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Too Famous To Get Fully Dressed

Author: Coopster5000
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon/Mutant Enemy.

The next day at one o'clock Tara found herself walking into the Espresso Pump to find it surprisingly empty for a Sunday afternoon. there were about six people in the whole cafe and among those six she spotted Willow sitting in the far corner cradling a cup of coffee. She swiftly made her way to the redhead who was deep in thought and never noticed the approach of the other women. Taking this to her advantage, Tara bent down at the waist and lent forward. Holding her breath so the women before her wouldn't realize, she latched onto her neck and started to kiss it.

Squealing at the sudden touch Willow jumped up almost causing Tara to fall backwards, not to mention the cup of coffee that went flying everywhere. the few remaining patrons stopped whatever they where doing when they heard the squeal and looked over at the pair. The two now stood beat red, Tara now wondering if maybe that wasn't the best idea as Five pairs of eyes stared at her. Cleaning up their mess the two resumed their seats next to each other.

"Well I must say that was some hell of a hello you got there," Willow grinned but it soon faded. "But I hope you don't do that to everyone."

"Oh? Is somebody jealous?" Tara teased as she grabbed Willow's left hand and kissed her knuckles.

"Nooo..." she whined. "I just hope not everybody gets that kinda hello cause that.... that was truly amazing... and wow... and yeah I'm jealous," she started to pout but it didn't last long.

Tara at having seen Willow's pout thought it was the cutest thing ever. she leaned over into the little space in between them and caught the protruding lip between hers, sucking on it gently before letting it go. "you wanna get out of here? go for a walk?" she asked leaning back in her seat but still remaining eye contact with the redhead.

"Yea.... sure," she replied in a daze before standing up and removing her jacket from the back of her chair.

Laughing, Tara grabbed the dazed redhead's hand and lead her out of the coffee shop and down the road.

"Come on, come on, come on," Buffy grumbled into her phone. "Will, where the hell are you!?" that was the fourth time she tried the producers cell phone but the cell kept ringing until it went into voicemail. normally the redhead picked it up on the second to third ring.

Standing at the bus stop where she was waiting for the next bus because Willow had forgotten to pick her up, she decides to try her friends cell one more time. Just as she finished typing in the numbers a motorcycle pulls up in front of her with a figure clad in black leather.

Pulling off the helmet to reveal long brown locks, "Hey Goldie you need a lift?" the motorcyclist calls out.

"Faith, what a pleasure to see you," Buffy said half heartedly. "How'd you know i was here?"

"I was just driving by and i noticed your pretty little hairdo," she winked at the photographer.

"Ugg," throwing her bag at the brunette, Buffy jumps on the back of the Harley Davison. "Take me home Faith. And I mean it!"

"Okay B."

"So where're we walking to?" asked Willow, swinging their conjoined hands.

"How about to the park...?" she tilted her head to the side to get a good look at the other women. "I hear the pond looks beautiful at this time."

"You-look-beautiful-at-this-time," Willow said not meaning to.

"What?" Tara asked not catching what Willow said.

"I said.... yep pond sounds great!" giving the blonde two big thumbs up. she continued walking while mentally slapping herself. 'OH MY GOD! what the hell is wrong with you?' she chastised. 'You can't say things like that yet, it's only our second date! Keep your mind clean,' she reminded herself.

"How about right here?" Tara asked while spinning around in an open area surrounded by trees that over looked the water. as she spun the sun danced across her honey blonde hair and reflected onto her white sundress causing her to look like an Angel.

'This is too much for me,' Willow confessed to herself as she moved towards the spinning women. reaching out her hands, she grabbed Tara by the shoulders to stop her movement.

A look of shock crossed the blonde's face but it was soon erased as Willow pulled her closer, claiming her lips in a soft passionate kiss.

Pulling back from the intimate embrace, "What was that for?" she whispered as she placed her forehead against Willow's.

"Just for being you."

"Well then... can I get another one?" With a grin Willow recaptured the blonde's bottom lip and sucked on it gently.

Lowering herself to the ground, she pulled the blonde with her. the redhead laid flat on her back with the taller women spread out above her. the kissing intensified, as tongues entered each others mouth and fought for dominance. they were both kissing when Tara repositioned her leg so that it sat in between willow's, the top of her thigh touching the other woman's crotch. at that sudden movement Willow broke away from the tongue battle to let out a moan.

The Harley Davison came to a stop outside of a two story suburban home on Gardelle Drive. pulling off her helmet, the driver turned around to the passenger behind her. "Ahh, home sweet home. Told ya I'd get yea here," she winked at the blonde.

Rolling her eyes, Buffy hoped off the bike and removed her bag. "Thanks for the ride Faith. I owe you one," The photographer said before making her way down the path and into her house.

