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The Best Part of Ballet

Author: hot_monkey_luv
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Disclaimer: The characters have been created by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and its affiliates. I do not own them in any way, although I'd like to... This story does belong to me, but if you'd like to put it in a different archive, ask, and ye shall receive... This story is solely for entertainment purposes, and I expect no money or anything else from them... I think that covers it. And it happens to be about a f/f relationship, if you don't like that, well... leave quickly now!

Willow continued down the street, temporarily distracted by the beautiful blonde she saw helping a young dancer with her turnout, trying to find the dance studio she was to be supervising at for the next few months or so. She had now been looking for about an hour, and no way was she gonna call Faith or Xander for directions. She had been "living" in the city now for about six months on and off, with traveling and such. Her friends always teased her about her horrible sense of direction, and she was not gonna let them have this one!

"Where in the frilly heck is it???" Willow asked herself for around the millionth time. She needed to be there an hour ago and the class was only an hour and a half. She looked up and down the street numerous times for the next twenty minutes before deciding to give up, go home, and ask her agent later, not Faith or Xander.

Tara finished up the dancers critiquing a male dancer named Nicholas on his pirouettes before turning back to her bag making sure that the supervisor."Willow?" she asked herself. "Pretty name, like a tree, a Willow tree, huh..." was supposed to be at the studio today. "Oh well, I'll call Mr. Giles later and ask him about it." She packed up her stuff and walked out the studio's double doors, thinking of that cute redhead she saw through the window earlier in the class.

Ring... Ring... Ring... Ring... Ring... The phone continued to drone on its constant never-changing melody as Willow waited for her agent, Jenny to pick up her cell phone. She hung up and called up again. Ring... Ring... Ring... Ring... Ring... The answering machine cut on telling her to leave a message but she decided against it, reminding herself she didn't believe in them, Jenny knew that too so she wouldn't think to ask her. Willow had her quirks and everyone accepted that, even Willow. She realized that she wasn't going to get an answer and decided to call the owner of The Art of Ballet Dance Studio, Mr. Giles and ask him for directions.

Five minutes later she had called and gotten thorough directions to find the spot, address, and other information that would show her where the dance studio was from the kind Englishman named Rupert Giles. She decided to just get herself a mocha from Starbucks and just relax and have a movie night with Faith and Xander for the rest of the night, telling herself that she would get to the studio early to avoid any kind of possible lateness from her. "Nope, lateness is next to badness, and I am not one for the badness, no-siree, nuh-huh, I will be on time tomorrow to supervise and exercise or else badness will ensue and then I will have no happy goodness for me, nope, no more happy goodness for Willow." She stopped herself thinking. "I even babble in my head! Geez! I seriously need to stop that!"

Tara had just gotten off the phone with Mr. Giles, her agent when there was a knock at the door to her apartment. He had told her that Ms. Rosenberg, Tara preferred to say "Willow" had called a few hours ago and informed him that she couldn't find the studio but he gave her thorough instructions so she would definitely be there the next day, or so she said.

Rupert Giles had been a close friend of Tara's and her family's ever since she was a little girl. He had been like a second father to her and she loved him dearly. He had been a dancer in his earlier years in the U.K. and now he owned a top dance studio in the better part of New York City.

"One second!" Tara half-screamed towards the unknown figure behind the door as she slid on her slippers on her way to answer the door. "Hurry up! I need to pee, now!" She heard Anya yell at her in complete seriousness. She giggled as she opened the door to find Anya pushing past her and leaving Buffy waving meekly asking Tara, "Girl's night in? We come with caffieney and buttery goodness!" Buffy told her holding up a 2-Liter bottle of soda and a box of popcorn packets. "Yum! Come on in Buff."

"Well guys, I'm off to get to sleep, I've gotta wake up tomorrow and find the dance studio in the morning so I know where it is before class." Another quirk, Willow told them with a big yawn. "Okay, night Willster." Replied Xander. "Later Red, sweet dreams!" Faith told her with a wink, knowing Willow ALWAYS had dreams that had either strange or sexual connotation to them. Another of Willow's quirks was the fact that she mumbled in her sleep, conveying just what or who she was currently dreaming about. Willow just nodded and smiled sarcastically at her friend before grabbing her blanket and heading towards her bedroom. Her friends had realized that Willow hadn't made it to her class earlier that day when she came home looking exactly the same, not smelling like sweat or babbling on about how great the class was or how much she taught the beginning dancers or what the teacher was like.

She laid down in her warm bed in her pink monkey pajamas and curled up under the warm covers that made her feel so at home. She was still getting her sleep back in order so she knew that she would fall asleep just moments after her head hit the pillow. But tonight, she just couldn't seem to get the goddess-like blonde beauty she saw in the window earlier that day, and eventually drifted off to sleep with still-lingering thoughts of the blonde remaining in her mind.

Willow woke to the sounds of J-Jazz in the morning on her radio wafting through her ears softly. She smiled to herself remembering her dreams that occurred during the night before which just so happened to have a starring romantic lead that just so happened to be the "blonde dancing goddess" from yesterday. As she continued to regain consciousness, and travel further into the real world, she noticed that one of her hands was currently inside her pink pajama pants and her underwear and lodged between her legs trapped in a warm, wet heat. She giggled to herself guiltily reminiscing about her dreams from last night. "Whoopsee, guess that was a good dream." Willow told herself wiping her moist digits on the bedcovers. She could smell her arousal and began to let her thoughts linger around the blonde girl again as her hand once again traveled down her stomach heading towards copper curls when.

"Yo! Red! Wake Up! You were supposed to be finding your dance studio remember? Or were your dreams about some blonde still haunting you? You must've been pretty scared, Xand and I could hear ya screaming ALL night for some girl with blonde hair!" Faith so subtly yelled at her through the door, making damn well sure that the entire fifth floor heard what was going on in loft E-2. "Yeah, um, Thanks Faith, I'll be out in a minute!" Willow replied, her face going as red as her hair as she tool her hand from its again warm, moist haven between her legs guiltily as she wondered if she actually went "all out" in her dream/in real life.

Willow Rosenberg was once again walking down 54th street, but this time with a detailed map with instructions on how to get to the studio and one of her best friends on her left arm. Xander had to go to work that morning at the Pizza Parlor restaurant on 106th. "Well, according to these directions, it should be right." Before she could finish, Faith interrupted her with a "Oww..." Sound "Geez, Red look at blondie here, quite a body she's got there, eh Will? This wouldn't just so happen to be your little moanin' buddy from your dreams last night, would it?" Faith completely joked to "Red" with a wink and a nod towards a blonde woman practicing ballet alone in a window on 54th. Willow looked to where Faith was nodding and her breath caught in her throat, realizing that Faith was completely right and the woman she was gazing at was the woman she saw yesterday but today instead of teaching dancers, she herself was dancing and prancing across the room with the grace of a... Well, she couldn't think of a graceful animal at the moment, because she was taken aback by the beauty in front of her. "Here." She finished her previous thought as to where the studio was. The blonde girl-woman-was dancing in the exact studio where she was to supervise a class in, later in the day. She prayed to the goddess that this woman would still be there and then realized that Faith was still open-mouth staring at the woman and Willow feeling suddenly possessive of the girl grabbed Faith by the arm saying how she needed to learn to think with her brain.

Tara caught sight of the two women as they were walking away and immediately recognized the redhead from the day and night before. Well, the dreams from the night before when she had been woken up this morning by "good Samaritan" Buffy who heard strange noises from Tara's room, thinking she was having a nightmare or something. Little did she know that Tara was up, up and at 'em, as they say.

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