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Author: Paint the Sky
Rating: NC-17. Sex, swearing, extra spicy talk, spanking and kinky boot fun.
Disclaimer: AU. I don't own Willow and Tara, don't sue me, I own nothing.
Distribution: Pens, and if anyone else wants it, just ask.
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Summary: The girls have finally got home, let the kink commence.

Note: The links are there to show what Tara is wearing in case you need a more visual experience. And let me tell ya, the research was hell!

Tara felt the warm water suffuse her body with welcome heat that inched its way under her skin to dispel the chill from her bones. The head bobbing languidly between her legs was having the same effect.

They had climbed into the shower as soon as they had gotten home and once naked they had inevitably sought each other, the buzz of their roadside encounter creating an almost instant need to be sated again. Willow had fallen to her knees as soon as they entered the shower cubicle and the suddenness of her tongue in Tara's folds had taken the blonde by surprise, making her groan as sparks of pleasure fizzed and spiralled within the depths of her pussy.

Leaning against the cold tiles Tara's hands held Willow's head in place winding wet strands of red around her fingers. She could feel short fingernails digging into her thighs, urging her to open her legs wider. Bending her knees slightly she pushed her pussy against Willow's circling tongue.

"You'll have to get that talented tongue working much harder than that if you still want that spanking pet," Tara chastised in her best Mistress voice. She hadn't intended to begin their game so soon, but having Willow kneeling before her Tara found she had slipped into her role with just as much ease as the redhead's tongue had slipped into her pussy, and she just about held back the groan that Willow was teasing from her flicker by flicker.

On aching knees Willow shivered at the implication of Tara's warning and worked her tongue into a frenzy of activity. She licked, poked, jabbed and swirled for all she was worth. Her mouth filled with water that had traversed her Mistress's body diluting the natural muskiness of the liquid collected by her tongue from an infinitely more interesting source, Willow swallowed each mouthful and went back for more to quench a thirst she never wanted quelled. She could feel the tremble in Tara's thighs as the blonde's muscles strained against the semi-squatting position, and she moved her hands to quickly support her Mistress's weight. Willow gave a contented groan as Tara's slippery buttocks settled into her hands and she doubled her efforts to bring her Mistress to orgasm.

Tara felt the exquisite pleasure of suction on her clit, and when the forceful entry of three fingers into her pussy caused her muscles to clamp down firmly on those invading digits she raised her face and screamed her release into the cascade of water that bathed them both.

Willow revelled in her Mistress's orgasm, feeling pride and love and overwhelming devotion to this woman who squirmed on her fingers. She fucked Tara harder, pushing and stroking within her slick channel, her fingertips circling, over and over again on that sweet spot that made her Mistress wail like a banshee.

Tara felt the universe explode within her, she felt like she had been pulled into herself and was then expulsed out into a world of light and heat, she felt the water on her skin and it made her tingle as every inch of her was given over to the bliss that came from Willow's touch. An eternity seemed to pass before her body's responses stilled and her breathing returned to normal. She was slack jawed with satisfaction, and flushed with contentment and filled with love for her pet, for her Willow, her life, her love...her everything. Still aware of their game, Tara closed her eyes tight against the tears of pure joy that threatened to spill from her, she expelled a sigh to clear the emotions she felt and looked down at her pet, whose cheek rubbed against her thigh, and whose fingers remained deep inside her, "You've given me pleasure beyond words, you've earned your reward. Do you still want it, pet?"

Willow looked up and into blue eyes that sparkled with promises of pleasure from her Mistresses hand, but behind the sparkle, the unsaid words where there. Tara was telling her it was ok to change her mind, that to say no was just as acceptable.

Willow slipped her fingers from her Mistress and stood up to look directly into those eyes that held her soul. She searched hard for any doubt that might be hidden there, if there was anything that said Tara, not Mistress, had any reservations about moving into an arena they hadn't explored before then she would see it and act upon it. All she could see was love, trust and herself reflected in the brightness of those eyes that hid nothing from her own.

"Yes, Mistress, I want it."

Mistress entered the bedroom and looked around giving visual approval to the preparation of the room.

Candle-light illuminated the cosy space. Tea-lights flickered, their flames dancing in the current created by her movements as she disturbed the air in passing. From the corner of her eye Mistress observed her pet kneeling in the centre of the floor, naked, waiting, eyes cast down. Tara knew that even if her pet was not watching her movements as she traversed the room, that her clever girl had fixed her position in her mind.

"Red silk, pet," Mistress said with a touch of humour as she ran her fingers along the bed that Willow had stripped and adorned with a single cover, "how very appropriate. Mmm...I wonder if your oh so pale, and very delectable, ass will match it when I'm finished rewarding you?"

Tara didn't need to look at her pet to know the effect of her words. She heard a soft gasp, and could almost feel the shiver that ran up her pet's spine, very much like the shiver that ran up her own.

