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A Woman in Uniform

Author: Umgaynow
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters... if I did they would certainly have a lot more fun than under the rule of the evil ME empire... I am only using them briefly for my own nefarious and vicarious purposes... I promise to put them back where I found them when I'm done, perhaps slightly rumpled, but not soiled.
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When last we left our horny little heroines...

"Oh was..." Tara finally breathed with no small amount of effort.

"Amazing," the sexy redhead whispered, awestruck.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm..." the blonde agreed, with a goofy smile.

Willow stroked the witch's still trembling flesh, "Very mmmmmmmmm...I love you, baby."

"And I, you Officer much," she purred, squeezing the fingers that were still nestled inside her.

"Almost forgot those were still in there," Willow giggled in that girlish way that Tara loved so much.

The redhead slowly withdrew the talented digits from their warm, wet home, bringing them to her face as if to study them closely. "Hmmmmm...curious..." she stated in a most Holmesian fashion.


"There definitely seems to be some sort of creamy substance here..." Officer Rosenberg emerged, reaching between the blonde's legs, "And it's still leaking out...uh uh uh...could be contraband," she was fully back in character now, "You know what that means, don't you, girl?"

"Yes Officer?" Tara replied meekly.

"This requires further investigation..."

"Oh no! Not that..." Oh yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!

And now...

Following an extensive taste test in which the suspicious substance was deemed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, an intoxicant, an exhaustive deep oh-yeah-baby-deep cavity search was performed. Well, after a brief controversy anyway...

It seems Officer Rosenberg had been reluctant to go on with the investigation due to a lack of rubber gloves on the premises. I mean authentic would that be? OK...admittedly, gun belt, shirt, no pants...not terribly realistic either...but a person has to draw a line somwhere don't they? A certain standard simply must be upheld, after all and...

Bent over the end of the bed as she was, wrists lashed to the bedframe and ankles to the posts, Tara was quite literally in no position to employ her usual method for stopping her lover's babble. She couldn't see Willow, let alone kiss her. However, being the strong, take charge kind of gal she was, whether momentarily in a submissive stance or not, she quickly settled the debate with the tried and true Get Over It and Get On With It ploy and in the end, both parties found themselves to be multiply satisifed with the results of the investigation. Perhaps even a little bit too satisfied...

The Naughty Officer released her captive and once she'd dragged her boneless body a bit closer to the pillow zone, breathlessly flopped down beside it.

Tara trembled in her redhead's arms, "Damn, woman..." she groaned between gasps of precious oxygen, "Next time you plan something like this, let me know in advance so I can carbo load..."

Willow just couldn't help herself, she opened her mouth to speak, but before any words could come out they were preceded by a long self-satisfied sigh, which sounded, to Tara's ears, an awful lot like God...I am SUCH a stud... and the blonde couldn't help but release a small giggle.

Finally finding her voice, she asked, "Are you OK, baby? Was that an aftershock or a shiver I just felt?" stroking her lover's damp hair.

"I'm a little cold," came the reply in a tiny voice.

The redhead tried with all her might to force her body into a somewhat less prone position, with little success. "Oy...I'd get up and try to find the blanket for ya, but I seem to be paralyzed from the neck down...sorry, sweetie."

"S'ok...I don't think I could move if the bed was on fire...wait...maybe if I..."

On the other side of the room, the blanket rose shakily from the corner it had been tossed into, then unceremoniously dropped to the floor.

"Well, crap..." Tara huffed, exhaustedly.

"Here, let me try..." Willow offered, her concentration quite audible in her grunted pronunciation of the last two words.

One corner of the coverlet seemed to wave tauntingly at them for a few moments, then went stock still.

"Now that was an inspiring display of mediocrity..." she sighed, pulling the blonde closer and rubbing her hands all over the wonderously soft, but currently goosebumpy flesh, "We'll just have to find another way to keep you warm..."

"Oh, Will...I love you darlin'...but I really don't have it in me...sorry...OH!! Hmmmm...I wonder..."

"What is it, sweetie?" she asked softly, stroking Tara's cheek as she gazed lovingly into heavy-lidded sea blue eyes.

"Give me your hand, my love..." the requested appendage was proffered, "Now, let's try it together...on my" and just like that they found themselves snuggled under warm, comforting flannel.

"Go us," Willow exclaimed, with attempted enthusiasm, supressing a yawn and spooning her beloved.

"Good to know...that could come...," Tara yawned mightily, "Later...sleep you..." she murmured, wiggling closer into the arms of her redhead, who was already snoring softly behind her.

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