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An American Tale

Author: Spellbound
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing except 2 insane cats, fuzzy socks and and a twisted imagination.The songs used in this fic all belong to whoever wrote them and Im just borrowing them, you could sue me but it'd be pointless as I have nothing at all... the only thing of any worth I have is my girlfriend and there aint no way in Hades you're having her!!! Grr Argh!

Julie and Tara had made the ten minute drive to Willow's in relative silence, their main body of conversation coming as they passed a Christmas tree lot. As Julie stepped out from the car and locked the doors, she gazed up at the house in amazement. The Spanish style fašade was a dusky terracotta colour and the windows, although gothic in style, fitted the building perfectly. Palm trees dotted the street, one of which casting its shade over Willows well kept lawn. "Blimey T!" she exclaimed as she followed the blonde up the crazy-paved path to a huge front door. "This place is gorgeous, no wonder you haven't come home."

Tara giggled as she pushed the front door open and stepped into the cool foyer and dropped her keys on the small table to her right. "Willow?!" she called, her voice echoing slightly in the uncarpeted lobby. Leading the way into the main living area, Tara offered Julie a seat before heading into the kitchen. "Willow?!" she yelled once again, "You in?" Her question was answered when she found a note on the kitchen counter.

Had to meet with the doc at work, shouldn't be that long.

After fixing two mugs of steaming tea, Tara returned to the living area and tried to hide a smile when she saw Julie sitting on the huge white rug, rubbing her hand over it as though it were a dog or cat. 'If only she knew!' Tara thought as she placed the mugs on the table and joined her friend on the rug. "Will had to go out, she'll be back soon!" Tara apologised. "Guess we should have called first."

Almost as soon as the words had left her lips, the front door burst open and Willow sighed heavily as she slammed it heavily behind her. "Tara, are you here?" she called as she stepped into the main body of the house. Chuckling quietly, the redhead crossed the room and slipped easily into Tara's lap. "Hey beautiful." she purred, kissing Tara softly.

"Everything ok?"

"Yeah, just formalities." Willow told her before allowing her gaze to leave her lover and settle on Julie. "So, Julie, how ya doing?" she asked politely.

Julie, who had averted her eyes as the women enjoyed a rather passionate greeting, snapped her attention back to the redhead. "I'm good thank you." she smiled.

"We're meeting you officially before we invade this place for Christmas!" Tara told her happily. "So, Julie Penso this is Willow Rosenberg. Officially." she giggled as she gestured to each woman in turn.

Shaking her head, Willow shook the hand that was offered to her.

"It's so generous of you to offer to have myself and my kids here for the holidays, but I really don't want to be any bother." Julie began, "The kids are real loud and this place is so beautiful, I'd be terrified they'd break something and it's a lot for you to do, considering that you don't even know me!"

"A lot for me to do?" Willow asked, being a perpetual babbler herself, she had barely registered the word ramble but had caught onto the few words that implied she was doing the cooking. "I thought you might like more space and some extra help without constantly bashing into people." she explained. Julie giggled, "Yeah, I didn't mean to imply you have to do anything, I just meant that having a bunch of strangers in your home is a big thing."

With the small tension in the room now broken, Willow and Tara giggled. "Julie, if you want to come here, then it'll be great and if the kids break anything then it's not a huge worry, it can be replaced." Tara told her. Behind her, Willow raised an eyebrow quizzically. Although what Tara said was true, Willow couldn't quite believe that Tara was taking that attitude with her things. She had been in the house just over two weeks and was telling her friend that it didn't matter if kids destroyed it. 'Yeah, she's been an incredible help and I love her but bloody hell, welcome to the stereotype!' Willow thought, her irritation growing but the second.

"It'd be great, this place is amazing!" Julie said, bringing Willow out of her internal complaining. "If you really don't mind at all, I mean, I get it and I won't take it personally if you want to change your mind." Willow smiled politely although her frustration still hung in her eyes. "Really Julie, its fine, I'd like you and the kids to spend the day here."

