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Author: Vamp_fangs
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.
Note: I felt lonely so I decided to add another Asian woman to the Buffy-verse clan. :)

"Mistress, good afternoon." A stocky, dark-haired woman greeted the approaching couple, lowering her head a fraction in respect. Slipping from under the large plow, she moved towards her blonde Mistress and the redheaded Hybrid trailing behind her.

"Good mid-day, Niche." Mistress Tara purred quietly, smiling at the Oriental girl. The younger woman blushed, her head automatically lowering. They were standing at the edge of the field. "Lucky I caught you before you were in the middle of the field huh?"

"Yes, Mistress. Even if you did it wouldn't matter, we could still have a conversation." The raven-haired girl replied, lifting her head slightly, her lips curling into a soft smile. Tara grinned, using her forefinger and thumb to lift up the girl's chin and gently laid a kiss upon Nichelle's lips in greeting.

"I wished I had a crack at you before Kathryn picked you up." The blonde Mistress murmured as she pulled back, knowing her comment was harmless. "Do you think Katie would let me try once more?"

"Mistress, you know she wouldn't." The dark-haired girl whispered in a chastising tone with a smirk on her lips, looking to the side just in time to catch a strike of jealousy clouding the green eyes of the Hybrid. Nichelle pulled back and nodded at the redhead. "Greetings, sister."

"Willow, this is Nichelle of the Oxvine Tribe. Nichelle, this is my Kitten." Tara introduced them to each other, shrugging with a smile on her face as she watched Nichelle's eyebrows rise. "Willow, you'll be spending sometime with her, alright?"

"Food." Willow replied breathily. Tara's blue eyes widened, concerned about the Asian woman and she quickly turned as she felt the feline hybrid brush passed her. "Food." Willow repeated, hovering her fingers over the object. "Mistress... may cu -- kitten?"

"Of course." Tara allowed, moving closer the redhead, weary of the consequences that may occur if either of these females were killed.

"Mistress, I am sure she will be occupied with the plow for now. When... do you wish for me to evaluate Willow."

"She won't try to eat you, would she?"

"Mistress... Hybrids as a rule do not eat other Hybrids." Nichelle chuckled, she had noticed her Mistress' flash of fear as the Cougar Hybrid rushed toward her. "Don't worry, even if she tried, my feral self is still larger than hers. Remember the book I gave you? It should explain."

"Maybe I should finish it then..." The blonde flushed. "I only started reading it when Willow came into my possession."

"Uh-huh, well then I suggest you finish reading about the rest of the animals."

"Understood." Tara winked flirtingly, her eyes wandering over to Willow who had set shop in front of the plow, returning her green gaze upon the conversing women. "I'll do that. Later."

"Mistress... If it pleases you I will finish my portion of the field and have Willow help me." Tara nodded, and watched the raven-haired woman turn towards the redhead. "Would you like that, Willow?"

Nichelle stuck a piece of honey suckle between her teeth, watching the redhead sniff and examine the flowers the Oriental strove to care for. The raven-haired woman had finished her chore of planting the seeds for the next harvest and invited the Cougar into her personal green house. They were resting near her exotic flowers.

"Do you like it here, Willow?"

"Yes, alot. Here... You make flowers pretty..." The Cougar replied, using her lanky fingers to stroke a petal of a light orange tiger lily. The Asian woman chuckled slightly as she heard the answer.

"Thank you, Willow." Nichelle nodded, "How do you like it outside with Mistress Tara?" Willow's head perked at the mention of her Mistress' name.

"Willow likes alot... Mistress is kind and gives Willow many pretty clothes and food and - and toys!" The redhead tugged at the blue shift she still wore from the night before, proudly showing the other woman the patterns.

"Yes, I can see that... Do you want to tell me the difference between Mistress Tara and your former Master?" Nichelle questioned, emphasizing the blonde Mistress' name.

"M' Yellow haired Mistress hasn't... beaten Willow yet... Black haired Mistress did..." The redhead murmured so quietly and hesitantly that the Bovine Hybrid had to lean in a bit to understand the younger girl. "And... And Willow got pretty clothes from yellow haired Mistress that Willow likes alot... and Willow got a blankie..." The Orientalís brown eyes studied the figure of the speaking Hybrid, making note of the mentioned blanket that was tucked underneath the redhead's crossed legs. The redhead seemed relaxed enough, but under the quiet and submissive skin held tensed muscles; in her jaw, shoulders and thighs. Even her green eyes were filled with wariness.

