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A Woman in Uniform

Author: Umgaynow
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters... if I did they would certainly have a lot more fun than under the rule of the evil ME empire... I am only using them briefly for my own nefarious and vicarious purposes... I promise to put them back where I found them when I'm done, perhaps slightly rumpled, but not soiled.
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"Oh come on, little one... is that the best you've got?" Take Charge Tara taunted, shaking her head, a cocky smirk on her full lips, "I know I said the redhead in those American Pie flicks was a hottie, but... well, you're wearing that one out, honey."

The saucy blonde sighed dramatically, clucking her tongue and trying so very hard to keep a straight face. "I guess it's just that not everyone is cut out to do the top thing... but at least you're trying... you should be proud of yourself... no, really," she teased.

Willow gave a sharp twist to the nipples help captive between her fingers, effectively silencing the giggling witch, "Dicas mea nominam!"

"Uuunngghhhhhh... oh yeah... mmmmmm... Salyx... damn... Salyx!" she groaned, arching into the demanding touch.

"That's better," the redhead chirped in an incongruously perky manner, giving her lover a quick peck on the lips, before jumping off the bed and practically bouncing across the room.

She stopped when she got to the dresser, opening the drawer which she had, of course, being Willow Rosenberg, set aside strictly to house accessories for kinky goodness. Note to self: Come up with a better name. With an exaggerated flourish, she pulled out the long, black silk scarf, which along with the rest of Tara's bondage gear, had taken up semi-permanent residence at her place. As the redhead turned and walked toward the bed, she rubbed the silk all over her pert breasts, "Mmmmmmmm... soft... almost as soft as Taralips," she purred, leaning down to kiss said lips, as if to test her hypothesis.

Much as her lover had done to her when positions were reversed, Willow trailed the scarf lightly over the blonde's naked flesh, leaving goosebumps in her wake.

"God, baby... you look so sexy like this... look at those beautiful breasts... standing out so firm and proud... yummy... makes me want to just gobble them up."

She flicked at a swollen nipple with her tongue, then lazilly stroking her fingers through moist golden curls, spoke with studied nonchalance, "Unfortunately, I have a few things I need to take care of right now," she increased her pressure on Tara's clit, the bound woman becoming wetter with every stroke, "And sorry, darlin'... but, no... you're not one of them."

A brief instant later, the teasing fingers were gone, drawing a disappointed groan from her captive. Again, she leaned down and gave her lover a quick peck on the lips, her tone wandering once more into Pollyanna territory, "Let's see how you do with the frustrated anticipation thing, shall we?" she queried rhetorically, securing the silk over the blonde's eyes. Then with a quick tweak of a straining nipple, she was off the bed and gone, leaving Tara with not only an excruciating case of yumminess interruptus, but an overwhelming sense of what the fuck?!?!?!?

Tara squirmed inside and out as she anticipated her lover's return. The vulnerability inherent in being tied up was a sensation she was neither accustomed to nor, given her violent upbringing, terribly comfortable with... but this was for Willow. She could do this. After all, she did have that insistent throbbing between her legs to keep her distracted.

God, how does Willow stand this? I swear, if I didn't know how much she got off on it, I'd never do this to her again... Hmmmmmmmmm... maybe if I rub myself against the mattress like this and squeeze my thighs together like this... aaarrrrrggghhhhh... Damn it, Will!! Where the hell is she?!? I swear, if she doesn't come back soon... well, I'm just gonna have to magic my way out of these cuffs and take care of this myself... oooh, maybe if I just squeeze like so... nnnngghhhh... Shit! OK, come on, Maclay... this is for Willow... you can do this... deep breaths... deep breaths... mmmmmm, deep... oh yes... please! Damn! Come on, now... think of something else... I'm gonna have to ask her what she thinks about when I do this to her... mmmmmmmmmmmm... ooops... not a good image right now... she's a better woman than I am, that's for sure... certainly a more submissive one anyway... oh yes... my baby looks soooo sexy all stretched out and tied up...her little muscles rippling under her pink skin... OK, bad line of thought for trying to distract from arousal... Come on, Will!! How does she do this?? Such incredible restraint... no pun intended... that woman of mine... she's so amazing... she blows my mind sometimes... God, I love that woman... I'd do anything for her... Yes, I would... And I can do this... I can do this for my Willow... just as long as she comes back really soon! Perhaps if I twist like this and I...