Julie noted the hint of irritation in Willows expression and quickly finished her tea and made her excuses to leave. After saying goodbye at the door, Tara turned to hug the redhead and was surprised to find her tense within her embrace. "Willow, what's wrong?" she asked.

Pulling back from Tara, Willow frowned slightly. "Nothing." she sighed, she knew she was overreacting and yet Tara's nonchalance and apparent ignorance only served to increase her irritation.

"Don't give me that, something's wrong, what is it?" After everything that had happened to them in the brief time they had known each other, Willow had been nothing open and honest with her. Tara's tone snapped the remainder of Willows resolve and she spun back towards the blonde. "There's some things in here that can't be replaced!" she snapped, confusing herself with the phrasing. "I mean, I invited them but that doesn't mean that her kids are free to trash my damn house!"

Tara frowned, "I know that, that's not what I meant!" she told her sharply.

Willow felt the red mist of her usually well kept temper clouding her eyes and turned, storming into the kitchen. "Just leave it Tara!" she snapped as she tried slamming the swinging door only to have it come back and smack her firmly in the butt.

Spinning immediately, she punched out at the door, flinging it backwards and straight into Tara who was hot on her heels. "Fuck Willow!" she growled, clutching at her nose which had begun bleeding rapidly. Holding her hands out in submissive concern, Willow stepped towards the blonde who slapped her hands away, inadvertently dripping blood on the floor. "What's your problem?" Tara snarled as she reached for some kitchen paper.

"It wasn't deliberate!" Willow replied, she had intended to apologise but Tara's verbal attack was making it difficult.

"What, you think that you're gonna be upset and I'm not gonna try and find out why? And for all my efforts you smack me in the face with the door!" Tara's concern had evaporated into pure fury. Normally she was more than capable of controlling her temper but confusion caused by the sudden outburst and then being hit with a door had taken over.

"So, you're gonna throw that back at me?" Willow growled back, her fists balling and releasing at her side. "You offered to help me out! I never asked for this!"

Pushing past Tara, Willow tried to get out, she knew she was rapidly approaching the end of her tether and things could get ugly if she didn't get out. Tara grabbed her arm as she tried to leave the kitchen. "Oh no, you don't get to walk out on this!" she said, pulling the redhead back onto the kitchen. "I never asked you for anything, and you did ask me to be here!"

Fury written clearly over her face, Willow spun to face the irate blonde, "I never asked to get stabbed for you though!" she snarled, ripping her arm from Tara's embrace and storming out of the kitchen.

Grabbing a long bladed knife, Tara chased after her and slammed the front door closed before Willow had a chance to step outside. "You wanna take your revenge?" she spat, thrusting the knife towards Willow. "Fine. Give me what's mine and I'll walk right back out of your life!"

Tears glistened in her oceanic blue eyes and cut through Willows anger. "Tara." she breathed quietly, "Don't, I'm sorry."

"No, c'mon Will, give me my punishment and I'll be gone!" Tara snapped, pointing the knife once again at the stunned redhead.

In one fluid movement, Willow grabbed Tara's wrist, relieving her of the knife and pushing her forcefully back against the door in one motion. As her back hit the solid mahogany, Tara caught her breath, tears leaking from her eyes as she stared into Willows. Without warning, Willow leant in and kissed her roughly, lips crashing together as Willows tongue demanded entry into her mouth. Moaning loudly, Tara struggled momentarily before giving in and allowing Willow access.

Pressing her hips firmly into the blondes, Willow nipped her bottom lip and tongue as her hands held Tara's firmly over her head. Pulling back slightly, Tara took the advantage of Willows action to wriggle her hands free. Grabbing a handful of red hair, she pulled Willows head back and kissed and bit her pale neck roughly.

As soon as she was released from the firm grip, Willow leapt up into Tara's arms, her well muscled legs wrapping tightly around the blondes waist. "Fuck me, Tara!" she demanded before leaning in and kissing her passionately

Walking carefully through the small lobby, Tara carried the panting redhead up the stairs, pausing on the small landing to press Willow hard against the wall and continue her toothy assault on her neck. On reaching the bedroom, both women crashed onto the bed, limbs intertwined, lips, tongues and teeth crashing together as they ripped and tore at their clothes.

