarette now?
ScarletWitch: actually I think I do LOL
MISS_KITTY: Well forget the smokes and come on home. We've got better ways to burn. Much healthier and much more fun.
ScarletWitch: Oh, you got it Baby!

ScarletWitch immediately disappeared from Tara's screen without so much as a good-bye and the blonde had to laugh. She couldn't wait until Willow got home.

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