The Best Part of Ballet

Author: hot_monkey_love_66
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Spoilers: None except the characters, but that's not a spoiler... so none...
Angst: None really, possibly a tiny bit later on, but it all depends on how it goes...
Summary: Willow's a famous dancer who lives in N.Y.C.; Tara's a dance instructor for beginners in the city. Willow must go back to the city to supervise a beginner's dance class and it just so happens to be Tara's...
Disclaimer: The characters have been created by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, and its affiliates. I do not own them in any way, although I'd like to... This story does belong to me, but if you'd like to put it in a different archive, ask, and ye shall receive... This story is solely for entertainment purposes, and I expect no money or anything else from them... I think that covers it. And it happens to be about a f/f relationship, if you don't like that, well... leave quickly now!
Feedback: I would love feedback, seeing as this is my first fic, yes... I know! Aah! So, if you would, feedback on how to further the story/make it better/or stop now and run away, that'd be great! Thanks!
Author's Notes: The characters appear as they do in season 6, Faith from Season 7, and everything else (changes) will be explained. Other than that, it's all AU. And the ABC is the American Ballet Company.

"Willow, wake up... Willow!"

Willow was broken out of her peaceful state abruptly looking into the chocolate brown eyes of one of her best friends. "Great goddess! What is your problem Faith???" Willow replied irritably.

"Damn girl, sorry, but I've been trying to wake you up for the past ten minutes, the plane's about to land, and may I mention, you sleep like a log!"

"Sorry, Faith! It's just, you know, I haven't slept in weeks, and thank goddess we're back home again finally!"

Willow had been working around the clock, traveling for the past three weeks around the states doing photo shoots for posters, and practicing her dance steps for her group at the A.B.C.'s new ballet, and Faith, being one of the kindest and best female friends Willow had in her busy life, offered to go with her, just to keep her company of course. And finally, they were home.

"How long have I been sleeping?" Willow asked, rubbing the sleep out of her still groggy, emerald eyes.

"Oh, not long, just since the plane took off!" Xander replied, laughing as he took he seat behind Willow and Faith's.

Xander had also offered to come with Willow on this trip, but his reason was to strictly limited to searching for a date to Willow's ballet, even though he had convinced her it was for the greater good.

"Geez, Will, and we wanted to let her take those Nyquil?" Xander joked to Willow and Faith.

"Sorry guys, but hey, look, we're home and I can finally get my sleeping schedule back on track, so yay for both of us and no more grumpy Willow, just happy, refreshed, and energized Willow!" Willow told them giddily, but stopped herself before she broke out into full-on babble mode.

Soon, the plane was landing smoothly onto the landing ramp of New York City's busiest airport.

As they got off the ramp from first class, they saw their limo waiting with the driver waiting patiently to open their door. They happily jumped in, Faith literally, through the window as Willow and Xander looked on stifling their laughter as the driver awkwardly (tried to) close the door, trying not to crush Faith's dangling feet as he did so.

"One and two, three and four, five and six, and seven and eight. One and two, three and four, five and six, and seven and eight. Okay people, one more time and then we can break for the day." The instructor told the dancers as many various cheers were heard from the tired, sweaty dancers throughout the overheated and ripe smelling dance auditorium.

The dancers finished their pirouettes one by one in front of the mirrored wall as the instructor watched them carefully, pointing out mistakes and perfection, and moved on to exit the room, each yelling their various goodbye's and see you tomorrow's to the instructor as she sat down in the back of the room on her padded fold-up chair and began to towel her sweat drenched forehead and neck on a wet towel.

As all the new students left, Tara began mumbling to herself about how much harder this new job was after all. She had just graduated college with a major in ballet, and a minor in English.

"Should've been an English teacher," She half-joked as she began to massage the lower muscles of her back through her shirt.

"Oh well, it'll be easier once we get that new supervisor tomorrow." She said as she began to search through her bag finally grasping what she was looking for, the sheet of paper with her class's itinerary and the contact information for the new supervisor.

As she pulled the paper out of her bag, she noticed the big marked letters at the top of the paper, highlighting the name "Willow Rosenberg" signed at the top.

"Willow Rosenberg...?" Tara thought aloud. "Where have I heard that name before?" Tara briefly thought before placing the papers back in her bag before deciding to clean up and head back home to call Buffy and Anya's place and tell them about her first day on the job.

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