Almost as suddenly as their passions had risen, Tara got up from the bed and crossed to the large closet. "Where the hell do you think you're going?!" Willow demanded. Secretly she loved rough sex, the carefree and dangerous way that you could get hurt, or hurt your lover turned her on no end and, until meeting Tara, she had never found a woman who was physically capable of dominating her. Now, the woman with the power to give her ever nasty little desire that her heart had hidden was walking away. "Stay there!!" Tara demanded as she stepped into the closet.

Watching carefully, Willow felt a rush of wetness between her legs as Tara reached for her work uniform and utility belt before returning to the bedroom. "Put it on. Now!" she ordered before sitting on the edge of the bed and waiting for Willow to do as she's instructed.

Willow stripped from her clothes and stepped into her uniform slowly. 'I'm gonna be in so much trouble if I tear this!' her mind told her. As she dressed slowly, Tara had removed her own shirt and kicked her jeans across the floor and was laying on the bed, her hand idly caressing her breast and bringing her nipple into a firm and ready peak. Licking her lips, Willow buckled her belt loosely and removed her pepper spray before unpopping the leather case containing her handcuffs and striding towards the blonde.

"I believe you threatened a police officer with a deadly weapon!" she purred as she grabbed Tara's hand, pinching her nipple at the same time, and pulled into a sitting position. "You'll have to come with me!" she grinned.

Getting to her feet, Tara backed Willow up against the wall, "And what if I don't?" she asked, her tone reminding Willow of many arrogant teenagers she had had to arrest. "You think you can take me?" Tara continued before Willow could dwell on the job.

"I know it!" Willow told her and made a grab for her arm.

Tara had anticipated the move and stepped to the side, allowing Willow to fall forward and land heavily on the floor. Sitting astride the baffled redhead, Tara grabbed the handcuffs from the belt and jangled them next to Willow ear. "Well, well officer!" she purred into her ear. "What were you planning on using these for?"

Throwing the cuffs onto the bed, Tara pulled Willow to her feet and forced her onto the bed. Leaning the redhead against n of the posts of Willow exquisite four-poster bed, Tara retrieved the cuffs and grinned as she stood behind her. "Give me your hands!" she demanded, reaching out and taking one wrist firmly before Willow had a chance to respond.

As the cold metal locked firmly around her wrist, Willow caught her breath and willingly offered her other wrist.

Now firmly attached to the bed, she knew that she was well and truly trapped, at the mercy of the blonde and unable to get out even if she had wanted to.

With a predatory grin still playing on her lips, Tara leant around the pillar and kissed the aroused redhead firmly. "Stay right there!" she told her with a giggle before grabbing a gown and disappearing from the room.

Running down the stairs, Tara jumped as a knock at the front door broke into the silence. "Screw it!" she whispered as she stepped into the kitchen. "Sorry, you'll have to come back a lot later!" she mumbled as she rooted through the fridge.

On stepping back into the main living area, the knock came more firmly. 'she can wait!' Tara thought mischievously as she placed the chocolate syrup and strawberries on the small table by the front door, before pulling it open.

On the step stood a large man with blonde hair, blue eyes, a small beard and eyebrow piercing. Tara's mind had some recollection of him but she couldn't quite place him. "What, I'm kinda busy." she told him.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry, but my car has broken down and I wondered if maybe I could use your phone?" his voice was soft and gentle and the warmth in his smile was genuine.

"Make it quick!" Tara told him, pulling the door back and indicating the phone on the table next to her. Stepping into the foyer, Colin's grin disappeared, "Bad move blondie!" he snarled raising his fist and punching Tara firmly in the side of the head.

As she fell to the floor, she fought against the blackness that was engulfing her before losing out and passing out, blood trickling gently from the corner of her mouth. "Shoulda done that before!" Colin announced into the silent room before grabbing Tara's ankles and dragging her into the living area.

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