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An American Tale

Author: Spellbound
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I own nothing except 2 insane cats, fuzzy socks and and a twisted imagination.The songs used in this fic all belong to whoever wrote them and Im just borrowing them, you could sue me but it'd be pointless as I have nothing at all... the only thing of any worth I have is my girlfriend and there aint no way in Hades you're having her!!! Grr Argh!

Willow awoke first the next morning, the strong arms of her lover wrapped securely around her waist. Through bleary eyes she surveyed the room and idly wondered for the briefest second why it was that she wasn't in the comfort of her own bed.

"Oh yeah!!" she grinned as the memories of the previous nights adventures filled her mind.

Under her, Tara slept soundly, each steady, even breath disturbing the hair on the back of Willow's neck and causing her to shiver slightly with arousal.

Disentangling herself from the comfort of Tara's embrace, Willow stretched and yawned widely. Returning her gaze to the sleeping blonde, Willow's grin returned. ‘She's so beautiful' Willow thought as she drank in the vision before her.

As she padded silently to the bathroom, Willow felt different, suffused with energy and alive for the first time in her life. Stretching once again, Willow ran her hands over the fresh pink scar over her stomach and twisted against the tautness. "Feels good." she said quietly. After a really quick shower, she dressed in her jogging bottoms and a simple vest and slipped into her running shoes, tightening them securely. "A quick run and then back to fix breakfast!" Willow told herself as she tiptoed quietly back through the living room and out the front door into the early morning light.

"Oh bloody hell!" Tara groaned as a dull ache ran through her side from sleeping a night on a hard floor. As she found her feet and stretched against the ache in her side, Tara looked around the room, wondering where Willow had gotten to. "Willow??" she called into the empty house. When she received no answer, Tara frowned and headed to the bathroom. Running the shower, Tara took a few deep breaths and the scent of Willow filled her nose. Smiling, she stepped under the hot water and wondered where her redheaded vixen had gotten to.

In the spare room that Tara had taken as her own, she dressed quickly and returned to the living room, sure that Willow would be back. Frowning once again, Tara searched the house properly, almost sure that Willow's mischievous nature had taken over and she was planning some little prank, a game of hide and seek with some exciting rewards.

After a full and complete search, Tara resigned herself to being completely alone in the house. After returning the couch to its correct position and straightening the rug and cushions, Tara slumped back and reached for the phone. After four full rings, she was about to hang up when a sleepy voice lifted the handset at the other end. "Morning." Tara said cheerfully before giggling at the response from her best friend. Opening her mouth to respond, Tara was cut off by Julie's continuation. "Yeah, I'm sorry about that, but that's why I'm calling." Tara continued apologetically, "Did you happen to notice where they were heading next?" she asked hopefully.

Reaching for the pen and notepad next to the phone, Tara grinned as she was given the answer she was hoping for. "Julie, you are the greatest!!" she cheered.

After a few more minutes of idle chit-chat, Tara said her goodbyes and hung up the phone, her grin slightly dampened by the complete lack of Willow in the room.

Fixing herself an easy breakfast of cereal and toast, Tara sat in the kitchen and ate slowly.

Suddenly the front door burst open and Tara jumped, dropping her spoon noisily back into the bowl. Rushing to the door, her mouth fell open as she saw Willow. "Oh my god, what happened?" she asked, running to her side. The redhead was breathing heavily; sweat coating her exposed shoulders and sticking the white vest she wore to her back. "I went for a run!" Willow told her matter-of-factly. Looking up into the concerned face of her lover, Willow smiled sweetly. "Aw, look at you getting all worried about me!" she purred, stroking Tara's face gently before placing a delicate kiss on her lips. "I'm ok, I thought I could have a quick run and then fix you breakfast, which it looks like you've already had!" she continued gesturing to the couple of cornflakes that were clinging to Tara's cleavage.

Following Willow's gaze, Tara giggled as she retrieved the stray flakes from her sweater and popped them into her mouth.

"Well don't go running, I thought something had happened to you when you came in all..." Tara's eyes ran over Willow's body, her firm, muscular shoulders glistening with the sweat from her run, her small yet perfect breasts heaving with each deep breath she took. The sweat that glistened over the redheads body reminded Tara of their previous night together.

