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Wishes Do Come True

Author: Angela
Rating: PG
Disclaimers: I don't own any of the Buffy characters.

Willow continued to watch the float as it disappeared around the corner. "Wow."

Faith and Buffy watched the redhead continue to stare. They shared an amused glance at each other before snapping the redhead out of her princess-induced coma. "Hey Red! Wake up before you miss the rest of the parade."

Willow slowly turned around, her big green eyes glistening in the afternoon sun. "Did you see her? She was beautiful.Those eyes, those lips.those." Willow cupped her own small breasts. "Wow.I have to go find her." Willow turned into the crowd, ready to go find her princess. A strong arm grabbed hers and pulled her painfully back to where she was standing. That arm belonged to Buffy. "Wait, Will."

Willow frowned and rubbed her tender appendage. "Geez, Buff. Have you been working out? That really hurt."

"Sorry, Will. But you can't go after her yet. She's not even done with the parade. And you don't even know her name."

"I do. She just told me. Did you not see her?"

Buffy looked at Willow, a look of doubt painted on her face. "She just told you her name? From 50 feet away? Come on, Will."

"She did! I'm going to go find her right now. I'll see you guys later."

The determined Willow took off in the direction of Cinderella's float, leaving a confused and shocked Buffy in her dust.

Willow worked her way through the crowd, keeping her eye on the group of mice in front of Cinderella's float. Finally, she reached the gate where the floats would disappear. Up ahead, she could see the mice jumping around in front of the carriage. She waited anxiously for the float to get near enough to where Willow could see the beautiful princess in the carriage. As the mice got closer, Willow's heartbeat got faster. She blushed heavily as the carriage passed by her, her princess waving at the small children getting their last glimpse of Cinderella. She spotted Willow near the gate, and gave her the biggest smile, her cheeks rosy in color. Willow smiled back, and gave a little wave. As she passed, she blew Willow a kiss, and said, "Service desk."

A confused look passed across Willow's face as she thought about what the princess had said. Service desk? What about it? Willow thought for a moment, and decided that she should go to the service desk to ask to see Cinderella. She took off in the direction of the front entrance, pushing through the crowds of small children and parents. As she jogged up to the desk, a man gave her the once-over. And how may I help you, Ma'am?"

Willow stared back. "Umm, I need to find Cinderella.I mean, Tara Maclay."

"We can only release personal information to relatives."

Think quick, Rosenberg. "I know.I'm her sister.uh, Wilma! Yeah, Wilma."

The man gave her a smug smile, and searched through the computer. He turned back to the redhead and laughed. "Sorry, Wilma, but your name is not on Ms. Maclay list of relatives. And as of right now, you have two options: I can escort you off these premises for impersonating a worker's family member, or you can join me for dinner tonight."

Willow's eyes bulged out of her head. "Excuse me?"

"So I take it I have a dinner date tonight?" The man sat back in his chair and smiled.

Willow blushed. "Umm, sorry." She looked down at his name tag. ".Steven, but you're not my type."

Steven looked at Willow with a pensive frown. "Well, what is your type?"

"Well.I usually go for the non penis-bearing types."

After a moment or two, Steven understood what Willow had said, and he blushed deeply. "Geez, I'm sorry, Wilma, I had no idea. I'm really sorry. I guess that explains why you wanted to see Cinderella. You want a sneak peek at what's under that dress, don't ya?"

He laughed as the embarrassed Willow said her goodbyes and scooted away from the service desk. She rejoined the parade crowd in hopes of relocating Faith and Buffy. As she searched the crowd, her phone began to ring. "Hello?"

"Willow! You will never guess who we just saw."


"Are you still near the parade route?"

"Yeah. What's going on, Buffy?"

"Take a look at Snow White's float. We'll be right where you left us." And with that, Buffy ended the call.

Willow began making her way toward Cinderella's Castle. As she walked, she spotted the float the held Snow White. Behind her was the evil Queen. Willow did a double take as she looked at the Queen. Those eyes and that smirk never looked so familiar.



Cordelia turned her head at the sound of her real name being yelled. She spotted Willow staring at her with a look of awe and the slightest hint of amusement. She rolled her eyes and pretended not to see her. Willow laughed to herself. "Just like Cordy.always pretending not to see me."

Willow turned around to find her way back to Buffy and Faith.

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