"Mistress Tara gave you a blanket?"

"Willow was good, so Mistress gave her Cub -- Kitten a present." The redhead explained, shifting her weight so she could pull out the blanket from underneath her to show to the other girl. "See, it's blue like the colour of Mistress' eyes." Nichelle smiled gently in return, nodding. Suddenly, her dark eyes caught the redhead's muscles tensing. The noise of dried twigs snapping interrupted and answered her question. Both the redhead and dark-haired women turned their heads towards the male who moved into open area. The redhead hissed at him, grabbing the blanket between her teeth, her fangs and claws growing rapidly, ready to defend herself. Nichelle quickly stood up and placed herself between the two Cougar Hybrids and scowled at Xander.

"My apologies, Nichelle." He murmured, lowering his head as he kicked the dirt sheepishly. "Lady Kathryn said you were here. Lady Faith wishes to speak with you."

"Is it important?"

"It has to do with your current... patient."

"Hmm... Alright... I guess this is the end of our session today, Willow. Do you want me to take you back Mistress Tara or do you want to stay here until she comes to get you?"

"Take me back to Mistress..." Willow whispered, her eyes relaying her terror.

"I hope this is important because I barely got to ask her any questions that would help me with her case, Lady Faith." The Oriental woman snapped, her mind still on her newest patient's reaction to another Cougar Hybrid. Could the reason for Willow being so frightened that is because Xander was a male? Or because he is a similar Hybrid? The notes from Dr. Joyce made Nichelle question her theories.

"Yes, actually, Miss Snappy Pants." The brunette shot back, winking in pleasure as Nichelle produced the scowl Faith aimed for. "My girl has some facts about Mistress' new Hybrid."

"What about Willow?" The Asian woman questioned.

"She has siblings here."

Willow lapped at her bloody hands, crouching low as her Mistress stalked the floor back and forth. Mistress is angry, the redhead surmised as shifting so she could flatten herself to the stone floor. The heels made noises of horses as her Master paced, until it stopped. Turning towards the redheaded Hybrid, the Mistress crossed her arms and gave her slave a look-over. Willow tensed and held in her breath.

"Come here, Cubby." Her soft, lilting voice demanded, her left foot slapping the ground with a crack. The redhead rose swiftly into her crawling position and scrambled towards her Mistress. Slender hands slid through her red hair until they reached her scalp. The Cougar Hybrid winced as her Mistress' fingernails raked against her skull. "Do you know what you did wrong?" Willow whimpered and tilted her head to look up, her hands touching her Mistress' knees. She felt her Mistress' hands tighten around her head. "No?"

Blinding pain made the Cougar Hybrid reel back, onto the floor, her hands clutching her nose. The redhead's eyes widened as she saw dark red drops of blood drip into her palm. Mistress had just damaged her nose. "You didn't kill the one I told you to kill." Willow's green eyes closed in terror and pain. Mistress had said specifically 'kill hiim', not 'kill them'.

"C-cubby so-sorry, Mi-mistress..." The redhead whimpered, her breaths sounding wet as blood wetted her lips. The Cougar lowered her head, trying hard not to cry. Mistress wouldn't appreciate crying, it's manipulative. Suddenly, the cool hands that helped cause the damage to Willow's broken nose, cupped the girl's head, stroking the red strands.

"Shh, I know. Shh, it's okay. I keep on forgetting you're just an animal. A stupid animal." The Mistress whispered, lowering herself so she could kiss the girl's forehead. "You don't know any better." Mistress's hand ran through Willow's red hair.

"Willow? Are you alright, honey?" The blonde Mistress' soft voice called, drawing the Cougar Hybrid out of her memories. A soothing hand stroked her cheek. Willow leaned into her Master's touch.

"Yes, Mistress." Willow nodded, her voice low as she mumbled. "Just stupid." Tara frowned and moved to gently scratch the girl's neck and shoulder, causing the redhead to shudder in pleasure, her green eyes closing.

"Such a good kitten. Why would you ever say such a thing?" The blonde asked calmly only to be interrupted by a lick on her cheek.

"Sorry, Mistress." The redhead replied, removing her head. The blonde Mistress smiled before discreetly wiping away the saliva the redhead left behind. "Noisy up here..." The Cougar Hyrbid tapped her forehead gently.

"Maybe we should... do something to make it... not so noisy up there." The blonde Mistress replied as she leaned in, her soft lips touching the redhead's nose, making Willow squeak softly in reply.

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