Willow's eyes met Tara's and she recognised the tint of arousal dancing in them. Willow questioned the blonde with her eyes, almost as if to dare her to finish the sentence. Brushing a moist lock of red hair back behind Willow's ear, Tara smiled mischievously. With a giggle, Willow shook her head slightly, "I should go shower." she said softly, her warm breath caressing Tara's cheek and sending waves of arousal through her as the deep green eyes burned into her very soul.

"I'll fix your breakfast while you're in there!" Tara told her, "What do you fancy?" she asked suggestively. Willow raised one eyebrow and fixed Tara with a predatory grin. "I was hoping you'd..." she leant in slightly, her lips almost brushing those of the blonde, "Y'know, maybe come and...." her voice coming in a barely audible breathy whisper. "Wash my back." she finished.

Within the confines of her chest, Tara's heart pounded fiercely, her blood boiling as it raced through her veins and tingled under her skin.

Quickly closing the gap between them, their lips crashed together in a passionate and desperate kiss, the longing that had consumed them since they had first set eyes on the other filled their kiss and in a mixture of dragging, falling and carrying, the lovers made their way to the bathroom.

Across town, the sun beat down on the courthouse, its warm rays reflecting from the tall glass windows. In the car park, an entire cavalcade of officers awaited one Colin Destrada.

Suddenly the back door of the courthouse burst open and two burly security guards emerged, between them the well built form of the man who had almost taken Willow's life.

After being bundled into a police car somewhat roughly, the man began his journey to the cell in which he would be spending at least the next 20 years of his life.

Twenty minutes into the trip with sirens and lights blaring, the number of vehicles diminished, leaving just the car containing Colin and only one other. As the lead car passed through a busy intersection, a speeding motorist came thundering down the highway. With the lead car safely across the car containing the prisoner entered. Unseen until it was far too late, the speeding motorist headed towards the police car, almost as if in slow motion it hurtled towards the cop car, smashing firmly into the drivers door and killing one James D. Stallion instantly. As both cars spun and finally came to a halt in the centre of the intersection, Colin shook his head. Although slightly disoriented and with a cut on his head, he was pretty much unhurt. Thinking quickly, he crawled through the shattered window and thudded heavily onto the asphalt before finding his feet and taking into the chaos as he saw the lead car turn in the road ahead and return to the scene of the accident.

Four blocks from the scene of the accident, Colin slipped into a tattooist and grinned at the heavily pierced man who sat at the desk. "Hey Bear." he said, "Wanna help me out?" he turned slightly to reveal the handcuffs that were still firmly secured to his wrists.

Bear grinned to reveal a mouth that lacked many teeth, the ones that were there were in desperate need of some medical attention. Nodding, Bear led Colin into the back of the store.

Tara stepped from the shower and reached for a large, fluffy towel. As Willow emerged, she found herself wrapped in the strong, loving embrace of the woman she loved. "You ok?" Tara asked gently as she kissed Willow's neck. Willow nodded slowly, "What are you doing for Christmas?" she asked suddenly, taking Tara by surprise and causing her to pull back.

With everything that had been happening, neither woman had realised that there was less than a week until Christmas day. "Well, I told Julie that I'd spend it with her and the kids." she said sadly.

On accepting the generous offer from her best friend, Tara had thought it would have been the best possible way to celebrate the holiday. Her and Julie dancing and cooking the traditional meal while the kids sang, played and enjoyed their presents. Now, she wanted to spend the day wrapped up in Willow's arms, preferably within the comfort of Willow's huge bed.

Willow's brow fell as she nodded. "Oh well, it's not a worry." she told her, the disappointment clear in her voice.

"Maybe Julie could do with another hand!" Tara said suddenly, "I'll talk to her." Tara told her as she pulled back and turned Willow in her embrace. "And there'll be no argument from you!" she told the redhead, tapping her nose gently and grinning.

"It'll be the best Christmas ever!!" Willow announced into the echoey room. Unfortunately for her, her prediction couldn't be any further from the truth.

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