Return to War Chapter Nine


Author: Vamp_fangs
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.

Buffy peered curiously, through her hazel eyes at Nichelle's fevored movements as the Oriental woman studied her form, her lilting voice questioning her about her past. Xander grinned in mischevious pleasure as he got the chance to see the Bovine Hybrid's bottom. At a soft, lustful sigh, Nichelle bolted up and scowled at the male Cougar Hybrid.

"None of that now. Mistress Tara was already distressed at your youngest sister's attempt to eat me last time." The asian woman scolded lightly, winking playfully at the male Cougar. Buffy smirked and stuck her tongue out at her brother. Xander shrugged sheepishly, lowering his eyes. I plan to do more than just eat you, he thought, as he saw the Bovine Hybrid turn her attentions back to Buffy. Suddenly a sharp pain in his ear made him cry out which turned into a muffled grunted as a hand clasped over his mouth.

"Eyeing my woman, huh? What makes you think you got the right?" Kate growled, her voice low, her lips brushing against his ear, her fingers tightening the pinch she held on Xander's ear. Nichelle straightened and turned towards her mate, her eyebrows high on her forehead. The blonde behind her giggled as she saw her brother's ear was being boxed.

"Kate... Don't damage him. Anya will tan my hide if you leave a mark." The Oriental woman chided her Canine lover. Kathryn Sables nodded, pulling away from Xander her green-hazel eyes still on the edging male Cougar Hyrbid.

"I'm just protecting what's mine." Kate replied, snarling, her teeth flashing.

"Sorry, I was just looking. Cougars mate for life, ya'know." Xander apologized, taking a bigger steps away from the Wolf Hybrid. Buffy shook her head as she saw the scene play out, Silly Xander. "I've got Anya, I don't need Nich -- not that she's not lovely, erm... oh crap..."

"So do Wolves." Kate scowled, annoyed with Xander's disablility to apologize. She stalked over to her mate's side. Nichelle clucked softly and sighed, wrapping her arms around her lover's neck. Everytime I'm with another predator... "Whatcha doing with these felines, love... Come on, we can go swimming. Get you away from this stink." Kate nuzzled her face into Nichelle's neck. The Bovine Hybrid pulled back with a frown.

"You know I have work today, you should be busy too. I thought Giles and Faith needed you for the accomodations of the new citizens?"

"Yeah, I know but I'm too... frisky for that... Please? That old owl's just gonna make me put them in alphabetical order." Nichelle shook her head and placed a chaste kiss on Kate's lips before turning her around and pushing her towards the exit.

"Come back after the sixth bell. We'll see if I'm not to busy to take care of you then." Kate scowled and huffed before stomping out of the room. Nichelle turned back to the Cougar Hyrbids, a small smile appearing on her face. "She's always like that. I can't seem to sate her enough." Buffy let out a snicker and nodded while Xander looked tense, his dark eyes looking at the exit the Canine Hybrid had just passed through.

Tara smiled at the Cougar Hybrid's surprise and leaned forward to place another kiss on the redhead's lips. The blonde smiled as Willow responded slowly, the Cougar pulled back slightly after a few seconds and peered at her Mistress, seeking permission with her green eyes. Tara nodded, nudging the redhead onto her back, before placing light butterfly kisses on the Cougar Hybrid's collar bone. Willow wiggled at her Mistress' gentle administrations, a giggle escaping her lips. The blonde's smile grew bigger as she traveled up towards the redhead's lips. Soon, Tara's light kisses became long and heavy, making Willow respond as pleasure curled into her limbs. The redhead brought up her hands and ran her fingers through her Mistress' hair without noticing she hadn't asked for permission. Willow froze. Tara pulled back and looked down at the redheaded Hybrid, feeling an ache as the long fingers that had inhabited her hair moments ago slid down.

"Such a good girl." Tara praised, causing the younger girl to blush. "Beautiful girl..." The blonde lowered her head and recaptured the redhead's lips in a possessive kiss, making Willow gasp as they parted. My Girl.