The brunette just stood their smiling to herself at the blondes words. 'She owes me,' she laughed before she got back on her bike and drove away.

"Ooh a ducky," Willow pointed out as a male mallard duck swam down the pond. "I wonder where the female is?" she sat with her back against a tree with her legs open that way the blonde could sit in between them. she had her chin resting on the other woman's shoulder with her mouth close to her ear.

Tara turned her head so that her mouth was near Willow's. She had a smile plastered on her face that caused Willow to shudder.

"What?" she asked quizzically.

"Nothing. It's's you."

"Mme?" Willow was shocked that she caused Tara to have a smile permanently plastered to her face.

"Yea, your child like wonder amazes me. It's just something you rarely ever see in people."

"Well I'm not your average person." Willow winked at Tara, giving her a chase kiss on the lips before replacing her chin to the other girl's respected shoulder.

"I really hate to do this... but I have to pick up Emily," Tara said in a whisper, not sure if Willow was still awake.

"Just another minute. I just wanna keep holding you," Willow replied as she placed kisses up and down Tara's neck, sucking every once an awhile.

"Okay," she replied not able to say no to the redhead.

Upon entering her house Buffy noticed a light on in her kitchen. Throwing her keys on the mail desk she walked into the kitchen to find her younger sister eating Ben an Jerry's ice cream.

"Dawn what are you doing here?" Buffy asked, half worried but also half annoid that her younger ister barged into her house univited.

"Tony ...broke...," she cried, her mascara running down her face.

"Ohh Dawnie," Buffy said, rushing to her sister to give her a hug. "I'm so sorry."

"Tony...said...that...I wasn't...experienced enough in... that I needed...that I wasn't...good enough in..."

"I get it!" Buffy shouted, not wanting her sister to finish her rambling sentence. "So what, he just picked up an left?"

"She," Dawn corrected. "She picked up and left."

Buffy's eyes shot open at the word 'she'. "Oh god we're a bunch of lesbians! I'm not breaking this news to mom," she shouted as she sat down in a chair next to Dawn. "Well not complete lesbians. I'm more bi, but still, mom's gonna have a heart attack and it's gonna be our faults because we're a bunch of little rug munchers. Oh my God that's what she'll call us!" Buffy just kept rambling to herself which caused Dawn to start laughing.

"Buff, mom already knows I'm gay and I'm pretty sure she knows about you too."

"What! How?" Buffy squeaked.

"Oh come on. When you were twenty-one you came home from college with your 'good friend' Sammy who just accediently feel into the pool in a tight white t-shirt with no bra."

"Shut up!" Buffy yelled.

"And what about Nichole? The one who acciedently left her change of cloths in your room when she went to take a shower, an only realized she didn't have them until after she was done showering." She gave a toothy grin to her sister. "Yeah me and mom both knew."

"But how did mom know you were gay and I didn't?" questioned a seriously disterbed Buffy.

"Cause you were so wrapped up in your own life you never visit anymore, I never have a chance to talk. So when I told you I was dating a person named Tony that was as far as I got before you had to go."

"Ohhh, well I'm here now, what do you want to talk about?"

Tara stood outside the door to a brown two story house. She was about to ring the doorbell when she caught her reflection in the glass plank on the door. Willow had left her presence over twenty minutes ago and she has still yet to fix her appearance. Her hair was slightly disheveled and she had a small bite mark that was starting to turn purple on her neck. Luckily the bite mark was able to be covered up by her hair as it cascaded over her shoulders. Fixing herself up so that she looked somewhat decent Tara rang the doorbell. A few seconds later a tall skinny brunette with grey eyes opened the door

"Hey Tara," she said with a slight Canadian accident. "I'll go get Emily." she walked off leaving the blonde standing in the hallway.

Tara took a look around to notice that the small area was decorated with at least fifteen pictures, seven including Emily. She got closer to one when she realized that it was of her daughter when she was three months old, the brunette, and her current girlfriend.

"Yeah that's Willow Rosenberg. Totally awesome boss. So fucking hot. Almost nailed her once but this chick got to her first." the brunette said flippantly. "You want something to drink. Em's gonna be awhile, she wanted to finish watching 101 Dalmatian's."

Tara just stood there in shock at the picture of her girlfriend handing over a certified modeling certificate to her ex while she held their daughter. If this wasn't the most fucked up situation, she didn't know what was.

"Oh by the way I called Fully Dressed Inc. the other day and talked to Willow, she said I could have my old job back. How cool is that! I mean I just up an left four years ago and here I am crawling back on my hands and knees and she's like sure you can have your job back. She rocks!" the brunette shouted.

'Alright I take it back, this is the most fucked up situation.' Tara thought.

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