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Animal Wants Animal Needs Animal Love

Author: Thirrin Icemark Wolfe
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Content Advisory: This story contains shape-changing and transgender elements in explicit scenes. Read at your own discretion.

Willow smiled and pulled Tara back into her, hope in her mind that Tara couldn't feel the hard bulge in her pants. Moving them across the dance floor she danced the night away with Tara, from waltz to jazz to some slow music and so on. As she pulled Tara out of a dip she let their eyes meet, and smiled - it felt as if she was being controlled, reaching out she traced Tara's lips with her thumb before slowly bringing them close for a small kiss. Pulling away she licked her lips, "Mmm, Tara lips."

Tara blushed and felt her heart beat faster and faster in her chest, looking up at Willow's eyes she gasped, they were so primal, and so lost in the wild animal locked behind her mind's cage. Willow smirked and her fangs showed in a small way you couldn't almost see them unless you knew what you were looking for. So no one could blame Tara for not seeing them.

Walking Tara home under the moonlight Willow smiled, and she said, "So, unnn, about the kiss I...I, well, I liked it, it was great," she blushed madly as she waited for Tara's answer.

"I liked it too Willow," came the soft, sweet reply.

"Tara...will you be mine?" asked Willow, looking up, a sweet smile coming to her face. Tara smiled and said "Yes I would love to... so good night, my sweet prince." She then leaned in for a kiss before heading off to her house door and letting herself in.

Willow smiled and ran down the street like a madwoman. Somewhere off in the distance you could hear a faint whisper, "Step one complete."

Tara dropped her clothes as before last night crawling into bed she let sleep and her dreams take her away.

She could feel the warm grass between her toes as she walked along the hidden trail it smelled of fresh air and flowers walking some more she came upon a lake under the moonlight her heart punded then ....she knew what was coming jummping up she began to run ...too late it had her.

The beast taclked her to the ground its body moving against Tara's sending her into a fit of struggles as she strained to get away. Looking up into its eyes she stopped...she knew those eyes but from where...The wolf closed in on Tara's neck taking her stopping movements as a sign of giving up she got her mouth close and...

Tara jumped up and ran, the Beast howled and took off after her prey not wanting her to get away she moved faster and taclked her once more. Pinning her down she let her tail brush over the wet opening she knew she would soon fill growling she lowered her muzzle down to lick at it starting slow she let her warm tounge was over it before she let it slip in and she thrust her tounge in and out.

Tara groand and panted where she knelt on the ground her sweat damped body always gave over to this beast it craved it in some way but she just didn't know how. The Beast finally pulled back its tounge and lifted its hips a little before shoving in and just like every other dream Tara cherry was shattered by the wolf's movements but it was different instead of rough and fast the wolf went nice and slow taking it thrust in gentle loving movements.

Tara graoned she was lost her mind her heart it was all gone except for this moment of love then she realized the wolf was Willow with that thought she pushed back into the hips behind her letting her own hips be meet by the slow movement of Willow's behind her groaning she felt herself reaching climax Willow's name on her lips...

Tara awole in a startled sweat, she was having a dream, she knew that, but for some strange reason she couldn't remember it. "Oh well, back to sleep," she said as she lay back down to sleep.

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