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The Best Part of Ballet

Author: hot_monkey_luv
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Disclaimer: The characters have been created by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and its affiliates. I do not own them in any way, although I'd like to... This story does belong to me, but if you'd like to put it in a different archive, ask, and ye shall receive... This story is solely for entertainment purposes, and I expect no money or anything else from them... I think that covers it. And it happens to be about a f/f relationship, if you don't like that, well... leave quickly now!

Willow was awakened from what she considered to be one of the best "sleep filled" nights of her life by a strange twitching in her nose. She sat up for a moment, her eyes still closed, hiding her sparkling green eyes, in her queen sized bed, clad only in her large #66 football jersey with her alma mater written in huge bold print letters on the back. Once that familiar smell permeated itself from her nose to her brain, she was already wide awake, running out of her bedroom screaming for Xander to wake up. When she reached the kitchen, she saw exactly what she had learned to fear ever since she was just a little girl growing up in Sunnydale...Faith standing in an apron over the stove. Willow cautiously approached the kitchen, afraid of what she might find hidden in front of Faith's muscular frame.

Before she could get any closer, Faith called out to her, "Geez, Red, what's got you so wicked stressed, I let you sleep while the Xan man and I went out to get the three of us some breakfast and I, being the great pal that I am..." she nudged Willow's arm, as the poor redhead remained confused. "Decided to reheat your pancakes, while you, may I add, SO unkindly, threaten to wake up everyone in The Upper East Side??" She asked, jokingly to a still dazed Willow.

"Huh? Oh, sorry, faith, I just thought that you were... um, in trouble, or um... so pancakes?" Willow covered, who was she to tell Faith that she had horrible cooking? All those years in dance tech and extra classes in Tai Chi and Tae Kwon Doe told everyone to steer clear of Faith.

By then, Xander was already walking into the spacious three bedroom loft apartment's kitchen with the rest of the food and set it onto the counter while questioning Willow about the yelling.

"Great goolgy mooglies, Will, I could hear ya from the car! Does Faith's assumed cooking make you that terrified? It hasn't killed anyone... yet" he added in a quiet voice so only Willow could hear, but Faith was always known for her great hearing, among other things, so she gave him a light punch on the arm as the three began to eat, each making their separate apologies.

Tara awoke to the sound of what she thought were birds singing to wish her a good morning, and the rising sunlight warming her face, but as she slipped further into consciousness, she realized that instead of the sun and birds, it was cars already fighting for superiority in one of New York's busiest streets in the morning, and that it wasn't the sunlight, it was one of her best friends, Anya shining one of Tara's flashlights right in her face, making Tara squint and turn her head.

"Anya, how did you get into my house, and why are you shining a flashlight in my face???" Tara yelled at one of her two best friends, and then realized that the flashlight in question was her missing flashlight. "And where did you find my flashlight, and again WHY are you here?

Tara was usually happy to see either of her best friends, but not when she was waking up from one of the best nights of her life (sleep wise). Anya and Tara had been best friends with each other in college when Tara shared a dorm room with Anya's current best friend, Buffy. After four years, the three of them had become best friends and shared everything with each other.

"Where's Buffy and why haven't you answered any of my questions yet??" Tara asked Anya irritably.

"Well, Buffy woke me up this morning, with her "cooking", and I remembered that you let me borrow your "flashlight" last year, so I decided to get out of the house before she could make me eat seconds, and return it back to it's rightful owner." She said with a giant smile, glad that she did a good deed.

"And why are you still sleeping? Its 11 a.m.! Why are you not out working? I have been out for two hours making precious money in the real world, while you were here watching all of that glorious money just floating away in dreamland!"

Anya had graduated with a Master's degree in business from N.Y.U. and had started her own business: a casual restaurant in one of the better parts of town. The restaurant, Anya's Café, didn't open until 4:00 p.m., but Anya always went in the morning to make sure everything was cleaned up and ready for that night's customers. Anya had learned to love money, since her family was always struggling for it, and they were so happy when Anya received a full scholarship to N.Y.U.

"Well, I was so tired yesterday, Anya!!" she yelled to let the girl know that she wasn't too happy with Anya breaking her out of her sleep. "that, I didn't think to set the alarm, because I was going to sleep late, but I guess not! And, my class doesn't start until late afternoon."

"Okay, great." Anya replied not even noticing that Tara was being sarcastic with her. "Buffy and I are going shopping today, and now, you are too! But don't worry, we'll get you back before your class, Buffy and I want to see you teach idiot children how to dance!" Anya told her genuinely sincere, or so she thought.

"Anya! Once again, they are beginners, not idiots, and they have only had one class so far, so if either of you laugh or point, or do anything like that at all, well, you won't be able to come to any more of my classes, and I'll make Buffy cook for you everyday!

Anya and Tara were the better of the chefs of the threesome, and Buffy's cooking, just... well, it just wasn't talked about unless it was Halloween and someone needed a good scare.

"So, you're going shopping though right? I need new lingerie. And Buffy said she needs something called, "Mr. Pointy" whatever the hell that is..." Anya said with a roll of her eyes, and an exasperated sigh.

"Yeah, sure, Anya I'll come, I could use a refresher, those kids are gonna need a lot of work!" Tara replied with a smirk.

After the shopping "extravaganza", the three ladies strolled through the streets of New York to the dance studio on Park and 54th hand in hand in hand headed towards The Art Of Ballet Dance Studio.

30 minutes into the class, Anya and Buffy were trying (and failing miserably) to suppress their giggles as Tara helped a new, female dancer with her turnout. Tara was maneuvering the girls legs apart, her hands on the younger girls calves, and as she moved up the new students body, she noticed a beautiful redheaded woman staring through the window at her, before quickly turning away and continuing down the busy sidewalk. Tara continued to stare into the space where the "most beautiful woman she'd ever seen" was just standing, before realizing all of the noise in the large studio had stopped and she noticed all eyes were on her.

"Sorry, guys, I was just, uh... um" Tara struggled to find an adequate excuse before Anya decided to fill in the blanks.

"She was just checking out that hot redhead girl as she walked by, let's just be glad she's not drooling yet." She told the students , a laughing Buffy, and a blushing Tara.

Willow was walking down the street whistling to the tune to "The Sound of Music" on the way to the beginners dance class she was to supervise before she and the groups had their first performance when she spotted a goddess in one of the many windows on a building on 54th street. Or at least she looked like a goddess, she was blond, beautiful, and had the body of a goddess. She was helping a young dancer with her turnout and Willow involuntarily wished at that moment that she was that dancer. Then she cursed her mind for wandering from "The Sound of Music" to the sounds of sex... and the beautiful girl standing not 100 feet away from her. It looked as if the blond haired goddess looked deep into her eyes and into her soul, before the redhead turned away and went to find her new dance studio for the next few months or so, or at least until she and the dance teacher whipped these beginners into shape for the big performance. Now, where in the frilly heck is The Art Of Ballet Dance Studio??

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