"Thank you.... Mi-mistress." Willow breathed, a small smile on her lips. Tara smiled sadly and gently brushed a red strand of hair out of emerald green eyes. What are you doing Tara? You can't do this without the proper rites... Goddess... The blonde shifted so Willow rolled onto her arm, allowing most of the younger girl's body to cover Tara's.

"Do you want me to continue the story I was tellling you last night? Or would you like to take a nap before a bath?" The blonde questioned, stroking the redhead's shoulder. Willow rubbed her cheek against her Mistress' shoulder, her smiling deflated. She was liking the Mistress kisses.

"Story, please." Willow murmured, placing her head in the crook of her Mistress' neck.

"Heh, okay." Tara looked up at her ceiling, shifting slightly as she moved to grab the covers. "Now, let's see... where was I? Oh that's right." The blonde shifted once more and allowed the Cougar to hug her arms around her Mistress' waist. "Now the Goddess had created a daughter, She had to come up with a name for her. The Goddess thought long and hard as She studied the immoblie body of her daughter. 'All my animals have good and strong names that their future generations will be proud to carry... But what name should I give to my only daughter?' The Great Goddess asked. The Goddess mulled over this subject for many days, knowing that She had to find the right one for Her only daughter."

"Cristian." Willow intterupted, making Tara chuckle as the blonde felt the Cougar's breath on her neck.

"That's right, Willow. Cristian. After having thought about that name for several days, the Goddess allowed her child to be born into the world. Cristian the Keeper was what the Goddess called her, for she was the one who protected and cared for the animals when the Goddess Herself could not. Cristian was a beautiful woman, with long blonde-white hair as if the Goddess borrowed some of the Sun's light just to colour it, and two special eyes, coloured differently; one green and one blue. All the animals loved her and cared for her. But one day, after several years of spending time with the animals and her Mother, the young woman became depressed. Though she was honoured to be in the Goddess' graces, she was also lonely for another person to speak with her as she and her Mother did... Sleepy?" Willow shook her head in protest, muffling her yawn in Tara's neck.

"No... Tell the story... please?" The redhead purred, tilting her head up to lay a small kiss on the blonde's chin. Tara smiled as Willow returned her head back to the crook of her neck.

"M'hmm. The Goddess, seeing Her child's loneliness decides to make another of her kind, her soul-mate. You see every animal that the Goddess created had two halves, because She knew Her children, though special to Her, could never be perfect, but She could make it so that they could achieve it..." Tara paused thoughtfully. "But, that's another story for another time."

"M'kay..." Willow pouted, pressing her face into Tara's throat, her lips brushing against the blonde's skin. The blonde smiled.

"Anyway, back to the story... As the Goddess began Her new project, Cristian became inquisitive, missing the late night talks that she had with her Mother. She decided to visit her Mother and found that the Goddess was ready to give the breath of life into Her new creation. 'Mother? What are you doing?' Cristian asked, stepping into the large room where her Mother worked. 'I am making you a companion, Child. The second half of your soul.' The Goddess answered, smiling brightly as Her intelligent child circled the new form. 'Mother... Before you finish... Could you... give my soul-mate powers to speak to the animals? You needn't though, if it is too much to ask Mother.' Cristian backpedaled as she saw her Mother's perturbed look. 'We shall see, Daughter.'" Tara stopped and tightened her grip on the younger girl. Willow had fallen asleep once more. "Guess today's events was too much for you. Or... I'm a very dull story teller."

"Mistress?" A hunch cloak figure questioned, flinching as a clawed hand reach out from the large chaise. The pale hand clutched the cloaked figure's chin. "You to-told me that this wasn't a damaging spell."

"Iiiittt'sss nnooott..." A female voice hissed. "Oonnly when it iss canceled...beefore it's time."

"Will you be able to retake the land, Mistress?" The minion winced as the nails closed tighter on his chin.

"Of courssse. Are all the details sset?"

"Yes, Mistress Drusilla. Everything is ready."

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