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Teach Me Teacher

Author: Rose
Rating: NC-17
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Notes: Thoughts in italics.

"She's your Art teacher! Willow you perve!" Buffy exclaims giving Willow a swat on the arm. Willow groans and puts her head in her hands.

"I know Buffy. I feel so gross." She says. Buffy, Willow, Xander, and Anya were all sitting at a table, it was lunch and Willow had just told them about her encounter with the blonde girl, and finding out she was now having to call her "Miss Maclay." Buffy was in shock, and Xander was intrigued.

"So you touched her? What was that like?" He asked with maybe too much interest. Anya glared at him. "Xander." She says warningly.

"It was, well it was defiantly an experience." Willow says.

"So did you... OW!" Xander yells, Anya giving him a death glare after just kicking him in the leg.

"Xander if you want to have sex tonight, find a new topic." Xander nods, muttering and rubbing his leg.

"So what's she like?" Buffy says, turning back to Willow and ignoring Anya's comment. Willow sighs.

"Well she's... interesting is all I can say." Oh she's more then interesting Rosenberg! You are in lust with her!

"Details Will! Are we thinking a fling with our Miss Maclay?" Buffy says, grinning at her.

"Buffy! She's 24! Plus, HELLO! My teacher!" Willow practically yells. Don't kid yourself Willow. Like I didn't notice the way her hips moved as she walked. Or the way her breasts moved as she talked. Or how creamy and smooth her skin is... gah! STOP!

Buffy was smiling at her. "Ooh Willow's having wrong lusty feelings about her teacher!" She say's in a teasing kid like voice.

"Buffy please! That is so... so... it's wrong is what it is!" Willow says, taking a big drink of her diet Coke. It wasn't so wrong when I was thinking of Tara's lips. Her lips on mine. On my neck. On my... But her thoughts were interrupted by her name being called. Willow turns around and groans. It was their semi friend, and her semi ex, Faith walking toward them. A semi ex because they hadn't officially dated, they went out a few times, fooled around a little, but Faith had gotten bored with Willow and started dating a girl across town. And whenever Faith and Willow were around each other, there was always this tension between them, sometimes sexual, sometimes not.

"Faith. You're looking quite slutty today." Willow says eyeing Faiths outfit as Faith sits down. She was wearing tight black leather hip hugging pants, and a red tank top.

"Oh you love it Will. Hey B, you look hot today." She says winking at her. Buffy looks down at her plate of food. "Um thanks." She mumbles.

"Anya why can't you wear something like that?" Xander asks, eyeballs on Faith.

"Give me many orgasms tonight and maybe I will." Anya replies, making Xander cough loudly.

"So what do you want?" Willow asks Faith.

"What can't hang out with my best girl?" Faith says innocently. Willow just looks at her.

"Ok. You got me. I wanted to talk to you about Rene. The girl came crying to me two weeks ago about you. Broke her heart Red." Faith says shaking her head. Willow sighs. Rene had been the girl Willow dated before school started.

"Course she wasn't as good looking as that girl with the rack you were dating, but Rene? The girl has a nice ass no doubt. Poor thing. Hurt her bad you did." Faith says.

"Consoled her did you?" Willow asks dryly.

"Well I had to! Girls got stamina, I'll tell you that." Faith says, grinning.

"Ok you made your point. Can you please leave?" Willow asks heatedly.

"Sure, anything you want sweets." Faith replies, getting up. "Seen that new art teacher? Fine one she is." She says smiling. Willow nods.

"Yeah." She says. Faith winks at her, leaning into Willows ear.

"See you around Red." She whispers, sending goose bumps up and down Willows arms, and walks off. Willow lets out a slow breath.

"Wow. Faith is a piece of work. What did you ever see in her Will?" Buffy asks. But Willow just shrugs, taking another sip of her diet Coke.

"So when you said you would wear something like that Ahn, are we talking full on cleavage or... OW! Buffy!" Xander yells, rubbing his leg again.

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