The redhead smirked knowingly, when upon her return, she found her lover breathing raggedly, her flawless skin flushed and covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Ooooh, this is going to be soo much fun...

"My, my... what have we here?" Willow purrred suggestively, "I trust you've behaved yourself while I was gone."

Tara only groaned in response, her hips jerking upward reflexively, as the redhead's fingertips came in contact with her throbbing core, lightly trailing along her cleft from bottom to top, maliciously avoiding her swollen, straining nub. Next the blonde felt her lover's weight on the bed and an instant later her consciousness was flooded with the strong scent of her own arousal, as Willow painted it onto full lips, sliding her slick fingers past them for Tara to suck clean, then drawing them out again only to replace them with her demanding tongue, but all too soon, that was gone as well.

Oh man... and I thought not being able to touch myself was bad... but this? Not being able to touch her... this is a hundred times worse... knowing that Willow's gorgeous body is so close... and not being able to see or touch it... but oh Goddess, I can smell her... damn, I don't know how much longer I can stand this... I'll never call her impatient again, I swear... I can't believe she's never safeworded... that's my redhead... strong like an amazon... tenacious as the day is long... hey... wait just a minute here... safeword... I don't have one... not that she asked... OK... whew... so maybe this isn't a real scene? Maybe she's just teasing me for a while... yeah, that's it... Willow knows better than to play without a safew...

Then Tara felt the very last thing she would have expected to come next... Willow unlocking the handcuffs.

"Will? Is everything OK? Is something wrong?"

"Uh-uh," the vixeny redhead drawled, Tara could practically hear Willow ogling her, "Everything looks just fine from here... oh yeah... fine and then some."

Then she leaned down and whispered in her blue-eyed beauty's ear, "Are you OK, sweetie? Do you need me to stop?" She took Tara's hand in her own, stroking at the chafe mark, that had begun to form under the cuff, with the pad of her thumb.

"I'm fine, lover... a little confused is all... just wasn't expecting you to take the cuffs off so soon, after all you went through to get me into them," Tara giggled.

"I see..." she murmered, stroking the silk that covered her baby's eyes, "Well, that's easy enough to explain... the thing is, Tare..." she nibbled the ear she'd been whispering into, "I haven't even begun to play with you yet..." the blonde swallowed audibly, "I just didn't want you going anywhere while I was getting ready."

"I love you, Will," the blindfolded woman whispered.

"I love you too, sweetie... are you ready for me?"

"Oh, yes..."

"On your feet then!" Willow commanded in a strangely familiar tone, pulling her up by the hand she'd been holding, "Alright now... hands on your head... feet apart!"

Tara quickly did as she was told, then felt the silk slide away from her temples. She opened her eyes to find that her sexy redhead was wearing her uniform shirt, completely unbuttoned... her belt, with cuffs and nightstick hanging from it... and nothing else. A huge grin spread across Tara's face. Yes Ma'am! Officer Ma'am! Oh yeah! It was all she could do to keep herself from floating up off the floor.

"Do you see something funny, girl?" Willow snarled.

"No Ma'am," Tara replied softly, dropping her eyes to the floor.

"Then get that grin off your face!"

"Yes Ma'am," the blonde bit the inside of her cheek to keep from smiling with joy.

"And look at me when I'm talking to you!"

"Yes Ma'am," Tara stared lustily into her partner's eyes.

"You're in a whole lot of trouble, girl..." Willow warned, running her hand up the outside of her lover's smooth thigh.

"Yes Ma'am... I know Ma'am."

The blonde jumped as her wicked woman in blue, reached out and gave her nipple a cruel tweak, "And that's Yes Officer to you!"

"Yes Officer." Oh God, yes!!

The hand that caressed Tara's cheek was soft and gentle, but when it lifted her chin, drawing her gaze into feral green eyes, there was no questioning the fact that it belonged to the imperious Officer Rosenberg.

"My... aren't we the pretty one..." the wicked redhead purred, a teasing finger following much the same path as that certain lucky drop of water she'd watched so intently the first day.

"Thank you Ma'am... I mean Officer..." her charge replied meekly.

