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Teach Me Teacher

Author: Rose
Rating: NC-17
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Notes: Thoughts in italics.

"Willow can I talk to you before you head off?"

It was after first period a few days later, Willow was gathering up her things to leave when Miss Maclay, or rather TARA comes up to her.

"Sure." Willow says looking up at Tara. God she looks great today. Which was true, Tara was wearing jeans and a red button up shirt, the first three buttons undone, exposing her bare chest. Ok concentrate! She's talking to you! God look at her lips...I could just...

"Willow are you ok?" Tara asks, snapping Willow out of her thoughts. Willow mentally scolds herself for her lust filled thinking.

"What? Oh I'm fine. What were you saying?" She asks.

"Well I noticed you were having trouble with your rhythm sketching today. I was wondering if I could help you out, teach you some hand techniques." Tara offers. I bet she knows a lot of hand techniques. Just look at those hands!

"Sure! Yes! Thanks Miss... I mean Tara, thanks. I would appreciate it a lot." Willow says, and Tara smiles at that.

"Well, I have prep this period, I could teach you now if you like and write you a note when we're done." She says. Willow was making a great effort to stay calm. She was going to be alone with Tara!

"That's fine, I'm sure my teacher won't mind." She says, setting her book bag back on the table.

"Ok let's get started then." Tara says, walking over to her desk picking up a pencil and a piece of paper and placing them on the desk in front of Willow as Willow sits down.

"I'll show you." She says softly from behind her. She takes Willows hand gently, with that Willow inhales sharply at the touch. Tara's fingers were so slender and soft... Tara leans into Willow, whispering softly.

"It's better if I do it this way. That way you can feel and understand the motions and technique." Willow can do nothing but nod slightly. Her head felt dizzy. Tara was so near... she could smell the other women's perfume, it was jasmine and it was intoxicating. Willow was curious. Curious and excited, and she could feel the heat rising in her core. Concentrate Willow! Concentrate on her hand and yours. Willow did as her brain told her as Tara moved their hands gently, slowly, and rhythmically, across the paper. Willow was transfixed on Tara hand. Can she feel the heat? Tara leaned more into Willow, her breasts pressing into her back, Willow couldn't help but utter a small groan.

"Willow?" Tara whispered into her ear.

"Yes Tara?" Willow said, her voice barely audible.

"Have you been thinking of me, just like I've been thinking of you?" Tara's voice was sultry. Willow nods.

"Yes." She says, more loudly. Tara pressed into her more, Willow closes her eyes, excited by the feeling.

"And do you want me as much as I want you?" Tara asks slowly. Willow nods again.

"Yes." She says, she could almost feel the smile on Tara's face.

"I knew it. I've wanted you since the moment I saw you." She says, her left hand at Willow's side where her shirt met her pants.

"Did you want me to?" She asks.

"Yes." Willow says without hesitation. Tara's hand now at Willows stomach, caresses the soft skin, slightly tugging on the shirt.

"Good." Tara whispers, moving her mouth to Willow's neck, kissing the tender skin making Willow gasp. Tara's other hand trails up Willow's arm, caressing her side, down to her stomach, lifting her shirt up a little, she suddenly stops, removing her hands and takes a step away from Willow, who slightly whimpers at the loss of contact.

"Get up." Tara instructs. Willow does so, getting up and facing Tara, eyes roaming her body. Tara takes a step towards Willow, blue eyes never leaving green.

"Do you want me?" She asks, voice seductive, Willow found it sexy as hell.

"Yes." She says. Not another word was spoken. They didn't need to because they both knew what they wanted, what they needed, what they craved. Willow get's up onto the table, Tara walks into her, between her legs and kisses Willow deeply. As tongues come out to play, hands begin to roam. There were just too many clothes here. Willow breaks the searing kiss, placing her hands on Tara's shirt, ripping it open, not caring about the damn buttons that went flying. She literally rips Tara's shirt off, flinging it to the floor and kisses Tara again while unhooking Tara's bra, and throwing THAT to the floor as well. Tara's hands were in Willows hair as they continue to kiss passionately, Willows hands kneading Tara's breasts. Now they were tugging Willow's shirt off as Tara's mouth moved to her neck, Willow groans and leans back onto the cold table, moaning louder as her heated skin pressed against it. Tara unhooks Willows bra, tossing it to the floor, now Willows hands were in Tara's hair as Tara's mouth devoured Willows ample breasts, nipping the flesh, licking a nipple here and there.

"God fuck." Willow whispered hurriedly and passionately. They were kissing again as Tara undid Willow's jeans, sliding them down as Willow kicked them off. Tara's mouth now moving away from Willow's, leaving a trial of kisses down her chest to her stomach, back up again to Willow's lips. Tara's left hand roughly pulls away Willow's red laced thong, other hand tugging on Willow's hair, her mouth biting and sucking on her neck. She wanted to leave her mark, she WOULD leave her mark. Willow wanted to feel Tara more completely. She wanted to feel those art making fingers inside her. She didn't need to tell her that, because her fingers were delving inside of her.

"Oh yes... Tara..." Willow moans, arching herself into Tara's fingers, wanting to feel them more completely. As Tara thrust in and out of her, her thumb encircling her clit, Willow's hands were undoing Tara's jeans quickly, pulling them down, moving past her wet folds to enter her. Tara gasps with pleasure as Willow's hand and Tara's hand thrust in and out at the same pace. They kiss again, passionately, heatedly, tongues circling and dueling with each other as each girls hands pick up pace, both on edge.

"God yes Willow... oh... don't stop... I'm... god, come with me... yes..." Tara was saying in a hurried whisper as Willow felt Tara's walls tighten, quickening their pace, they came together. Bodies pressing into each other, mouths on the others lips.

Tara collapses on Willow, both of them breathing heavily. With one last kiss, Tara moves away and off of Willow, gathering up her clothes, putting them on. Willow does the same, both not saying a word. The bell rings. Willow grabs her book bag, slinging it over her shoulder.

"See you tomorrow Tara." She says. With one last look at each other. Willow walks out of the classroom, a smile on her face. Wow, that was SOME lesson.

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