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Animal Wants Animal Needs Animal Love

Author: Thirrin Icemark Wolfe
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters are property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

Content Advisory: This story contains shape-changing and transgender elements in explicit scenes. Read at your own discretion.

Willow couldn't believe it she was shrunk to the size of an 11 year-old growling in frustration she sat in the chair as Giles checked over her like he was a mother hen checking his egg.Sighing she smacked Giles hands away as he began to check over her once more "I am fine for the last time" she jumped up and looked down at her clothes sighing she said "I think I need to go home and change..." right about that moment it began to rain.

Groaning she packed up her stuff and walked out heading to her house walking to her house she realized she had forgot her keys at the table in the magic shop groaning she hidded in a different direction.Walking up the steps to Tara's steps knocking on the door she waited.Tara smiled and opened the door looking down she gasped "Willow..what happened to you".

"Got shrunk with a magiky goop stuff".

Taking hold of her hand as she squeezed Willow's shoulder comfortingly with the other, guiding the confused youth in out of the rain she smiled and shut the door.

She never knew how she had gotten here, but here she was anyway. A wave of warmth greeted the soaked duo as they entered Tara's bathroom after climbing what had seemed an endless flight of steps.

After the inky darkness, even the flickering soft glow from the various candle stubs seemed to sting Willow's eyes. With a tired creak of her neck, she turned her gaze at the woman who was still holding her hand. Her lifeline from the brink of insanity to reality. She received a gentle and ustanstanding smile from Tara, urging her on to take in her surroundings.

Ice blue orbs peered around and saw royal blue and crimson red velvet drapes adorning the walls, with carelessly and overly stuffed bookstands and closets dotting the lines of the chamber. A disregarded rickety old desk stood forgotten in the corner, several opened open magical books lay on top of it, waiting to be read. Willow didn't know where the expensive looking rug came from, but it was obviously ancient if the intricate and slightly faded patterns were any indication. A round and perfectly polished coffee table stood atop the rug, surrounded by two dark-blue, large, extremely squashy and inviting looking armchairs. The red headed youth barely held herself back from drowning herself in the neatly stitched pillows that rested on the chairs and forget all this misery floating inside of her head.

Flashes of lightning still streaked across the sky outside, but the light was halted by heavy deep-red linen curtains that covered the numerous windows that normally allowed Tara a panoramic view of the town.

Willow's intake of the interior was halted however, when Tara spoke up softly. "Let's get you cleaned up." And pushed her in the small of her back, directing her towards one of the several closed oak doors.

When they reached the door, where Tara had guided her to, she grasped the black-iron handle and swung it open with a barely audible creak.

Billowing clouds of steam and a wafting smell of jasmine with pine greeted them as they stepped in what clearly had to be Tara's bathroom. Willow mud covered Shoes slapped and sloshed as the mud created a small vacuum with each step on the pure-white tiles.

A splash and an immediate following hiss diverted Willow's attention to the center of the room. With automatic intervals, a small amount of water was thrown on super-heated bricks, creating a sauna effect. But the bathroom was dominated by an elaborate and huge bathtub in one corner. With a rough estimate, Willow figured at least two people could sit side by side comfortably and still have plenty of space to spare.

A tug on the rags that remained of her once favorite ensemble reminded her of the presence of Tara, who had entered the bathroom with her and was now removing her clothing gently but swiftly. Only when the older woman began tugging on her last remaining garment, a black boxer-short, did her mind set off warning-bells of the embarrassing situation she now found herself in. .......

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