"Should I spank you here?" Tara said as she sat on the bed and rubbed her palms over and over again feeling the cool weave beneath them heat up from the friction, "the silk feels smooth to my touch, and, oh, how it warms up under my touch."

Another gasp, and Tara smiled, "That's right pet, just like your little booty, but trust me, the heat you're going to feel will make this seem icy cold by comparison."

Willow heard her Mistress give a throaty chuckle, and the creak of springs told her that Tara was on the move. The redhead loved this part. Mistress loved it too.

The redhead felt like prey, but this was a willing sacrifice. Willow knew that her Mistress was circling, verbally and physically, building the tension, playing with her senses, teasing her with words before swooping in for the kill. And such a delicious death it always was, over and over again.

Tara stood behind her pet and lazily stroked her fingers through red hair. The toe of her shiny black leather boot was put to good use as it pushed Willow's ankles apart causing her pet to settle back onto pale freckled calves.

"Do you know how beautiful you are from behind pet?" Mistress growled, her eyes raking down Willow's back, and over the swell of her buttocks that were slightly parted where they met the muscles of her lower legs. Even in the subdued light Tara could see how wet her pet was. Willow's pussy was practically dripping, her inner thighs were coated with slippery goodness just waiting for to be lapped up. Tara fought against the need to push her pet forward and take her there and then.

Tara licked her lips and hesitated for just a moment before sliding her right foot between her pet's legs. Let's see if you like this...

She waited.

A beat.

A heartbeat.

The toe of her boot rose slowly from the floor and the rounded point of it pushed gently against the soft yielding flesh of her pet's core.

Willow's head shot up as a long groan escaped her lips.

Oh, my Holy good fuck.

Willow wanted to push down, take more of her Mistress into her. Shaky hands clenched closed, short fingernails dug into her palms, slipping on the sweat that had sprung from nowhere.

Mistress was pleased with the reaction. Part of her had worried that pet would pull away, that was a kink too far.

Tara pressed harder and shifted her foot from side to side, her toe making contacting with Willow's clit.

Again Mistress heard her pet's moan of pleasure, and frustration no doubt. Tara's hands had wound themselves into Willow's hair and she gave a sharp tug that turned Willow's face up to her.

Mistress smiled at her, a secret smile that said 'guess what's coming next'.

Me, I hope...

Mistress lifted her heel from the floor and the leather upper slipped between Willow's cheeks. Tara pressed her knee against her pets' back for balance then pulled her foot back slowly so that each and every part of it made contact with Willow's ass crack.

Don't move. Don't move...

Tara raised an eyebrow as Willow pushed back a little as the leathered toe pressed against her anus. Too late, Willow realised her mistake and pulled her hips forward again.

"Oh, pet, shame on you. Now your reward has become a punishment," Mistress said thrilling her pet even further by pressing her toe against her rosebud again before withdrawing her foot from her pets hot and now even wetter apex.

Willow lowered her head, her eyes once again on the floor and she felt Tara move away and then heard the creak of bedsprings.

Her heart was racing, Mistress was going to spank her, and she briefly wondered if the punishment would be as pleasurable as the reward. Her ass muscles twitched in anticipation as her Mistress ordered her to stand and join her at the bed.

Her legs were unsteady and her first few steps faltered, but then she was there. Standing in front of her Mistress. Her green eyes now focused on the black shiny leather of her Mistresses boots. One of which was highly polished with her juices. Willow blushed a soft pink at the sight, and her asshole contracted in pleasure.

Who knew I had so much kink in me?

With her head bowed, pet looked up along the length of her Mistress from her booted feet to the top of her hips. Her bright green eyes darkened with lust when they seen the black shiny leather that stopped at mid-thigh, they darkened further as they drank in the smooth lightly tanned skin that looked so soft and squeezable. Rolling her eyes up, ignoring the strain, Willow allowed a small smile to play at her lips when she saw that her Mistresses was not wearing panties.

Tara sat down on the bed and moved her thighs apart giving her pet a glimpse of her pussy. Willow, in turn, gave a low groan which elicited a throaty chuckle from the blonde.

"Don't worry pet, you'll be up close and personal with it before long, but for now, you only get to look."

Now that her Mistress was sitting Willow was able to see all of her. Tara leaned back, her arms just behind her and let her pet take in the vision of the Mistress she became for her lover.

The thigh-high boots were laced up the back and Willow's mouth watered at the prospect of undoing them with her teeth and licking at the marks the laces had made. She quickly bypassed her Mistresses pussy, the urge to part those thighs and worship there would have been too strong to resist if she had let her gaze linger. But, she had seen enough to know how much her Mistress was turned on.

Willow controlled her breathing and moved on in her visual journey. Bad enough that her Mistress was naked at the waist, but her resolve almost collapsed when she saw what was up top.