"But... you're a trouble maker, aren't you?" she asked pointedly, suddenly thrusting her hand between the blonde's legs and rubbing somewhat roughly against her throbbing center. Tara gasped in pleasure and surprise at the contact, moaning dejectedly when the wonderful friction was abruptly taken away. "Uh-huh..." the officer sighed knowingly, "I can smell a trouble maker from a mile away."

Willow slowly lifted her honeyed fingers to her nose and took a good whiff, the intoxicating scent of her lover's heat making her head spin. As before, she applied the nectar to Tara's lush lips, dipping her tongue in for a long taste, her body pressed hard into the blonde's, then sucking at the tender flesh like she didn't want to lose a drop.

"Yup... sure tastes like trouble to me... mmmmhhhmmmmmm..."

The wanton redhead grinned wickedly at her obviously overheated lover, who was trembling so greatly that her damn! Incredibly inviting breasts! were jiggling with every heaving breath. Mmmmmmm... I can't wait to get my mouth on those... but I'm going to... teased the little Willow inside her head... who just happened to be wearing her Snidely Whiplash costume today and was presently twirling her moustache in a most evil fashion.

"Turn around!" the comely cop barked suddenly, causing her captive to emit a startled squeak, "And keep those hands right where I can see 'em," she warned, "Now walk to the wall..." Tara felt a sharp slap on her firm round bottom, "And no funny business!"

"Yes, Officer..."

"Did I ask you a question, girl?"

"No Ma'am," she practically whispered.

"Then why are you speaking?" she gave the other cheek a swat, "Now move!"

Tara obeyed the order to the letter, her core squishing as she walked. Damn, she's got me so turned on now, I think I'd cum if she just told me to... she wouldn't even have to touch me... oh yeah... my girl has talent. A crooked little smile danced across her lips as she came to a halt.

Again she felt the flat of Willow's hand strike the cheek of her rapidly warming ass, "Why are you just standing there? You know what I want... assume the position... hands on the wall..." she pressed her strong thigh between Tara's slick ones, leaning the full weight of her body into her, "Legs apart!"

Soon the blonde was grateful to have the wall for support, as Willow began grinding against her... suckling at the pulse point that jumped so wildly in her neck... nibbling her sensitive earlobes... demanding fingers twisting her nipples as dripping copper curls tickled her bottom.

"Uuunnnnnggghhhh... Will? Sweetie?"

"Yes, my love?" she gentled her touch.

"I adore you..." the blue-eyed beauty crooned breathlessly.

"You're really diggin' this, aren't ya baby? I just knew you would... hehe."

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm... but I'm not so sure I really believe that you've never done this before... you are way too good at this..."

"I said I'd never been tied up before..."

"Uh-huh... I knew it... vixen!"

"So... Tara..."

"Yes, my goddess?"

Willow began speaking very slowly and sensually, punctuating her words with intermittent kisses and nibbles to Tara's neck and ears. Snaking one arm around the blonde's waist to pull her in closer, her free hand captured the voluptuous breasts that she could never resist for long.

"Tara... Maclay... you are... under... arrest... the charge... being... criminal... sexiness... and... the... willful... and malicious... albeit successful... seduction... of an officer... of... the... law..."

The hand that had been resting commandingly on the blonde witch's hip, now made it's way to greener and wetter pastures, fingers tracing maddeningly lightly through sodden golden curls, while it's twin teased and tweaked at painfully erect nipples.

"You... have... the right..." her prisoner moaned loudly, "Although... apparently not... the ability... to remain... silent... you... have... the right... to a... safeword... if you are... too aroused... or too... frustrated... to... think... of one... then... one... will... be... provided... for... you... Do... you... understand... these... rights... as I... have... explained... them?"

"MMmmmmmmmmmmmm... oh... yes Officer... please!"

"Please? Please what?"

"Fuck me, Willow... I need you baby... soooo baaad..."

"Fuck me? That's your safeword?!? Hmmm... I'll just make a note in your file... whenever Tara says "Fuck me" I should stop... check." If the blonde could have seen Willow's expression at that moment, she would have known precisely how much pleasure she was getting out of her little payback tease.

"Oh God! Nooooooooooooooooo!"

"No? Did you just say no to me? A little respect for the law if you don't mind, my girl... now tell me again... what were you trying to say?"

"Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..." Tara spun around suddenly and pulled Willow fully to her, "I'm saying... if you don't fuck me soon, Will... I won't be responsible for my actions! Patience has never been one of my virtues... enough with the teasing already!"

