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A Tennis Star Falls In Love

Author: Willow4Tara08
Rating: G to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, Joss owns them.

"I'll miss you too," said Tara.

"You know Tare, I don't feel up to a movie tonight," Beth told her.

"Take me home then," said Tara.

"Ok. I'm sorry, Tara," said Beth.

"It's ok sweetie," winked Tara.

After dropping Tara off at home she headed to the teaser to drink.

"Back so soon?" her mom asked.

"Yeah. Can I borrow the car?" asked tara.

"Where you going?" her mom asked.

"To the teaser, with the girls," Tara said.

"Alright, here you go. Have fun, and be careful."

"Thanks mom, I will."

She ran out to the car, jumped in, and headed to the teaser. Parking the car and getting out, she ran across the street to stand with her friends.

"Nice of you to join us."

"Well, yeah, sorry I'm late."

"Are you meeting Beth here?"

"No way."

"She went in 15 minutes ago."

"Oh... We had a fight earlier."

As they entered the club, finding seats then ordering their drinks, they were laughing and joking around, till Beth came walking up.

"I drop you off back home and you come here?"

"Yeah, so what Beth?"

"Since you're here, you can pay my bar tab," Beth hiccuped.

"I'm not paying your bar tab."

"Fine, whatever, bye... Excuse me sir, the blonde over there said she'd pay my tab!"

"Ok, go on, get out of here."

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