A Tennis Star Falls In Love

Author: Willow4Tara08
Rating: G to NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, Joss owns them.
Summary: Tara Maclay is a tennis star and falls in love with a certain redhead.

It was a great month for star tennis player Tara Maclay - she won every single match she played. She loved tennis so much that she made a career out of it. Even when she was a kid she begged her parents to let her take lessons. Ever since that first lesson she never gave up - she played throughout high school and got a scholarship into Yale. When she turned 21 she went pro, and played on a team with six other girls. She never really had a serious relationship, but she had been dating one girl for almost two years. They never really went out, because she focused all her attention on her matches. One night, after their match, her manager called a meeting with all the tennis players

"Alright girls, we're doing great - especially you Tara, you've won all your matches in the last month since you joined the team. Now comes the good news: we're going on tour to Sunnydale, Californi,a starting Monday. We leave at 6am, so go home and have a fun filled weekend, and I'll see all of you early Monday morning. Meeting dismissed," the manager said.

"Hey Tara, are you going to the teaser with us?"

"No, I'm going home to practice tonight."

"Oh c'mon, Tare, go with us!"

"I'll tell you what, I'll meet you there later."

"You promise?"

Tara laughed. "Yes, I promise Chrissy.

As she walked home she was so excited about going on tour, getting to see the world, meeting new people... As she entered the house her mother looked up at her from the stove.

"Wash up for dinner, honey."

"Yes mom... Oh, hi dad."

"Hey baby girl, come into the study."

"Is something wrong, dad?" Tara asked, worried.

"Everything is fine.. I just wanted to give you this."

"What is it?"

"Open it up and you'll see."

Tara opened it... "Oh my god, dad, its beautiful!"

"You needed a new one," her father smiled.

"Thanks so much dad."

"You're welcome baby girl," he said, hugging her. "Go wash up for dinner."

"Yes sir."

She took the new tennis racquet and headed to her room, placing it on her bed, then headed to the bathroom to wash up for dinner. Ten minutes later she headed back down to eat.

"So Tara, how was the match?"

"We won again."

"That's great - how many does that make in a row?"

"Umm, I think 30 in a row this month."

"That's great, those lesson paid off."

"Yeah they did, and Monday we go on tour."

"Way to go Tara, our little tennis star!"

"Oh dad, thanks," Tara blushed.

As dinner was finished Tara went out back to practice her swings with her new racquet, trying to come up with a new move until her cell rang. She shut the machine off and answered her phone.


"Hey Tara, it's me."

"Hey sweetie, what's up?"

"Just thought I'd call my girl."

"You're so sweet."

"Well, any ways, do you have any plans tonight?"

"No... why?"

"Wanna go see a movie?"

"I'd love to."

"Great, pick you up in an hour."

"Ok, bye."

After hanging up the phone she headed inside to take a shower to get ready for her date. As she was doing her hair the door bell rang.

"Hi miss Maclay."

"Hi Beth, c'mon in, Tara's almost ready."

"Ok thanks."

"So where are you two headed?"

"The movies."

"What are you gonna see?"

"Don't know yet mom," Tara said.

"Tara, you look nice."

"Thanks Beth. Bye mom, I'll be back before midnight."

"Tara, have all the fun you like till Monday."

"Yes mom," Tara smiled.

Heading out to Beth's pickup truck, Tara hopped in and left.

"Tara what's going on Monday?"

"I'm going on tour with my team."

"And when were you planning on telling me?"

"I was gonna call before you called me."

"How long will you be gone?"

"Almost a year."

"A year!" she yelled.

"Beth, this is my career and you know that."

"I know Tara, but... a year?"


"I'll miss you."

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