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Too Famous To Get Fully Dressed

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

"Hey Carmen I wanna show you our new fashion designer," said Willow, knocking on a wooden door.

"Come in!" sounded a voice from within.

Stepping inside, the redhead smiled widely at the blonde. "Hey I wanna introduce you to someone." Turning to the brunette that was now entering the room, "Carmen, this is my..."

"Carmen!" Tara shouted. "You work here?

Carmen just stared at Tara totally perplexed.

"You know each other?" asked Willow as she looked back an forth between Tara and Carmen.

"Yeah Tara's my ex..."

"Ex roommate. We were roommates in college. God I havent seen you since. We have a lot of catching up to do." Tara said with wide eyes.

"Yeah," Carmen answered quizzically with her head cocked sideways.

"Hey Will do you mind giving us a few minutes to catch up?" asked Tara.

"Oh yeah, sure take your time," backing up towards the door. "I'll be in my office if you need me," she said giving Tara a grin and a wink before she left the room.

Turning to Tara, "You two are fucking!" the Canadian let out a toothy grin.

"Oh can you be any more crude?"

"Is she good?" questioned Tara's ex.

"Carmen! Please, please do not do this to me," Tara begged.

"Oh come on Tara, it was just one question," Carmen continued on. "So is she?"

"We just started our relationship, so I wouldn't now. But I would like to so could you not mention to Willow maybe that we have a daughter together."

"She doesn't know you have a daughter?" Carmen asked, raising a beautifully sculptured right eyebrow.

"No, she does. She just doesn't know that you have custody of her too. Or that anybody does for that matter."

"Ooh so you mean to tell me Willow doesn't know we did the wild thing. How I wined you dined you 69'd you," she grinned. "How I almost married you."

Tara nearly shouted in aggravation. "No she doesn't so could you just shut up about it?"

"You want this to remain our dirty little secret then I want something in return."

"What?" Tara asked. About to give the brunette anything she asked for.

"I wanna stop paying child support." the statement nearly caused the blondes heart to stop. Here was the women who agreed to love and take care of her daughter for all eternity asking to cut off all ties to her. "You hear me Tara. If you wanna keep this secret I don't want anymore child support bills," Carmen said, extending her hand out to the blonde to shake upon the offer. "Oh and instead of having her twice a week...I think once a month would suffice."

With a deep breath, Tara grabbed the other women's hand in agreement.

Entering the redhead's office, the blonde noticed the other women laying down on the black leather couch adorning one of the walls. Upon noticing Tara's entry, Willow squeaked one eye open.

"Hey! How was your little get together?" she asked with interest.

Tara hesitated at the question. Moving closer to the couch, she started to crawl onto it so that she was laying on top of her girlfriend with her head on the redheads chest. "We've changed so much since college," she decided to say as her answer before grabbing Willow's right hand and intertwining their fingers.

"Well hopefully you can get to know each other again," Willow said, totally naive to the whole situation.

"Yeah," Tara replied in a monotone voice.

"You alright? Willow asked as she looked into Tara‘s eyes and shook their joined hand.

"Now that I'm with you I am," Willow couldn't help but smile at the fashion designers words. Leaning forward she captured the blondes lips in a soft passionate kiss that lasted for a few seconds.

"Wow," Tara whispered when she moved back from Willow's kiss.

"Yea," Willow also whispered. Leaning forward again they recaptured each others lips. Releasing the comfort of their combined hand, Tara gently raised it to her lovers auburn hair where she ran it through the smooth soft locks. Sneaking her left arm behind the blonde, Willow gently switched their positions.

"Ooh, my my!" Tara teased, giving Willow a wink.

The two quickly picked up their kissing. Soon hands started to roam under shirts. As soon as Willow found the clasp of Tara's bra a knock resounded at her office door.

"Go away I'm busy!" she shouted, returning her hands back to the blonds breast. Again the knock resounded.

