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Wishes Do Come True

Author: Angela
Rating: PG
Disclaimers: I don't own any of the Buffy characters.

Willow finally found Buffy and Faith in their spot near the Castle. As they met up again, they all collapsed into a fit of laughter.

"Did you see that, Will?! Talk about payback being a bitch." Buffy laughed at herself.

"Yeah, I guess the Queen finally got what was coming to her." Faith added.

Willow giggled a little. "I know she left after graduation to pursue an acting career, but this wasn't what I thought she would be doing. Is it bad that I feel like laughing very hard again?"


"Go for it, Red."

And she went for it, indeed.

After Willow finished her intense bout of laughter, the parade was over. They decided to walk around some more before it got too warm outside. After about five minutes of walking, Faith and Buffy began to walk quickly toward the bathrooms. "Hey Red, we're gonna take a little bathroom break," Faith said with a very smug grin.

"Yeah, Will, we won't be gone long. It'll just be a minute.a little refresher before we take on the rest of the park. You know?"

Willow glared at her friends. "Guys, this can wait. You are NOT going to have sex in a Disney World restroom. Not gonna happen. It's gross and weird and--"

"We'll be back," They both shouted back to the redhead who was left standing between Cinderella's Castle and Tomorrowland. Willow watched them disappear into the purple restroom doors and out of sight.

She spotted a bench that had one seat open. She took a seat next the stranger with a plop and a loud sigh.

"Long day?" A voice came from the person sitting beside her.

Willow looked over at the young girl sitting next to her. She looked to be about five feet nine inches tall, had long dark blonde hair, dark jeans with lots of chains, and a black shirt with the words "This one time at band camp" printed across the front in red letters. The letters were stretched and misshapen from the ample amount of bosom the young girl carried. I think I just committed a crime., the redhead thought as she quickly looked away from the girl's chest and back to her face. Her deep blue eyes seemed hauntingly familiar.

" gonna answer my question or not?" the younger girl asked with an amusing half grin plastered on her face.

Willow blushed a little. "Yeah, sorry. It has been a long day. I'm here in the most magical place on earth, and I see the most beautiful girl in the world, and she ends up being a--"

"You're gay?"

Willow looked at the girl, attempting to see if she would react in a bad way. ".Yes, I'm gay."

The girl smiled. "That's cool. So is my sister." She stuck out her hand. "I'm Rachel, by the way."

Willow tentatively took the girl's hand and shook it. "Hi."

Rachel giggled at the redhead. "I see you're pleasantly avoiding telling me your name. That's okay. I can tell by the way you speak that you're not from the South. You're being extra cautious.My sister likes that in a girl."

Willow laughed at the girl's absurd comment. "I'm Willow."

"Willow.Cute name. I think my sister would really like you. You're a step up from the other girls she's dated. My sister fell into this bad habit of dating cleavage-y slut bombs who were way into the leather.much like this chick here."

Willow looked up to see Faith and Buffy being escorted by a security officer to the exit of the park. She jumped off the bench and walked toward them. "You guys! I told you not to get kicked out!! What did you do?!"

The officer stepped in with an explanation. "Your friends here were caught doing naughty things in the restroom. I'm sorry but they are no longer welcome in the Magic Kingdom."

Willow watched as they were escorted away. Faith yelled back. "We'll be at the hotel room, Red. Make sure you call before you come." And with that statement and a loud laugh from Faith, they were out of sight.

Willow watched them go. She was in her own little world until someone tapped her on the shoulder. She turned around to come face to face with Rachel's boobs. She immediately jumped back with a look of fear and shock across her face.

"Geez, watch where you point those things!"

Rachel snickered at Willow's facial expression.

"Sorry, didn't mean to...umm...startle you with the extremely large quantity of boob to the face."

Willow looked up to see Rachel suppressing a giggle.

Rachel looked at the redhead. "I'm sorry." She pointed in the direction that Faith and Buffy were being escorted. "Well.that was interesting. You know them?"

"Yeah. The blonde is my best friend, and the other one is her new bride. They're here for their honeymoon, and they decided to let me tag along."

"On their honeymoon?"

"I know.Weird. But I'm kinda glad they did. It's been fun for the most part." Willow looked over at Rachel. "So are you here with your family?"

She shook her head. "Nope. I'm here a band trip. I'm here with my high school band, and we're marching in a parade tomorrow. My friends are off riding rides and such, but I stayed behind to watch the parade. I know someone who's in it."

Willow's eyes glazed over at the mention of the parade. "What a parade.Cinderella was my favorite. She is so beautiful."

A huge smirk crossed Rachel's face as she looked at the redhead. "I betcha you were looking a few inches lower than her face, weren't ya?"

Willow blushed furiously, which left no doubt in Rachel's mind that she was right. "Well, I just want you to know that she likes to be looked at, but she doesn't like for her body parts to be in a conversation. When she gets nervous, she stutters a little. Most girls find it cute. And if she wanted, the girl could get more pussy than an animal shelter in the dead of winter."

Willow laughed at the last comment. "You're pretty funny."

"I try."

"But how do you know so much about her? It's kinda creepy.Are you her stalker?"

Rachel laughed at the redhead. "No. I'm her sister."

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