"Hey... no switching roles... that's not fair... we had a deal," Willow pouted.

"I'm sorry, baby... I just need you so bad... I guess I lost it for a second there... forgive me?" she kissed her slowly and deeply, "You're in charge, Officer Rosenberg... just tell me what you want from me..."

"Your safeword..." she took a nip of a trembling lower lip, pulling back to smile lovingly into lust-clouded blue eyes.

"Well..." she bit her lip, like she was thinking hard, "Might as well stay with the animal theme... how about penguin?"

"Oooh... penguin... very cute," the redhead giggled.

"Uh-huh... so... is there anything else you'd like me to do?"

"Oh yeah..." Willow growled lasciviously.


"I want you to say my name..."

"Will! Haven't we been over this already?" she quirked an eyebrow.

Officer Rosenberg shook her head slowly, a wicked gleam shining in eyes so dilated that Tara could scarcely see the green around the black.

"Oh no... that's not what I mean, baby... I don't want you to say my name now... first I want to shove you up against this wall and fuck you deep and hard and fast... then when all the bones in your body feel like they've melted... and the only thing keeping you from falling is your legs wrapped around me... and my fingers sooo deep inside you... when you need to cum so bad that it almost hurts... in that last moment before the orgasm rips through you like fire and you can't breathe anymore... that's when I want you to say it... although, now that I think of it, screaming it would probably be more appropriate..."

Tara kissed her redhead long and slow, putting all the varied emotions she was feeling into it, "I love you... you goof!"

"Well?" Willow raised her eyebrows questioningly.

The blonde chuckled lasciviously, tugging at her lover's lower lip with her teeth, "I really don't think that'll be a problem..."

"Well... in that case..."

As Tara became lost in the depths of a soul searing kiss, the redhead slowly ran her hands down the soft skin of her lover's arms, leaving goosebumps in her wake. Reaching her gunbelt, where the blonde's hands rested, Willow stopped to stroke the tender flesh on the inside of a delicate wrist, where a pulse raced like mad. Then, suddenly clamping on, she spun her captive around, using the classic hold to press the witch against the wall, taking extra care not to hurt her beloved in earnest.

"You think you're pretty tricky, don't you?" she snarled, kicking the blonde's feet apart and repositioning her hands on the wall in the standard formation. "Trying to distract me like that..." the officer clucked her tongue, fondling a firm asscheek. "You think you're dealing with a rookie here?" she slapped the same spot she'd just been caressing, nearly swooning as a new flood of Tara's arousal perfumed the air.

"I asked you a question, girl..." the slap a little sharper this time.

"Ooooh...I'm sorry officer!"

"That's right, you're not...but just in case there's any doubt in your mind...I'm gonna do my best to make sure you never forget it..."

Tara's moan of anticipation quickly turned to a gasp as her captor began trailing her fingernails up the insides of her sensitive thighs, tracing patterns in the wetness that she herself had put there. Well, that and the wicked smile currently residing on the blonde's full lips.

"Gasp?" the comely cop snarked in disbelief, "Oh may think you're fooling me with this scared little innocent act, Maclay...but I know better...I've seen your have a history of lawless behavior, don't you, girl?" a tug at sodden golden curls punctuating her inquiry.


"In fact...if I'm not mistaken...and I very seldom am...just recently, you were detained for wrestling a skanky ho within the confines of a municipal edifice..."

Tara couldn't help herself, "She started it..." she bit her lip to keep from giggling.

"Excuse me?" the redhead whispered threateningly through clenched teeth, grabbing hold of Tarabreast and kneading it rather roughly, grinding her hot core against her prisoner's gorgeous backside.

"I'm...ooooh...damn...I'm sorry...officer...unngh...Rosenberg..."

"Sorry doesn't cut it..." she barked, "You damned hippies are all alike...the '60s are over...Jerry Garcia is dead...really dead not just in a Grateful kind of's time you got over it and learned a little respect for the law!"

"Yes officer...and that's a low blow about Jerry...I'm sure no one rubbed your nose in it when Lawrence Welk died," she taunted.

"That's it! You've left with me no other option...I'm gonna have to do a full cavity search..."


"Yes officer," she replied meekly. Oh yeah!

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