"Go away we're busy!" this time it was Tara who shouted at the offending knocker. Willow couldn't help but laugh at the cuteness of her girl and gave her a scorching kiss.

Un-expectantly the office door opened very slowly with a bad sounding creak. The two women making out on the couch jumped up to their feet and straightened their clothes out.

Stepping into the office, "Oh good Tara you're here. Your phone kept ringing so I answered it. It was your girlfriend Fanny or Francis's or Faith, something like that. She wanted you to call her back, it sounded important. Hi Willow," Carmen said, waving her fingers at her boss. "tootles," she said before leaving.

Turning to Willow who's face was unreadable, Tara started to panic. "I do not have a girlfriend! Well I do... but it's you!" Tara started to hyperventilate.

"You mean it, I'm your girlfriend? Cause before I was just saying it, but mostly just to myself ... I wasn't sure if we really were."

"Oh definitely,' Tara replied with a bright smile.

"Hey I wanna ask you something?"

"You can ask me anything," Tara said seriously.

"Wanna go back to making out?"

The blonde looked at Willow then to the couch then back to Willow again. "Yep!"

Opening and slamming the door close, Tara stomped over to Carmen. "You did it on purpose!" she said it as more of a statement then accusingly. "Why the fuck would you do that?"

"Hi Tara, yeah just let yourself into my house anytime," Carmen snickered, mixing herself a drink at her built in bar.

"Why?" Tara demanded.

"Because I felt like it. I wanted a good laugh. And why should you get Rosenberg? I've been after her for years and she never once gave me a second glance, specially when she had her legs spread for that little bitch!"

Stepping towards her ex-girlfriend who was perched on a bar stool, Tara left hand flew back only to fly back forward again. Her hand connected with Carmen's right cheek causing her neck to snap sideways.

"What the fuck Tara! I got a nose spread add tomorrow!" Carmen yelled as she wiped a small trickle of blood away from her nose.

"Don't you dare talk about Willow like that," growled Tara.

"Fine! Just get out of my house," snapped Carmen as she pulled ice out of her drink an placed it under her nose.

"And another thing, don't answer my phone anymore, we're not dating anymore and we are not friends." Tara yelled over her shoulder as she exited the models house.

"And thank god we aren't," the brunette mumbled, throwing the ice in her hand back into her cup.

"Faith! Faith!" Tara yelled as she entered their house. "What was so important that you had to call me at work?"

"Well since you wanna know," said Faith, leaning against the open door post behind Tara.

"Ahh!" Tara screamed, jumping forward.

"Haha fuuunny T," Faith caught herself before she swore. "I would like to introduce you to Emily, model number nine," hitting play on the boom box, a techno beat came on and Emily came sauntering into the living room in her white and red checkered pajama's. "ooh this is the latest fashion lady's and gentlemen. The new red and white checker pajama's with shoulder fitted pads and nicely cuffed sleves. They also come in blue, black, and green," Faith said in her best announcers voice.

Emily did her final pose then walked back out the same door she came in from. Laughing Tara had to ask, "What are you doing? This is what you called me for?"

"Well no I wanted to tell you your daughter made the part of model number nine in SunnyDale Elementary school fashion runway production. But since you didn't call back we decided to show you instead."

"You like mommy?" Emily asked, standing at her mothers leg.

"Of course I like. My baby's going to be marvelous," Tara smiled down at her daughter.

"Plus three?" the little girl asked.

"Yeah, plus three," both Faith and Tara answered.

"Hey mommy?"

"Yeah Em?"

"Will mom come?" Emily asked with wide innocent eyes.

"Um..." looking to her best friend for help who was just as dumbstruck as she was at the question.

"I don't know sweetie, but me and Faith will be there and I can ask Willow if you want? Would you like that?"

"Yeah I like Willow," Emily said in a giddy voice.

"Good," Tara looked up from her daughter's slate blue eyes to smile at Faith. "Good."

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