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Animal Wants Animal Needs Animal Love

Author: Thirrin Icemark Wolfe
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Content Advisory: This story contains shape-changing and transgender elements in explicit scenes. Read at your own discretion.

Willow woke up that morring feeling great her heart was full of love and happy ness she was so, so happy grabbbing her clothes for the day she ran to take a shower. Laying her clothes out on the sink she stripped and threw her dirty clothes into the hamper looking down she sighed 'yep still there i see....ungghh and hang like a piece of meat' thought Willow as she saw her lower body shaking her head she hopped into the shower and began to wash using Axe Clix body wash, scrubbing her body down good she mad sure to get every part. Once she was done in the shower she got dressed for the day pulling on black boxers with gold drgaons on them, then a pair of black baggy jeans with zippers all over them followed by her dragon skull belt.

Pulling on her black wife better she smoothed it down the pulled on her red button up buttoning the two middle buttons and that was it.she finshed her clothes with a some black combat boots,scoks and a red tie with a burring cross on it. Walking out she went into her room once more fixing her bed she then set about gathering her stuff for the scooby meeting. Grabbing her psp and the games she liked she stuffed them into her knee pocket and sipped it up. Grabbing her back pack she put her laptop in it and some books about the evils of the world.

Grabbing her keys she made sure hse had every thing and left the house after locking up. Getting on her motorcycle she drove down the road until she reached the magic shop walking in she looked around and saw her friends "hey guys".

"Whats up Will" said Buffy as she came out from the back in her sweats. "Yeah what's up Red" said Faith as she came out behind Buffy and put her arms around the blonde girl kissing her neck. "Unng Faith not right" said Buffy as she pushed the other girl away from her neck. Willow just smiled and watched them, walking over to the big round table she sat down and pulled out her stuff. "So what's the news guys?"

Xander who had been asleep said "wha..oh just you Will" before laying his head back down.Willow watched him and just laughed.Buffy sat down with Faith and said "we don't now it was Giles that called us all here we have to wait for him". Willow just sighed and said What ever and pulled out her lap top going to she signed in and looked through her stuff finding where she left of with Loveless (anime show) she played it and watched.

She sat and watched for over an hour before she finally got tired of waiting saving her things and etc, she shut down the computer and packed it away getting up she was going to head down to the basment of to get some rest when she heard a scream and something shater and she was hit with something wet.She saw that she was covered in blue slimmy stuff before she began to feel light headed her world went black.

Tara was setting in the middle of art class when she felt something wrong shaking it off as nothing but the hell mouth-normal ness she looked back at the board and listined to the teacher as she write down things about the past.

Willow felt as if her wholebody was on fire and her bones where breaking and then reforming panting she sat up looking around she saw that she was in the bed of the basment croaking out a squeak she coughed and rubbed her throat staning on shaky legs she saw that everything seemed big on her.Her clothing didn't seem to stay on properly they keep sliding off a little only for her to pull them back up..and her botts felt like they were eating her whole legs.Walking clumsly up the stairs she reached for the door nob and fell in to the room.

Buffy ran to her friend and gasped "OH MY GOD" she yelled as she pointed at the 11 year old Willow who lay on the floor, all the others came running and and Dawn looked at Willow with sad eyes as she said "ummmm my bad...."

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