A black leather bustier, tailored to expose Tara's magnificent breasts hugged her frame tight. At the neck a circlet of leather held everything together. Willow licked her lips, and couldn't help but think her Mistress was making things particularly difficult tonight.

"Do you like my outfit pet?" Mistress drawled, her head cocked to the side so she could see more of her pets face.

Willow dragged her eyes away and looked at her Mistresses face, but it was a hell of a battle to keep them there.

"Yes, Mistress, very much," she said, flicking her glance downwards again.

"I though you would. I like this bit," Tara said turning her upper body around to show her pet the small silver ring that adorned the back of the leather circlet on her neck, "it's for attaching a leash."

The implication wasn't lost on Willow, she knew the leash wasn't for her Mistress, and she flooded at the thought.

Tara straightened her back as she turned around to face her pet again, and saw that Willow was excited by the possibility, "I see you're ahead of me, pet. That's what I love about you. Your brain, you're so smart lover."

Reaching out Mistress took her pets hand and gently pulled her so that she stood at the side of the bed.

"Now, let's see if we can make you smart somewhere else."

With a sharp tug Willow found herself laying across her Mistresses lap, she could feel the edge of leather on her skin as well as the heat of Tara's thighs.

"Wrap your arms under me pet, and hold on tight," her Mistress told her softly as Tara's stroked the length of her pets back and over her ass to come to a stop between her thighs.

Tara felt a small kiss brush her hip as Willows hands held her outer thigh, the fingertips burning into her skin. She could also feel the thump of her pet's heart against her, it was fast and strong and beat a rhythm of fire on her thigh.

Mistress softly stroked her pet's folds, and Willow's legs fell open at her touch.

"You really want this, don't you?" Mistress asked, wondering if her question was directed at her pet or herself.

Willow twisted her neck and looked back at Tara, "Yes, I want it, Mistress," she said honestly and put her head down again.

Tara slipped her left hand under Willow's hips and quickly placed it between her open legs. Questing fingers found their target and Willow's clit jumped as her Mistress applied pressure to it and entered her with two fingers of her right hand.

"I love fucking you pet, giving you pleasure, making you squirm. You're so wet, so tight."

Mistress pulled her fingers out gathering as much wetness as she could and moved one up to her pet's sphincter.

"I can think of somewhere tighter though" she said giving a gentle push at the wrinkled skin.

Tara held her breath, they had never gone this far before, but her pet's reaction earlier gave her the courage to push the bounds.

Her pet moaned and pushed her ass back at the finger wanting entry, giving Tara permission to take her.

With a firmer push Tara slid her finger into Willow's ass and she groaned with pleasure as the small muscle gripped and sucked her in further.

Willow was in heaven, or somewhere damn near it as her Mistress stroked in and out of her and rubbed her aching clit harder. She bit down on her lower lip, the pain taking the edge of her pleasure just enough so she wouldn't come.

Tara could feel just how close her pet was to coming and she slipped her finger from Willow's anus and rubbed hand over Willow's ass, painting the taut flesh with her with wetness.

I can do this. Willow wants me to do this. Anything. Everything for her!

Willow groaned loudly and pushed herself against the fingers still circling her clit.

Oh, fuck, do it Mistress, do it now...

Almost as if she heard her pet's silent plea Tara raised her right hand to shoulder height and swiftly brought it down with a sounding smack.

It was quickly followed by another.

Tara marvelled at the sound of skin on skin, and in the dim candle light the imprint of her hand glowed pink on the alabaster background.

Willow had let loose with loud a yell and encouraged her Mistress by raising her hips and offering herself up for more.

Again and again Tara brought her hand down, and every slap forced Willow's clit onto her moving fingers.

"Come for me pet," Mistress urged with next contact and Willow's buttocks clenched tight as she pressed herself hard against the fingers that had entered her cunt and where now fucking her senseless on her Mistresses lap.

"Argg!! Fuck, oh fuck, yes, again Mistress, again," Willow screamed before the brain melting heat of orgasm choked her throat leaving her non-verbal.

Two more resounding smacks filled the air before Tara fell back on the bed flushed and sweating. She watched her pet come, hips shaking as she rode the fingers still inside of her, her ass speckled red and white and Tara thought she had never seen such a beautiful sight in all of her life as her lover in the throws of orgasm.

An hour later, naked and with her pet's head between her thighs Tara was fully sated as she came down from her third orgasm since she had reddened her pet's lily white ass.

Willow crawled up beside her and stretched out pressing her length against the hot skin of her Mistress, who turned to face her with a sad smile.

"I have a confession to make pet, I don't think I can spank you again like that," she said softly holding up her hand and looking intently at the redness that still lingered.

"Mistress?" her pet questioned, confused and most of all worried that Tara, not Mistress, hadn't felt totally comfortable with it all.

"Just look at my hand. We'll have to buy a paddle."


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