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An American Tale

Author: Spellbound
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing except 2 insane cats, fuzzy socks and and a twisted imagination.The songs used in this fic all belong to whoever wrote them and Im just borrowing them, you could sue me but it'd be pointless as I have nothing at all... the only thing of any worth I have is my girlfriend and there aint no way in Hades you're having her!!! Grr Argh!

Sitting in the large dentist-style chair, Colin hummed cheerfully as Bear's girlfriend finished cutting his freshly dyed hair. "Blonde suits you." she told him in a sultry voice.

As she styled and applied various products to his new look, Bear appeared with a small bag in one hand a grin on his face. Pulling a small fake beard from the bag, he gestured for Colin to tilt his head back slightly. After combing and trimming the faux facial hair, he applied a small amount of glue to the piece before attaching it to Colin's chin and pressing down firmly. With his new look finally applied, Colin stood in front of the full length mirror in the corner and regarded himself curiously. On entering the building, he had been almost scruffy, his hair was in need of a cut and after spending so much time in police custody, he was in need of a good shave.

The man in front of him now, bore no resemblance to the man he had been. Through all his indiscretions and criminal activities, he had never even considered changing his image but this time was different.

The blonde man with full beard who now had bright blue eyes and carefully sculpted eyebrows reminded him of his gay nephew. His previous cold stare seemed an entire world away from what he had now become.

"Col. Sit!" Bear's gruff tone grated against the reasonably quiet backdrop. Turning to see the large man gesturing to the chair, he sighed and returned to the chair as Bear's girlfriend busied herself with clamps and a large needle. "Ring or bar?" she asked casually.

"Whatever." he replied, the nonchalance in his voice making her smile.

He tilted his head back as she finished her preparations and stepped to his left hand side, a clamp firmly in hand.

To his right, Bear was preparing his tattoo equipment, inks, designs and machines all laid out before him.

"Let's make you completely new!" Bear growled as he inserted the needle into the machine and began transforming the right arm of his friend.

"So, is that ok, you really don't mind?"

Tara was sitting in the small kitchen of Julie's apartment, a cup of herbal tea in one hand a mad grin on her face. Julie rolled her eyes and laughed, "She'd be coming even if I said 'no', I'm surprised she's not here already!" Julie told her. "Of course she can spend Christmas with us, the more the drunker!"

In the chaos of Willow's injury and Tara's temporary moving into her home, Julie and Tara hadn't really had much time to catch up and discuss the events of that night. Julie was aware of what had gone on at the club and how it had come to land the women in hospital and now, with less than a week until Christmas, it seemed crazy to bring up the topic and depress her anymore.

Tara's cell phone burst into life on the kitchen table and snapped into the laughter. The blondes grin widened when she saw the name on the caller ID, "Hey sexy baby!" she purred into the handset and grinned when Willow replied. "So what you doin'?"

Julie shook her head and got to her feet, eager to be doing anything except listening to the conversation that was rapidly unfolding. Before she reached the door, Julie jumped as Tara squealed in delight. "Really? You mean seriously really?" her tone was escalating to a pitch where dogs and dolphins were soon going to be the only ones able to hear her. "You're the best Willow!!!" she cheered before slamming the phone closed and grabbing hold of a startled Julie and spinning her.

"T? What happened?" she asked, breathlessly as they came to a stop. "Why with the spinning and dancing?"

Grinning insanely, Tara knew that Willow had just offered them the one thing that would make Julie's Christmas one of the best ever.

The previous year, dinner had been a near disaster. Julies mother had invited herself over and had decided to bring a friend. With six people to feed and a tiny kitchen, Julie had thought that she could handle it. Unfortunately, with the announcement that her mother was coming, Julie had over compensated and purchased a turkey that didn't fit in the oven, they had tried it in Tara's but to no avail and ended up having to hack it in half, just so they could cook it. As it went, the turkey had to be cooked up in Tara's oven while Julie sorted out the potatoes, vegetables, stuffing and all the traditional trimmings. In the chaos and stress of the day, Julie had gone upstairs to check on the brutalised bird and had accidently locked Tara's keys in the apartment.

The turkey had been ruined and they ended up having frozen TV dinners on trays.

"It's Willow!" Tara said, snapping out of the memory of the previous year's fiasco. "She said we could go to her place for the day." Tara explained. "Not that she doesn't want to come here, but she has loads of space and a huge oven and she can do the dishes!!" Tara finished, knowing that her last two points would more than likely be the reason Julie would agree.

Unfortunately, Julie wasn't seeing things from Tara's perspective. "I can't just up and move the kids for the day, with presents and a turkey and all that stuff." she said, "I mean, it's a really generous offer but I don't know her Tar!"

"Well, your mom has the kids today, why don't you come over and meet her, see the house and check it all out. Julie, you're gonna love her!"

Frowning slightly, Julie nodded, "Ok Tara, you win. We'll go now."

Stepping out into the cooling day, Colin stretched slightly. His fresh blonde hair sparkled in the sunlight and reflected off the newly acquired piercing in his eyebrow. The tightness in his skin on the site of the tattoo filled him with a sense of being reborn, of having a new skin which was almost true. After straightening his tight fitting vest and designer jeans, he grinned and headed back towards his territory.

Turning the corner into Maple Drive, Colin grinned at the chaos that was running riot in the intersection. Police and paramedics performed their own intricate ballet while burly firemen cut the wreckage of the cars to release victims and bodies. Grinning at the madness on display, Colin strode purposefully through the crowd, nodding politely at one of the policemen who had bundled him so roughly into the patrol car, before a flash of something red caught his eye.

"Oh looky looky!!" he snarled under his breath as Willow crossed the road, shaking her head sadly at the unnecessary waste of life and destruction that laid out across the road.

As Willow made her way back to her home, she had no idea that she was being followed and that she was certainly going to have a Christmas she would remember for the rest of her life.

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